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  3. Very nice model and I also like your idea for displaying the models with the box tops Mike
  4. I am addicted to the real thing: I never developed a strong love for alcohol. One night Jack Daniels and BBQ ribs... Saw the ribs twice and Jack kicked me in the head the next morning. I don't talk to Jack no more. The Duty NCO made me mop up my own vomit! Drank some Glenfiddich and Coke (probably heresy) and played my first 18 holes of golf on my Daughter's wedding day. Let's just say that on the wedding night, Mrs. Gazza wasn't very happy with me. BTW... on the 18th hole it took 27 swings to knock the ball off the tee. I like beer with food... most beers will suffice. The best beer is of course free beer. I drank 11 cans of ice cold Budweiser after ops at the Pohakuloa Training Area in Hawaii. Then I stole...err, I mean liberated my Section Chief's Towel, Cammies, and skivvies while he was in the shower, forcing him to walk back to the Quonset Hut wearing nothing but his spectacles and and shower shoes...USMC parlance for thongs. The shower is the green building upper left of the picture. Despite punishment push-ups, I still held my beer. And once I played quarters at a married guy's house. I was told I'd never be invited again. Still don't know what I did... Sorry for the continuing the thread creep.... Gaz
  5. Damn man....you get it on man. I have to level out and maintain these days. I have to remember your Canadian side probably gives you a massive edge!
  6. Water temp had dropped a few weeks back by 10 degrees slow to come back up. I'm glad the bite was there for you. I thought it may have been bad timing for you. Glade you had a decent trip!!!!!
  7. Nahhh, straight off the top, man. No cutting, no adding, no subtracting, just the taste of corn. I don’t drink much, but when I do, it’s hardcore. Corn or potatoes to me, same difference. I like my whiskey and vodka.
  8. I know some boys back a FT Bragg...... They make a heavenly Peach.
  9. smitty44


    I got a 70 and a 58. A few yellows and some yellowfin mixed in. Bluefin was out main quarry though and it was tough going. Plenty of them out there, but they were busy being bluefin. Yellowfin were real nice for this early.
  10. Pfft! Who needs Jameson? I have my own way....
  11. How many LBS ? Any yellow tail ?
  12. One step per time Harvey. Mysytery ship can wait. I am not sure what is the medical predicament that you are dealing with, however I wish you to get well soon my friend.
  13. Gaz, Bubble stabbing has been working. But I will tell you there are some really small bubbles in there. So what is different from my last efforts? The most obvious is I went to the Micro Set and Sol solutions because previous attempts on the underside had shown SolvaSet as to hot with the current awesome decals. I went back to solvaset and things have simmered down a bit I just use very little on a hobby brush, rather than the supplied brush. It is possible I soaked a few in the wrong solution....*buurp*
  14. I know that for sure Gaz. I really havent had the energy to finish it. Plus the pain and tingling......harv
  15. Take care, Buddy! We'll still be here! Gaz
  16. Thanks Carl. Yeah me too....hatv
  17. Harv, the bench will be there when you're up to it. That Horten conversion is not the easiest beast to wrangle. I really wish they had done it in plastic and not resin. Carl
  18. I know the Hasegawa is the best kit for the P-40N in both 1/32 and 1/48; however I have always admired the Mauve kit for its accurate shapes and fine surface details. So I wanted to build a Mauve kit before I move on to Hasegawa. Well, what I found was that Mauve made lots of compromises that I just HAD to fix: Cockpit, landing gear, guns, open holes for the intakes, etc... I threw in a resin cockpit, photoetch instrument panel and canopy rails, brass guns and bead sight, metal landing gear, resin wheels, resin prop I did myself. Also scratched the gear doors, cowl flaps, DF loop as well as belly tank braces. Here she is!
  19. Well, you got me there !!..........harv
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