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    Here are some quick phone pics of my completed 1/48 Tiffie. Hasegawa kit with Ultracast seat, wheels, prop, exhausts and Tempest tailplane. Also used were Aries gun bays, Master cannon barrels and avieologu decals (which were not pleasant to use). I scratched the cuckoo doors intake. This was on my bench for way too long so glad to move it onto the shelf. May just add some exhaust stains at some point.
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    This was to be a OOB build to settle my angst with some resin projects that were killing my mojo. As usual I cannot leave things alone. This is a great little kit with typical Tamiya engineering and fit. I did struggle with the landing gear assembly and the 3 piece canopy gave me fits. That said, I ended up using a vacuform canopy and scratch building the cockpit inner frame with .30mm styrene rod. Then the brake lines. Then the cockpit and bomb bay plumbing. Then the various PE enhancement. Then MV Lenses for recognition lights. I need help. Here is the WIP. Paint/Varnish/Wash/Pigment Mr Paint 120 PRU Blue Mr Paint 77 NATO Black (prop blades) Mr Paint 255 WWI Night Camo (prop hubs) Vallejo 306 Dark Rubber (tires) Vallejo Matt Varnish Tamiya XF-71 (interior) Alclad 101 Aluminum (wheel well doors & wheel hubs) MIG Panel Line 1603 Dark Sea Blue MIG Dark Wash MIG Russian Dirt, Rust, Smoke, Industrial, Concrete Pigments Aftermarket Goodies Rob-Taurus 48069 Vacuform Canopy/Nose UltraCast 48104 Exhaust UltraCast 48045 Tail Wheel UltraCast 48247 Standard Wheels Block Tread Eduard PE 49242 Mosquito B.Mk.IV/PR.Mk.IV MV Lenses 502 2.2mm dia Red, Green, Amber
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    Hola Senhoras? e Senhores, some little progress is made on my little Raiden project. The hull is closed and the wings are attached. I decieded against filling, because the fit was really good. The pit. Yeah I know the steering coloumn is broken. I will refit that with the pilot figure. Wheelstruts still need a little touchup. I used Bare Metal Foil for the first time. I'm not decieded about adding braking lines (OOB-build) I wasted no time with the engine just some silver and a wash, because you need a fibre optic to see anything of that. No modern art, theese are the exhausts. Sprayed in Alclad II 'Exhaust Manifold', dabbed in pigment fixer and then finished with rust, sand and smoke Pigments. Cheers Rob
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    Your Mossie is a true beauty and a nice color scheme for a change, congrats. Cheers Rob
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    Nice legs, a little bit skinny to my taste . There is another strange thing about your build. The picture of the wednesday post showed just one wing attached, there was still a little hope left. In the last picture there are two mounted wings, the series is broken, what happened to your wingless approach ? Cheers Rob
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    Today i received the new published Mirage 5 book. I all ready took a quick look inside and i must say i'm very impressed by the sheer quality of the book. This book put's the operational history in perspective of the Mirage 5BA/BD and BR in Belgium Air Force service. It count's 450 pages full of interesting info and lot's of photo's. Greetz Danny
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    Got this beauty also in my stash RichO, very interesting and beautiful German Scout. Greetz Danny
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    Visibly not a lot of progress but i spent long evenings careful dry fitting and sanding. Most challenging are the nose panels. Everything is smooth now but rescribing needs to be done. Resin is not my favourite material to work with, but I've learned to keep my patience... The wings fit nicely. That's a plus. The tail seems to slip on nicely too. The dark lines along the spine are not gaps but transparent superglue.
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    No comments on the best chipping method? Then I have to rely on my own method thinking . I will try to do the base chipping with liquid mask dabbed onto the silver primed fuselage and wings with a fine stiff brush. I try to empasis the spars and seamlines to do so, as to achieve a stressed surface effect. I deceided against the hairspray method, because I'm afraid of peeling to much paint of when masking with tape for later stages of painting. Raiden with goose skin: First paint for the pilot: Cheers Rob
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    I just got this little beauty a couple of weeks ago.
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    Thanks Everyone for following along. Hey, This is starting to get a bit fidgety. I have only managed to build the support frame for the water radiators. I wanted to get an idea of the size and location of things as I build. The Radiator rack is a flimsy frame that supports the water radiators and cages the engine. I got so involved with building this and doing the measerments as I went along, that I managed to get just one photo under construction. I did build a very basic engine place holder. I think this will be the engines bottom end. All placed on the frame so I can see what is actually going on. The Engine build continues. Thanks All...
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    Hey all, I am sure this has been covered here in depth, but, am just wondering if anything new has been made recently available for the HK Mosquito. After five Wingnuts kits in a row, I think I'm ready for a change of pace.... Cheers from NYC, Michael
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    Hello, I want to show you one more small kit of a construction vehicle. This time an old motor grader from Caterpillar, model number 12. It was built during world war two and still used long time after the war all around the world. The kit comes from Plus Model from Czech Rep. and is a multimedia kit consisting of resin, wire, etched parts and decals. Also included a CD-Rom with pictures of the kit and the original, a good mounting instruction and clear head lamps. Unfortunately the kit includes only decals and painting guide for two versions of the US Army - no civil one in the typical Caterpillar yellow which I will make ... First I have started with the frame, rear tandem-axle and the steering axle with the steering linkage, then the wheels. The engine is consisting of several small and smaller parts plus some photo etched parts. I think I will add some wire to it next to give it some more details ... Cheers Micha
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    Thank you coolbox and Tom, @ Tom: Is there a special question you have about my technique, a certain step in the painting process you want more detail about? The dials of the Raiden cockpit are depicted very clear and risen enough for detail painting, that makes it easier. I used the decals as a coloring guide. The most difficult part is to pick out the white dials. I did that before painting the light grey blendings, so a small dot of white in the wrong place can be corrected easily. I used a very fine brush 5/0 which was a little stiff on the tip. I painted half dry with a flat angle to not reach the black background of the dials. The last step is to dab a little bit of gloss varnish on the dials which enhances the contrast and gives a glasslike look. Cheers Rob
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    Completed this build a few weeks ago. Really sweet little kit!