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  2. Your Fokker looks great, very clean built and the painting looks nice. Can't wait to see you finish her. What type of color do you use for the brass petrol tank? It has very fine grain and that's what I like in metallics. Cheers Rob
  3. I do mine OD or black, not really sure. Try this site may have a shot of a periscope.... http://the.shadock.free.fr/sherman_minutia/index.html
  4. Thanks Mike. Today I masked the windows with self cutted masks and added loots of tiny parts to get ready for priming and painting. Cheers Rob
  5. I did one road wheel disc style. I figured it was enough to make it interesting but I could not find any actual pictures with a mix of road wheel types so I kept in minimal. The vision port holders for the periscopes does anyone know if they were painted olive drab or were natural metal?
  6. I agree with you there, Dragon / Tristar etc can be PITA but tremendously satisfying. When some kits just fall together, does it have the same buzz???? ....the question for the day. The build is looking fantastic........
  7. She's a big beast, thats for sure. Looking very good! Cheers Kev
  8. Carl, just catching up, stunning as ever. I’d heard about Meng’s approach to tracks, looks fairly straight forward. Is the beast ready for the booth and weathering?....
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  10. Stunningly clean build, the cockpit and engine are works of art, yet to start my first WnW hope I can come somewhere close.....Congrats
  11. Totally agreed, that rescue boat would caused complete disaster, that's probably why that guy jumped overboard
  12. June 16, 2019. So that was where time ran out, wife got a new job opportunity in Nashville, and we started to pack, the little Fokker got packed up and shelved. Since I was fairly close to finishing, I wanted to resurrect this little guy and get it all buttoned up, and take it to Chattanooga. Most of the painting was done, just needed to finish the lozenge decals and slap it all together. Also, a special thanks to Mike (serian01) for getting me the Proper Plane Axial prop for this project!
  13. Feb 23, 2018 I forced myself to start the Lozenge decals tonight. I have been avoiding these for a month now. Decals are not my friends, but I bit the bullet and figured, I have backup wingnutdecals if I screw this up. In the end, these were not too bad, I trimmed them all up with a knife, then started dipping. I quickly learned not to use decal set, because hey won't slide with it. I'll start the bottom wing tomorrow night, and work the edges with micro sol on the top wing.
  14. Jan 20, 2018 I made some time to get the blue down on this littl Fokker. It ended up a little darker than I wanted, but other wise ok. Unfortunately I got some blue overspray on both sides of the cockpit at the bottom, I will have to touch that up.
  15. Jan 14, 2018 I have been working away doing lots of tedious work on this little Fokker, mostly assembling and fitting panels and misc parts, closing up the fuselage, wings, etc. nothing really to take pictures of, yesterday I laid down the initial paint. I have to say that this being an early Wingnut kit, I had a lot more flash and seam lines than the Snipe I built. The fit was also more fiddly, the many panels in the cowl area don't fit perfectly, I had to do a bunch of sanding and trimming. Most of the fit issues i don't think were my own doing, but related to the options on the engine. The front 200hp air pump was not even close, I had to trim the upper cowl corners square, and the rear water valve also contacted the cowls. I went back and double checked the fit of the framing, but everything seemed to be in the right location, so I believe that just having all the separate engine support tubing pieces just led to tolerances stacking up. This kit was definitely not the perfect click fit that the other Wingnut kit I built. However, now that I am past that, I know what to look out for in future builds, and I would have built the font framework in a different order next time. I will have to mask and paint the blue next. Masking the engine and cockpit was challenging, but I ended up finding a way. I left the upper cockpit cowl separate as they were clearly separate pieces on the real aircraft, so no filling was required. I laid down many coats of my custom yellow mix, in all it took about 5-6 coats to finally turn opaque. In hindsight I probably should have primed everything in Stynylrez White first, but having never tried Tamiya yellow over gray before, I didn't know. The color is a custom mix of Tamiya gloss yellow with about 30% flat white mixed in. As a base for the Aviattic Lozenge decals, I spayed a 50/50 mix of Tamiya gloss white and deck tan. This is my mix for linen I used on the Snipe lower wings.
  16. Dec 31, 2019. Engine is built and painted, with weathering. I added spark leads using gray braided fishing line.
  17. Dec 27, 2017 It was detail and assembly time for the cockpit. I added control rods and rigging, the rigging was fine ez-line and I used .015 music wire for the throttle and spark advance rods. Next was assembling with a little weathering. Finally this nightmare of tubing for the engine bearers...I never held my breath so long. At one point I broke the lower piece and had to glue tiny tubes back together.
  18. December 26, 2017 I had just sprayed the Linen color and applied decals to the fuselage, IP, and floor. That was my first attempt at decal woodgrain instead of painting it. I finally broke out the colors and did a bunch of airbrushing this week.
  19. This was my second Wingnut kit I started, i started this almost a year and a half ago on “another” forum. This was going to be a mostly OOB build using Master brass barrels for the machine guns and Aviattic Lozenge decals. It started well, bus as I always hate doing decals, the progress “stalled” when I got to the wings with their miles of decals. I am so close to finishing, I figured I would try to finish this up before Chattanooga. My choice of schemes will be the yellow nosed bird.
  20. Nice and lively display, but with logical fails. The enormous wake indicates a boat at full speed and that wouldn't be the case in that scenario. Nitpicking? Maybe, but it ruins the otherwise great scene, at least to me. Cheers Rob
  21. After inspecting the pics closely it seems that the front windows have a rubber (or kind of putty) sealing which often seemed to be overpainted with the body color. The side windows of the cabins seem to be a combination of metal around the panes and rubber on the doorframe. Cheers Rob
  22. Thanks for the pics Ernie, love the dio and the Corsair. Did Tony win anything?
  23. Jeroen , wow and wow, absolutely stunning as ever....
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