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  2. The weather here in Sydney is a bit harsh. As a result I have not been working as much on my builds. Today I applied the last decals to the Frank. It is sitting perfectly still while Mark setter and softer work their magic. Today I will not be busy. There's a climate change rally in the city today. We're I strong enough to walk a long way I'd join in. I would like to go into town to Hobbyco in the Queen Victoria building. I can circumvent the March by taking the train.i want to get away from my builds so I don't circum to the desire to handle them. Here is where Tony is at present. I need to lighten the darker greens in the panel lines. What you see is by using the new AK Weathering pencils. They are great fun but must be handled lightly or they break. My stupid numb hands are too rough!
  3. I don’t see bunnies! You were stoned.
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  5. Day 2 was cleaning up all the attachment points and seams on the road wheels. Then it was time for some paint. I usually paint the rubber portion first and then use a circle template as a mask for the rim portion. Unfortunately my circle template didn't go big enough. Thankfully I had an Eduard paint mask set in the stash so was able to use that. I did one pair of road wheels in Dunkelgelb but I think I used too light a version. The circles on the edge of my bench are the Eduard paint masks. These were then installed onto the lower hull. And that's where I am as of today. Carl
  6. Ok, I've pretty much finished off everything on my bench of late that was close to being finished: - Millennium Falcon - Y-Wing fighter - Toyota Celica WRC rally car So here's what I'm hoping will be a quick build with minimal AM. I think the only AM I have is from Dragon itself. I got started by following the instructions (!). Blasphemy, I know. I installed all the suspension arms, making sure I used the correct ones for the steel wheels at the rear. Then I started prep on all the road wheels. And that was the end of day 1.
  7. AM for my be 110 and Trumpeter Skyraider. More is coming from Hannants. I've a sneaking suspicion the 110 will be my next build.
  8. Great story! Bunnies and Chickens story. ...reminds me of about four years ago I had shoulder surgery in mid December, when I woke up, or at least when I could start remembering things. I sat up in bed and the nurse handed me a a plastic trough, I asked Me “what this for?” Nurse. “to throw up in” Me. “I don’t need to throw....” Needless to say, the pain and nausea hit me so hard I threw up an old pair of gym socks missing since the 80’s. ...good thing was, I got lot of very strong drugs! So for the next few days I was only moderately in pain. i had to sleep in a recliner because I could not lay down, 30 degrees was the most I could do. But, getting back to the story, the next morning, I woke up because my drugs had worn off around 6:30 am. My wife gave me my pills and then went to the bathroom. I was looking out the bedroom window and yelled to my wife...”there are bunnies in the backyard!” She said “OK”, thinking I was on good drugs. A few minutes later, I said “now there are chickens and roosters” She yelled back, “go back to sleep, it’s just the drugs” I said ”no, really!” Her response was..”sure...I believe you” “no, really...I see them!” One last “I’m sure you do was yelled back at me” I took these photos from my chair through the window to prove I was not hallucinating....
  9. Saab Viggen = Jonah Lomu.... lots of power and a tiny bit of subtlety
  10. Lovely work again Cees. Given this is 48th scale the detail is outstanding.
  11. Such a great build! I'm loving it.....harv
  12. Tamiya call-outs for their 1/48 F-15 kit are a mix of their own brand. Really surprising that they don't offer exact acrylic colours for their range of modern US aircraft; considering they regularly release specific and unusual colours to match single kits elsewhere in their line (Coral blue rattle can for the Leyton House F-1 car for example).
  13. It's an applique piece that sits over and above the wing surface, with a noticeable lip around the perimeter. (Photo from IPMS Stockholm site, used for limited research purposes.) *Edit: Also note, the Hasegawa wing has a prominent depression that runs out to the wingtip along the line of the wing spar that is moulded on the reverse side of the wing parts. Many Modellers fill this depression; but you can leave it there if you choose. As this photo clearly shows, this depression is correctly reproduced by Hasegawa; you can see it in the oblique light as it runs out from the bulge and through the Balkenkreuz. S
  14. Not in their acrylic paints. I believe they do in their recently released lacquer line.
  15. It shouldn't be long. LK985958925AU It's on its way Most recent update Attempted Delivery US-371859998, UNITED STATES Date & timeSat 25 Jan • 7:27am
  16. No not again, I can’t unread that.........
  17. I just moved Mom (85) into a nursing home three weeks ago. Last weekend we took the daughter and her baby for a visit. We walked in and Mom told us to not let the baby go because someone came in, dropped trou and took a dump in the corner of her room and the evidence is still there. it was a power cord for the tiny TV I took off the dresser when I put hers in. After discussing with her, she dreamed this occurred and she was convinced there was a turd in the corner of her room.
  18. Hi all, Twelve spark plugs with ignition leads. Made from 0.5 mm diameter tube with 0.28 mm diameter copper wire (annealed) leads. Fitted into 0.6 mm diameter holes drilled into both sides of each cylinder bank. Now it's onto the really tricky valve operating gear, Mike
  19. As of this morning, it has arrived in the same state, good chance I’ll get it next week.
  20. So they don't make equivalent colors in the jars? I loathe Tamiya paints so I just don't know.
  21. I have a buddy in the middle of a Hasegawa 109 project and he needs to install the large wing bulges. Should the wing be cut and these installed flush with the skin, and the join seams removed, or should they be applied over the existing wing? I’m no 109 expert, so I don’t have the foggiest idea....
  22. FS stands for Federal Standard and is a reference for most of the colours used by the US military after WWII or thereabouts. The Tamiya colours listed on Smitty's link are Tamiya spray paints. They're really nice but lacquer based so I don't think they fit the bill.
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