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  2. Now IF this isn't some serious inspiration, I don't know what is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! many THANKS, ' S ' !!!!!!!!!!!!! You MADE my day...... I owe you a return gift................ thank you, it is perfect
  3. With the F4J and Ships Camel at finishing stages and associated trials, it was time to do some building. Had the M3 Grant for awhile in the stash. The Lee / Grant story is well known but I didn’t realise a Lee had 7 man crew and the Grant a 6 man crew. This will be my second Takom and is well engineered with little to no flash. Starting with the running gear, for each sponson there are 17 components, two of which are the bolts to be shaved off the sprue and positioned. There are six of these so a little consuming but they build up beautifully. The only AM I’m adding is the RB 75mm M2 and 37mm turned barrels. The Tiger build burnt me out with PE, although Takom do supply a small amount......hoping you guys enjoy..... Differences between Lee and Grant, photo sourced for information only......Grant left, Lee right.
  4. I used that stuff sometimes and its good to work with, but beware of thick rolls of Elastic Putty, because it tends to flow and alter it's shape within some minutes. Cheers Rob
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  6. Steve, as soon as I saw the red engine, I thought, Detroit 60 Series, then red your notes, 600 Cummins, I bet that baby has some wild torque.... are a lot of the newer trucks in Oz Automatic transmissions these days as they are starting to get to be here now? I really like the tail gate locks on the Mack , here all we have is one of those locks on each side of the tailgate, that can get bent and bound up, and usually just when you need to be precise and spread gravel in front of the grader..... I like those locks way better than our setups. although I'm not sure if they would last long here, as our guys ( where I worked) didn't give a damn and just lifted the box, and with pit run or shot rock just let it fly and bent more tail gates than you can imagine, ......... so that system would probably nor work here, I love it though... Looks like Gunnite automatic Slack adjusters, and I see even the caging bolts are still on the brake chambers...... our brake chambers, ( the ones on our trucks at where I used tow work ) don't seem to carry a caging bolt any more......not sure why.... and we all know there are days when we need those.... awesome photos....
  7. I don't have this kit, but if it doesn't exist, how would a guy mount the front pintle hitch? That's kind of a strange, to not include it in the kit......................... hhmmmm
  8. No problem Danny... Here's some more. Freightliner Cabover now, from the tail lights looking forward. Strut on the axle top goes the opposite way on this American-made truck. All of these chassis' have the wiring bundles on the inside of the left chassis rail, no matter the manufacturer. Freightliner front axle looking from the right side, just behind the fifth wheel. Freightliner wiring around the auxiliary spring brake. Rear of the Freightliner COE And a view from the right side, showing one of the four mounting points of the cab to the chassis, as well as the motor; a 600hp Cummins in this case even though it's painted red. Now, an example of a lifted axle, in this case the forward of the rear three on a Volvo Tipper. And finally, this is a 1980 Mack Tipper. You can see the spring brakes at the rear where the airbags would normally be on a modern truck, and the heavy duty leaf springs on this 25 tonne capacity truck, which I imagine would be similar on your 1970's vintage Freightliner. HTH, Steve
  9. Looks really good I’ve got one sitting in grey primer awaiting its Luftwaffe colors
  10. Well you need to use that with 1/32 or bigger mate.................1/72 would not survive a tackle with that kind of equipment..................
  11. I'm doing just that Phil, And I'm using a stud finder too. Works really well for me, but whenever my Wife points it towards me it stops beeping for some reason! It's now 9 shots to a panel, done in a minute; whereas it had been individual nails all hammered in and then nail-punched with the surrounding divot needing to be sanded down... So much easier.
  12. At first glance, I thought it was a Gundam!
  13. Building the afore mentioned kit I have came across a problem, building the front assembly I can’t find part c13 which doesn’t seem to exist accept for on the diagram it doesn’t appear on the plan of the spruces either. Just wondering if anyone has built this kit and did they have the same problem.
  14. harv

    Fw190 A5

    Thanks guys. I like it.......harv
  15. Pretty perfect Harv
  16. I’m going have to get myself a M50 to add to my Sherman collection, love the camo....
  17. Just mind the electric and water pipes behind .......I was putting down an oak floor on battens, I skinned a water pipe by thousands of an inch, took me 3 hours to mend it because it had been laid into the screed.........
  18. Looks like a useful product. I'll check it out.
  19. Not model related, but... Ryobi electric nail gun! Don't know how I managed without one, it's making life so much easier for panelling the hallway.
  20. Maybe it got taken for Spam? Happy birthday Martin!
  21. All the best wishes Cheers Dennis
  22. Yes, it’s a target for the aircrafts ! I’m sure the mods can move it to the right area. This said, very nice work, although, as is my habit for aircraft as well - just my very private idiosyncrasy - I prefer these in their civilian colors, with plenty of red . Well done ! Hubert
  23. That’s exactly my point, and the difference is just too big to pass, at least IMHO, for hardware. On the other hand, for figures, it’s not so much of an issue. It even makes for a more interesting and realistic rendering, again IMHO, if you mix 1/32 (54 mm) and 1/35 scale figures around a 1/32 plane. Hubert
  24. Jeff

    Fw190 A5

    I'd say it looks dead on ......
  25. The newbie already screwed up. I intended for this post (and a few others) to go into the "Armor" finished projects. Is there any way I can move or delete them from this forum topic?
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