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AD Flying Boats, Caudron R.11 and Macchi M.7 Windsock Data Files

Albatros Publications

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AD Flying Boats, Caudron R.11 and Macchi M.7

Windsock Data Files from Albatros Publications.

Windsock Data Files #159, #161 and #162.
Albatros Publications Ltd
Available from Albatros Publications for £11.75 + P&P each.




Another set of these well respected Data Files from Albatros Productions and published under the Windsock branding label have landed on the doormat at SP&R Devon HQ. On this occasion we are treated to no less than three subjects, two of which happen to be from the flying boat genre. This is a subject that has captured my imagination lately and I know many other modellers hold a similar interest for this fascinating group of aircraft.

With this in mind it is with some excitement I looked forward to receiving these two publications in particular. However let's not forget we also have on the menu a rather splendid looking French Caudron R.11 escort fighter, certainly a new aircraft on me and one I look forward to finding out more about as I browse the pages.




First Impressions
Each of the Authors for these titles uses a wealth of in depth knowledge and experience to take the reader through the individual sections.

A regular to these publications is C A Owers and on this occasion he covers both the AD Flying Boats and the Caudron R.11 while Gregory Aegi covers the Macchi M.7

As always the titles arrived in perfect condition and with the glorious artwork on the front that accompanies every release you will soon find yourself completely submersed in the contents.




Working to a tried and tested formula and with amazingly detailed accounts in each of the chapters you will be highly rewarded with a wealth of accurate and useful information on these varied and fascinating aircraft.






Each of the files is superbly well presented in its usual well established and successful style and format. The first thing that catches your eye is the outer cover printed in glorious full colour, both inside and out. The inner pages are printed on an equally high quality satin finish paper. The front cover of each file shows stunning artwork on every occasion and does real credit to the individual artists responsible.






On this occasion Data files # 159 and # 161 have no less than 9 full colour side profiles. These are displayed as three on the inside front cover, three on the inside rear cover and three on the outside rear cover.

Data file # 162 shows only six, displayed as three on the inside front cover and three on the rear cover. Again the artwork is utterly sublime and without doubt adds some seriously impressive quality. Responsible for the colour profiles is a certain well respected aviation artist Ronny Bar, perhaps best known now for his work with Wingnut Wings Models.






With that well proven formula each of the files tends to follow the same pattern of content and have chapters laid out pretty much as follows.


  • History
  • Scale Plans
  • Colours and Markings
  • Key to Colour Plates
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices

The history chapters are comprehensively and wonderfully researched while offering a wealth of expert knowledge. The beautifully written text is well interspersed with an abundance of captivating black and white archive photos and drawings, each one of these also having its own explanation and descriptive text.

All of this really brings the subjects to life in a very satisfying way enabling you to almost literally feel the author's passion for each of the subjects. When you bear in mind how old some of this data and information is and how easily those records were lost, destroyed or simply filed away in some long forgotten about place the authors have done an incredible job collating so much valuable information.






Beautifully drawn and presented scale plans from another Windsock regular Martin Digmayer are included in each publication, in both 1/72 and 1/48 scale. Of course these offer fantastic and unique reference material and will prove invaluable for anyone needing assistance in scratch building projects or for any accuracy purposes.






Many of these aircraft were developed for military use but were later adapted after the war for a variety of civilian duties. Where this has been the case the author takes that into account and gives evidence for both military and civilian use.

The colour and markings sections give very in-depth and detailed accounts of national markings, colours and camouflage along with any changes that resulted with aircraft that were sold or exported internationally for use the world over and in a multitude of situations.






Looking for well detailed, accurate and highly informative accounts of aircraft subjects? Want that backed up with awesome artwork, achieve photos, scale plans and drawings? Want it all well packaged in a regular quality publication? Then look no further than Albatros Publications and their ultra-impressive line of Data Files. Quality is obviously very important to Albatros Publications. This is evident with the regular and consistent high quality of content once more present in these latest releases, the standards they set are to be admired for sure.

Crammed full of well written text, superb archive photos, scale plans and wonderful full colour plates the team at Albatros have pulled off yet another set of winners in these titles. Their collection of these publications continues to grow in magnificent style and it always a joy to see what they have planned for future releases. Watch this space as and when they become available. The titles are available either as a subscription or to purchase individually and they really are a superb reference material for modellers and historians alike. You could soon very easily build up a fantastic reference library with the regular releases of these files. Many of the aircraft may well be new to you while others are far more familiar, either way they make for fascinating reading and study.

Very highly recommended.


With sincere thanks to Albatros Publications Ltd for these review samples. To purchase directly please click this link.


Martin Philpott

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Fantastic review! A great reading!

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