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  2. Beautiful build and some lovely scratch work.
  3. Nice to see the images they've sent you, that's real customer service. The mechanism looks very impressive.
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  5. Karl, you are a machine!! Looking great!
  6. Woohooo!!! Rigging done! A quick snapshot to celebrate...
  7. Amazing details to be seen! A masterpiece.
  8. Love it! This mounting tells an immediate "story" which is one of the greatest joys in modeling
  9. Heel erg bedankt, Jeroen!
  10. Oh my lord.... talk about creativity... a feast for the eyes!!
  11. This was my first WnW build, and my first WWI build in many years, and I sincerely enjoyed the whole process. Having wrestled with old Aurora kits, and even Revell and Airfix kits in the 60s and 70s, building a kit from WnW is an epiphany. The turret mounted launching platforms for the Pups, and other aircraft, vary greatly from ship to ship so I created what I felt was a generic, but historically plausible, structure. Same deal with the tie downs, tail support, turret itself and personal markings. Figures are being worked on now. I was thrilled when WnW announced the Ship's Camel and a similar project is now underway using that great kit. Thanks for taking a look. Cheers from NYC, Michael
  12. I'm just catching up on these older builds now, Jeroen. Really wonderful work.....a deft touch, indeed. Your work as a creative director really shows in your model work.....but, of course, both come from the same brain and imagination. Keep 'em coming! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  13. Bless you, Jeroen!! Cheers from NYC, Michael
  14. Cheers! I'm really pleased with the guys from Profimodeller. They sent me a bunch of drawings and more photographs that really help. This is by far the most useful: Note how far back the V1 is. and that that does with the balance. Especially with the massif resin engine at the back.... so... I filled the nose with lead. The arm really works smoothly on the model, but to make sure it can cope with the weight I will glue it into position eventually.... I also glued two metal pins in the resin bed that holds the V1 that go into two holes in the V1 hull. Tight fit and looks like I don't need glue to attach the V1.
  15. It's getting a bit crowded in there! Lots of small parts to fit inside an ever-shrinking space... I expect that the plumbing is going to be quite the adventure. great work, and thanks for sharing all the steps
  16. Built the 21st century one came out very well with a little care Bill..
  17. Indeed, PCM did one, as did 21st Century, in a plastic medium a little like resin. Both were basic kits and had their flaws, but easily could be turned out as nice examples with a little work. Special Hobby also announced an early Macchi C200 variant a few years back, but nothing has come of it to this point. My thoughts are that this airframe seems more to fit Hasegawa's M/O... same basic wings, tailplane, undercarriage and cockpit across the C200/C202/C205 range; with the various engine panel and armament changes it would allow at least half a dozen kits from a core of common sprues. S
  18. I have had a reply to my email. This is what was said. Hi Ian, Thanks for your email. Yes indeed they should be flat. It could be twisted due two causes, 1. Its hasn’t been on a flat surface when it was cooling as it came out of the tooling factory. Or 2.) its twisted in the box somehow. Was the sprues tight in the box when you unpacked it? If you don’t mind please fill a tub/bucket larger enough to house the with boiling hot water and place the sprue into the water for a short moment and then place on a bench to cool. That should take the twist out of the sprues. If not please let me know and I will arrange to have some replacements shipped out to you. Thanks Dave Dave Johnson Sales & Logistics Manager I'm going to try to flatten the sprues and see what will happens but this not like resine where it will remember its shape.
  19. Didn't PCM do one, and there was one that was sold exclusively through the Wall Mart chain in the US.
  20. I can imagine special hobby doing one some day. But indeed: how cool would it be if tamiya had a go..
  21. Yesterday
  22. Thanks everyone for tagging along... Hey You All, It's been a long week of building. I keep finding things I need to do before I install the tires. I almost forgot that I had to install the rear suspension rocker arms before, I install the plumbing, before I install the back hubs... I'm not really sure why this part of the build seemed to take so long to work with. Just a lot of small parts, and a lot of small cuts. I had several rocker arms to choose from as far as the design of the look. I liked the design of the Trumpeter kit part, and to find photos was easy. I just had to adapt the paper patterns to look like the example that I was going to build. The parts... I had to do a bunch of test fitting of these rear parts... These are the pass through collars that support this axle... I used 0.05 rod to line the openings... Punching a really big hole in the side of the frame was a bit stressful to say the least... Dry fit the entire system... A bit of behind weathering... The materials I was waiting for to build the plumbing showed up right in the middle of this chapter. But I needed to finish. I can now get back to my brake line plumbing, I hope... I'll be back when I figure out what I'm doing... Rich
  23. I agree. I'll mention it to Neil this weekend and see what his thoughts are.
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