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  3. On Monday a 30 year old man from this town died, and after the Post Mortem was found to have Covid-19. He had been off work since November last year with an unrelated Medical issue, and had not left the town since February. His Partner has Covid-19 symptoms and is now being tested. Authorities at this stage don't know how they contracted Coronavirus. Because the Virus was not discovered initially, all of the Emergency Services personnel involved in the case have now been isolated and will be quarantined for 14 days... At between possibly 6 to 9 people, this of course will put a strain on the resources of a small community of only 5000. The Man's partner has been transported 200km to the Rockhampton Base Hospital My Cousin never displayed any symptoms, and despite close contact with known cases was never tested. This is part of the problem... Authorities are not testing enough of those at possible risk, and people with symptoms are still not coming forward to be tested. The town concerned has a lot of Fly-in / Fly-out workers (FIFO) who spend the working week bunking at Mates' houses and fly or drive home to their families on the weekends or on a week on / week off basis. Under this setup, who knows how many people may have been unknowingly exposed. Our State Government is coming under significant pressure to re-open the Border, as we are still closed to anything other than essential travel from outside the State. Every Winter, thousands of people travel North from the Southern States to follow the Sun. Queensland is unique, in that there are as many people through out the State in regional areas as there are in the Capital City of Brisbane. With only 200 total beds in Rockhampton Hospital for instance, they would be woefully unprepared for a major outbreak in a surrounding town, them alone in Rocky itself as well. At this stage, the State Government is resisting calls from outside influences and Tourism bodies to reopen for mainly economic reasons, insisting that it's no good having a job if you're dead. Meanwhile, on the weekend, a Container Ship off the Australian Coast lost part of it's load overboard. So we've gone from a situation a few weeks ago where you couldn't get PPE for love nor money, to having face masks washing up on the shore. https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-05-27/sydney-beaches-close-debris-washes-ashore-from-apl-england-ship/12291416 Can 2020 get any more bizarre?
  4. Trying to get a decent gloss finish is the biggest challenge. Preferably one without dust or hair in it too. It's kind of fun building a model of something we own so give it a shot Phil. So far, these are the models of some of the cars I've owned that I can find: - 1991 Honda Beat by Aoshima - 1988 EF Civic by Aoshima - 2000 EK Civic by Revell - 2002 EP Civic by Fujimi - 2006, 2008, 2009 FD Civic by Interallied and Hasbro. That last one is a Transformer. Just need to find a 1997 Dodge Caravan, 2011 Scion XB and and 2009 Honda FIT/Jazz and I'll have a model of every car I've owned. So far. Carl
  5. Yeah............... that's the 'bright' yellow I was referring to, not at all like Cat Yellow of today, and as far as I am aware, Cat Yellow is a specific special mix, I know the guys at work tried and couldn't come up with it, and used School bus yellow, in which case they may as well have used chartreuse ! That Cat in the pic, is what I'm thinking of doing mine like..... great pic, thanks !
  6. Another genre I’ve never tried.........looks great Carl..........Tamiya do a Mazda MX5 RF (Miata) exactly same as I have in 1:1........
  7. Ok, the GT-R is all finished. As a kit, it's ok. Mostly press fit or screw together and heavily simplified. But being the inlet option, it's better than the other 1/12 Skyline GT-R kits out there as they say.
  8. Hey All, Frog romance is back! I'll be restarting this project in a couple weeks. Stay Tuned!
  9. Try to find a roll of Dolphin tape if you can. I got mine from the paint store near my house. It's the same stuff as Tamiya tape but about $5-6 for a roll that's the same size as regular masking tape.
  10. I had started to use Cadmium-Barium yellow deep oil paint in some areas. It tones down the yellow a little bit. I used it on the back of the seat lip and the cap. Not sure if it is noticeable in the picture but you can see a difference in person. Plan on using different shades of yellow oil paint to give it a faded and worn the picture I basing my color on was this one which is a brighter yellow but I do see others with a more orange look to the yellow. I love the discussion. Looking forward to more feed back. anyone know the best method to get a faded/worn black seat? Thinking of dry brushing a lighter brown color.
  11. That could be, maybe using any and all old paint? That's interesting , Carl... certainly I bet it would have been lead based eh??
  12. Really fantastic work on the dozer. I wonder if they had chromium in the paint. Toronto police cars used to be a very bright yellow as they used chromium. Eventually they switched to white as the chromium turned out to be quite toxic. The old police workshops ended up being declared as contaminated and were forced to close. Carl
  13. Thanks Maru. But think grown up kids. I work at a University. Now that we have come up with a plan, all of a sudden there is no money. While our state counterpart/competitor/arch enemy came up with the same plan, got funding and gear has been on order for over two weeks. Seems no one at this place wants to own up to making a decision. And to add to the game plan, our business office shuts down on 6/9 for the fiscal year until 7/5. Also a new Provost coming in on July 1. So the interim Provost is just there to draw a paycheck I guess.
  14. I've bought a couple of kits from Kitlinx in the past few weeks. Good service, but I'd be wary of placing an order for anything that's listed as anything but "In Stock". I lost out on Collishaw's Triplane and ended up with a refund.
  15. Tom, You do amazing work good sir! I have been following this build with much interest and am simply amazed at what you are able to achieve with a few sheets of plasticard and some filler. Your Mk 2 is really looking the part now and you have certainly captured the look of the "old grey lady". My father flew them out of Ballykelly in the 1960's so the Shackleton has always been an important aircraft for me. I vividly remember my teacher having to stop talking as a 3 ship loudly trundled over my school one day. It was a noisy beast with 4 Griffons (x3) growling away! I am in the process of building my own Radio Controlled version at the moment, 1/10th scale with a 147" wingspan and would really like to get in touch with Kev67 (from Page 4), who did all of your 3D printed parts. It would be great if I could get the cowling assembly 3D printed in my size, or at least have access to his CAD models? As you said, it certainly would be a time saver. Many thanks, Kevin
  16. What paint and what yellow did you use..? And , Rob, back in the day, the yellow used on Cat's were actually quite 'yellow', I seem to recall that the 'Cat' yellow is rather somewhat 'new', by that I mean roughly the 1950's or so, BUT I could be VERY wrong, a fellow told me not long ago, some of the first Civvie Cats were in fact quite a bright yellow, as I said the same as you, I was certain the bright yellow was incorrect, but he said no it isn't, and I was pressed to find some pics, but all the pics out there are of faded paint....... but appeared to have been quite 'yellow'.................. someone Please correct me..... I was going to go with a brighter yellow too.......
  17. Hoping the oil paints I will use tone down the yellow some.
  18. Heheh, I asked the question because I don’t know myself. But I found the notion of an MG-42 on a NATO vehicle amusing. Like having R4M A-A rockets under the wings of Starfighters...
  19. Never done a dozer...........some amazing varied builds happening now..........love the worn laboured look......
  20. That's good news Ernie as I grabbed one when Mark posted this. It's funny, this Wingnut fiasco has reignited my desire to build them. Happily working on an Albatross right now.
  21. Love it, your progress looks great. These dozers and tractors have a very addictive appeal. I was urged to take out my started Doobi kit. The yellow seems to be a bit - err - yellow - if it should be factory Caterpillar stuff. Cheers Rob
  22. Bit of a red-letter day. Over the last day or two I've assembled the cupola for the rear-turret and married these to the internal mechanism. I decided to rework the clips which hold the perpex panels in place with the addition of 3d printed scale "penny washers", painted to a brass colour. These make putting the nuts on easier, as the screws can't fall out when trying to start the nut on the thread, and look much better from the inside. So when they've arrived and been painted, I need to refit most of the clips, this'll be much easier to do second time around with each window panel being registered by all but one machine screw - at a time. Also still to come is the "tub" for the front turret, qv. I'm probably also going to make stands for them, similar to those used at the central-gunnery school, where gunner's under training could operate turrets powered hydraulically by a nearby lorry-borne generator. It'll be ages before I'm in a position to mount them in the fuselage. At some point I'll open the doors and try and photograph them from the view I hope to eventually obtain from the "gunner's eye" FPV cameras.
  23. I go to my local big box store and have 'em mix up small sample jars of paint. Any color you can think of. I get a pint of paint for $2.50 American. Here where I by model paint a tiny, 17ml bottle of Mig is about $8.00 American. I have been doing this for years and the paint has not lifted off any of my models.
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