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  3. Do you have the nylon mesh, or a metal mesh? Mine doesn't even look woven.
  4. I remember jumping in a friend's minivan years ago and struggling to find the seatbelt - they were hidden behind cut-down lengths of plastic guttering as it was the only way to stop his Boxer eating it's way through them!
  5. Looking really good Sasha. The panel line wash really sets off the metal finish.
  6. Good thing the seatbelts are out of the way. My sister's dog once chewed through the shoulder belts in her Subaru. Took the dog less than 20 seconds to do it. $500 for replacement ones.
  7. There were not so frequent updates, because I prepared the numerous sub-assemblies for the decks. Here you can see some of them ready to install: The cannon barrels where sprayed matte black and received a rub of Uschis iron pigments. The tiny PE-parts which fix the barrel I bent over a halved brass rod of 1 mm diameter and attached with CA, after the carriage was assembled and varnished. I enhanced the pumps by adding angle cut brass tubes as an outlet. They were painted bronze with the mechanics held in matte black with iron pigments. I will tone down the shininess a bit further. Then I pondered about the rigging of the cannons and made a prototype, which was time consuming and nerve wrecking. I only went for breech ropes, where I made some rings from 0,5 mm brass rod to be later attached to the eyebolts in the bulwark. I made a loop through the ring and CA'ed the ends together. Than I added a thin thread around the ends, like it's done on ships. The whole assembly was very fiddly and I think about a simpler way with a similar result, as I doubt, I can do that six times looking equally. The gun is not finally glued on and the breech rope still has to be slung around the knob on the end of the barrel. I have to glue the rope there and therefore will be sure, this is six times doable. On the following pics, I added most of the subassemblies to the deck, but nothing is glued yet. The winch drum was airbrushed matte black, then the rings were masked off and the part got a layer of desert yellow, followed by two different red brown oil colors, to make it look a bit more like wood. That's how it will look in the end, still with more details to come. There are cannonballs and some cleats and I also bought a little boat, made from spars and planks. I'm not sure, if the boat is too much, but I will try, how it looks. It's not a part of the kit. Cheers Rob
  8. Kev So glad it worked out and all is well now Keep 'em comin Peter
  9. LOL Bill. I'm pleased that you like the results of my modeling efforts. Being retired and divorced I have plenty of time to build.
  10. Took them to the forest near by to release some steam
  11. She's a beauty, John! I look at your output and feel ashamed...
  12. For all the mayhem they cause, I think we love our pets too much. Jimmy at the dog park after a wrestle with another dog.
  13. Maybe six feet under if I find a decent spot in the backyard
  14. Kai, just catching up again, amazing detailing and the LED set is going to make this build sing……..
  15. I had this strange dream this morning, where I was installing a nuclear charge on a tractor and all of sudden , Quill wakes me up to show me this …. apparently it’s an antique chair, at least for Rachael
  16. Gaz, the wheel and track work look amazing. I think I’ll have to try your method of doing tracks etc at this stage rather than when completely built……looking forward to next instalment….
  17. I measured the steel mesh from my kit and it has a ca. 0,5 mm spacing, perfectly sufficient. Cheers Rob
  18. John Kind of reminds me of the colorful schemes Army and Navy aircraft wore between the wars. Keep 'em comin Peter
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