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  2. mixture of C-47 Skytrain, C-46 Commando, and C-54 Skymaster transport
  3. An interesting and different subject... Easily adaptable to a number of scenarios. Such as a makeshift Abschluss Tafel on an Airfield for instance. Thank you Francisco.
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  5. (it) can't / can be seen , Berlin airlift (I think to),Rhein-Main air base July 26 1948.
  6. Bloody marvellous work, Martin! Ganz großes Tischtennis!!! (German UBER compliment)
  7. I love that we all come together to help each other. The Brotherhood of LSM...harv
  8. i would paint them. I used to have an Alps printer for making decals, but it has been gone for 13 years now, they worked good for cars, but the decals were so thick.
  9. I gave up on the bearcat, it was given to me, but so heavily modified that I would have to buy $45 worth of sprues to resurrect it. I would rather someone who could use the parts instead, so the "Pay it forward" has been fulfilled.
  10. I am going to rename this build the "LSM Rescued Mustang"
  11. I need a set for the Mug 15.....harv
  12. I don't see a Boss 302 Mustang so that can't be it. Might need to use something other than my phone to look at the pic.
  13. Somebody is in luck Awesome and generous move buddy Cheers M.
  14. Clue number 2. You can can not see the clue number 1 in the picture, but it is there. You have to know it. You have to know what time, place and situation is pictured on that photograph. You have to know me. LOL Can't tell you more
  15. Thanks Phil, I am not going to tell you guys. If Phil likes the gift, he can post a picture. Until then you can guess The One who will guess the right answer will win Special Hobby 1/32 Tempest , full meal deal with Barracuda correction nose, decals metal , resin, you name it. The clue is in the picture, it is essentially there, so to speak
  16. I remember and I still have the mask and the HpH Mig-15 as well. Just no time on my hands
  17. Hi all, Control cable for the hand operated throttle added. Lead wire 0.2 mm diameter, from hand throttle on the control column, down and under the floor, up side frames and across the throttle quadrant. Then down the other side, under the floor and back up to the hand throttle. Mike
  18. Hubert so green with jealousy ( in a good way). What software are you generating your designs on? Just curious as I run at work full suite of Autodesk Revit. It’s a full architectural design package but will do all the parametric wizardry. Also what is the output file format required for the printer.........so many questions........
  19. I never win anything. Literally just looked at this..............flabbergasted.............I can’t work it out either..........Martin sent you a pm...........
  20. Very symmetrical scribe Martin very well done.
  21. Hi all, Throttle control run added from pilot's throttle lever to the linkage on the dual carburettors. Scratch made from 0.1 mm Nickel-Silver rod and 0.3 mm brass tube with the pivot lever created from 'spare' photo-etch, Mike
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