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  1. Absolutely outstanding! Loving the finish on the black surfaces. How did you paint those?
  2. I'd rather live a quiet life than in a bitch-fest like a certain site seems to often descend into.
  3. I've never had anything borked in a WNW kit apart from some duff cabane struts on a D.VII. Those were so fragile. I must've reviewed dozens of different WNW and not seen anything like on this Mengnut kit.
  4. Glad I steered clear of this. Banana wings, bent undercarriage and wing struts and bent Spandau. Thick decals. Some of the stuff I've heard about this kit.
  5. It does, but that was more to bring reviews to the site and generate some traffic. We run on a dedicated server which uses SSD drives, plus we have software/renewal, theme and theme renewal costs, domains with privacy additions (GDPR put the price up for us with our domain host). Our little chunk of this with hosting comes out to around $300/yr. Since 2013, I've been pretty much paying the costs myself with the exception of HobbyZone who made a one-off donation to help out. Many thanks to those who have contributed. Everybody is free to use LSM without any donation, but ma
  6. If anything will tempt me to do a little plastic again, it'll be this. I've arranged for LSM to review this as soon as possible.
  7. It's legit. At the moment, I am supporting the costs of LSM, solely, so anything to help contribute will certainly be welcome for our running costs. Many thanks to those that have helped so far.
  8. Jim H

    New look

    Major update. If you follow topics, check your settings to make sure they default to 'unread content'.
  9. 1:32 Gloster Gladiator Mk.II ICM Catalogue # 32041 The Gloster Gladiator was a British-built biplane fighter. It was used by the Royal Air Force (RAF) and the Fleet Air Arm (FAA) (as the Sea Gladiator variant) and was exported to a number of other air forces during the late 1930s. Developed privately as the Gloster SS.37, it was the RAF's last biplane fighter aircraft and was rendered obsolete by newer monoplane designs even as it was being introduced. Though often pitted against more formidable foes during the early days of the Second World War, it acquitted itself reaso
  10. 1:48 Heinkel He 111Z-1 ‘Zwilling’ ICM Catalogue # 48260 The Heinkel He 111 was a German bomber aircraft designed by Siegfried and Walter Günter at Heinkel Flugzeugwerke in 1934. Through development it was described as a "wolf in sheep's clothing". Due to restrictions placed on Germany after the First World War prohibiting bombers, it masqueraded as a civil airliner, although from conception the design was intended to provide the nascent Luftwaffe with a fast, medium bomber. Perhaps the best-recognised German bomber due to the distinctive, extensively glazed "greenhouse" n
  11. I fast every day, between meals and snacks. Religiously.
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