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  2. hello friends! This was my only aircraft I made 10 years ago. I am sharing with you this work which I hope you like. Regards! Rodolfo
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  4. Excellent work my friend! Regards! Rodolfo
  5. Yes, the P39 is a nice bird, interested in following your project! Regards! Rodolfo
  6. Thanks for your kind comments friend!. I am working in the Commander figure (The figures are not my specialty but I'm trying ) Regards! Rodolfo
  7. That's the plan Stan! …..er I mean Gaz. Like I said , in theory, I haven't done it yet and have only seen it done a couple of times . Yes you would paint the lightest of the 5 colors first , I'll be doing light blue. Everything after depends a lot on the prep and first color application. Acrylics I think and have a full set of colors ready to go. They dry fast and will take the mask re-application . Procedure would dictate removing the numbered pieces and putting them on the backing sheet for re-application. a few tricks are developing like a photo of the masks to help with replacement , and color coding the numbers is possible too. Close inspection of lozenge pics , decals and anything else I could find shows that some of the lozenge shapes overlap slightly creating a thin dark outline, in SOME case' , this helps anyone attempting this. I'll be doing The Gotha early next year in this pattern. Hex layout: On Britmodeller and Des' WW! aircraft forums look at The Gotha or A Gotha if ya wanna see more.
  8. Thanks for the recommendation. It's certainly one of those colors I'd like to see in real life. Gaz
  9. That's very interesting, Steve! How did you find replacing the masks so you could spray the next color? Did you paint the entire surface one color of the lozenge before applying? I'm imagining all kinds of un-fun possibilities with the sleek shape of the Pfalz. And a five-color pattern to make it even more interesting. Ugh...what have I gotten myself into! Gaz
  10. You may wish to consider Tamiya TS-45 spray can lacquer, over a base of their fine white primer. https://www.tamiya.com/english/products/85045/index.htm Should be readily available at most Mr.Toys locally. S
  11. No less fanciful than the notion of having a spherical Space Station the size of a small Moon that is capable of both real and hyperspace travel about multiple axes, while having just a single 2 metre wide exhaust port situated on the equator.
  12. It can be done with masks in theory at this point. Here is my Gotha 5 color night camo mask set: I also have it in hex pattern. Shapes are determined with paper patterns , then the camo pattern is applied to the shapes , refined and cut. The cutter prints the color number on each lozenge. The Gotha was easy with mostly boxy shapes.
  13. Ern, I've been thinking about how I'm going to make lozenge sheets fit on/around the semi monocoque fuselage and seeing potential difficulties with maintaining the shape without wrinkles. However, I do have a mask cutting machine, so painting is an option as the masks will stretch a bit. I really don't want to have to buy anything more as I just spent a lot of money on books for my Napoleonic interest. Glad to have you on board, Harv! That's about 97 more times than me, Jeff! Looking forward to your input as I build. I've been thinking about leaving the struts in white and just trying Hubert's suggestion on them. We'll see. They might stick out too well against the lozenge. Since I'm not doing a "historical" build, I like the flexibility to try out other things. I think I'm going to ghost the white with alclad polished aluminum. I'll post a pic when I do. Gaz
  14. Now you just need a picture of Putin with one of these! Gaz
  15. I love to see you guys detail interiors. Hoping someday mine will catch up. Nice work! Gaz
  16. A black wash will turn white to gray as well as highlight your details. Of course... this all depends how fanatical about such things you are, Frank.
  17. ...maybe I should take up tiddlywinks! Beautiful work, man!
  18. Yay! Looking forward to seeing you build this. The P-39 is one plane I definitely like the looks of. Gaz
  19. Anyway... Lucas lost me with Ewoks. Vertically challenged peoples with stone-aged technology beating trained troops with armor and blasters? A glider with a 6 foot wingspan that can drop a boulder... Come-on!
  20. Tony buddy, your great !..... harv.
  21. Thanks. This is the first time I've scratched a part, so it's a learning curve for sure. Happy with the fit:
  22. As always Harv with the solid information. I will give it a try next time now that I am probably going to prime all my models. Thank you! I have much to learn. I tried to adapt it to a more realistic, less patterned, shade. I really have gone to far for my forst attempt and probably should have learned more of the basics. Fairly happy with it so far, in some places I need practice. Thanks Gaz, I might have picked up the sand paper thing from one of your pots!?!? These days I have to check multiple times to make sure I have put my pants on ...Thank you for the kind words. Many subtleties with this scheme and base. I bit off much and am looking forward to really getting good at the idea. Thank you for the kind words.
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