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  2. Stunning work again Rich. Your ability to think ahead and plan through this is very impressive.
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  4. I have a thing for planes on floats. I'm pretty sure the images are CAD renderings, but it looks beautiful!
  5. Damn, this just gets better and better.....harv
  6. Hey Altogether, a double dose this morning... The engine build is really straight forward. The engine block is just a group of rectangles laid in order. The only parts that had any more than four cuts are the engine front and back parts. The rest of building the basic engine blocks is just keeping everything straight and square... Once I got all the straight parts mounted, they sort of looked like engine blocks. I placed these on the frame build so you could see about where these are to be located. Then came the transmission b
  7. Hey, I have finished with the Suspension System. The remaining two corners I built in an afternoon. Back corner.... Front corner... The situation with the wheels is that I built some parts before storage, so these need to be sorted because not all of these look usable. I'll go through these and see what I have and what needs rebuilding. Also to keep me busy, I'll be starting the next chapter. This will be the double engines and transmissions. Some o
  8. Jeez! That’s a lot of flammable and explosive stuff in a very small area.
  9. I’m in, I’ll donate a Trumpeter BF-109K-4 (02299)
  10. It’s nice to have a resin manufacturer who listens. Harold is one, Reskit is another.
  11. I think they just need better packaging. The parts were all just loose in a box with no real padding to keep them from banging into each other. Maybe they've done that. I'll have to find out and get something new from them.
  12. I'm so sorry to hear that. I will admit their stuff looks so realistic that its VERY thin.
  13. I ordered some of their rocket pods for my Mi-24 build. When I got them they were beautifully done with very thin rocket tubes. Unfortunately almost all the tubes were broken because they were so thin.
  14. So not the Meng GT40 but for $75 I couldn't pass up the Trumpeter one. Should arrive later this week.
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  16. Holy Schnok knockers, Batman! This is looking mighty juicy this year!!
  17. Painting underway! Black undersides next.
  18. Nice start there Phil. The PE doesn't looks as pixilated as it sometimes can. Carl
  19. Thanks Rob, I’ll get some pics of all the sides and IP next..........
  20. Hi all, A couple more updates. The three rectangular access panels, located forward on the fuselage, were fitted witted ring type fasteners. These were made by coiling 0.2 mm lead wire ('PlusModels') around a 0.8 mm drill shank. The removed coil of wire was then cut through and the separated rings flatted and secured in position with CA adhesive. The windscreen is the photo-etch version from the ‘PART’ Nieuport 28c1 (S32-033) set. It was annealed over a flame then bent to shape and airbrushed white. The acetate windscreen transparency was cut out and secured to the windscreen
  21. The gang at Reskit rocks. A little while back I shot them an email that brought to attention the lack of proper burner cans for the Trumpy F-14A. They thanked me for the intel and told me they would absolutely make a set. Told me to look for it in 3-4 months!
  22. Seeing your recent catch, I can understand that . Cheers Rob
  23. So starting as usual with the pit........ Side consoles OOB Eduard produced PE for ZM completed side console
  24. Rob, this one's way down on the to-do list. Maybe once I finish a couple! And the postman dropped this off yesterday.
  25. Thanks Kev! I appreciate that.
  26. Geez................... that looks so REAL.....................
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