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  2. Yes; seems they were more into colorful flying things of a different sort.
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  5. Having used Dk Gull Gray over gray primer on both interiors of the Blackhawks, I realized that this stuff does not go far at all. I used 40% of a fresh full bottle on the the interiors of each kit. However, I have no complaints on the color quality, sprayability, and especially easy clean up.
  6. Started poisoning myself with lacquers today, I mean painting...did I say poison? I also learned that 30 ml or MRP paint does not go as far as a bottle of a 10 ml Tamiya jar.
  7. I am doing two, possibly 3. 3 is my limit for anything.
  8. Work started, the interior has “challenges”, so I am having to take up large gaps with styrene.
  9. Bwaa Haaa Haaa! It was Tamiya Racing Blue for me. I learned the explosive power decanted lacquers!
  10. I tried decanting once, twas an explosive session! "Awe look, little bubbles...hey wait a minute!"
  11. Hi all, The fuselage has now been prepared for application of the decals, which hopefully will be a combination of wood effect decals and kit decals. If that doesn't work out I'll revert to creating the wood effects using oil paints. The actual aircraft had a Latin legend along both sides of the fuselage - ‘FRANGAR NON FLECTAR’. Some translation for this are: 'I am broken, I am not deflected' ’I’ll break but will not bend’ 'I will break, not bow' 'I am broken, I am not deflected' This is not supplied as a decal in the kit, which is not surprising given it's not even shown on the kit colour illustrations!! As there is no aftermarket for this I have to resort to creating a mask set, which I've done on my 'Cricut Air 2' cutting machine. Hopefully the mask won't peel off and decals or paint when I remove them, as airbrushing this legend is literally the last job on the fuselage. I've added the 'dome' in front of the windscreen and what appears to be a rudimentary gun sight. The purpose of this 'dome' is unclear. I've primed the fuselage in white as the decals are somewhat 'see through', so need a white base under the roundels. Also the wood effect decals need a white background. I've added pre-shading along the wood panel nail lines, which I created with a 'Rosie the Riveter' tool. Mike
  12. Unless the problem with the Norwegian Blue was that it wasn't assembled correctly?!?
  13. Like Hubert I always decant the AS-12 as you've a lot more control through the AB. It's a great base coat for chipping as it sets like a rock and looks like a slightly faded bare metal.
  14. To say it looks great John, would be redundant with the number of Corsairs you have, lol. As per usual, its marvypoo......harv
  15. The TS-83 is not that old, released maybe 3 or 4 years ago with a gold, and then a little later on also some titanium versions of same. The AS-12 is perhaps 2 decades old now, is part of their Aircraft specific range, and goes down much smoother than their silver leaf spray can; which is a better choice if you're attempting to impart weathering or a wash into the surface colour. S
  16. Test fit time. Looks like it will do okay.
  17. Got the replacement sheet today so all being well, the canopies will be done this weekend
  18. 2 in a couple of months, sounds like you are going to be busy.
  19. Very nice catch Dale. If you ever get the chance to visit Belgium you sure have to visit this big boy in La Gleize, Ardennes. It's in a bad shape, but the shere appearance of this beast just gives you an idea about the power which was behind this Panzer. Photo's where taken by me in 2014 Americans used this King Tiger to search for his weakness in it's armor when driving or marching by. The King Tiger was out of action and abandoned by it's crew. When American troops passing by they had a nice opportunity to look for it's weak spot in it's armor, evidence of the numorous hit's by different calibre hit's can be seen.
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