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  1. Hello, the interior is painted... brown and black with a dark brown washing. The brakes are made of resin- and etched parts from the Hobby Design transkit and painted in Zero Paints carbon/ceramic grey. The brake saddles are painted in True Metals gold color and polished. The 20" Forgiato wheels from Hobby Design are painted in black and will be installed later. The body is painted in white, then the black areas. After a layer of clear coat the golden decals were added and fixed with two more layers clear coat (Mr Super Clear from the spray can). The windows with the black painted frames were installed, also the head lights and the rear lights. Next I will add the rear bumper and install everything on the chassis Cheers Micha
  2. Hello. all the kits parts of the underside of the hull are mounted and the holes for all the LED lamps drilled inside the hull. I have installed the wiring and the LED for testing .... lot of wires (without the LEDs for the engine). Next I will make the base and the stand which will include the wires then. ... and lights on for testing ... Some nice small figures are included with the kit, it is even possible to recognize the persons.... I will install Han Solo the captain, Chewbacca and on the seats behind C3P0 and Luke Skywalker. Cheers Micha
  3. Hello, the finished cockpit is installed in the two halfes of the hull... the hull glued together and the seam sanded smooth. The tail wheel area is also painted in interior green, the wheel itself follws later after the painting of the hull. The elevator unit is installed in lowered position and glued in place too. Next follow the two engines ... Cheers Micha
  4. Hello, Pfalz D.IIIa is finished. It is the wonderful 1/32 kit from Wingnut Wings, straight out of the box. The only replacement parts are Masters Gun barrels and mantlets, some turnbuckles from Gaspatch models and the rope is from EZ Line (fine). The decals are from the "Flying Circus" set from Wingnut Wings (separately available). The rest is all out of the box. I hope that you like it! Cheers Micha
  5. Hello, I have added some more parts and details on the lower part of the hull... the area around the engine is nearly finished ... For the illimination of the engine I have used the kits part (a box light part which is mounted behind the grille). I have removed the back of the boxand painted the rest in black. Then I have glued the clear resin parts at the backside of the frame (rest of the "box"). The box I have extended on the backside with plastic sheed about 1cm, parallel to the backside of the box. Then I have glued the blue LED-stripe on a plastic stripe in the high of the box. painted this and the extension in silver. The stripe with the LEDs Ihave glued on the backside of the box as back panel. I have used Tape to fix the back wall better and to close all remaining gaps. Then I have glued Aluminium foil with super glue all around the new "lightbox", the wires leaving the box on the side and will go through the hull later. That's how it looks like ... I think that this is ok ... I like it Cheers Micha
  6. Hello, here she is - the "Dottie Mae" called Republic P-47D Thunderbolt in 1/32 scale by Eduard. The kit is consisting of the plastic parts of the Hasegawa kit, plus Eduard Resin parts for the wheels, photo etched parts, masks and decals for three versions of the kit incl. a lot of stencils. The cockpit was made with the resin parts from Quickboost, the gun barrels are from Master Models. Painted with Tamiya's Aluminium, then sprayed each panel in variations of Vallejo's Metal Color series and clear coat. The interior is painted with colors from Lifecolor. Hope that you like the Dottie. Cheers. Micha
  7. Hello, the seat belts from Eduard/HGW are added. These are very funny to built. Small and smaller parts .... but the result is worth doing it, compared to etched parts. I have added a brown wash after it. Then I have put together all components of the interior .... Next follows the armament in front of the cockpit ... Cheers Micha
  8. Hello, after the mounting of the upper wing I have added the pipework between engine and wing, then started the rigging. The turnbuckles are from Gaspatch Models and glued in drilled holes. Once dry I have glued EZ-Line through the turnbuckles, stretched it and glued it in place. Some adjustment of the turnbuckles will follow. Next I will add the landing gear and the propeller ... Cheers Micha
  9. Hello, the Lamborghini Murcielago "Liberty Walk" is finished. The base kit is from Fujimi, the transkit from Eightyone81 and fits perfect. I tried the Vallejo Metal Colors here for the first time, mostly it works well, but there are some areas I am not 100% happy with ... Cheers Micha
  10. Hello, I have added some first detail parts on the underside of the Falcon. Some of these inserts were assembled separately, some piping added then inserted from the inside, glued and screwed (!). Here you could see the clear/blue resin parts for the engine which will replace the plastic parts of the kit. Next step will be the "lightbox" for the engine illumination ... Cheers Micha
  11. Hello, I have sprayed a first layer of white on the body. One more to follow, then the roof and the rear wing will get black painting. The interior is growing parallel ... Cheers Micha
  12. Hello, the decals of the airplane of Robert Berthold are done, a layer with clear coat fixed the decals and secure it for the weathering. A layer of black/brown oil color on everything followed, wiped away with a cloath after a few minutes. The rips of the wings were lightened with white pastells, then a layer of matt clear coat followed on everything ... Cheers Micha
  13. Hello, the Dottie received its final painting - the oive color on the upper side. A black washing followed, wiped away afterwards from front to back... The landing gear is test fitted, not finished and not finished in painting. Weathering missing. Some more weathering of the exhaust, etc follows next ... Cheers Micha
  14. Hello, The separately mounted assemblys were primered in black next. After that a glazing layer of Lifecolor's British Interior Green was sprayed on everything, keeping the black shining through as a kind of shadow. The green received some highlights and shadows with base color mixed with dark brown, and base color mixed with beige. After that all the small details were painted with a fine brush in its different colors... The displays were all added next. These were wonderful colored etched parts from Eduard, also the switches, levers, etc. Also some first decals were added now. A layer of matt clear coat on everyhing followed nedt to give the etched parts the same look as the painted ones. The matt surface received some shiny clear coat sprayed in a cloudy way on everything to give it a light shiny optic. Dark brown oil color washing over everything followed next and gave the parts a used optic. Black washing around the details accented these a bit more. All the displays received some dots of Micro Crystal Klear next to simulate the glass of the displays. Next follow the seats and the seat belts made of HGW's fabric and etched parts.... lot of small parts... The first of the two Rolls-Royce Merlin engines was built parallel. It is highly detailed and constsis of a lot of small and smalles, super detailed plastic parts. I love this engine! Tamiya also provides some etched parts for it, two further etched parts from Eduard immitate the wiring. More additional parts is not necessary.... Cheers Micha
  15. Hello, Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away . . . everybody knows this opera of the biggest space opera all the time: STAR WARS. I always thought about the wonderful spaceship of Han Solo which is the most beautiful space ship ever in my eyes... now I want to build the Falcon finally... in 1/72 scale from Revell's Master Series. The kit is equal to the Fine Molds kit with more then 900 parts. Additionally I will use the etched parts from Paragrafix, some 3D-printed parts for the guns, the cockpit and the antenna. The engine will receive some clear resin parts, the exhausts some resin updates as well. And ... the most important thing for the Falcon.... I will illuminate it. It is the first time I will do this ... So let's start... I began with the planning of the lights. Finally I have decided to go like this: Red = red LEDs (8), yellow = warm white LEDs (14), blue = cold white LEDs (5), light blue = LED strap for the engine (1), plus one blue LED and some fibre optics for the cockpit. Here we go with the LEDs marked on the hull (downside): Next I will add some details on the outside and inside of the bottom side of the ship, then I will drill the holes and make the wiring ... I hope you like the new project ... Cheers Micha