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  2. Almost done with the beast. I have to add the missiles, but first, I have to decide, if I stencil them and the pylons completely. There are some antennas to be mounted, but that's it. I wait for better light outside, to make some pics under blue sky. Cheers Rob
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  4. I got so tired of the sniping that I resorted (long ago) to sniping myself - especially if it was something rare that I REALLY wanted (read Scratchbuilders REX conversion). I would watch the auction with Bob Seeger's "Come to Papa" playing in the background. These days, it's Buy It Now for me. I don't care for playing the game - I have too many started kits to waste my time at the computer (except for LSM!).
  5. Speed building has never been my forte but this is a challenge I must have a go at, clean build.......
  6. lol Here is the bike, there is a softy seat really big for your butt: Def not anything but a main street saturday night cruiser. On the other hand.... Springer you say? Here is my last hand built: This one was an amazing bike.
  7. Phoooque me! Dayam! I’ve never ridden a fat tire rigid before, or a fat tire anything before. To me they look scary. No cornering, too long and stable, although my present stock Springer basically rides itself. I love the art, but I’d kill myself on a stretched out fat tire custom bobbed ass kidney killer.
  8. Oh its scenic all right!! ... Especially if you come off at certain points. It's one of the most complex and gruelling enduro race circuits in the world. Every year we get drivers from competitions around the world try to score a ride with one of the teams ... during the Group-A era there were international teams that showed up to race here - just at that circuit. Here's our best ever winner, Peter Brock (9 Times) ... in 1986 talking you through a lap in his VK 5.0L Commodore. This one earned the main driver a new nickname ... They called him "Lightning Larry Perkins". From outright last ... to winner in 1995 ... I remember watching this one all day Rog
  9. This is the fastest building kit I have done in a long time. I think you could actually build this in a weekend without extensive weathering. If were to do a second one, build and paint the cockpit, seal up the fuselage, attach every thing that is gray, and start spraying. Use a fast drying paint like MRP, and you could do it. Three primary colors are light ghost gray, USN blue-gray, and black. A couple metal colors for exhaust and a few minor details, and red and white brush paints, and it’s done. Cartograph decals are guaranteed to work well, and quick blast with dull oat in a can, and you have a Sat/Sun build. I am going to do some more extensive weathering though, and the only aftermarket additions will be the brass mini gun barrels. I may have this done by next weekend.
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  11. Back in the 80s you used to get highlights of the Bathurst enduro on TV over here in the UK on a Saturday afternoon show called World of Sport. As a teenager it always looked so cool and a very scenic track.
  12. This one? Or this one? Or maybe the venerable Sea Magnet?
  13. Yes, I have gone back to working on a larger scale, this time it’s academy’s 1/35 AH-1Z Viper. I sat down this morning at 8:30 with a sealed and bagged kit, 6 hours later I have a mostly assembled (in subassemblies) kit. I have a few more things I can put together before I lay down some paint and get the interior detailed. As the interior is all black, it will be relatively easy. I will use a few shades to give it a little variance and I still have to figure out seat belts, but this thing is not going to take long. Much of that time was spent sanding burrs and about a dozen ejector pin marks off, none required filler, just sanding. A little CA was required to fill a sink Mark in the landing skid, but I’m happy to say this kit is almost to Tamiya quality, not quite, but close. Ejector pin marks in the armor cockpit plating were the biggest culprits. So far, so good.
  14. Update: after the started sanding the seams the other day, it became apparent the the underside was going to require heavy amounts of filler. I slathered on the filler and am now waiting for a week to let it dry and shrink, before I get back to it. meanwhile.... I hear another helicopter calling my name, what could it be?
  15. Brand new 1986 Samurai, thought is was a Land Rover, loved it.
  16. Beware of radar predicted flak on the bomb run, you know you can’t weave etc......
  17. Thanks Rob for your kind words and advise. Only time will tell if the axe is to fall, I intend to have a full day at the bench tomorrow, fingers crossed.......
  18. My outdoor one does. But I'm only allowed to work on food and drinks at it. Keeps the cross contamination down. Don't want anybody eating an important piece of PE or something.
  19. The R32 GT-R is on my bucket list of 10 cars to buy if I ever win the lottery. Along with an Impreza 22B, Lancia Stratos and a Ford RS200. I like my homologation specials. Carl
  20. Well, I don't think Ontario has a ban on out of province visitors. Three hours on, 5 more to go.
  21. Most of our stuff in the late 60's through early 80's was developed with racing in mind - as it came from the factory ... or close to... most specifically the annual Bathurst enduro where the phrase "win on Sunday, sell on Monday" held true for us. That race track is it's own piece of Australian legend ... and winning it is Australian Motorsports greatest prize. Different manufacturers took different approaches ... a very unique type of Holden designed with Bathurst firmly in view was the Torana ... originally a straight 6 cylinder, Holden realised as the 70's wore on that they would have to upgrade to a V8 if they were to compete effectively with Ford ... The 1977 LX SL/R 5000 (308ci or 5.0L V8) at only 4.5m x 1.7m is an awesome piece of kit!! Bear in mind these are unmodified factory releases complete with scoops, spoilers and wheel arch flares!! The JDM stuff comes with its own version of "Muscle Car" type history ... The Nissan R32 GT-R Skyline was developed as a Group-A racer, where very few modifications were allowed for track racing and so the basic chassis/power train is almost entirely the same as what you get out on the track ... and when Group-A became a part of Australian Motorsport for a season, they dominated. Subaru WRX's, Mitsubishi Lancer EVO's, Toyota Celica GR-4's were all bred for rally work ... engines designed for high rev ranges, turbos, short gearing, all wheel drive systems etc etc ... Rog
  22. Thanks for the primer on Aussie muscle cars Rog. Being in Canada, we get indoctrinated into American muscle cars by default. Thankfully our slightly more relaxed import rules are changing that but the big market there is JDM stuff. GT-Rs, RX-7s, Delicas and Supras are the big draw models. European stuff occasionally shows up here too.
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