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  2. Oh boy Peter, this is going to be awesome sir! Great start, you have an avid follower here Cheeers Anthony
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  4. Here's a pic of VRA with the covers off. I can't recall if I posted it earlier. The question is would they have changed the exhausts since she's a warbird?
  5. And the postwar RCAF oil tanks are green. HK callouts say red for wartime Mk. B.1
  6. Neither can I , to be honest... CAD and I have been disagreeing all weekend on how to do details of the Ki98 I'm designing for myself. Glad it sees eye to eye with me on the exhaust
  7. Hmm, will those pipes curve enough? The Lanc exhausts seem to dump at a 45 degree angle to the engine block. And just think. In a few years, FM.104 will be flying again in these colors. Won’t that be quite the sight?
  8. But if you bought three sets, then you'd have enough to replace the Siamesed ones. Each set would have 16 usable stubs so three sets give you the required 48. But this would probably be even easier. Can't believe how fast you did those up Mike! Carl
  9. Hey Ernie... How's this look? Copied as best I could from the HK mossie 16 exhaust
  10. Eduard ones wont work - they're for the "standard" single stage merlin engines where the two rear cylinders share one exhaust stub. The two-stage merlins on the later mossies had six individual stubs like the lancasters
  11. Great start there Peter! The Montex masks will be vinyl. They're going to be more forgiving compared to Kabuki tape. One thing you should get is called transfer film. It will allow you to apply the mask in one piece and helps keep things aligned when you do. It's fairly cheap and you can find it on Amazon. There's different kinds too. I have some that's like a thicker, less sticky kabuki tape and I have a roll that's like the vinyl the masks are made from. Both have pros and cons. If you have any questions about using them, especially for the roundels, just ask. I've got a bunch of step by step pics around. Carl
  12. Ernie, what about the Eduard resin ones? https://www.eduard.com/eduard/mosquito-fb-mk-iv-exhaust-stacks-1-32.html?cur=2&listtype=search&searchparam=Mos They look pretty close. You'd have to buy three sets though to make up for the siamsed ones. Carl
  13. Well, working on the dual controls now too. Ugh!
  14. Actually, I just got a text saying the HK Mossie Mk.16 exhausts will work. And a picture to prove it. Messing with the kit exhaust is fun, but an exact copy would be better Off to explore options.... Buying two Mossies just to rob the exhausts is not a smart option.
  15. I love the process you're going through to transition the kit into an RCAF bird. Really cool stuff here buddy.
  16. Here’s the HK Lanc exhaust stub. A solid part, it a bit of relief on the end and yep, there’s the divider bar. So, what about hollowing it out, thinning the walls, and at least give the illusion of a wide mouth? Here’s a 20 second gougefest. OK, it looks better, it we still have a problem. The end of the wartime Lanc stub was flanged: So, my final solution, or at least until I think of something better, will be to build up each stub with Apoxie Putty, smooth them out, then hollow the ends to the edge of plastic. I’ll fill this one tonight, smooth and hollow it tomorrow, and assuming it works, I’ll only have47 more to do y’all!!
  17. So here’s our dilemma. As was pointed out to me, postwar RCAF Lance used the wide mouth exhausts, not the slender style with the divider bar. As there are no resin examples available, and since Lanc exhaust ejectors are longer, there’s not much to do other than make some. At first, Carl said “Tamiya Spitfire”, of which I have one of each release, so we drag out JE-J and upon looking, realize that a Spitty’s exhaust has a 90 degree twist to it. The Lanc’s are single plane and also much longer. Maybe cut the ends off the Tamiya parts and adapt them to the HK parts. That sounds too much like hard work. So let’s think about this a bit.
  18. A break is always a good thing Peter. My Wife and I have just spent the last week away on Holiday, and it's marvellous how refreshed and recharged I feel, despite being on the go for 15 hours a day. But now it's back to House / Lawns / Family / Bills so I have limited time to match my new-found enthusiasm!
  19. Thanks buddy. I'll have to try it. I know my new dr. has recommended it. The VA did also about 3 yrs ago, and I went through therapy and home stretches. Did this vigorously for 6 months with no results. And back then the pain was occasional .....harv
  20. If you guys do end up having a meet, can I throw my car in the trunk of one your cars? It should fit without any issues. That way I don't have to hide in a different row. Got a bit of fun ahead of me this year as I need to change the timing belt. Which should be fun on a mid engine car. Carl
  21. That's funny... but not so disturbing as the imagery I was preparing for you...lol BTW... love your little Easter sig!
  22. Harv, I have both back and hip issues, including sciatica because once a piece gets rotated or sublaxated, the whole area is affected. The muscles in your calves, thighs, and lower back form a chain. Tightness puts pressure on the nerves in the chain causing numbness and pain down south. Just before I got out of the USMC me and a guy were wrestling. Just grabassing to waste time... Anyway...he got under me and threw me, causing me to land on my hip. What I didn't know then was that this caused my lowest disc to be crushed into the shape of a wedge. So, the holes where the sciatic nerve passes through the pelvis are now smaller. If I get tight, or sublaxated, the holes get even smaller putting pressure on those nerves. Six months after getting out of the Corps, I couldn't even feel the bottom of my shoes. Just the shock from my feet hitting the floor. So, I sought out a chiropractor. I see one every three weeks. I saw a few different ones before one actually recommended stretching. And then the missus and I tried yoga. The yoga instructor was hardcore. The kind of woman who could bend over far enough to look up her bottom without even breathing hard. I think the type of yoga was called Iyengar Yoga. Every position from The Warrior to The downward facing Dog had to be just right with feet straight, pelvis opened, and on and on. The change in how I felt was amazing. We moved away from the area, but I still use some of the basic stretches. Anyway... stretching is still free, and your body is a chain. Gaz
  23. That's particular apt... I'm pretty sure Five Futter thinks the sun shines out of that particular Member's a***
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