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    RB seatbelts done. These are the best textile belts I have ever used. No need to stain or wash as substrate is colored. Just some gloss applied for leather look and boom! Done. Ready for assembly Cockpit all buttoned up. Fuselage buttoned up. Spine and tail dry-fitted. Now on to the engine.
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    Well, the kit's not made of resin itself, but a good portion of the contents will be... Standard Hasegawa kit, with added Eduard BMW801 radial engine, Eagle Editions Cockpit and wheels, Henri Daehne spinner and propeller set, and possibly some other assorted parts from the Aires D-9 super set. I had always wondered why no-one had bothered with an engine set for this kit, so now I guess we'll see if the Eduard motor will fit (my initial measurements say it will). Work has commenced with the wing panel inserts for the gun covers, and about a half-hour's worth of rivets in the same area.
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    Hi folks, In its old incarnation, LSM was operating on an old legacy system software system that would no longer be supported from April this year. The removal of support meant that critical updates and patches would no longer be available. That would of course compromise our community. The decision was made to do this major upgrade to v4 of IPB. This was something that we needed to liaise with the provider over, and the changes are quite radical. We implore you to play with the system and look around before posting questions regarding changes. There is nothing you can break, so go explore. We have far more features with this software, than ever before, and more possibilities to exploit. Notice we ditched the darker appearance in favour of something more appealing. If you like further simplicity, then there is an 'alternative' theme that can be accessed from the bottom of the page. You will notice that one legacy from the conversion are the extra line breaks (spaces) in between paragraphs and in your signatures. With the signatures, please can you edit them and remove those spaces to condense them, or they will look ugly. Enjoy the site and get dome modelling work posted here! LSM TEAM
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    Hello, the finished cockpit was installed in the hull and further details added. The seam between the two halfs was sanded a bit to get a smooth surface. The completely built engine was primered in black, then sprayed in Aluminium color from Vallejo's Metal Color series. Details were painted in black, beige and grey with a fine brush. A black weathering followed and some clear coat on the grey area. The engine was installed then ... The wings were put together and further parts installed... then glued to the hull and the seam sanded clean. Some etched parts followed next ... Next will be some light primer, then the painting of the wheel bays and the yellow band at the front ... Cheers Micha
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    Hola Companeros, Not much progress in the last days. I did just some PE-bending (the rolling tool in the picture is just great), and fitted some of the PE-grills into their frames. Heating up the PE before rolling it is also making it easier to get even shapes. The fit of the resin is suboptimal in parts and there are some statical issues in this kit, so I decided not to set the Red Star 47 on it's wheels and to let it hover (with a little help of a steel rod ) A thing I really like about the kits by Industria Mechanika is that there is adhesive plastic foil on both sides of the photo-etch, so nothing jumps into the eye, while cutting and you can put delicate PE-parts back into the sheet after fitting tests.
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    The entire lower hull of my Trumpeter T-69 tank. Assembled, puttied, sanded, cool. Washed it to get all the sanding dust off. Put in on the hood of Mommas truck to dry. Came back out a while later, 45 minutes, and her truck was gone. Quick trip to store. Got on bike and found what was left about 3 blocks away.
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    I didn't know that. I just took a look at the photo of Scat XXVII and indeed that are the older style ejection seat's. Again something learned today Lovely start on the resin cockpit Kirk. I honestly don't like GT resin quality if it comes to sharp details, but if i see your paint work on it, i need to recall my thought's. Spot on mate, i really looking forward to the rest of the build. Greetz Danny
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    Made some progress on the canopy parts. The kit windscreen has an extra frame the E didn't have so that one had to go. I always am very nervous sanding clear parts but with some elbow grease it's relatively painless. The fuselage part that hides behind the rear sections had to be sprayed first after the clear parts were fitted very carefully to avoid vingerprints or gluestains. Hasegawa really made some very nice fitting parts here, with the exeption of the guninserts, those needed quite a bit of sanding and Mr Surfacer but the joins are invisble now.
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    Some detailing yet to go as the fuse nears assy. Clamped to keep the lower gun tunnel lips flush: Hate the new look of the forum , funny thing is , I cant remember how it used to be!
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    Mine was a bit similar to Paul's and it happened on my current build. Four Sparrow missiles in the process of being painted and suddenly there were three?! Like Jeroen my first suspect was the missus, but the missing item turned up later in the bed of our younger dog, Salty - well chewed! Must have got knocked on the floor and he regards anything he can reach as fair game. DennisE kindly sent me a replacement all the way from NZ.
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    This is the Wingnut Wings SE.5a, built with quite a few scratchbuilt details, and some of the stuff included in the HGW super detail kit. I also used the Pheon corrected fin and rudder. It's finished with Pheon decals representing the machine of Capt. J. H.Tudhope (40 Sqdn.). I'm happy with it in terms of, with my current modelling experience, I don't think I could improve on it if I were to start again. There are things I'd like to improve on in terms of weathering and making the linen look more aged, but I don't have the confidence to try any more new techniques on a model like this. Despite this being one of the very first kits produced by Wingnut Wings (and I think it's fair to say there were one or two isues with the instruction booklet and possibly the fin and rudder stitching details) it's by far the best kit I've ever built in over 35 years of modelling. The engieering and fit of the parts is uncanny. For example, the Lewis gun Foster mount fits on top of the upper wing, and the lower end of the curved sction of this part locates perfectly on the rear of the telescopic gun sight. for this to happen, I think I counted more than 15 separate parts that all had to align perfectly during various stages of assembly. They all did. I entered it in the IPMS Huddersfield show in February, and got first prize in 1:32 aircraft: As a postscript - this is a special model for me. The first model my Dad and I built together was a 1:72 Revell SE.5a (when I was about 4 or 5 years old). This Wingnut Wings SE.5a was the last model I completed before my Dad passed away last month - just after the Huddersfield show. He loved it when I showed the winners trophy to him in hospital. I dedicate this model to my Dad - thanks for teaching me the importance of attention to detail, not just for modelling...