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  2. Phil The Airfix Refueller Set plan, see the first post, in their instruction sheet is the only 'plan' I have seen of the AEC Matador refueller so to that end I have scaled it up to both 35th and 32nd scale. There is a noticeable difference in the two scales so I couldnt use the 35th AFV Club kit in parts for the 32nd build, sadly. I am rather hoping that the American GMC lorry has a wider axle in 35th than the AFV Club Matador of the same scale so that I could adapt it for the 32nd build ?.
  3. All I can do is shake my head................................... do you hear a rattle?? This is another epic tutorial, just like the Spitfire was..................exceptional skills on ALL levels...
  4. ahh my favourite P40 - I will be watching as I have my eye on doing one of these one day Peter
  5. afternoon folks So, fillets.... they are all curved as you woulkd expect, some in multiple directions - I was hoping the dorsal fin was the last panel as the very tip of it overlaps the fuselage skin I can't add until the cockpit is in.. but no, it's the first panel down - I guess as it's the least removed in service.. ..to get an idea of the area, this is for a P51C without a dorsal fin - I couldn't find too much on one with a fin and all the resto pics I have of Lopes Hope do not yet have all the fillets fitted so some assumptions were made from what I could see that they are pretty similar to a 'D' model.. ..you can see curvature & shapes and the fittings that fasten them too ..I did the dorsal fin but forgot to take pics, so this is the upper forward fillet first.. ..a sheet is bent & taped down to start the forming process.. ..a ball pein hammer is used to gently beat it into shape, and helped with balsa rubbing blocks and hard wood coffee stirrers.. ..here I am trying to get it to conform to the leading edge and the curved part that runs out onto the fuselage.. ..after shaping a number of scaled templates were used to derive the shapes - these are side views so I have to allow for the shape as it curves away from the eye.. ..and soon all the fillets were in place ready for final shaping & smoothing - at the leading edge you can see where the panels overlap - by sanding away the overlap a perfect seam results - in fact on the full size one this is a butt weld which is finished on the outside.. ..after final finishing and finessing some of the edges, the fasteners were added - this was a vet labourious process as each one must be punched, then marked with an awl for the fastner, then flattened, then added - there are about 60 each side.. ..once the other side has it's fasteners (I can only do so many at a time without getting bored..), I will move along the underside to the air scoop & exit under the fuselage.. TTFN Peter
  6. I'm drooling on that !!! Did you or can you, take some pics, Phil?
  7. This is going to be EPIC, I wish I was there to see that, love Duxford...... are you going to be able to take any of this in , Phil?? Pics would be awesome....
  8. Here’s an idea, probably thought of it before, the old Airfix Refuelling set had a matador as part of assemble. Is scale-ing up an option?
  9. I shall be in receipt of the Heller GMC 2.5t kit very soon. I purchased it for the items mentioned above but If the axles are not wide enough I shall put it back on Ebay site. If they are, for the 32nd scale version, then I think I shall be running with them. I also looked at the KFS stuff and I particularly liked a couple of the WWII vehicles but then I am drifting away from the 32nd scale and who knows where I might end up ?? David
  10. It's the most attractive of the 40's. It looks like a shark, and best with the Flying Tigers mouth. The later variations had a cut down rear fuselage and look a lot less lethal... my opinion anyway. But I'm not doing the Flying Tigers. Gaz
  11. How did I miss this, absolutely stunning, congrats on the weathering, very realistic........
  12. Duxford now holds 35 Daks ready for the celebrations...... https://www.daksovernormandy.com/news/daks-over-normandy-historic-route-revealed/
  13. We’ve got 35 “Daks” ready for the D’Day flight past. All based at Duxford now........
  14. Gaz, looking forward to this. I have never built a P40. The 40 seems to be popular..........
  15. Pretty damn good flying there.
  16. Cheers! Always wondered about that. Cheers Bevan
  17. Hi everyone! I've gotta have a plane going as well as armor on my bench so I can flip flop as required. However... as and added incentive, this build need to be done before August 25 to participate in our local show QMHE. (Queensland Model Hobby Expo) Here is the box art: Stay tuned for chapter 1. Titled: Fighting the Mad Rivetter Gaz
  18. If I may help with the answer She arrived unpainted as found and later experimental camouflage was applied in the US. as found loading Painted and sealed in deposit EDIT: Also check out the damage at the connecting edge caused by careless manipulation.
  19. Oh , I know that for sure, my brother in law was in the Force ( RCMP) back int he day, and even a stern talking to worked, back then and my nephew is in the Force ( RCMP) right now, and he can hardly say anything with our some dip wad with a cell camera ready to turn him in, makes me sick..... a tern chat, or a kick in the ass never hurt anyone, and they learned their lesson, but now..... man sometimes this is not a nice place to live..... I hear you totally, but still this kind of mamby pamby BS is leading us down a road I don't think will be a good one in a few years..... but I do hear ya....
  20. The survivors clean it up, Jeff. Anything useful gets recycled. The government will step in, but it's also a lot of citizens doing their civic duty. Some battlefields stay littered for a long time. I know during the 70's, there were still wrecks littered about the Libyan desert. Remember Princess Diana and her crusade to clear up landmines? It's usually just ppl who jump in and do what needs to be done. Gaz
  21. I just realized that I mixed up pictures of the early Gloria with white lettering NZ3148. Your aeroplane NZ 3220 has the letters in yellow, sorry.
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