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  2. Well it's been a day. Snowed a fair bit. First true sign of Christmas. So I stayed in stuck on some movies and did some painting 1 coat 2 coats Painted the upper hull section. And to finish the night off. I painted and put together the two parts of one of the MG 32s and a spot of paint on a couple detail parts.
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  4. Just saw it on the title... sorry!
  5. I've decided to put this kit up for sale since I doubt I'll ever build it. It's a really nice kit with a bunch of resin and PE parts. It's all there as you can see in the photos. As far as I am able to determine by checking their website and ebay it is no longer in production. I'm asking $100.00 plus shipping.
  6. Interesting Carl. I figure to give armor a break after I get this Sherman done but will come back to armor later since I have a number of armor kits in the stash.
  7. Notch up another victory Gaz, Nice composition and placement. All the components just work together. Regards, Kent
  8. Hey Guys, a quick post today. I have constructed the linkage for the steering, and built the main hydraulic pumps to put on the breaks. steer linkage...... These are the hydraulic pumps. These live outside the frame between the suspension components. I used a heavy duty plastic striped straw to make the main body parts. Most of this lives under the engine, along with an amount of plumbing that is just stupid for the size of spot it is to fit into. All this needs to be mounted into place and all the plumbing in this spot needs to be in place to get the engine into it's proper place I'll be back, with filling the space. Thanks All
  9. Martin, I briefly considered binning it but decided I had to at least give it a shot at fixing it. I've already binned too many multi engine bombers for one reason or another.
  10. The Asuka Shermans are considered to be some of the best Sherman kits in terms of accuracy and detail and without a lot of small fussy bits. Some folks feel the recent Rye Field kits have topped them but only barely. They go together really well without any hiccups. Even the included rubber band tracks are nicely done. Unfortunately their HVSS kits don't have rubber band tracks, just the individual link ones. The only annoying/gimmicky bit is the working suspension. They use soft rubber pads to cushion the swingarms. Some versions have a plastic spacer you can use to get rid of that "feature" and build it fixed. I used pieces of sprue cut to the right height to do the same thing. Tamiya thought they were good enough that they even re-boxed a couple. Those are silly money on the collectors markets. I've build three so far and have another three to go Carl
  11. Eduard reboxed a Tasca / Asuka and added more goodies, have one in the stash ready…..
  12. It was also due to the fact that if you hit someone with 7.62 they generally didn't get back up and were normally killed. This negates the need for other resources. Where as with 5.56 you can hit someone, they get injured and have to be removed from the battlefield and take up more resources in aftercare (medical and admin).
  13. moving on to the front Mark
  14. Thanks Peter and that is the most easy way i found for painting the camo It takes a lot off time but im going to get there but first i need more tape Thanks and the next pic will be uo in a few min I think a lot off kits going to be collector items because there are not that many out there Im also a proud owner off a catalina 1/32 and yes i will build that beast only dondt know when. Mark
  15. Just working out tree and bush placement before i start building up the tree branches and foliage.
  16. Gaz, absolutely stunning diorama. The figures are brilliant and T-34 with the burnout wheels is very convincing, congrats on fantastic vignette……
  17. Indeed a movie scene. "Skylark " It’s June 1942. Anti-tank gun crews are being trained at a German military base using captured Soviet T-34 tanks manned by Soviet prisoners of war used as human targets. Not wanting to die in vain, one of the tank crews (and a French Resistance fighter who joins them) decides to try to break free in their T-34…Director Leonid Menaker said its plot was inspired by real events, which he had read about in a newspaper: “One of the crews managed to start their T-34. They escaped from a tornado of shelling, spent two hours circling on German territory until they reached a bridge, just as a group of schoolchildren was crossing it. In order to escape, the tank crew had to run the kids over. In the end, the tank did not move... German soldiers, who by then, had caught up with the tank riddled it with fire. The commander was captured and was hanged in the evening of the same day... This is where I got the idea for the movie.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrP9RB9Ofz8
  18. Mark, looking absolutely brilliant, love the camo…….it’s also great to see a much vaunted new kit actually being built congratulations, whatever happened to the Whirlwind, Helldiver etc builds?….……
  19. Sorry I have not being paying attention, stunning build and great modelling skills, I have never seen this kit in the UK, looking forward to the tender and stretch of track for the full effect, congratulations….
  20. That's good to know Rob. Thanks!
  21. That sounds good Peter. I look forward to receiving my A-1 set.
  22. All complete, posted in LSM Armour Complete section…….
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