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  4. 1/35 CMK 25cm Schwerer Minenwerfer

    VERY cool! Looks fiddly in places, but never seen one of these built before.
  5. Thank you shark and all the other supportive guys and gals? I can see the finish line of that build now. When I finish, i finish all out, which means while finishing I'm breaking a lot of parts. In this case I lost one of the flaps (repaired on the pictures) and the tailwheel. That will be added later, when the varnish is dry, together with the aerials, pilot tube and nav lights. After chipping a little with crayons, pencils and some Tamiya Aluminium I added lots of different pigments to the different surfaces. The lower side was treated with bright blue and some brown and near white pigments to enhance colour richness, than some brown tones where added to simulate dirt from the wheels. The upper parts where treated with chalk white and some brown tones to achieve the icy effect, which I really like. Different browns and black where added for the exhaust fumes. The pictures do not show the final coat with my trusted 75% Future and 25% Tamiya Flat Base varnish, which has a little blending effect in the way of toning down a little. Next step might be the Finished Work section. Cheers Rob
  6. 1/35 German WW1 - 25 cm Schwerer Minenwerfer Heavy Mortar CMK Resin Armor Catalogue # RA058 Available from CMK Kits for € 60,00 Introduction Another artillery piece (well technically mortar) from CMK. See our review of the 24cm Mörser here. This new range of WW1 artillery subjects is of the highest quality. Both in design and execution. As is common these days this kit was designed in 3D, subsequently 3D printed and then casted. More on the quality later. Let it be said that I was not able to spot any printing lines on the parts in this kit. 3D renderings by CMK: The subject of this kit is the 24cm Minenwerfer. A weapon designed by Germany before the first world war and after the Russo-Japanese war in 1904-1905. The ‘aim’ was to develop a weapon that could be transported on detachable cart wheels, drawn by horses or mules. Before firing it had to be placed in a trench or pit, at least 1,5meters deep. This way the Minenwerfer became a hard target to hit, while at the same time it was able to hit difficult targets. Both in terms of line of sight and shell-resistance. The explosive power of the shells was impressive. Reason for this was the low velocity of the muzzle. This enabled the shell casing to be thinner, and thus to contain much more TNT. 47kg to be exact. The highly destructive power of these shells, was somewhat diminished by the ample range: 540meters. Still this weapon proved very successful. This is underlined by the fact Germany entered the war with 44 pieces, which rose to 1234 pieces at the end of the war. With the Minenwerfers weight (768kg) it needed a crew of at least 4 engineers to set up and fire. The rate of fire was maxed at 20 rounds per minute. Quite an achievement, taking into account this was a muzzle loading weapon. In 1916 the Minenwerfer underwent a modification with a longer barrel. This gave the Minenwerfer a longer range. I love the fact that both barrels are included in this kit. Both the shorter old pattern (alter Art) and new pattern (neuer Art). I did some searching to see where you can see one surviving example with your own eyes, and found a few museums: - The Belgian Army Museum, Belgium (Legermuseum Brussel) - Australian War Memorial, Canberra - Waterford, Ontario - Hahndorf (near Adelaide), Australia - Imperial War Museum, Duxford, UK - Warsaw, Poland Be sure to check the link I included above! Great reference photo's. The Kit The box this kit comes in is pretty small. Upon opening you’ll find a plastic bag, sealed with 4 compartments, filled with grey resin parts. The first two compartments contain the larger parts. Two barrels (new and old pattern), wheels, baseplate, ammo (both bare and in transfort container) and carriage. The last two compartments contain the small parts (like sights, eyelets, etc…) Like the Mörser I reviewed the resin is very crisp, contains no imperfections whatsoever and hardly any flash. Actually the only part that needs cleanup are the openings in the wheels, which should be pretty straightforward. That’s it. I can see this kit being cleanly placed on a wooden plinth or in a diorama. What I love is that CMK did not only model the gun itself, but also provides ammo. Both with and without their transport baskets. And also the tripod that was used to lift the ammo into the barrel. Pretty cool. The first bag segment. Two barrels, ammo and carriage: You've got to love this. The whicker transport case for the ammo: The carriage: Other big parts from the second compartment in the bag. Wheels, base plate: Base plate: The tripod, used to lift the ammo into the muzzle: Optics, traverse, adjustment wheels: Toolbox: Small parts from the fourth bag compartment: Hydro-pneumatic recoil: The instructions give you one colour scheme: Dark Green. If you look at the surviving example in the Imperial War Museum in Duxford, you can make out remnants of a camo pattern. So there is a choice! Overal: This is a lovely kit of an important subject. Before this kit there was only one way to go: The Fine Scale Factory kit. But to be honest: I wasn’t able to find it. I love the quality and completeness of this kit and when comparing the pieces to walkarounds of the Belgian Army Museum, I can only conclude that CMK did their homework. Well done. Now go buy one! Highly recommended. Our sincere thanks to CMK Armor for providing this kit for review. To buy directly, click here.
  7. Royal New Zealand Air Force SBD-4 Dauntless

    Well done Barry a beautiful build.
  8. Big As Maz, Junked

    What a fantastic result after all your great skills, well done Rich. it's a beast..
  9. 21st Century Schizoid Gustavs

    Got some work done on the cockpits, the detail is rather simplified so didn't go real overboard, some Airscale LW placards on the sidewalls was about it. The seatbelts are HGW and Eduard, can't finish fully installing them until the cockpits goes in and the fuselage halves are joined.
  10. 1:32 Heinkel He 111P 'Cutaway Kit'

    Everyone's a joker! Try finding forum posts hosted by Photobucket in 2013 that aren't affected
  11. 1:32 Heinkel He 111P 'Cutaway Kit'

    These pics are beautiful !! What a treat!!
  12. Last week
  13. 1:32 Heinkel He 111P 'Cutaway Kit'

    These photos were from a redundant Photobucket account unfortunately. I don't think I have the original photos any longer.
  14. 1:32 Heinkel He 111P 'Cutaway Kit'

    Hello i buy this kit HPH and Revell 1/32 He 111P I found your description very usefull but is it normal i can not see the Picture?
  15. 1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    Thanks Jeroen. Do you use the brush on version or just small spots from the standard applicator?
  16. 1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    Hnnnnngggg... eye twitch... That's some serious test for your patience
  17. HK Models B17 Memphis Belle with AC Models aircrew

    Thanks Guys, Apologies for the late reply, still working on figures 3 and 4, here is the progress so far. Michael
  18. Silver Wings Upcoming Releases

    It´s looks more an Avia B-135....
  19. 1/32 Junkers D.1

    What a fantastic package. WNW has pulled it off again. I wonder what they would make from more "modern" aircraft. Hmm Cees
  20. 1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    Well spotted!! I’m using Zap a Gap, but indeed, the attatchment points are very small. A great test for my PE skills..
  21. 1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    That looks ridiculous. Are you soldering them? There doesn't seem to be much of an attachment point for glueing them.
  22. 1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    Breath deeply and repeat after me, "Ommmmmmmm......" (Lookin' good!!)
  23. 1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    Very difficult... sloy gettin there
  24. 1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    Love it, how are you going to insert all those nice flat cowling flaps into that frame Jeroen? I observed Herman trying to do the same thing last saturday and errm.... he gave up. Cees
  25. Flight crew looks fantastic. The guys at my club have a group build going on with the b17, thats a big kit.
  26. Ju 388 L-1

    nice . Thats a huge mother.F....plane. What pressure are you spraying your primer grey?
  27. TA-152 Zoukei Moura 1/32, My First ZM

    some very clean work going on here
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