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  3. Not by a long shot. My bench "area" pretty much looks like that. I'm in the middle of trying to make room on my bench for my boys but I'm failing miserably. Anything not on a shelf is technically a work in progress. I don't even know what everything is. So I'm definitely not as organized as CAT is. My plan for the new year is to try and get through at least one pile of started kits...
  4. Boy, he sure plopped that one on. I don’t like to second guess, I wasn’t there, but if it was a simple gear problem and nothing else, a bit more finesse might have avoided the total loss. Sheet metal is cheap. Engines and props are not. But when I read a headline “plane spins during emergency landing”, I’m actually reading “plane spins in during emergency landing”, and my exit muscles definitely clench up tight for a bit.
  5. Yeah he did. He was aircraft commander rated in the B-36 and B-47
  6. Actually I believe he flew both in the movie.....harv
  7. Ok, Tony, what's the secret on the spinner, ??? Man that looks cool !
  8. That whole page was a chuckle, I see NOW I'm not the ONLY one who does that....... I feel better now....
  9. Worth a look anyway and its not too bad of a flick either!
  10. That’s a great idea. The used actual operational B-36s in that movie. Mostly just cockpit shots of course, much top secret stuff on lower deck, but it might help
  11. Might be a little unseemly but have a look at the Jimmy Stewart movie , I think its called SAC or something like that. Half to movie takes place in a B 36 if I remember or was it a B 47? The interior would be close I would think. Oil of Oregano kills any cold that dares to try and enter my body.
  12. Production has been slowed this last week and a half. I have a big ol’ case of influenza and have been VERY sick these last several days. I really don’t like this time of year in Texas. My wife dislikes it even more because she says I get mighty whiny when I’m sick.
  13. Thanks Mike, but... Im really struggling with the color callouts for interior green. It just doesn’t seem right. A light grey seems to make a lot more sense to me. B-52s had/have grey interiors, and I’ve seen interior pics of two display B-36s. The last B-36, the “City of Fort Worth” at the Pima Museum has a grey interior. It was restored by ex Convair employees. The B-36 at WPAFB has a green interior... hmmmmmmm
  14. Looking great so far! You could probably rout out a half pound of resin and chuck in a simple metal or carbon spar
  15. The tail is made up of four VERY large, solid pieces of resin. The horizontal stabilizer is right about the span of a 1/32 P-51. These could have DEFINITELY been cast as hollow parts or in fiberglass. This is easily a pound of resin. Right on the very rear of the model. Not cool.
  16. The nose weights are two very substantial pieces of very heavy metal. I have no clue if they will be sufficient to hold the nose down, as HPH saw fit to give us a horizontal stabilizer, elevators, and rudder in solid resin.....
  17. And with the upper deck placed on. Engineers panel is placed at the rear just for illustration. This will all get inserted into the fuselage as individual components.
  18. So here’s a look where we are today. the lower deck. Seats need to be added. That’s the small green blocks on the floor. I’m going to mock up the interior with the nose glazing in place. I have a feeling the visual bomb aimer’s seat will be visible from the front and should be mounted on supports, not a resin block. Obviously we need to give it a good wash and dirty it up slightly.
  19. I expect I can, although the white dividing lines are next to impossible in 1/48
  20. Apparently I work best when I just dump a lot of stuff on my table. Building is the only way to clean up.
  21. Thanks Harv. As it turns out I needed 2 kits to build one.
  22. Apparently not. And thanks. BTW I have the Revell Fw 190 F-8, the Bandai Y-Wing, and the Trumpeter Me 262 A-1a sitting next to me waiting to get started. And I have been eying my Do 335 more often lately.
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