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  2. Plusmodel (aeroline) 1:48 Portable toolbox

    Thanks for the review! Great little stuff!
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  5. I'm still preferring the Revell kit. Almost so good as the trumphy, much better than the tamiya, and with a price more acceptable. I have two revells and one Tamiya. About the trumpeter one, the price of this kit even made me run out of the purchase. Cheers, Paulo.
  6. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    Rob. Thanks. I did not abuse the shipping much because I think this Zero is already from the end of the war. I applied lights and shadows and applied other colors to give a better weathering effect and, I think I did. I applied weathering and some shipping. Then I applied a clear gloss coat of Alclad. Now the decals. Regards ajcmac
  7. Trumpeter 1/32 TBM-3E

    This is absolutely beautiful workmanship!
  8. FAA Corsair II

    Thats really nice. congratulations
  9. wow, good job!! its great to see that you were able to get your engine panels closed, i couldn't get mine to fit property. well done
  10. Great job on this. I’m Jean Skinner Michalove, my father was William Skinner, the pilot of the Lonesome Polecat spitfire in World War II. The model looks just like his photos, he would be proud.
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  12. I.A.R.80A inbox preview

    Can't wait to see this one.
  13. FAA Corsair II

    Thanks Barry. As Cees says, its an even more impressive result to know how it was done.
  14. I.A.R.80A inbox preview

    Purchased from Radu at Telford! Lovely kit
  15. RP-3 60 lb Projectiles

    Either an accompaniment to your 1/32 British warplanes or as a superb showcase replica on its own, we are bringing you these iconic British RP-3s this December. To learn more, kindly visit: http://www.specialhobby.info/2017/11/sh32075-rp-3-60-lb-sap-british-ww2.html
  16. Teutonic Kangaroo - Fw190C (V18)

    What a beast! More images in our gallery at: http://www.specialhobby.info/2017/11/plt233-focke-wulf-fw-190c-v-18-in-132.html
  17. I.A.R.80A inbox preview

    To learn more, visit our blog at: http://www.specialhobby.info/2017/11/fr8002-iar80-in-132.html
  18. FAA Corsair II

    Nice one Barry, I really like the FAA Corsairs. Very nice that the Tamiya wingtips are solid so they can be clipped. Simple and easy. Cheers Cees
  19. Big As MAZ

    Blooming PB. Just post your pics via LSM, so we can all enjoy the rest of this fantastic thread. Cheers Cees
  20. FAA Corsair II

    None.... I cemented to supplied wing tips into place and when properly dry I marked the cut with some tape to guide it and razor sawed the end off. I then placed a roughtly shaped piece of clear plastic into place for the wing tip light and sanded the whole tip into shape. I bit of scribing and all was done.... It is easy enough to do.
  21. FAA Corsair II

    A beautiful Corsair in an well chosen scheme! I am a big fan of FAA a/c. Nice work!!!
  22. Big As MAZ

    Thanks Guys, I'll check it out next posting. After I find a scale big enough to weigh this thing.
  23. FAA Corsair II

    Really nice result. What conversion did you use for the cropped wing tips?
  24. FAA Corsair II

    Beautiful plane and nice finish. It's good to see a Corsair in a not so typical scheme. Having built one myself I can tell that these Tamiya Corsairs are really fun to build. Cheers Rob
  25. FAA Corsair II

    Here are a few pics of my latest. Tamiya base kit with clipped wings and a few other modifications to make a FAA bird that operated on HMS Unicorn in 1944.
  26. Big As MAZ

    Sorry to hear that Rich. PB really are a shower o' ****! As Rob says, hosting stuff on here works very well if this is your main site for posts.
  27. Mitsubichi A6M5c

    Your Zero is coming together nicely. Nice and subtle shading effects on the underside. The good thing on these Japanese planes is the lack of camouflage, which allows to concentrate on varying possibilities for intense weathering and ageing. Cheers Rob
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  29. Big As MAZ

    Hi Rich, if you only post here in LSM there is a way. The Forum Software allows to load up pictures. The "how to" could be found in the more recent entries of this one. Cheers Rob
  30. Big As MAZ

    Hey All, I just received a notice from our friends at PB, that my account is being closed. Even tho I have already paid up until June. I think they can't stand the idea of me "getting away" with my account as is, so I've been shut down. I do not know when they will scratch the photos, but I will be back when I find a new host. The building of the Engine Covers continues with the hinges for the hoods. I have spent the last week or so cutting parts and assembling the hinges and I will take photos of everything so I'll have plenty to show when I get back. Thanks All.
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