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  2. Hey All, The build continues, but at a reduces rate lately, but steady. A couple of hours a night. I have built the components for the rest of the suspension system. These are some of the craziest shapes I think I have ever built. I now have to make copies of these for each wheel. I'll be back with molds and casts next. A brief posting for now, more later. Thanks All.
  3. Wow, such good work Kent !!.....harv
  4. Yesterday
  5. Thanks Harv. I hope you are doing well now.
  6. I see Carl. Thanks for the offer but I don't plan to build more P-39's (famous last words! LOL).
  7. They do. I've ordered from them online before, just never been to their store.
  8. Well John. Not a good month for some of us. Glad to hear your on the mend. Hanging there....harv
  9. John, I didn't get it as the P-39 hasn't really interested me that much. Heresy I know. . If you are interested in getting it, let me know and I can pick it up for you or any other member here. Carl
  10. The funny thing is I never went as they usually just have paints listed. Only recently have they started adding kits. So I think it'll be worth checking out more often.
  11. Some nice steals there Carl. Judging by your pic in the other thread of the thinners, etc it looks a well stocked place. Unfortunately nothing like that in my neck of the woods. 😥 Probably saves me a fortune though!
  12. Thanks Carl. I look forward to seeing the build take shape. Do you intend to add the rear fuselage plug?
  13. What a nicely sorted bar, I I would do a lot of things to have access to something like this, but my island is behind the green door, or better, on the wrong side of it. Cheers Rob
  14. I've been placing the odd paint order from a hobby shop near me called Sunward Hobbies. In a recent email, they said they had some in-store specials so I finally went by to check them out. Right when you come in they have several 1/32 kits on sale. Some were package deals in bags. Some were just the kits with no AM. I saw a couple and grabbed them. First up is the hard to find Kinetic F-86. It came with some AM including the equally hard to find Avionic resin 'pit. Upon opening the box, I also found Golden Hawks and stencil decals from Leading Edge. Definitely a bargain at $100 CAD. Next was a Hasegawa FW-190 D9 The bag it came in was pretty full: Plus Theres a few more bagged specials including a Kitty Hawk OV-10D with two Big Ed sets and SAC gear in it for $200 CAD and a Special Hobby P-39 for $80 CAD also with the Big Ed set. Here's the P-39 And the OV-10 If anyone on here wants either of those, let me know and I can try to go back later this week and get them for you. Carl
  15. Stopped by for the first time at a hobby shop near me. This is what they had on the shelves: Yeah, I think they have primers and thinners in stock.
  16. Get better John. I stopped by a LHS and saw this and immediately thought of you. Carl
  17. Wishing you the best, and a total recovery, my friend.
  18. Thanks Rob! I hope to get back to building soon.
  19. Thanks! So far so good although I'm still feeling awfully weak, etc. Sucks to be sick!
  20. Thank you! I very much appreciate the kind thoughts.
  21. I would go with RealModell set instead, combined with EagleCall decals.
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