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  2. Well, Looks like Infinity 1:32 Helldiver is reality very soon!!
  3. I thought about that too and started to prepare an electric toothbrush last week. But this place is so tiny and fragile, I have to do it by hand. This area is smaller than a tooth to brush . Cheers Rob
  4. Jetmads have announced a re-run of 500 kits for their 1/32 Viggen ... You better hurry if you want one. Me, I am waiting for a Draken , by anyone ... Hubert
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  6. Great colors and paintjob! And a lot of respect to you, it’s a real hard kit to assemble! But the result is outstanding so far!
  7. Hi Jeroen. Long time ago since I posted here. Beau titulaire job on this 190. Cheers, Jamme
  8. Awesome progress Tim! Is really stunning what you are creating!
  9. Thank you Gaz! I will post some pictures when the pit is completely ready. The flat varnish is still missing.
  10. I had the same trouble Peter. But this is nothing which can‘t be fixed and is it a wonder? These parts are so tiny! Looking forward to seeing your progress very soon! It‘s such a lovely kit!
  11. Thanks Carl, was waiting for this. Just what the doctor ordered. I have just ordered a set. cheers Cees
  12. Some really great work there. That cockpit is fantastic, nice job! I'm building Tamiya's F4F-1 Wildcat, and it went together very nicely. I hear Tamiya's Corsair is the same way.
  13. Thanks Jeff! Although it's a bit slower than I had thought. Thanks Gaz! Thanks Tim! Your Sherman is looking fantastic too.
  14. Thanks Phil! I find it interesting that for all the folks that say a Tamiya kit is a shake and bake model that there's enough of us with one on the SoD. Makes you wonder what it is that catches us out. Thanks Rob! I'm trying to think if I glued the cowlings onto my other builds or not. As for the flaps, I didn't have any issues there. I've definitely got an FAA Corsair IV to do, and probably even a II as well.
  15. Thanks Kai! I actually had a couple where the drill bit went through the side. I had to fill the hole and start over. Thanks Peter.
  16. Really nice detail work on the ammo rack. Would a clear coat be enough to qualify the ammo rounds as painted? Otherwise maybe a coat of Alclad or similar metallic paint? Carl
  17. Looking good so far. Great work. Tim
  18. Great work! Really nice......harv
  19. Worked on the main ammo storage. First, I drilled out all of the openings for the shells. The kit only has two rows of openings and the rest are the tops of shells glued to the top of the opening. Next, I removed a portion of the sides creating a zig zag shape. Once that was removed I added an L-shaped bar on the top and and braces from each of the "ammo storage boxes". The actual storage units you could see through between the bar and the boxes. In the color photo of the actual storage, you can see the openings on the right. I will also make the collector ring which you can see b
  20. Your work looks great, Carl.
  21. Rob, This is the perfect place for the electric toothbrush and double sided tape. You can have some of the tape and sandpaper actually outside the wheel, allowing you to work in places about 1/3 inch high. Keeping your touch light, the abrasive can do the work with almost no pressure on the strut. Gaz
  22. I am amazed at the thought of taking that shapeless thing and turn it into an aircraft model.
  23. Yesterday
  24. Mike, that pilot figure looks fantastic. He really does make you realize how small those planes were. Carl
  25. Hi Peter, Yes it is, which is why I haven't bothered to detail the cockpit as I usually do as nothing can really be seen, Mike
  26. It looks like Aerocraft has solved another of the issues with the Tamiya 1/32 Phantoms with a new canopy set. https://aerocraftmodels.bigcartel.com/product/mcdonnell-douglas-phantom-replacement-canopy-set-for-tamiya-kits It eliminates the two piece canopy and frame for the opening sections which should be a big improvement.
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