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    Hi all, still aiming for this weekend Finished.... 1st for 2017 for me. Thanks all for your comments. Here is where I'm up to.
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    Update with camouflage pattern on, I have decided to stick with rlm 74, 75 and 76 in various shades after watching this film clip many times. I do believe it's a g6 with tall tail. Here is the link to find the film, if anyone is interested. http://falkeeins.blogspot.co.uk/?m=1 Adding decals, filters and weathering. As you may guess I am ahead on this build and hope to finish up by this weekend... I am putting the final finishing touches to her..........
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    Apollo 11 Command Module at the NSAM/Udvar Hazy Mary Baker Restoration Hangar being prepared for its multi city US tour to acknowledge the 50th Anniversary of that little July 1969 event. After showing this to my kids they think I am a rock star. It's always good being the cool Dad in the neighborhood.
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    This isn't mine, but gives you an idea of construction. http://www.modelersalliance.com/forum/things-to-come/150687-large-custom-millennium-falcon-new-pics?limitstart=0&start=312
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    Do you mean this one?? http://bobsbuckles.co.uk/DH2/dh2_rigging.pdf Greetz Danny
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    OK here's some closer shots the resin set, pretty extensive. Was hoping to start this yesterday but had a major set back on another project that slowed me down a tad.
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    I thought you made that pic just for me and we had a special moment....
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    I think I'm not the only AFV-builder who does not like Rubber-, DS-, Magic- or segmented tracks. Gentleman, there is a solution to our needs, somebody heard our cries. AK-Interactive has a range of different tracks in their Web Shop They carry tracks for Tiger I, Panther late, Panzer II, T-34, T-54, T55, T-62, Sherman, Panzer III early, KV 1, KV 85, SU 152, and BMP3 and the good thing you can get a limited amount of sets already assembled for a fortune (ca. 10 €). These sets are cast from white metal and look very similar to the Friul ones. The only difference I found was that there is steel instead of brass wire used for the connection. the whole length of the track is assembled, but the rods are not glued in. I didn't count the connected links but the length looked suitable. There are five spare track links per side. I love that offer and could hug the person who connected all the links and got bored instead of me Cheers Rob My set of Panther late tracks That's what is in the box. The tracks are separately packed with a short piece of wire and the spare links. Left - Magic tracks (not to bad but do not clip securely) Middle - Friul ATL-28 Right - AK Spare tracks Magic Track Friul AK And that is how it fits around the idler wheel of a Dragon Jagdpanther G2 without cleaning, I'm satisfied. One complete track. Its up to you to count the track links
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    No they seem pretty good, the fuselage even has alignment molded in.
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    OMG! I love this forum. Thanks so much. Your link got me there. I'd buy a pint for everybody except we're online. A virtual pint for LSM members. Cheers!
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    Very nice weathering, I like it! Cheers Kent
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    Loving it. You can be proud. Nice and grimey. Just the way i like it.
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    I've been hauling these pictures taken during my visit and flight on Aluminum Overcast for far too long - time to share! The EAA 2014 B-17 Tour made a stop near Atlanta, and there was zero chance that I was going to miss an opportunity to get up close and personal with the ship and her crew. Aluminum Overcast is a late-production G, serial number 44-85740, that did not see any combat time but was sold as surplus - for $750 - at the end of WWII. Details of the ship, as reported by the EAA, are located here: https://www.eaa.org/en/eaa/about-eaa/eaa-media-room/eaa-b-17-aluminum-overcast-media-room/eaa-b-17-aluminum-overcast-history I was one of the first to arrive that morning, and was booked on her first flight of the day. That meant that I got to spend a good amount of time crawling around, inside and out. I was also onboard for preflight, engine start and run-up and a lovely flight through perfect weather over the north Georgia mountains. I was sadly not as thorough as I might have been in documenting the ship and the experience - I was too busy being in awe of the ship and some living B-17 aircrew who came to visit. Regardless, here are the pictures I have from that day:
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    I remember taking a close look at this (B-17) air frame in Hendon, North London, and considering the thin aluminium skin of the B-17. I am myself a Military Veteran, but it makes my skin crawl how conditions must have been at two miles (plus) high, sucking your air through a rubber tasting mask terrified that any skin exposed to the sub zero air would freeze solid in seconds, constantly scanning the sky for the inevitable hail of cannon shells that would have caused insurmountable damage to the air frame, and unthinkable damage to the aircrew....somehow to call the lads who manned these planes over Europe with the 8th Air force brave just doesn't quite adequately say it....
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    Thank you gentlemen, very much appreciated! Kind regards: Kent
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    you read my mind... nice! I did a bit of research in some documents I received from the curatorial staff. During the initial repair work on the tail in 1992, it was discovered that the Wright Field engineering had made some structural "enhancements" to the wooden tail unit. Apparently they believed the structure was compromised, and they attempted to bolster it with steel plates internally, (which resulted in moving the horizontal stab several inches forward.) The steel plates were removed and the tail restored to its original configuration during the restoration/ repair by NASM. This would explain why you see the patch work of lighter paint on the fuselage around the stab.
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    At the moment, I have 81, but in the next week or so, I will have the entire 100. I also have a lighting mod kit coming for the myriad of underside lights, two pulsating blue LED hyperdrive light units, 3D printed main hold arches/engine heat exhausts and fans/maintenance pit, Paragrafix cockpit and corridor sets. I have yet to get the turret PE set and more 3D printed stuff, as well as pipe this up for flashing/blinking fibre optics too. ....maybe other stuff also.
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    what with the lackluster of responses here I kind of forgot about updating (only 4 members bothered to comment) but as you ask she's been finished for some time now and sitting happily in my display case. However she is on a square base that although I like the finish of for photos it's doesn't look right so I'm making the exact same effect but on a round base and will then take some more portfolio shots. Anyway here is a teaser
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    So today I got all the Magazines, Magazine holders and the Lewis MKII machine gun and mount finished (Minus the glass). However it wasn't a straight forward day on the work bench as I had a slight accident involving the tail skid snapping off fortunately it was a clean break and hadn't taken any of the anchors with it, so a length of 4mm brass rod was used to make a joint and everything was put back in to place. So tomorrow my job list is: Paint and attach glass to the Lewis Gun Attach Aileron levers and cables to lower wings Study in more depth the upper Ailerons that use a bungee return system Attach bungee type Ailerons levers and any modifications that it may require Touch up and apply additional decals Weathering If time and lighting photo session of finished aircraft In the meantime here are some images of where I am.