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  3. Hey all anyone have this and are willing to part with it, or make a color copy for me, I'll pay for it and postage. I want to buy the kit but money is a little bit tight right now. Thanks Ron G
  4. Aviation related, history of and the fact that I live a couple of miles from an old Bomber Command airfield. Aviation related includes RAF vehicles in numerous scales and my (very) long term project is to build the technical site of the Bomber station . . . . I used to model old British lorries from the British Road Services fleet. Two display cases later and I have moved on. Time limits my choice to perhaps diverse into other areas.
  5. Super clean work. Very good.......harv
  6. Hi all, The undercarriage assembly is completed. Struts modified by removing the pre-moulded axle ends and bungee suspension cords. Cross bracing anchors points added to the top of the axle fairing. Axle secured to the undercarriage struts and 0.4 mm diameter lead wire used to replicate the bungee cord suspension. Bracing bar in kit replaced (too short) with 0.9 mm diameter brass tube, Mike
  7. Cars: air-cooled Volkswagens, especially the Type 2 (the bus to non-VW people) Aircraft: Almost anything used by any combative nation during WWII for military purposes. Armor: All German WWII. Maybe when I've built one of everything I will exand. Sci-Fi: Star Trek, Star Wars, Space: 1999, other classic ships Ships: Don't really do ships although I have a German u-boat and torpedo boat, both in 1/35. Not much else at the moment.
  8. This week, delivered at my doorstep. HGU-55/P + MBU-20/P..........Belonged to a German pilot who had his training at Sheppard AFB, Texas with the 80th TTW. The 80th FTW is home of the Euro-NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training (ENJJPT) Program. ENJJPT, established in the spirit of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), is the world's only multi-nationally manned and managed flying training program chartered to produce combat pilots for NATO. Regards Danny
  9. I think one of the hardest parts is its 1/48. I now despise 1/48 and building that scale sucks. 1/32 all day baby! I have 3 mojo producing builds ready to go as soon as the commission one is done. I already feel the excitement again.
  10. Tony, I TOLD YOU SO!! LOL It seriously sucks the life out of you.
  11. As usual, great attention to detail and execution Hubert
  12. I know this will sound heretic to many ... but this is about as far as I will go in my interest for the 109 ... (photograph published in The Mirror, showing the remnants of a wreck found in Denmark, reproduced under Fair Use conditions) Hubert
  13. Aircrafts and ships. Aircrafts : 1/32 scale. Civilians, Golden Age, Flying boats and seaplanes, racers, first and second generation jets up to the Century series, record holders. I also love yellow wings, and interwar silver wings of the RAF. I might be tempted by a helo, if it also fits the bills of the other criteria (like scale - a BIG NO to 1/35 - or livery). No-gos include any aircraft sporting a Nazi Swastika. Ships : civilians, pre-dreadnoughts, sailing ships. 1/200 or bigger scale, depending on the subject. The choice includes paper models, for which there are some outstanding kits. Hubert
  14. Yes, I have been thinking about that too, but I plan to enter everything I have built in the next show here Nov 16, I am trying to convince the board that they need more than one class for 1/32. So I am going to flood the contest. After that, I was going to sell a few.
  15. Whatever floats my boat at any given moment, i mostly stick to 1/32 and 1/35. I used to do WW2 only, but have since expanded to the modern age. I last completed a modern Russian helo, now working on a P-51 and a Mig-15. Next up is a F-105 and a F-15 aggressor. I have about 15 Models partially completed in progress.
  16. HA! I build models of airplanes and helicopters I like, and would personally have loved to have flown. Aircraft that may have played part in books I have read. For me that spans an era from WW2 US/British to Modern, and mostly Single seat/Single Engine. I personally don't build axis aircraft but have been known to delve in Soviet subjets... Weird, I know. Vietnam to present fetures prominently, but WW2 to Korea does also exist, 32nd, 48th, and 72nd are the go to scales. Mostly 72nd because I can throw the model out withou feeling guilty if I screw up, which I do frequently. Which is also why i mostly stay avay from LSM because I feel not worthy, as I see some of the projects completed on this and other 32nd sites... Cheers H
  17. When I was young I liked the struts on the E tailplane. They removed my eyes from responsibility.
  18. What, when, if, past, future, ease, complex... why do you do what you do? I am fascinated. This post happened in your past. Thanks!
  19. The E ... The epitome of Teutonic efficiency thinking ... "This it what it must be able to do ... Who cares what it looks like as long as it does the job!" Rog
  20. You knew this was coming. So, is it the A, B, C, D....? Personally I am torn between the E & F models. If pressed I would choose the F.
  21. Ian, those are fantastic and incredibly helpful photos! Thank you so much! - Dennis S. Thornton, CO USA
  22. Some pics of the Phantom . . . Turret interior of the mid-upper appears not to the the lighter metal. 'Trigger' Simpson in his turret, note the windows are NOT painted over and the 'W' is the short version . . . I suspect the rear turret will be the same ie a dark metal interior. Some of the crew with the groundcrew. Note the starboard cockpit blister, note also the repair just by the window . . . Some of the crew by the starboard U/C leg showing its colour detail. Note also the tailwheel, it has the anti-shimmy groove . . . I hope these help Dennis, I would like to see one of 'my' girls looking the best she can. I intend to build one of her sisters in the near future best of luck PS She did not have the Gas circle on her nose when she had completed her 21st operation so if you are going for her first Berlin sortie you would be well advised to the markings on the nose. Ian
  23. Thanks Wumm, you possibly could argue both ways. I found no real evidence, being it one way or the other. What I found is a pic of the internal structure of a wooden mock up build. It shows, that there is no internal structure at the top of the fuselage behind the bulkhead of the backwards fuel tank (That is where the camera compartments were in the reconnaissance version. The upper hatches for the cameras have differently shaped outlines, than either the oval window or the full upper fuselage segment. They are bigger than the oval, rectangular with rounded edges. The oval opening for the night fighter version (measured from the kit part) would have been about 60 cm x 53 cm. A very narrow hatch to an already cramped space. Not easy to access, with a flight suit and an attached parachute.
  24. Hi Dennis, Regarding the turret, for my Manchester I also will be doing an aluminium interior. IIRC the structure is all aluminium with some parts such as elevation rams in steel (if ever visible and will have to be scratchbuilt). There is a sort of instrument panel which will be black as will be the gunsight Mk III which fits over the guns, and the guns themselves will be gunmetal of course. Cheers Cees
  25. Jeroen, this is a perfect compliment to the Ta-152 project! Love it...Brian
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