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  2. That's something I'm considering. For the moment I'm still working on the Mosquito.
  3. Why not finish that Tiger off and will be rejuvenated...................nice a bit of armour weathering didn’t do anyone any harm. .....must admit having had almost 18 months doing armour, it’s good to get back to things with wings........
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  5. Well heck! I'm "on the fence" here. Trying to get my arse in gear and MAKE A DECISION. Stay with the Mosquito or put it aside for a bit and start something else?
  6. Fantastic detailing work! Very impressed, love your ingenuity at making the model parts match the real parts! Cheers Kev
  7. Looking great. As everyone has said, the engines are amazing.
  8. All the beautiful detail work aside, the most stunning aspect on your Berg is the perfectly blended overall look. Cheers Rob
  9. I have the set in an envelope. I'll try and get it mailed in a couple days......harv
  10. The universe is saying, just build it OOB Ernie, take its heed!
  11. Still working out the underside bomb rack area. I pencilled in some panel lines , completely spurious , but I felt the plywood undersection would be in a few pieces. I also added some p/e gauge bezels for the inevitable rack mounts:
  12. Know what you mean Ernie. There was none at all for my P-47N build.
  13. You are a machine, Mike ! Not only is your work outstanding, but the speed at which you achieve it is simply mind-boggling ! And this one is another proof of your talent. (Extremely) Well done ! Hubert
  14. Thanks. Just trying to get it done before the local IPMS contest in the beginning of April. It will be down to the wire.
  15. Wow, just wow. HLJ is smoking something fierce! The kit is by no means cheap but the price from HPH on their web store is 640.50 euros - a little over $710US at today’s exchange rate.
  16. Not that I have seen. Actually if anyone should do one my hope would be ICM or great wall hobbies. The ICM 1/48 mig-25 is the best out there in any scale and GWH stuff is on par with hasegawa an even tamiya IMHO.
  17. Boy, that is looking good!
  18. The rumor was just a typo in a press release, it turns out it was 1/72. So, no joy.
  19. Cool. I'll try and get out very soon....harv
  20. Your words, just trying to keep you on point. Bring only the lanc then.
  21. Picked up a used kit some time back and before the fire Paul said he was going to get another run of these gear done. Life changed his plans, so now I'm searching to see if someone by chance bought an extra set.
  22. Over $2,200?? This is a level of insanity.
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