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    This is the Kittyhawk Kingfisher converted to an RAAF aircraft by deleating the hole in the front windshield, adding a ring and bead sight, adding sway braces to the bomb racks, adding an extra strake to the main float and modifying the water rudder linkage. This kit gets some bad press which I generally agree with however nothing that can prevent a nice result. Painted in Alclad and AK Extreme Metal. The photos were taken by my mate Eric G Cheers for looking!
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    Here is Trumpeter's 1/32 Mig 29K built straight from the box. Really no problems building this kit which made it quite enjoyable. Thanks for looking Bevan
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    hello to you all the next kit i will start is the mosquito from tamiya yes another one I hope to make a start soon on this one Mark
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    On the Phantom, my first concern was to correct the intake area. Besides there are still some little gaps, the job is almost done using plasticard and putty. Second, I tried to take care of the several raised panels that, I understood, were not present on the real bird. And finally, at least for the time being, the pylon for the belly thank.
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    Enjoyed the recent JV44 190 post, will try to upload a few pics of my most recent build using my phone... Very basic build - Hasegawa kit with Aires engine, Gunze colors, markings are a mix of decals (walkways) & masks (insignia & the slogan under the cockpit believe it or not - masked using the Montex set)... V pleased with how it looks in the display cabinet alongside my recent 109 On deck now are the Wingnuts Se5a & ZM Pfeil as well as the (real!) '43 MB Willys I'm restoring in my garage Hope nobody minds me tacking a few in-progress pics & a jeep shot onto the end of my posting (?) Doug
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    Here we go ... Very impressive - The postage out of China collected 4th March ... arrived at my post office 10th March! I have already acquired the Trumpeter renditions of the Ju-87A and B ... Here's the Ju-87D and G ... Of course, with these there are the typical Trumpeter issues ... A couple of inaccuracies. Though in this instance I'm pretty sure that most can be worked out with a bit of parts swapping!! In a weird quirk ... the bomb load/crutch required for the D is in the B kit ... and vice-versa ... corrections to the shape issues in the B kit will come via Brian Fawcetts resin correction set. The G kit under-wing guns are handed ... which, of course, aren't on the real bird ... The D kit contains a repeat sprue for this (for whatever reason) - so I should (barring any weird fit issues) be able to pull the required correction from this kit. The D and G kits also contain some Gei├čkanne pods (suitable for a D-3) ... Those who know their Stuka's will remember that the earlier D variants had the shorter wingtips ... So a Hasegawa/Revell kit will be needed ... either to install this ordinance variation ... or for the wing tips, perhaps? Rog
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    I finished weathering the hull and gave it a light dull coat to seal things in. Today I stain-washed the deck; when the stain cures it will get a bit of weathering touch-up and a dull coat as well. I'm getting close to happy with the mast. It's not *completely* finished and the cotton flags I ordered have not yet arrived, so please forgive the state of the rigging - a bit of a tangeled mess at the moment! When the flags arrive, I'll finish the loop-and-toggle rigging and set the mast. I may yet move it behind the tiller - I'm completely undecided as of yet. It would be "correct" in either location, I just have to see which feels *right* next step... machinery
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    Hi Mark, very nice to see your Mosquito over here mate. It was very nice to meet you in real person today, and we had a nice chat. Congrats for you and your club mates for the very nice convention. Greetz Danny
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    Finally, after a long time doubt about to purchase one or not, i did it............ Want to make a Belgian Target towing Mosquito, so the extra decals that came with the kit was a nice surprise. For reference, i got me some books, two for the Mosquito (i know, the one isn't for the same type, but the Belgian Target towing device is explained in it.) and one to get some advice regarding bare metal painting. For the rest some materials, the perfect plastic putty (i heard a lot of positive comments about it, so time to try out.), some micro brushes, perfect for chipping effects, extra thing Tamiya cement quick setting and the new liquid chrome pen, something i really wanna try out. Greetz Danny
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    Well I am going to call this finished, Revell's bf 109 g6. Started early January, more pictures in finished work . sorry I've put this up so quickly. Thanks all, hope you enjoy this. Finished link http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/5088-revell-bf-109-g6-erich-hartmann/
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    Very very nice. Those Revell kits are a steal even with the few bits of am
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    Very nice indeed, you've produced an excellent result. The paint is excellent. Cheers Bevan
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    That really came out well, nicely done!
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    Great photos Danny. Really not sure what that little blue teddy is dreaming about though!?
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    Hi, I will start soon my own thread on my Phantom model, but just to complement the above, I post a couple of pictures of the pylon I obtained after some ours of cutting and filing. Just need to add the two little wings on the back end some refining. Alberto
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    Very nice result on the G6, heavily mottled and aged but not overdone. Not too many scratches, the ones which are there are in the right places. Congratulations to that worn fighter. Cheers Rob
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    I can see this is not helping, so I will not continue to comment on anyone else's completion rate.