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  1. Yesterday
  2. Wingnut Wings

    Today i received the new published Mirage 5 book. I all ready took a quick look inside and i must say i'm very impressed by the sheer quality of the book. This book put's the operational history in perspective of the Mirage 5BA/BD and BR in Belgium Air Force service. It count's 450 pages full of interesting info and lot's of photo's. Greetz Danny
  3. Wingnut Wings

    Got this beauty also in my stash RichO, very interesting and beautiful German Scout. Greetz Danny
  4. Coming on great, neat as always.
  5. Hi Danny, Found my list so a couple I tried were de Ryck Arend Blond, Westmalle Dubbel and Slaapmutske Blonde. Very nice they were too! Cheers, Gus
  6. Up on her 'legs'
  7. Paints, Washes, Pigments & Things Mr Paint 120 PRU Blue was used overall using black basing/marbling technique. Mr Paint 77 NATO Black was used for the propellers and Mr Paint 225 WWI Camo used for prop hubs. Give a subtle black contrast. MIG washes P220 Dark Wash applied to engine panel lines while 1603 Dark Sea Blue for remainder of panel lines. Using a short stiff brush and stipple application I applied MIG 034 Russian Earth pigment on the tires. MIG 025 Standard Rust applied to base of exhausts. Exhaust stains achieved by applying pigments using stipple in this order. DO NOT BRUSH! Stipple application will give the necessary breaks in the exhaust pattern. 023 Black Smoke, then over the Black Smoke apply 026 Concrete keeping inside the Black Smoke pigment, then over the Concrete pigment apply 039 Industrial City Dirt Practice and have a reference photo handy.
  8. This was to be a OOB build to settle my angst with some resin projects that were killing my mojo. As usual I cannot leave things alone. This is a great little kit with typical Tamiya engineering and fit. I did struggle with the landing gear assembly and the 3 piece canopy gave me fits. That said, I ended up using a vacuform canopy and scratch building the cockpit inner frame with .30mm styrene rod. Then the brake lines. Then the cockpit and bomb bay plumbing. Then the various PE enhancement. Then MV Lenses for recognition lights. I need help. Here is the WIP. Paint/Varnish/Wash/Pigment Mr Paint 120 PRU Blue Mr Paint 77 NATO Black (prop blades) Mr Paint 255 WWI Night Camo (prop hubs) Vallejo 306 Dark Rubber (tires) Vallejo Matt Varnish Tamiya XF-71 (interior) Alclad 101 Aluminum (wheel well doors & wheel hubs) MIG Panel Line 1603 Dark Sea Blue MIG Dark Wash MIG Russian Dirt, Rust, Smoke, Industrial, Concrete Pigments Aftermarket Goodies Rob-Taurus 48069 Vacuform Canopy/Nose UltraCast 48104 Exhaust UltraCast 48045 Tail Wheel UltraCast 48247 Standard Wheels Block Tread Eduard PE 49242 Mosquito B.Mk.IV/PR.Mk.IV MV Lenses 502 2.2mm dia Red, Green, Amber
  9. great finish on one of my favorite WWII a/c!
  10. I'm liking this beast. Something about that big radial 'donk' makes it look brutal. Makes the aircraft attached behind it look diminutive. Gunna keep an eye on this puppy! Oz
  11. Hi doc, when are you going to start on your "owl"? Cheers Oz

    1. DocRob


      Hi Ozzy, everytime I see the box in the stash I open it, look for the parts and the AM and think about that same question. But there are so many other great kits in my shelves and on the bench.... I have to finish my contribution to the Resin Group Build (Red Star 47) and the started BF-109 and it is not only planes I'm interested in, so there might be a tank or some Sci-Fi stuff in between. Many words for an 'I don't know', eh :).

      Hope to let you not too unsatisfied with that.

      Cheers Rob

  12. Last week
  13. Hey Guys, Slightly slower build this week so far. I have managed to get the heads onto the engine block. The heads are basic rectangles, to size and mounted on top of the bottom end of the engine (if that makes sense). This is the final basic engine. Now I have to build all the details that are mounted to this . I have to pay the devil his dues, because that's were the details are. I'll be back with more details soon. Thanks, Rich
  14. Visibly not a lot of progress but i spent long evenings careful dry fitting and sanding. Most challenging are the nose panels. Everything is smooth now but rescribing needs to be done. Resin is not my favourite material to work with, but I've learned to keep my patience... The wings fit nicely. That's a plus. The tail seems to slip on nicely too. The dark lines along the spine are not gaps but transparent superglue.
  15. No comments on the best chipping method? Then I have to rely on my own method thinking . I will try to do the base chipping with liquid mask dabbed onto the silver primed fuselage and wings with a fine stiff brush. I try to empasis the spars and seamlines to do so, as to achieve a stressed surface effect. I deceided against the hairspray method, because I'm afraid of peeling to much paint of when masking with tape for later stages of painting. Raiden with goose skin: First paint for the pilot: Cheers Rob
  16. Wingnut Wings

    I just got this little beauty a couple of weeks ago.
  17. Thank you Rob for the welcome. The Sherman was a bit of a challenge. The basic kit was kit- bashed with many resin parts produced buy East Coasr Armory. The figures are custom made with action figures that were dismantled and re-worked. I can not take credit for the figures as they were made by Luca Montenovesi. If you want a visual thrill I suggest you visit Luca's website. Just search Vettius64 Dave
  18. Hola Drevelia, welcome to the LSM-Community. That is a real statement you posted there. Great attention to detail and perfect finish and execution on a setting, which is truly large scale. I can imagine the amount of work you put into this scene, and the result is very convincing. Who is producing these figures by the way, they don't look like Dragon ones? Keep on rolling Rob
  19. Wingnut Wings

    just got the RNAS pup on eBay. no pic, unfortunately, the seller doesn't ship to Thailand so it's at a friend's house in upstate New York. that's my first WNW but i expect there will be more... a lot more.
  20. Thanks Everyone for following along. Hey, This is starting to get a bit fidgety. I have only managed to build the support frame for the water radiators. I wanted to get an idea of the size and location of things as I build. The Radiator rack is a flimsy frame that supports the water radiators and cages the engine. I got so involved with building this and doing the measerments as I went along, that I managed to get just one photo under construction. I did build a very basic engine place holder. I think this will be the engines bottom end. All placed on the frame so I can see what is actually going on. The Engine build continues. Thanks All...
  21. Lovely Danny, they are a great looking pair. Been at a local beer festival the last couple of evenings and tried some lovely Belgian beers, just can't remember the names!
  22. Thanks for all this info, Rob! Helpful indeed.....I may go ahead and stock up on these items for the future, but, for now.....I have been shamed away from WWI subjects, and into continuing my efforts with WnW kits. I have the AEG on the bench now and, I think, maybe, probably, most likely, once that's finished, I will start the LVG and follow Bertl's build step by painstaking step. He really has given us an amazing tutorial that should not only help one build an amazing LVG but improve skill across the board. Either that or slit ones wrists in the attempt! BUT...there are two Mossies in my stash and the Merlins are humming, begging to be started......so we shall see! LOL!!
  23. Hi Michael, what is new considering the AM-Situation of the Mossie? All your WNW-birds have been older . I decieded for my build to stay with the provided wheels as they are looking great built right out of the box. I will use the HGW Wet transfers No. 232011 for the stenciling as I have not the best of expierience using Tamiya decals (Corsair) and some Aires 60lb Rockets No. 320064 For the Insignia, Codes and Cockpit I will use Maketar Masks No. 60326. There will be a heavy dose of Brassin (Gun Bay, Nose Guns and Exhausts). The kit engines are ok for me, so no Brassin there. Last but not least some Fabric belts and some Cockpit Placards (I'm not sure if I use them) from Eduard and that is it for my build. Hope that helps after so many WNW builds. Cheers Rob
  24. Sorry for the delay Michael, That is one fine model you built. Love the used look. Amazing how you seem to build many different models at the same time and keep a consistent high quality. Well done!
  25. Very beautiful Mossie. nice finish and detail work and fast as always. In the time you finalize a kit I could bring a 'Lego Duplo' set for a two-year-old together . Cheers Rob
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