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  2. Pretty damn good flying there.
  3. Cheers! Always wondered about that. Cheers Bevan
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  5. Hi everyone! I've gotta have a plane going as well as armor on my bench so I can flip flop as required. However... as and added incentive, this build need to be done before August 25 to participate in our local show QMHE. (Queensland Model Hobby Expo) Here is the box art: Stay tuned for chapter 1. Titled: Fighting the Mad Rivetter Gaz
  6. If I may help with the answer She arrived unpainted as found and later experimental camouflage was applied in the US. as found loading Painted and sealed in deposit EDIT: Also check out the damage at the connecting edge caused by careless manipulation.
  7. Oh , I know that for sure, my brother in law was in the Force ( RCMP) back int he day, and even a stern talking to worked, back then and my nephew is in the Force ( RCMP) right now, and he can hardly say anything with our some dip wad with a cell camera ready to turn him in, makes me sick..... a tern chat, or a kick in the ass never hurt anyone, and they learned their lesson, but now..... man sometimes this is not a nice place to live..... I hear you totally, but still this kind of mamby pamby BS is leading us down a road I don't think will be a good one in a few years..... but I do hear ya....
  8. The survivors clean it up, Jeff. Anything useful gets recycled. The government will step in, but it's also a lot of citizens doing their civic duty. Some battlefields stay littered for a long time. I know during the 70's, there were still wrecks littered about the Libyan desert. Remember Princess Diana and her crusade to clear up landmines? It's usually just ppl who jump in and do what needs to be done. Gaz
  9. I just realized that I mixed up pictures of the early Gloria with white lettering NZ3148. Your aeroplane NZ 3220 has the letters in yellow, sorry.
  10. Great stuff Jeroen! Dumb question....., is it original German paint on the real thing? Cheers Bevan
  11. Yeah, but you can't do that nowadays... I had this discussion with my Brother-in-Law, who's a Police Dispatcher and 20 years my junior. In my day, if a Cop found you doing something of a misdemeanor nature, he would literally kick you up the butt and send you on your way. And you took it, because it was better than what was waiting at home if he dragged you there by the earlobe. So you took your medicine. And you learned the lesson. And you didn't talk back to either of them. But Police can't do that anymore. Everyone's got a cell phone, everyone's a legal expert with honours from Google, there's not enough hours in the day to fill out the paperwork, you put someone away and they're out on the street again the next day, blah blah blah. Excuses left right and centre because it's just too hard. The generation of those now tasked to uphold the Law, have been raised with the same coping skills as the current generation of perpetrators. And so the cycle continues...
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  13. Well, a swift kick in the ass wouldn't hurt either..................................
  14. Cause vs effect, benefit vs consequences. The experience of vandalism is simply more fun to them than the fear of what might happen if caught. The thought of the consequences to the Victims probably isn't even a consideration. Recently, there were reports here about 10 year olds being held in Custody briefly with Adult Perps because of a backlog in the Juvenile Justice system. Then there was an Academic on the radio recently, explaining that young people aren't mature enough to tell right from wrong until the age of 14. This of course sounds like pure bunkum to most of us... Unless the Juvenile has been raised in an environment where the consequences of actions aren't fully explained as part of the growing and nurturing experience of Parenthood. Throwing 10 year old Kids in Jail or subjecting them to Corporal Punishment might seem extreme, but it's hard to fast track an understanding of consequences to someone who might never have had the opportunity to learn at home. Not trying to be a bleeding heart here... balance is good in all things. Namaste
  15. It's probably like the Notre Dame restoration... Crowd funded. BTW... Good choice of kit Mike!
  16. These Hasegawa P-40 kits have been around for a good while but are still first class and enjoyable to build.
  17. I'll be following along as well. I want to do one of these in RCAF colours. Carl
  18. Very interesting Anthony. I figured it had been scrapped long ago. Glad to see it's still around.
  19. It’s pretty bad when he’s the laughingstock of the USA as well
  20. Excellent choice John! This particular combat vet still survives at a property about 4 1/2 hours drive from me. An elderly gent owns it along with another P-40E, Dh Mosquito, Mustang etc.... All in a big shed. Unfortunately her wings are stacked outside, but you can se the battle repair patches still on her! I will definitely be following along, I have thought of doing this particular bird too Cheers Anthony
  21. Just watched this on FB........harv
  22. I think y'all will enjoy these clips.
  23. Thanks Wolf ol' buddy. No worries about paint, it wont be seen.i am hoping to have it for Nooga. Are you going ?......harv
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