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  2. Hi Nigel, I too have been following your YouTube channel. I particularly enjoyed your solution for the OV10 Bronco wing assembly and your demonstration of how to correct the HK Lancaster tailplane pins. And, of course, now following your build of the Airfix Hellcat - which I'm trying desperately not to buy. Keep up the good work Paul
  3. I am definitely in on this Mike ! Also a Betty ?....harv
  4. Thanks guys. Yes, for the most part we're learning along the way. Likely will use parts robbed from a j2m (prop and some cockpit internals) and me262 (metal gear from the trumpy kit) to help this one along. Anyone who isn't Ernie want to guess the next project? He knows too much.
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  6. A very nice looking Tiger Mike. Makes me want to work on my Dragon one. Carl
  7. This is the future of model building. Way to go Mike ! Ki-98 is pretty rare in any scale
  8. Hi Paul, welcome to the forum. Real Model makes decent set , crisp molds and excellent service. Cheers Martin
  9. Thanks Harv, buddy! Right now it's glazed up with oils, making it real hard to photograph. Maybe once it dries I can take some more in-progress pics.
  10. The suspension is flexible. So, it has potential for your plan.
  11. I've seen pics of that... Crazy looking thing! There's no shortage of parts and detail here. The tough part is not knocking all of the detail off!
  12. Carl, Thank you! They're definitely a fovorite of mine!
  13. Nigel, you will know what this means. Check out the cardboard over the tail antenna, hope this helps with the Hellcat.
  14. Well, the model is done. Still have to do the diorama base and all that good stuff but it feels good to finally finish this one up. Could have been better and things I would like to go back and do all over again but overall fairly pleased with it. The tracks are "rubber band" tracks from AFV Club, nicely detailed but a little rough to get to look right. Once it's settled on a diorama base it should look better.
  15. I need to get a modern-tool 232. So far, the only ones I've built are the 1/48 Bandai when I was a kid, and the 1/35 Tamiya the second year I started modeling again. I have AFV's 263 so maybe I'll pick up this one as well.
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  17. How cool is that! Do you have much experience with computers and programs your using to do all of this Mike, or are you learning along the way? How I would love to just have the basic skills to print odds and ends.
  18. ... is that before long you have a 1/32 scale Ki-98! A friend and I have designed this from scratch with the hope of making it into a full kit. No plans to sell it but just to see if we can do it. The tail booms are printing right now, and then the detail stuff can start getting developed once we know the airframe part breakdown is good. Guys, words can’t describe how excited I am to have this plane in large scale!
  19. I worked far under that building back in the early 80s. We were warned about possible unexploded aerial bombs in the hills behind us. The Kaserne was obviously military, but the town was amazing. Gasthaus crawling till 0200. Adler to Adler. The town pic i apparently recent, signs are different, but the buildings are all the same.
  20. I can see it now..... if I did one it's be leaning like a drunken sailor fresh out of the bar after 6 months at sea.
  21. You should try a 12-wheeler, like the M35 Mittlere Pzwg ADGZ-Steyr.
  22. Thanks Phil, and it's so good y'all are here. Y'all came on your own, and it's been a blessing for everyone involved. I'm looking forward to meeting y'all in the future sometime, Telford, Moson, and the big show Down Under are on several of our bucket lists.
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