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  2. i got the 1/32 version, I had no idea he was making these in 1/24 now.
  3. Cees - this is a beautiful build, and it gives me hope to see that there are projects here with even longer lifecycles than my own! Besides which, watching this evolve is something akin to a master course in conversions.
  4. Just got this in the mail from bigTim, thank you, it's a 1/24 scale print of a ww2 US aircraft carrier deck. It's 18.0" x 17 3/4" just right for my 1/24 F6F-3 Hellcat (converted from a F6F-5). I found some US Navy figures on Shapways, there 3D printed in lots of different poses. There a bit pricey, but not to bad at today's pricing. If I can find some 1/24 scale tie down strips I might replace the printed on ones. I know they make them in 1/32 scale, not sure if they make em in 1/24. All I have to do is trim it to size and glue it to a piece of 1/2" - 1" thick foam board. Ron G
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  6. Hey Trigger Is that a radio controlled F6F-5 or did the pilot bailout?...lol
  7. Congrats Frank, first one I’ve seen completed. Simply stunning......
  8. Hey all Found this on the net. Would make a cool add on to my 1/24 Airfix Tiffy or Mossie pulling a bomb or rocket trolley. These are the trolleys I'm talking about. I would have to scratch build the trolleys and then find some 1/24 figures to use for ground crew loading rockets and/or bombs. It would definitely be a cool diorama. Ron G
  9. I haven't been able to do a lot, but I have installed the rockets under the wings and I have made a stand under the aircraft, I wanted to put the electric wire through the pipe that supports the airplane, but that wasn't possible, so I had to place it on the outside, I will try to get another tube so I can rub the wire through, but that's all for later, here are some pics,...... I was going to mount the bellytank as well, but that wasn't possible, then the model would top over, the place of the stand is now so balanced that it doesn't tip over. Just about the same angle as on the box.... That's it for now, now I can start weathering the plane, (not to much), but some oil streaks and exhaust streaks, more to follow Frank
  10. Next thing to do, engine wiring. Drilled these out using a .4mm bit
  11. Step one, fix landing gear. I drilled out the legs and the wing with a .4mm pilot hole, then opened it up with a 1.1mm bit. I had some plastruct steel core plastic rod, this was 1mm, but it runs a little oversized. You definitely want to use hardened cutters to cut this stuff! Pressed into place, not glued until it leaves for Chattanooga. I will also be adding brake lines too.
  12. sluggo


    LOL, kind of like my avatar..... Quick Draw McGraw was cool and his alter ego "El Kabong" was even cooler because he busted guitars over peoples heads.
  13. Exactly. He likes Mickey Mouse so he paints Mickey on his plane. 80 harsh later we’re tearing our hair out frying go find the hidden meaning “why”. sometimes, guys will be guys and just do something ‘cause it’s cool. But of all the guys from back then, Galland really fascinates me. He is a big enough hero as it is, but if he was with the Allies, there would have been Hollis Wood movies about him. (Typo on purpose) “Hollis Wood”.
  14. My previously finished model is now a work-in-progress again. This was my favorite model that I finished, I was most proud of the paint & weathering job on this one. But I was never 100% happy with it, and when I moved across country a year ago, one of the landing gear ended up snapped, in the process of repairing it, I managed to break the other gear leg and antenna wire. In addition, the Eduard panel in the cockpit just never matched the rest of the dirty cockpit, I never did the plug wires on the engine, and the gearbox detached itself from the cylinders inside the cowl. I decided that it was time to make this pretty good model into one I am absolutely proud of. Its going to undergo a restoration and improvement. Today... One year ago
  15. Last night I gave the dept director a 'Thanks, but you can do better" message, now I'm waiting to see what they do.
  16. sluggo


    Oddly enough, in the same thread the excerpt above came from there was mention of a guy specifically asking Galland what the origin/meaning of the mouse was and his reply was So, I agree our quest to discover the deep meaning of something turns out to be not so complex or meaningful more often than not.
  17. Hi there! We are glad to show you our big Wolff. This propeller and hub set as a suitable replacement for the Wingnut Wings model of the LVG C.VI (32002 options B C E), DFW C.V (32040 A B D E), DFW C.V (32057 E) and any other aircraft installed with the Benz Bz.IV aeroengine. This propeller is now available for purchase in our web store.
  18. Yeah, we do tend to overthink this stuff. And 25 years ago, we could have just asked Galland himself.... LOL
  19. Such fine detailing is worthy of such admiration. I shall be interested in the construction of the Vultures, has the 3D printing proved worthy ?? I built mine from scratch (in 72nd) and that first foray highlighted some points that I would be more attentive to second time around. Cees, I would have thought that the bulkhead looking from the cockpit to the navigators position, would have had some form of padding as seen in the Lancaster. Somebody would have a nasty cut if he bobbed down without looking ?? Carry on with the good work Cees, dont forget, . . . . it will be a world first !! David
  20. It wil certainly not be at Telford, it has been three times before. The last time I kept on reparing transit damage. Gus, don't worry the joint is very firm and I make it a habit to hold the fuselage at the wingattachement area. Cees
  21. sluggo


    I don't disagree with your artist theory in any way. The yellow on yellow was far harder for me to get behind than the white S. I actually hoped to prove the disc to be RLM 24 Blue. That is until I ran across 2 RAF crash reports for planes from the .4/LG2 and they both describe the markings the same except one does not call out the colors on the spinner. Obviously, whoever drew this profile did not consider that the cowl could have been RLM 27 Yellow. I know sometimes RAF crash reports were a little sketchy but this one seems pretty detailed. And then there is this passage I ran across in a discussion specifically about the emblem, it's origins and whether or not it existed before Galland adopted and modified it by sticking a cigar in the mouse's mouth and dropping the disc background. And just so it's still a little muddy, apparently at some point, different Staffels within the group used different colored discs(referenced in the above passage). This is just a supposition on my part but I assume the call letter and disc color would match. But, this was after II(S)/LG2 became SchG.1. I have to rest my half dozen neurons for a bit........
  22. It makes me sad how all those who could answer these questions are leaving us at a huge rate now. Hard to believe, but there’s not many left anymore.
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