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  1. Hello, the mesh is a standard sheet of aluminium mesh, bought at German online shop www.modulor.de and cut in the correct sizes.
  2. Hello everybody, I think I call this one done ... Hope that you like it! Cheers Micha
  3. Hello everybody, here are some pictures of the finished P-40 "Longtrack"-radar ("Bronja") in scale 1:35. The mode is based on the AT-T ofTrumpeter, in combination with the conversion set of Panzershop for the P-40 including resin and a huge quantity of photo etched parts. Additionally used the engine cooler set of Panzershop, photo etched parts of Voyager, brass pipes (Antenna), new engine of MiniArt, Antenna bases of Panzerart and metal tracks of Friul. Further pipe works, handles and more was made of wire, different other details added scratch. The finished model was published in magazine "Scale Military Model International" and"Model Military International" Cheers Michael
  4. Good morning,

      Excellent work on the M911 and was wondering if you have any more updates. I have just bought the model my self and looking at yours to get some tips and inspiration for the build.


    Kind regards   Dave

  5. Hello everybody. the ZiL-157 with crane of the manufacturer Bleichert is finished. The base kit of the ZiL is a Trumpeter kit, the Conversion-Kit of the crane is of Z+Z Exclusive Modell. Further resin wheels of SKP, as well as some wiring is used ... I hope that you like it. Cheers Micha
  6. Hello everybody, the small transporter UAZ-452D "Golovastik" in 1:35 of the Ukrainian manufacturer AMG Models. It is a great little kit consisting of plastic parts, etched parts and rubber tires. Cheers Micha
  7. Hello everybody. The Caterpillar D9 heavy bulldozer in scale 1:35. Based on the fantastic kit of the armored Bulldozer of Meng Models. Several parts replaced, made new or modified. Plus metal tracks, etched parts, new decals, lights, .... I hope that you like it! Cheers Micha
  8. Hello, the Soviet Road Roller DU-11 in scale 1/35 of Red Iron Models:
  9. Hello, Unimog U1300 as mooring vehicle of the Bremer/Bremerhavener mooring company "FESTMA" Based on the old Revell kit with wheels of Def.Models. Rest - scratch built.
  10. Hello, the Weimar-loader T-174 "Fortschritt" in scale 1/35 of Balaton Modell:
  11. Hello, one first picture of the finished IFA W50 "Kipper":
  12. Hello, and one more Soviet excavator ... some resin parts, some wire .... Cheers Michael
  13. Hello, one new project .... the heavy Soviet dozer DET-250 in 1/35. It is a multimedia kit of Red Iron Models. Chassis Tracks - very great! Click together, full workable! Interior with lot of wire .... Engine hood Actual situation: Cheers, Michael
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