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  2. I love everything produced before the 80's. After that it's hit or miss. Three of a Perfect Pair is an awesome bit of music. Even my daughter likes it. The wife... not so much.
  3. Oh yeah? Bill Bruford helped me with the direction of a particularly fine student. He's a nice bloke.
  4. I recently went on a spree, making the most of a sale. The largest model being the aforementioned Airfix Hellcat. That kit is at the base of a large stack and I am leaving it there. So no photo. Other kits are 1/48 & 1/72. Many are within my favorite subject, Japanese WWII subjects. The most spectacular of with is the huge Emily. Although 1/72, I would describe it as large. The recent new tool Hasegawa kits is equal to Tamiya IMO. Aftermarket is of course with each box. The Talon is just beautiful.
  5. Well, the time has come for me to shut up and build something. I have a 1/24 Airfix 109E in the works but it's scribing time so on the SOD it goes! I wandered in and out of the closet where my stash is and fondled a few kits and finally landed on the Do335. Seems like a decent enough kit. It's going to be out of the box. I'm also trying something new for me and that is assembling major parts of the kit prior to doing any paint work to try to avoid some steps that have really begun to get under my skin now that my near vision sucks. Those steps are scraping/sanding mold seams, ejector pin marks, and painting stuff that will never see daylight. So, I'll give it a whirl and if it does not work out it don't matter because I'm building it closed up just like I always do anyway. I'm sure some of the detail painting will be a bit more tedious but I can't imagine it being worse than scraping seams. A couple of things I'd like to point out about the build thus far: Seems to fit very well. Sub-assemblies fit other sub-assemblies without fuss. Person who decided where to attach the exhaust stacks to the sprue needs talking to..... The weld seems are way overdone anyway, they would be 1 inch tall in 1:1. Over the last few evenings I have gotten to this point. I have a few more parts to throw at it and then I'll start painting.
  6. I almost said that but the Mounty uniform through off.....harv
  7. Close enough Harv. Smokey and the Bandit II
  8. Thank you for the kind words and likes, everyone! Ernie, The landing gear indicators on the dorsal side of the wings really complicates handling considerations. In their very short existence, they’ve been bent repeatedly and repainted at least 4 times. I’m glad I made them from copper wire and not melted sprue as originally thought of. I’m not really looking to damage them again. Gaz
  9. Jacky Gleason. Not sure of what movie it is. Maybe Cannonball Run......harv
  10. Someone please tell me who this is and what movie it’s from.
  11. WOW Mike, looking really good !.....harv
  12. Antonio, to me it looks like a real pit photshoped onto a model. Stunning....harv
  13. Watching closely. Have one in the stash. I'll need all the help in the world for it ! Still smashing looking......harv
  14. Started painting the seats. Not done by a long shot but this is what I have so far. I like it. What do you all think about the colors ??.......harv
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  16. Yes Dale, It's the General section.
  17. Thanks! I have the Eduard interior set - I'll be cross-checking each part as I go to see which works best. I'm doing a bit of reading now to see if I can determine which version of the gunsight was installed, along with which rear-view mirror.
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