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  2. Did paint this morning and went straight to chipping, just waiting for it to dry so I can shoot clear on it.
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  4. I got a wine voucher also from Hobby Link.....harv
  5. You know what might be the next rabbit hole. The engine cylinder spacing.....hmm.
  6. Thank you for getting rid of the girder rivets on the back wall! They were hurting my eyes!
  7. Indeed! Oh I forgot something. If I move house everything is already packed and on wheels. I must say I am most relieved. Recently I had wondered if I was simply an idiot. However, now on the strength of my fine and fashionable idea, I can relax and worry less. I must be smart. Seriously, I will never have to pack again.
  8. When I was single, I bought my first house, one of the rooms was an engine building room, where I built engines for my hot rods. So, no shame in toolboxes in the house!
  9. Being very impressed lately with my tool boxes for modelling, I am chucking everything and replacing the lot with wheeled tool boxes. I reckon my undies will me much safer. Tool boxes come with keys. I don't have a woman around saying "Eeeew, those things don't match the curtains!" Tool boxes are not only a guard against thieves, they are simply practicable. Screw the curtains. I mean what man thinks about curtains? Do they block the sun? Yes! What else do I need? I know what the sun looks like. It's really bright! Not only tool boxes. I am gonna get a label maker. I can envisage labels on all my drawers. No longer will I say "Where did I put the...." Powder coating! Powder coating is a reason in itself. It's obvious really. I am humbled to think modelling was the cause of my brain storm. Tool boxes. They come on wheels now.
  10. Finally a dedicated Hinomaru red for me...
  11. What a haul, Rog! That Ki-45 is on my wish list...
  12. I have Azure's D.520 that I'll be starting next year. The Yahu instrument panel is a must; I ordered "Midnight Blue" cockpit color from Sovereign Colourcoats.
  13. Here are some goodies that arrived. F6f-5 by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr F6f-5 by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr And I really need to prime that hideous clear cowl! F6f-5 by The 3rd Placer, on Flickr Ryan
  14. http://www.videoaviation.com/figures/132-usaf-vietnam-crew-figures/ http://www.videoaviation.com/ground-support/132-usn-deck-crew-vietnam/ http://www.videoaviation.com/ground-support/132-usaf-fl-maintenance/ https://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/va/kit_va_175632.shtml
  15. The newer tool ones tend to be easier, I built some older 1/72 kits a few years ago, they were a nightmare. Newer kits are getting nicer. Maybe the Yak-3 or Tempest. You will most likely have to deal with some fit issues, fabrication, resin, and PE on most others.
  16. Here is a link to their Type N monoplane I have been off and on with. https://forum.ww1aircraftmodels.com/index.php?topic=9834.0
  17. Hi guys. The title says it all really. I have most of the 1/32 range. Except the Tempest and a few others. Thanks. D.
  18. There needs to be some, yes.
  19. I agree! The P-47 got a bad early rap strictly because of size. But she was indeed elegant and surprisingly light on her feet. With a simple change in propeller, she could suddenly out*climb* as well as out dive pretty much anything in the ETO - until the Merlin-engined P-51 came along in 1944
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