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  2. Ron............. is the Cat going to get a ROPS ?
  3. Amazing work my friend !.....harv
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  5. Hope you had a great day Maru.
  6. Hey all Here's a picture of the truck, trailer and Cat D8H. the Cat D8H looks real good on the 3 axle drop nose lowboy trailer. And it should as this is what I had envisioned in the first pl ax ce when I started doing all this Cad work...lol Ron G
  7. Hey all I've been working on the D8H Cad model some more. I have the D352 engine just about done, still have a few large items to do plus all the plumbing. I have the blade and the blade arms almost complete, still need to do the blade tilt cylinder and the plumbing. Here are some pictures for you to look at. front isometric view. rear isometric view. this view shows the grill and all gazillion holes I had to put in. this view shows the operator area, still have a few controls to add here. view of the D352 Cat engine and all tge bolt heads I added ( I lost count side view of the engine. I still have to make the transmission, fuel injection pump, hydraulic pump, water manifolds, etc., etc. view from the other side of the engine with more bolt heads...lol Well that's it for now be back with more updates soon. Ron G
  8. Anthony, I know, but I am not too bothered about that.
  9. My word Cees, I cant get over the ability to cross kit these. Watch out for the heat area behind the reheat cans, they are a slightly different shape too (as I recently found out) Good work buddy
  10. While the Miliput on the first Manchester nacelle is drying ( still not set after 24 hours) I needed some change and the Phantom got some work being done. I am quite pleased with the mating of the Revell tail and the Tamiya fuselage. I was wondering how the front would mate. In fact I am quite pleased about that too and the fit is in fact better than modifying the Tamiya kit. The Revell intakes are wider than the Tamiya kit and in my view the Revell kit is a better option for a simple conversion into an FGR-2. With some more more tweaking a good joint will result. Next to rescribe the panellines on the rear fuselage.
  11. I’ll dig out my set again later and take some pics of the other sheet. I’m half tempted to build the F-16 now.
  12. Very nice! I am also in agreement, I like their turquoise.
  13. Really nice! The only thing I'd perhaps do differently, is by "digging" small holes for the spades on the end of the trailing arms. If the gun were to be fired, as pictured, it'd travel backwards at some speed, abolishing some members of the crew. Putting sandbags on the ends of the trailing arms could help when the ground was too hard, or it was to be fired in a street or similar; but the best method was to dig two shallow holes - 8-12 inches deep, and lower the spades into said holes. The other thing to consider with these larger ATG's is that whilst they could be horse-drawn, more often that not they were towed by a half or fully tracked vehicle, and even if protected with a tarpaulin, got very very very dusty - or muddy,.. especially on the trailing arms. That said, it's a cracking diorama, and an amazing job for a "first go"!
  14. Nice work on the Taube Bill, I will watch closely, because this might be one of my next WNW builds. Interesting way to tackle the struts differently on the upper and lower side. I will keep that in mind. For my build, I may use Aviattic linen decals, when these work ok on my Hansa Brandenburg and it seem like they do. Mine will be Scheme D, because of the contrasting linen wings and field grey fuselage. The museum one (B1) is attractive too, that would be my second choice. E is completely out, because it's a Bavarian plane, all others are from my old hometown of Berlin.
  15. Another one that I started long ago. Thanks to Clunkmeister for getting me back on this one! Not sure yet which markings I will use... Lots of Tamiya tape...
  16. Speaking of the devil, look what the postwoman brought me today. It's the 1/72 Quinta set for my Mil-Mi 24 and the first pic shows the comparison with the Eduard PE. The instruments got some glazing to replicate glass cowering. When I will build the Mi 24, I will may make a built in comparison, because it's a Limited edition Eduard kit with plastic, PE and resin for to helicopters. At first sight the edge goes to Quinta, because they match my favorite turquoise better. This pic is heavily macroed, there is no raster visible to my unmacroed eye. You might be able to spot the 3D-charcter on this pic with different levels of height. Cheers Rob
  17. Happy birthday, Maru!
  18. Jeroen, I can assemble the HGW belts while blind as well. Which is really good, because at my age, I’m pretty much blind after assembling them. Seriously though, it’s nice to see some TLC given to this. It’s looking quite brilliant.
  19. You let the RLM66 shine in your pits, if that is possible . Nice work and beautiful detailing on the workplaces. Cheers Rob
  20. The decal job looks very smooth, like the underlying paintjob. No silvering, no nothing, which is the best outcome you can hope for with the trying duty of decaling. Your viper will look great in the end. Cheers Rob
  21. Thanks to remind me, that my Quintas 'decals' for my 1/72 Mi 24 are still in the mail somewhere, since two month. The reasons have nothing to do with Quinta, it's about regulations here on my island, which conflicted with other products I ordered in the same package, namely Tamiya rattle can primer. When (if) they finally arrive, I will add some pics, because they look very promising on photos. Cheers Rob
  22. One thing that seems to be eroding fast are our rights here. Now the government is trying (and probably will) pass a law that allows police, or anyone who is designated a Justice of the Peace, to arrest and confine a person indefinitely without charge and only on the suspicion they may break a law. Scary, scary stuff here in Melbourne. Imagine how that could be abused. Just think, an untrained person could be allowed to detain someone with no evidence of wrongdoing, without appeal and without question for as long as they want on a suspicion. Australia doesn't need to be invaded by China, we're going to turn into a Communist dictatorship by ourselves!
  23. After seeing these on eBay I decided I wanted to see these in person. Going through my stash, I looked for something that I can use them on, at the time, all I had was the 1/32 Tamiya F-16. They have since expanded and I have a few more kits I am going to order these for. So, what are they? Strange and hard to classify, after doing a little research, I think I figured them out. they call them 3D printed full color vinyl plastic, they appear to be multicolor printed, but my brain still deducted that they have to use some kind of paint/ink printing, the detail looks to fine, but then other parts appear to solid color all the way through. They truly are 3D, more so than PE, but not quite like the LooK panels from Eduard. They are not stand alone parts, but need to be applied to the kits plastic. You will have to clean the panel to be applied And paint it before hand. The instructions say you can soak them in water, and they will slide off and stick like a decal, but they recommend that a little glue be used on the edges. They are listed as decals, but they should be treated like PE. They also tell you hat they are pliable and you can bend them easily. Note, these pics are just the panel, I did not take any pics of the belts or seat pads. Strangely, they look even better in person, the camera does weird things with making them look like they have texture, but they really look realistic and smooth. Currently, they have three 1/32 Scale panes, with many in 1/48. I keep checking for new releases daily and I’m waiting for a set for Mig-29, Su-25ub, and Su-27s.
  24. Yes, I believe I got mine from Hobbytown, but I have seen it elsewhere. I found 8 different sellers on Amazon.
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