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  2. Last I checked, weed’ll slow you down, not speed you up. A couple lines of pure high country Peru might help the go fast guys, I’d think. I’ve never even smoked a joint, but I sure could drink like a fish.
  3. That’s September Fury. Spirit is still a box of parts. I need to get back to sea and get working on my Brig-Sloop Speedy.
  4. Thanks Gaz! I can't freehand paint that well. Or more precisely, as beat as I'd like. So I've learned to mask things. Like ejection seat handles and instrument panels. It takes forever but it's always neater than I could do otherwise.
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  6. Hey all Here are some update pictures of the Cat D8H. Jeff you wanted a R.O.P.S. and here it is, it still needs the attachment brackets and hardware. I added the Cat logos and lettering to the sides, front and rear. front isometric view showing the R.O.P.S., blade lift cylinders and tilt cylinder. rear isometric view showing the battery box next to the seat and in front of the R.O.P.S. top isometric view. side view. front view. rear view. top view showing the blade, lift cylinders, tilt cylinder, and attachment mechanism. side view of the Cat D35
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  8. I've gone to the Dark Side. The detail is " Most impressive" as one might say, especially for something this small.
  9. I'll bet the Vulcan needs a bit more than $12 worth of plastic with those wings! The result will be super cool though. If you could get a Victor and Valiant as well......
  10. Yup, Norco is Canadian. A couple friends of mine work there.
  11. Sounds like the streets here in Toronto. I had slick tires for my last fat bike. 4.0 inch wide slicks. People would ask me why I had them and I'd only half jokingly say because of the condition of our roads. Same here. The city finally got off their butt and made a continuous divided bike lane that goes across the city. Hopefully it stays that way through the winter. I think I still have a DX derailleur somewhere. As for XT, I've got 8, 9, 10 and 11 speed versions of it. I'm just missing the oldest 7spd and the newest 12spd groups . I also have a second generation
  12. What use is a tug without bomb trolleys. Will be following this very interesting topic.
  13. For those keeping track at home, a 1/32 Vulcan has a wingspan coming in at 37 1/8 inches (94.3 cm) and only slightly shorter than this in length.
  14. Canuck isn't big enough! I've just bought the design file for a 1/32 Vulcan! The model is designed as a ducted fan radio-control model so the intakes will need to be rerouted, but aside from that it looks to be a SUPERB representation of the Vulcan. Will share photos once it's been printed
  15. At least it wasn't worse, Ernie. Is that the Spirit of Texas build, or September Fury?
  16. Hi all, The rigging for the wings has been done, apart from weathering and sealing. Rigging line is 0.12 mm diameter mono-filament with 0.5 mm diameter tubing. The crossed bracing wires from the top of the front cabane struts to the top of the fuselage are not shown correctly in the kit instructions. In reality, the two lines crossed through an 'acorn', similar to that for the Sopwith Camel. The acorn was made from plastic rod and drilled through with a 0.3 mm diameter hole. Next is to fit and rig the main floats and after that, fit and rig the ailerons, Mike
  17. I bought a couple of years ago a Norco A1 Threshold - 2014 - cyclo-cross. I believe they are Vancouver based. Came with Shimano 105 5800 with discs all round. It really does purr on any surface........
  18. Bill this is awesome, the wood is amazing......
  19. One good thing about the covid thing is, that there is definitely more biking everywhere. On my island I saw so many people biking and hiking like never before. In my old home town of Berlin, lots of people commute by bike, better than sitting in a cramped subway. It gets harder to buy a new bike though, the shops have been robbed lately. When I was studying, I worked as a messenger in Berlin and bought one of the very early mountain bikes, a steel framed Trek single track, of course without suspension. I put slicks on for the job and had a very fast reliable ride, specially after the wal
  20. Thanks Carl, It's time consuming, but will show through the Aviattic decals. I hope I got it about right. , truly spoken, in our heart, we are all masochists, that's why we picked modelling as a hobby. The good thing with that boring masking and preshading is, that I'm not anymore afraid of rigging, which is tempting, but not tedious. Well, the rigging of the Kamel is even less frightening . Cheers Rob
  21. That sounds like the conditions here on our trails. There hasn't been a lot of rain here either. I was talking to a friend who owns a bike shop. He said most 2021 bikes are sold out already. They haven't even hit the showrooms and the manufacturers don't have enough stock on hand or in the production queue to fill orders. Another variable is Sue hit the dirt for the first time and she liked it. She's thinking of getting a bike for herself instead of borrowing one of mine.
  22. De nada Gaz, Your build looks promising. The pit is nice and I think you can see some of the detail, given the wide opening in the fuselage. I will follow, how you tackle the black scheme, as I never did one, beside the fuselage of a tiny 1/48 fighter. Cheers Rob
  23. Tough decision, I guess. I did some biking too in our mountains the last days, it's very dry and dusty in the moment, some rain would be welcome. Yesterday I heard, that our big MTB race festival in November is called off, pity. Cheers Rob
  24. Back in the early '90s Toronto had a huge underground bike culture. It's was mostly the city's bike couriers and the odd civvies that knew them. There were lots of impromptu races held on city streets. Point A to Point B no holds barred, first one there wins. Usually at night after one too many drinks and far too much pot. They were called Alleycat scrambles as they often started in alleys and laneways. The city finally got wind of them and rather than crack down, they made it into a legit race series. Got DuMaurier to sponsor the races and built a custom track for them to held on insid
  25. The future and lid on the airbrush happened on the current F4J.........and I mean a puddle on the fuselage and wing.........
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