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  2. Beautiful result, adding contrast with the nose cone painting and decaling. I always wonder, why, and not only in this case, air forces of all times bother with camouflage, only to top it with vivid colored markings. Cheers Rob
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  4. Mike Fantastic detail work with the addition of the brass rod. Keep ‘em comin Peter
  5. Kai Coming together so nicely - beginning decals look spot on. Keep ‘em comin Peter
  6. When it comes to Trumpeter.... just say "no".
  7. Phil The Ultra is an H&S air brush and a thoroughbred with all qualities of the brotherhood. Keep ‘em comin Peter
  8. One of the burning 32nd scale questions of all time: When are we going to get an accurate P-51B ? It’s always been on the most wanted list and naturally on all Tamiya lists but just never has appeared. Just doesn’t seem as if it will ever happen 🙁 Keep ‘em comin Peter
  9. Short update: Nose and part of the pitot painted flat black: and the grey antenna-cover-decals attached. Was too lazy to paint them since they fit very well and their color is good (printed by Cartograph): Grey panels along the fin. and one behind the Cockpit. That‘s it for now. Next step is to do some small touch-ups at the intakes (I removed the masking inside them today) and painting the accessories (Shafrir 2-Rockets and Wheels) and then preparation for decals. At Hubert: Isn‘t ready yet but one more step done!
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  11. crash site diorama seems to be an option
  12. Paul Budzik converted Hasegawa with amazing result. https://paulbudzik.com/Interviews/Interview with Paul Budzik _ Large Scale Planes.htm https://paulbudzik.com/models/p51.pdf
  13. Hard no to Trumpeters attempt. Wing supposed to have laminar profile, it doesn't , engine cowling is off, spine is too bloated, which messes up the windshield, you name a part and I will tell you what is wrong with it. In fact, I opted to convert Revell's D. This is one of the best builds out there , by Miloslav. https://www.largescaleplanes.com/articles/article.php?aid=2853
  14. Hey all Ok, I have the lift axle done, except for some final details to the mounting brackets. this view shows the lift axle and the drives. this view shows the lift axle with the brake drums attached. I need to add some rib detail to the mounting brackets. view of the lift axle from the bottom. this view shows that the lift axle clears the drive shaft. view of the lift axle from the other side. this view shows the air bags from the 1/24 Italeri Western Star kit that I used for the axle air lift bags. view of the lift air bags from the front. this view shows the air bags that I added to the front suspension. closer view of the front air bags. view of the front axle from the bottom. this view shows what the big KW will look like. view from the top, the lead holders are there to represent the headache rack position. I have scale rolled aluminum fenders for the drives and the lift axle, also a drop visor and Texas bumper in aluminum coming in the mail. Well that's it for now be back with more updates soon. Ron G
  15. I guess I'd just have to see one built Harv. Thanks.
  16. Yes, I've heard it has issue's, BUT I've seen several built and they looked very good......harv
  17. That engine is looking great! Nice detailing😀
  18. Thanks for the feedback Carl. Looks like more than I want to have to contend with so I'll pass on getting one and keep my fingers crossed Tamiya, ZM or someone will give us a new, accurate, one. Thanks again!!!
  19. There's some shape issues with the kit. Shocking I know. Mostly the cowl and the opening under the prop. The rear windows apparently have a shape problem as well. The MLG bay has the incorrect front wall that so many Mustang kits have. The leading edge kink at the wing roots is the wrong shape I think as well. Jerry Rutman used to do a correction set that fixed the cowl and gear bays. Grey Matter Figures (who bought many of Jerry's masters) didn't bother with that set unfortunately. The Aires MLG is supposed to be a decent substitute if not 100% accurate. I think there is a new rear window coming from a guy called 109 Ace. He used to be on LSP but you can find him on eBay. Can't recall what his seller's name is there. I can't recall the rivet situation so something will have to comment there. As I sold mine before getting around to it, I don't know how it goes together either. Maybe HK or ZM will finally being out a modern kit this decade. Or do as Martin did and graft a Hasegawa nose onto a Revell fuselage. Or was it a Revell razorback onto a Hasegawa one? Carl
  20. I'm considering getting one and would like some opinions please. Good kit, mediocre, ??? Heavy rivet detail, etc? Thanks!!!
  21. Just catching up on this. Fantastic work on the engine. Carl
  22. Hi all, I've been working on the engine. The pipework supplied in the kit is fragile and easily broken. Also the engine had pipes from the air valve at the top, front of the engine. These were attached to the crankcase and one into a valve with a 'bleed' tap, fitted to the forward left side. I decided to add the air valve pipes and the sump breather pipe and replace all of the tubes and the ignition lead support tubes with Brass rod and tubing. I've also added the extra valve with a 'Taurus Models' resin tap, Mike
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