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  2. FAA Corsair II

    Nice one Barry, I really like the FAA Corsairs. Very nice that the Tamiya wingtips are solid so they can be clipped. Simple and easy. Cheers Cees
  3. Big As MAZ

    Blooming PB. Just post your pics via LSM, so we can all enjoy the rest of this fantastic thread. Cheers Cees
  4. FAA Corsair II

    None.... I cemented to supplied wing tips into place and when properly dry I marked the cut with some tape to guide it and razor sawed the end off. I then placed a roughtly shaped piece of clear plastic into place for the wing tip light and sanded the whole tip into shape. I bit of scribing and all was done.... It is easy enough to do.
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  7. FAA Corsair II

    A beautiful Corsair in an well chosen scheme! I am a big fan of FAA a/c. Nice work!!!
  8. Big As MAZ

    Thanks Guys, I'll check it out next posting. After I find a scale big enough to weigh this thing.
  9. FAA Corsair II

    Really nice result. What conversion did you use for the cropped wing tips?
  10. FAA Corsair II

    Beautiful plane and nice finish. It's good to see a Corsair in a not so typical scheme. Having built one myself I can tell that these Tamiya Corsairs are really fun to build. Cheers Rob
  11. FAA Corsair II

    Here are a few pics of my latest. Tamiya base kit with clipped wings and a few other modifications to make a FAA bird that operated on HMS Unicorn in 1944.
  12. Big As MAZ

    Sorry to hear that Rich. PB really are a shower o' ****! As Rob says, hosting stuff on here works very well if this is your main site for posts.
  13. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    Your Zero is coming together nicely. Nice and subtle shading effects on the underside. The good thing on these Japanese planes is the lack of camouflage, which allows to concentrate on varying possibilities for intense weathering and ageing. Cheers Rob
  14. Big As MAZ

    Hi Rich, if you only post here in LSM there is a way. The Forum Software allows to load up pictures. The "how to" could be found in the more recent entries of this one. Cheers Rob
  15. Big As MAZ

    Hey All, I just received a notice from our friends at PB, that my account is being closed. Even tho I have already paid up until June. I think they can't stand the idea of me "getting away" with my account as is, so I've been shut down. I do not know when they will scratch the photos, but I will be back when I find a new host. The building of the Engine Covers continues with the hinges for the hoods. I have spent the last week or so cutting parts and assembling the hinges and I will take photos of everything so I'll have plenty to show when I get back. Thanks All.
  16. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    And after the mask was ready I painted the green (Tamiya's XF-70). Regards ajcmac
  17. A GOTHA

    Why Murdock are you wasting your time then. Member since 2013 and this piece of art is the second post. To bored to check the first one, but I'm sure it is another gem. Rob (without cheers)
  18. Hola Plastic Cement addicted Community, Since some weeks I tried to figure out which kind of jig would be the best and most flexible to assemble, paint and rig single and double winged planes of different sizes and shape (hope to avoid a triplane ). I tried to contact a member of LSM because I liked his construction of a metal moveable arm with an attached metal jig, but the attempt to made a contact failed (https://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/3175-bos-model-claw-by-johan-bos-aka-pfuf/) and so I did some research about jigs and ordered one made by Vertigo. I recently recieved the package from Slovak company Vertigo-miniatures which included two separate sets of jigs. "EVO 3224 (VMP007)" is the basic jig for monoplanes and "Upgrade set Basic+EVO for 3224 (VMP011)" enables you to enhance the jig for biplanes. http://www.vertigo-miniatures.com/vertigo/eshop/15-1-VERTIGO-JIGS) The Package includes the very cleanly contured transparent acrylic parts, some of them with engraved scales on, lots of screws, some rubber feet and some foam material for protecting the models. The acrylic parts are one sided secured with an adhesive foil, which has to be removed before assembly (If the parts are engraved the protection foil is always on the other side). You have to glue all the angled parts and the traverse triangles. The manual suggests to use CA glue (which I did) or Epoxy glue. Since I didn't use Future before glueing with the CA, I got a little fogging on the transperencies, but hey, it is a tool, so no harm done. All in all the assembly took me about an hour and there were no difficulties to master after reading the A4 printed manual sheets. Everything fitted perfectly and no parts were missing. As an ex engineer I would have liked a better quality for the screws, but the included ones do the job. That's the parts count of the two packages without the screws. The monoplane setup Biplane setup With Hasegawa 1/32 Raiden for size comparison (three point fixation). The jig is labeled for 1/24, 1/32 and 1/48 scale, but my tiny 1/72 Mig-17 finds a save place too (four point fixation). Some more details Scales are engraved preciesely and you can adjust all the angles. My final thougts are, that the jig is a very flexible tool which will act as the often mentioned third hand in many cases of assembling, painting and decaling and yes, rigging, without ruining your bird by permanetly touching it and break loose tiny parts (own experience). It is robust and widely adjustable and will adopt to nearly every kit. The T-shape of the parts supporting the kit give you the possibility to secure your kit with a rubber band. You would have guessed, that I higly recommend these Vertigo jigs, although I will construct a one armed one myself in some future time, especially made for maximum flexibility while airbrushing kits. Cheers Rob
  19. A GOTHA

    Love not be able to see any pictures of work. This site is just about a waste of time!
  20. Soo.... What did you just get???

    that's a good one, i have to remember this Thank's mate Greetz Danny
  21. A GOTHA

    I wish I could update this but the pics are not available to replace , some have gone missing, so its hard to find the right ones for each post. Management can delete the thread if they wish to.
  22. Soo.... What did you just get???

    We'll have to start calling you 'The Head Hunter'! Very cool collection though Danny.
  23. Soo.... What did you just get???

    Yesterday i received my new addition to my humble growing collection of flight helmets. A ZsH-3 flight helmet with KM-32 oxygen mask. Compleet with leather winter liner and throat mic. Only the com cord is missing on the Ho mask, but that will be taken care of within a few weeks. The leather helmet is the winter type, which is added with wol inside. Even the original glasses and the throat mic was there. This helmet will be put on display together with a Trumpeter MIG 21UM Mongol. But at the moment it stands proud together with my other 3 U.S. made or better said two and one licence build Israel helmets Greetz Danny
  24. Saw it at Telford and it's even bigger than I had imagined. But it looks fantastic. Cees
  25. Trumpeter 1/32 A1-J Skyraider

    The Skyraider is almost complete. Made an attempt at the "infamous" engine smoke down the fuselage. I took a while to decide on the best technique, read posts on other skyraider builds and then decided to combine a few. I stared by putting a layer of gloss on the area to be weathered the did the initial pattern with Tamiya flat black, diluted and sprayed at a low pressure. I then sanded back to detail more and achieve the look I was after... kind of. Then various Tamiya weathering palette colours were used to add some more detail... I'm sort of happy with it and sort of not, but looking at archive images of skyraiders there seems no perfect look to the pattern... so it is what it is! Now to finish the wings, get them attached in the folded position and attach some ordinance!
  26. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    Thanks coolboxx. I started the process of weathering. I already have the attack edge of the wings painted yellow. Follow the mask and paint the top green. Regards ajcmac
  27. Soo.... What did you just get???

    Nice haul and the paint should keep you going for a while. The F4 is a sweet deal at 40 quid!
  28. Craft Tools Rack DSPIAE Catalogue # AT-R Available from Breveco Modelling for €44,50 My workbench is always a clutter, despite it being fitted with a whole array of HobbyZone modules that store paint, brushes, tools etc. As modellers, we always tend to pull the same small number of key tools and things back to our bench as soon as we start work on our next project, or after a well-needed mid-project tidy. I’d been after a small tool rack so that I could keep just a few regular bits and pieces together. My good friends at Breveco Modelling told me that they had such an item in stock, from DSPIAE. This is the same company whose Stepless Adjustment Circular Cutter and Single Blade Nipper, that I recently reviewed here on Large Scale Modeller. As luck would have it, Breveco were visiting Scale Model World 2017 at Telford, so I took the opportunity to pick one up from them in person. Now, this is no flimsy or lightweight box. This little package is actually quite heavy, and the box is built to withstand a nuclear blast, or so it would seem. The same high-quality presentation has gone into this product as it did with the others. Box art is a little unusual from the lid, with only a small number of words, and a side drawing of the rack is present. The box sides do give a little more away, with photos and some explanation of the product itself. The extremely robust lid took some effort to remove from the tray, such is the airtight fit of this. Underneath this lies a removable panel which shows the various parts within, and instructions on assembly of the tools rack (not that it’s too difficult to fathom yourself!). Lifting out the foam backed panel reveals a precisely cut foam block into which the various components are inserted, and each is named, just in case you had become confused at some point. All along, there’s no doubt at the level of quality that DSPIAE has employed here, but does that carry over onto the tool rack itself? Well, the answer is a resounding YES! Each part is now lifted carefully from the box, including a small wallet with a number of screws, sticky feet and a hex-key. All of the main components of the rack have a super smooth finish and a red-anodising to them, creating a striking appearance. For an extra touch, the outer edges of the main rack are bevelled, removing the anodising, and allowing the shine of the aluminium to come through. Assembly is very straightforward. I start by taking the baffle plate, and slotting this inside the rear part of the main rack. Two knurled screws now hold this in place from the rear of the rack, with two plastic washers to protect the red anodised finish of the parts. This baffle can be moved up and down within the stand, due to the slotted nature of the fixing point. This can be suited to fit your own particular tools. The two large openings in the front part of the rack now need to be tackled. A tool tray (bottom case) slots into the open side of the rack, and this is secured from underneath with three countersunk screws, tightened with the hex-key. Whilst I’m at this point, I also peel off the 3M sticky rubber feet and add these to the underside so that the rack isn’t scratched by any workbench debris. I am pretty fussy about things like that, and want to maintain something in the best way possible, for as long as humanly possible. Lastly, there is an optional module which can fit into the smaller of the two tray areas (well, it’s designed for the smaller, but will fit the larger area if you wish), and this is the modularised slot block. This is designed to fit brushes etc. What I like about the areas at the front is that the larger one fits a bottle of Tamiya Extra Thin Cement perfectly, so you won’t knock it over on your bench and melt your work in the process. Conclusion I’ve already got this stuffed with all manner of tools that I want to keep close at hand, including my razor saw, small brushes, sprue cutters etc. This takes the desk-tidy idea a step further and makes it both flexible and elegant. The weight of it, plus the rubber feet, means that it won’t skirt and slip around your bench accidentally. It firmly stays put, which is also useful if you store your cement bottle in there too. Putting the lid back on and screwing tight whilst in the stand, is straightforward. This is a quality tool, and that is reflected in the price, which I still think is very, very reasonable for a chunk of heavy, precisely machined metal and the other included parts. These aren’t something which I tend to see every day, but I’m sure if you drop Evert or Corien a message at Breveco Modelling, they’ll be able to sort out your requirements. My sincere thanks to Breveco Modelling for the sample seen here. This item isn’t yet on the website, but please contact them to register your interest.
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