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  2. Hey guys I've been working on the Tri-drive Pete. I recently bought another Pete, the 1/24 AMT California hauler, got it fir a great price $50.00 bucks. So anyway, I started cutting it up and I now have a high roof, large opening cab to sleeper 378, I think? I also made one of the hoods into a extended hood 379. Here's some pics for you to look at.
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  4. If I bring my wife, all will be calm.
  5. I took specific care with the Revell by sanding the internal structure to the point of where I had to shim it up to fit the joined halves. Just like doing a resin kit. I was able to keep close clearances with the fit of the wing and scoop that way. I did use a Yahu panel on the Revell, simply because I had one and wanted to try it. So far so good for all.
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  7. Hubert. Do I hear you saying , that you have 1/32 B-534 in your stash ?
  8. ZM Mustang is hard no for me, lacking the mental strength Still excited to see how it's going to build up.
  9. Clean and precise. I am switching to chess or something
  10. Semtex??? I wouldn't stick around if she farts!!!
  11. Yeah, I have to admit ,this is my fault by leaving the box on the floor. It is sort of a grey zone. She didn't touch Tamiya's Corsair or SU-27. However she eats everything, absolutely everything. Plastic, metal, wood, uranium, Semtex, whatever is around.
  12. Agree, lovely motor... Just love that little P&W logo. S
  13. Martin, what is with your dog eating your models? I think you need to stop using beef scented cement. On a more serious note, any chance you can close the door to your workroom or have somewhere out of her reach? My dogs haven't shown any interest in my models thankfully so the worst I have to deal with has been fur in the paint. The squirrels on the other hand...
  14. Oh this build is done guys, she chewed up the whole nose section and canopy. The kit is already in the landfill.
  15. Added the hinges to the side windows. Definitely on the last leg now.
  16. Oh no, it’s going to one of those conventions........we need photographic evidence that certain members of LSM didn’t..............(add as required)
  17. Ok. For years I've asked for someone somewhere to trade Fisher PT Ryan with me. I had the radial engin one but wanted the inline engine one, and it finally happened. Recieved it in the mail yesterday. Big surprise to me ,it comes with a set of beautiful floats. Not sure I'll use them though.....harv
  18. Yes, I have the ZM MKIV.....harv
  19. Hi Hubert, you are absolutely right , at that point I didn't have a frame on the front of the windshield, so it is "dangling" in mid air in that picture, a few pictures further I put in the front gun deck, so now the front windshield can lean on the frame. Now it aligns much better, but still not perfect, the front of the windshield has two three-quarter windows that need to be put in place in the right angle, that will also help to get the windshield in the right position. the last picture from my reference book shows this pretty good. Thanks for the input by the way, two pair of eyes always
  20. I have found they airbrush very nicely over the Vallejo Surface Primer (77.660) which is designed for the Metal Color paints.
  21. Those do look amazing. I'm still a while before I try to tackle a WNW kit or similar WWI era kit, but I thought about making my own props given I have plenty of woodworking equipment from my wooden model side. That being said, I agree with you that these look like a good time saver and clear perfection! Also agree about supporting suppliers from countries that support and follow property rights. Ernie, are they also putting together exhausts similar to the Rexx and Moskit products? I saw what looks like an exhaust in your first picture. If so, looks great!
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