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  2. It works very well with Tamiya acrylics too!
  3. Absolutely! Mr Leveling Thinner is a magic elixir.
  4. And a bit of vac love. Not knowing much about this type, I think I can safely assume that somehow, this thing was designed by a British committee.
  5. And just for Harv. This is the ancient Monogram kit and it was absolutely flawless.
  6. And some props. Not really a lot of 1/32 here. 1/48 is THE scale around here, and the rest of us are seen as maniacs. A few guys said they just don’t want to get that crazy into the detailing that’s required for 1/32
  7. And some jets. You gotta love a MiG-29. But I love them more in Luftwaffe, Polish, or Ukrainian colors. That one was nice. And done from the Revell kit.
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  9. Dale, I use Mr Color levelling thinner with the AK paints so you won't need to get their thinner. Carl
  10. Some very nice work here guys! ... And congrats Ernie! that is a very innovative build. Rog
  11. Wow. Is there a build of this on-site? Great models all.
  12. Hi Carl. I just bought 2 bottles of AK paint. I have never used it. I am ignorant (no secret there) regarding their use with thinners. I have the following thinners. 1. GSI Mr Colour levelling, Mr Colour & Hobby colour. Tamia acrylic & Laquer. Mr Paint. AV Vellego airbrush thinner. Italeri acrylic paint thiner. I am currently putting an order together for supplies. Do I need to get the AK thinner? Thank you. D.
  13. Thanks. Tony and I talked a lot today, and quite honestly, both of us are getting more and more interested in civilian applications of military aircraft such as SAR birds, fire bombers, racers, etc. The Lanc played a huge role in postwar Canada, with mapping the north, Patrol bombers, dedicated rescue birds, civilian transport versions, fisheries enforcement, anti submarine patrol, etc. The Maritime Patrol Lancs have a special place in my life as well. Mom and Dad were both RCAF, and when I was a babe in arms these aircraft made me scream and holler when they passed overhead. So the moment HK announced their big kit, I knew there really was no other choice. The Lanc definitely played a HUGE part in the war effort, but the available schemes are well, limited basically to one. But there’s piles of postwar options, and this is THE kit to use of you want to build a postwar Lanc. And best of all, most every part we developed for this build will be or already is now available, so others can do something similar.
  14. Everybody expects that a lot of camouflaged Lancs are going to be built; lots of guys want to pay tribute to relatives. But you have done what few people did expect and show a seldom seen element of that aircraft's service life, that was in itself also of historical significance. A stunning piece of work and whether you agree or not--because that is the perfectionist in modelers trying to push their abilities--but for all intents and purposes you have knocked it out of the park and a sports reference from a 55yo whose idea of sports is to hold down a mouse button while playing PUBG can be regarded as canon henceforth. Well deserved. If I didn't confine myself to WWII subjects, I would love to have such a beautiful plane in my collection.
  15. Congrats to both of you! Wonderful models all!
  16. Over here in the States, we have a politician who referred to it thus, " CAIR was founded after 9/11 because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties " We know who did it, and what that was. Elephant and room, together again.
  17. But the one that confounds me is Tony’s F4U-1. I’ve been doing this a very, very long time, and I get mystified again and again. For some reason, it just doesn’t light the fires of the locals. Come to think of it, no Corsairs really do around here. This model is the cleanest, best built model on the table show after show, but it just never seems to break out. I’m pretty sure it’ll do phenomenally at the Nats. There are ZERO build errors on this model. Tony, I feel more strongly about this one than I did your P-40. It was by far the strongest WW2 1/32 prop entry there today.
  18. His Snipe took a second, which I think was a shame.
  19. Tony himself did VERY well today as well, with the Bardahl Special coming in first against some very good competitors. This model is absolutely gorgeous and with the white paint, is a serious sleeper on the tables. That prop and those tanks,... ooooooooh
  20. Thanks y’all. Tony and I decided to take the day and jet over to Arlington for the show, and I specifically asked about Nats competition if we take awards for several reasons: My Lanc, Tony’s Bardahl Special, Snipe, and F4U-1. We were absolutely assured that going UP is never a problem, and is actually encouraged to get more buys competing on a National and even International level. Think about it. The whole idea is to get local winners to go compete Nationally. Clubs want it as so regional chapters. They want the glory of one of their own winning Nationally or Internationally. However, competing DOWN is very much frowned upon if not outright banned. Having a Nationals, Telford, or Moson winner clean up at a local show against local boys is just rude and bad form all around.
  21. And ooooh the tall tales that are being told......
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  23. Awesome, Ernie. A well deserved Congrats!
  24. Completed a task I have been dreading today. The detail in the pit is a bit soft and shallow as far as corner definition on the consoles, the only option would be to mask them off and spray. I had to assemble the unit to eliminate some joints and assembled it makes the job harder. I decided to do a few boxes at a time. In the end, there was just a little touch up needed. The rest will be brush painted.
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