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  2. yes but it’s a fait accompli. We all have to do it to stop the spread.........
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  4. Sorry for your wallet, but on the other hand you will not regret it. This is a kit that can be built OOB with great results. Probably a better mojo restorer than, say, a Hasegawa P-47. Isn’t it Ernie ? Mine is under way as well, and will be - almost OOB - as well. I say « almost » because I want mine finished as the Paris 1934 Airshow P11/IV prototype. So that entails adding wheel-spats, and going for a red-and-white livery. Hubert
  5. Thanks, Cees - very kind. I’ve sent you a PM via LSP about some Lancaster bomb doors - I’m in need of a favour! Tom
  6. That’s looking great under a coat of paint and no doubt will really start to come to life when the detail painting starts. Loving this! Tom
  7. Just spoke to my Mum... My Cousin is still in quarantine; he was on an aircraft with 50 people, 16 of which have subsequently tested positive to Covid 19 (they came off a Cruise Ship and flew out of Sydney before they could be detained.) He has no symptoms, yet despite being in close proximity to known cases in an enclosed space for over an hour, the Authorities are refusing to test him. He is expected back at work next weekend once his 14 days are up. Again, no-one seems concerned about this.
  8. I should clarify... The new fortnightly $550 Covid 19 supplement, when added to the maximum $565 per fortnight unemployment benefit for Australian Citizens brings it to around $1100 per fortnight. They are not simply giving everyone a grand a week. This is mainly for people who lose their jobs or business because of this thing. There will be a $750 supplemental payment available soon to Disability and Aged Pension Australians. However it is still unclear if the threshold for a Partner's earnings is to be adjusted. They are doing this for the next 6 months, that's how long the Australian Government expects this to be ongoing. For now, at least.
  9. Yes I am Phil... I don't get much bench time, but when I do I always show my work.
  10. I have an ancients Mission Models Etchmate 3C, I agree with Hubert the new generation are metal so can be a little more precise. I’m happy with the 3C and a tool box full of straight pliers for all of the other tiny or complex bend jobs......
  11. Airbrushing is much more relaxed now. I masked and sprayed the forward section of the cockpit black. Also the front face of frame 5 and some seats throttlebox and engineers panel. There is some overspray but nothing major. This will serve as a basis for detailpainting to hopefully bring all this to life.
  12. Never seen this ZM Nick built up, are you going to do a WIP........
  13. Ernie, you make one of the few actual must buys, into a desperately needed one with your great work. Thanks for the wallet attack. Cheers Rob
  14. Bending PE is much easier and less dreading with the right tools. I got some different ones depending on what is to bend size ways, shape ways and complexity wise. For tiny parts I have a Tamiya made tweezer with a flat head, perfectly for e.g. optics in tank cupolas and other tiny stuff. Then there are flat pliers with differently shaped heads in my tool box. With a bending tool, you should first analyse your requirement size wise. If you plan to bend lets say landing flaps in 1/32 or large armor sheets you need a bigger tool. For these bigger tools you should get an equally long bending blade, smaller parts can be bend with a scalpel blade. It's always more fun to work with well designed tools made out of appropriate materials. I have this 5'' tool from the Small Shop since years and can recommend it highly. https://thesmallshop.com/collections/photo-etch-bending-tools/products/sms004-5-5-inch-hold-and-fold-the-5-speed Cheers Rob
  15. I just found this. Great stuff. Following.
  16. Dear sandbagger. I am disappointed. Every time I search the Vendors area, I never see your skills for hire or sale. How long must I wait?????
  17. I bought mine from Micro-Mark. It was made of hard PA66 (a plastic type) at the time. It works well, and I am happy with it. Nowadays, you get some in machined metal, which is better as you get sharper edges at the bending point. From Micro-Mark : https://www.micromark.com/Etch-Buddy-Photo-Etch-Bending-Fixture And the top items, quality-wise, from RP Toolz. If you peruse their site, and are a tool-geek like me, you can easily spend a few kits’ worth on their site, but you won’t regret it. http://rptoolz.unas.hu/en/spl/450289/PIRANHA-PE-tools HTH Hubert
  18. Absolutely Carl. It’s all over faded old silver on the interior, then pick out the details. Martin, the kit is that decent, it even makes me look good.
  19. Do you have one? If so do you use it? Any advice? I am about to have a few projects that will have a considerable amount of PE. I m looking to ease the pain.....Any thoughts and input is appreciated.
  20. The hetzer is getting some love. I just studied the the Italeri parts and instructions. Martyn provides a good case.
  21. Beautiful detail Ernie, you make it look so easy .
  22. That's a very impressive looking cockpit Ernie. Are you going to paint it?
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