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  2. That grease and rusty effects very convincing, coming on, big Bertha...
  3. I'm delighted to see it there safe and sound - I hope your folk enjoy building that beautiful bird
  4. Nice execution on the Schlepper parts, Jeroen. You sure now how well spent the money was you put on a good PE-bending-tool . It is almost a shame to cover everything up in paint. Cheers Rob
  5. Crazy, Quick note to let you know it arrived 10 minutes ago. Thank you sir!!! THANKS YOU SO MUCH
  6. Taking shape: This was a pain...
  7. Thanks cyber, I saw that documentary too and both brothers do love aviation.
  8. Thanks, I used Flory wash black and brown. I love these washes as you can play with them endlessly and choose where to keep the dirt and where not. The kit obviously isn't in the same class as Tamiya's but with some work a good result can be achieved. The wheels and doors really need to be replaced, and the legs shortened as they are fully extended. I found out later having fitted the two bombs which should pose a considerable load on the legs
  9. Micha... pure artistry!
  10. Yesterday
  11. Thanks for posting your progress, it's inspiring to watch. I just finished viewing a great documentary on the Lanc, and it was hosted by no other than a young Obi-Wan :: WWII Bomber Boys of Britain with Ewan McGregor. I'd never seen it before or much on this bomber until then. It's a fantastic show about a fantastic plane. Anyway, thanks again. WWII Bomber Boys of Britain with Ewan McGregor
  12. Agreed with Rob - that is an impressive build in an equally impressive amount of time - love the work!
  13. Very impressive work on a truly curageous project. I sometimes wonder, how you keep the pace up on these big Dios. There must be 'Duracells' for modellers, I haven't found yet. When I see your work, there is a movie running in my Imagination. This extends your usual very high Standards. Cheers Rob
  14. Inspirational! That oil can looks the bizniz! Also loving the lozenge on the fuselage...
  15. Wow!! That is gorgeous! Great composition of the scene, too!! End in sight!! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  16. Thanks so much, Rob. Your kind words are very much appreciated. Und Bertl, vielen Danke Eure Gnaden! Thanks very much! I have learned so much from you that your kind words freut mich sehr. So...a little update......not surprising that every time I post new pix, I see things that still need attention. I'm sure you all know the feeling! LOL! Allied airmen being amazed at the all metal construction: The main door is finished and well hung.....: Thanks for visiting.....on to the finish line! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  17. More work on the schlepper. Really intricate and quite fiddly kit, but again, taking my sweet time seems to do the trick...
  18. Great! You pulled the rivet detail out very convincingly, nice affects on the staining too . it really looks the part. And you say a pleasure to build enough said. I have started mine, I will pop a little extra detail and correction as you have no big deal. 1st spit
  19. Today made some more progress. The wings have been rescribed. The tape is temporarily to test if the lines do not show underneath and will be replaced with aluminium tape to represent the strips covering the wingjoints. Also a start has been made on the engine nacelles. I had to dismantle the undercarriage again to prevent breakage during handling. These are the centre parts, the rear will have to be reshaped with milliput and the fronts will have to be reconstructed after the engine sections have been completed ( hopefully 3d printed). Slowly but surely progress is being made.
  20. I really love your work, Master Michael - excellently implemented. Servus Bertl
  21. And the paint on the top of the fuselage is ready. Now the most complicated. The spots. Regards ajcmac
  22. That is a Piece of art, Michael. I can't wait to see everything finished. From concept to realization everything looks perfect and what makes it even better, interesting and eye catching. Your work on the fuselage is stunning, there is no plastic feeling left, just rotten metal. You achieved something special in turning plastic, wood and metal into a convincing picture, like a frame in a movie or the moment captured in a Foto. Cheers Rob
  23. That is a truly nice looking Spit with a very nice and convincing overall appearance, achieved on a (in my opinion) very medicore kit. Among other things the wheels do not look right and the bombs and racks and intakes and flaps are relatively crude. I understand that it is an comission build straight OOB, but sometimes I think there goes to much effort into building, correcting, painting and weathering into a kit that has so many limitations, but this is just my thinking. Nonetheless, you squeezed the shaky frame and nailed it . Cheers Rob
  24. Here is my newly completed Revell Mk IX in the markings of Dutch wartime pilot A. Homburg. Building it was a pleasure. Hope you like it. Cheers Cees
  25. Here is some eye candy for you guys! Hey, Steering Linkage finished. Brake Lines finished. Be back soon. Rich
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