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  1. Hello, I have started the painting during the past few days ... First a rusty red primer on everything ..... then water.... and salt ... ... then the orange color ... ... Salt removed ... ... details brush painted and a first washing with a red brown wash from AK Interactive ... ... Now further parts will be added... further details painted (interior, chassis, engine), then one more washing, then dust and dirt Cheers Micha
  2. ... after a layer of clear coat the decals followed. As I want to built a Canadian version with wonderful nose art I chose some decals from the aftermarket. These fit perfect. Then feeled 1000s of stencils followed. Some were used from the Tamiya kit, some others from the aftermarket set as well. Now some drying time, then clear coat matt, then oil colors ... Cheers Micha
  3. Hello, my Millennium Falcon in scale 1/72 by Fine Molds / Revell (Master Class) is finished. The wonderful kit (more then 900 parts, great details!) receivied some clear blue resin made engine units and replacements for the exhaust nozzles. Further 3D-printed parts for the laser cannons and docking ports left/right and the cockpit. The photo etched parts from Paragrafix were used inside and outside as well and bring in some further great details. For the illumination I have used a blue LED-stripe for the engine, installed in a all around closed light box. Bright white and warm white LEDs and red LEDs are used on the outside of the ship, blinking fibreoptics and a blue "under floor" illumination in the cockpit. The base is a picture frame with a wooden plate on top, an aluminium pipe glued inside. The Falcon is removable. All wiring is under the base/inside the base, the cables run through the aluminium pipe from the ship under the base. Two switches on the side of the base (engine and other LEDs) swich the illumination on/off. I hope that you like the finished Falcon! I have enjoyed this project very much and I am shure that it was not my last Star Wars kit with illumination. Cheers, Micha
  4. Hello, I want to close this building report with a first night picture of the finished Millennium Falcon. Pictures of the finished Falcon will follow these days! I hope that you like it! Cheers Micha
  5. The Hungarian manufacturer Balaton Modell offers a wonderful, brand new kit of the Eastern Germany "Weimar T174-2" wheel excavator in 1/35. This is a small resin kit with photo etched parts and clear foil for the windows. The quality is very well so that the building is nearly like a "standard palstic kit". I have glued the most parts together, added some wiring and pipework on the boom. Some further pipes will follow after the painting. Cheers, MIcha
  6. Hello, I have finished the gun bay (bombs will follow later), also the engine covers were finished and added. These remain removable, mounted only with some magnets and clips. The landing flaps installed as well, also some bomb racks under the wings. Next step will be the masking of all open areas, so that the painting of the outside could follow next. The final details such as covers of the landing gear bay, the landing gear itself, cockpit, doors and further small stuff follows later. Cheers, Micha
  7. Hello, the Ferrari 458 in "Liberty Walk"- Outfit. 1/24 of Fujimi, transkit by Eigthyone81. Painted in color "Pink Pearl" of Zero Paints, Clearcoat Mr. Super Clear. Wheels of Eigthyone81, decals are from another kit. Cheers Micha
  8. Hi Parker. all are 3mm LEDs diameter, coming from Captain Jack Models. The Shapeways parts came very fast. Not longer then 1.5 week! I have drilled 3mm holes and inserted the LEDs from the inside as far as possible. The surface is nearly smooth, a little bit recessed. Cheers Michael
  9. Hello, the Falcon reached his final place. The base is made of a wooden plate with a wooden frame under it. Sanded and sprayed in glossy black. The switches for the lights are installed on the right side of the frame, all the wiring is inside the base, only the two connectors for the batteries are outside of the base. All cables between Falcon and base are going through the aluminium tube. Next following some drybrushing and last details ... Cheers Micha
  10. Hello, the main guns under the fuselage are finished, painted, weathered and installed in the weapons bay. The first washing is added as well (that's why it is looking glossy, wet). Next following the two bombs over the tank ... Cheers Micha
  11. Hello, some more updates of the weathering of the Falcon. First I have painted the exhausts with thinned black color with the airbrush in several thin layers. Black color was also used for other areas on the hull as well as on the damaged areas. With brown colors I have varied the color of the exhaust streaks, Tamiya Smoke was used for some further variations of the colors on the hull. A washing with black oil colors was used next on the complete hull, specially on the joints between the several plates on the hull. Clear coat matt came next on everything, then some black, brown, rusty and silver pigments. The two cannones were built and painted. I have used 3D printed cannons instead of the kit parts as these were much better deteailed. The frames of the windows were hand painted and weathered. Cheers Micha
  12. I have only painted the gun bay in white from the inside and will add some further weahtering on it later so that it would get a - maybe - beige final look I think ... The rest of the wings remains unpainted from the inside. Cheers MIchael
  13. Hello, The finished Rolls-Royce Merlin engines were installed into the engine mounts which were completely painted and weathered before. Some further pipes and details were added next. The wings were finished and some instruments for the cockpit added and detailed with Eduard's etched parts. The wings were screwed and glued to the hull next. It is a perfect fittment! After the installation of the wings the engine mounts were glued to the wings and further pipes between wing and engine added. Next will be the gun mounts on the lower side of the fuselage ... Cheers Micha
  14. Hello, first the frames of the cockpit windows were painted, then the window parts were glued over the cockpit. A first layer of primer over the shapeways parts followed next so that the colors will adhere better on these parts... Next I have added a lot of black pre-shading on the complete falcon which will remain visible under the final painting .. The final painting is consisting of a mixture of white, buff and dark grey and a lot of thinner sprayed over the falcon in thin layers, remaining the preshading visible. The decals followed next... yellow, dark grey and red colored decals on the upper and lowered side of the hull. I do not know why, but the red decals were horor. They crumbled at every corner, no matter how much of softener was used .... Next followed some clear coart to protect the decals for the weathering... Cheers Micha
  15. Hello, the engines are finished and the etched parts added. The etched wirings received some white glue on it to get some thickness. The finished engines were airbrush painted in black, then received some washings in dark red and beige. Then some silver pigments were added on the complete engines ... some leaking oil follows later. The parts for the engine mounts were painted separately, then the engine mounts were put together and weathered with oil colors, then the engines installed (glued at the front, screwed at the back). Some further parts, wiring and small stuff will follow ... The wings were put together, etched parts for the engine cooler added and painted in green, white and dark grey/silver mix. After that all weathered also with some oil washings. Cheers Micha