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  1. Hello, I want to show you one more small kit of a construction vehicle. This time an old motor grader from Caterpillar, model number 12. It was built during world war two and still used long time after the war all around the world. The kit comes from Plus Model from Czech Rep. and is a multimedia kit consisting of resin, wire, etched parts and decals. Also included a CD-Rom with pictures of the kit and the original, a good mounting instruction and clear head lamps. Unfortunately the kit includes only decals and painting guide for two versions of the US Army - no civil one in the typical Caterpillar yellow which I will make ... First I have started with the frame, rear tandem-axle and the steering axle with the steering linkage, then the wheels. The engine is consisting of several small and smaller parts plus some photo etched parts. I think I will add some wire to it next to give it some more details ... Cheers Micha
  2. A very small base will follow... that's it
  3. Hello, I have added some further parts to the star destroyer. Mainly the side panels between upper and lower hull as well as further details on the super structure. The rear part of the main ship is glued to the lower hull and the engines from Falcon3D added. These are very good quality, although the big engines were deformed a little bit (egg-like). A bath in hot water brought these back in the correct round shape now. Now it is time for drilling holes, holes and more holes for the lights ... Cheers Micha
  4. Hello, the beauty is finished ... I love the Mosquito as one of the most beautifully shaped airplanes ever.... she has a kind of elegance in her shape ... Kit is from Tamiya in 1/32 with many, many parts, great fit, great quality, great details, great manuals, great ..... a fantastic kit of a huge model! I have added some photo etched parts from Eduard, some new decals for the stencils and markings (Canadian Airforce with beautiful nose art) and some resin parts. Painting was done with Lifecolor-colors mainly, plus AK Interactive. Weathering with oil colors, pigments, ... I hope that you like it! Cheers Micha
  5. Hello, she is finished .... More pictures in the gallery! Thank you so much for watching it and all your comments! Cheers Michael
  6. Hello, some small update for the Hitachi excavator. The kit is mostly assembled and the details painted .... Undercarriage ... Bucket: Interior: Superstructure: I also started the weathering with some first washings with oil colors and Washes of AK Interactive: Next follow some pigments, oil, dust, dirt and a small base ... Cheers Michael
  7. Hello @ all, Until my super star destroyer of the Executor-class arrived from customs I will start the "smaller" version of the Imperior I-class ship first. This is the brand new kit from Zvezda (reboxed from Revell). Additionally I will use some resin parts for the engines etc., plus some LEDs and fibreoptics for complete illumination. But first thing I did was assembling the two upper and two lower parts of the hull, adding some wall parts. Some further wall parts between the upper and lower hull will follow and glued to the lower hull. The "roof"-parts will follow later once the electric is finished. First I will ahve to drill many, many, small and smaller holes for the fibre optics .... Cheers Micha
  8. Hello, as a contrast to the old excavator Weimar I will make a 2nd construction vehicle. This time the brand new Hasegawa kit of the modern Hitachi Zaxis 135US tracked excavator. The kit comes with lot of wonderful made parts in several colors, decals, flexible plstic parts for the hydraulic pipes, pipe material, clear parts, flexible tracks. First I have assembled the undercarriage except the front wheel which is mounted only with a spring and tension the track later. The pusher blade was mounted and everything was painted in black, decals added, clear coat and some hydraulic pipes added. The blade was sprayed in iron color on the lower side for further weathering. The interior is assembled completely except the backrest of the seat. Then painted in light grey, floor black and seat in blue. Decals and clear coat followed ... weathering next. The parts for the super strucure are orange and grey plastic. I have assembled as fast as possible all grey parts and all orange parts before painting. The grey parts were painted in German Grey, the orange parts in Mr.Hobby's Orange color as mentioned in the painting guide, but I have added some drops of red color to darken the orange a little bit. After the drying of the colors I have assembled most of the superstructure, added the pipes and the decals before fixing everything with clear coat. The bucket was painted in rusty brown color first, then the mouting in orange. Some Heavy Chipping Medium sprayed on it and a silver color airbrushed next. With some warm water and a bristle brush I have removed most of the silver color and added one further layer of heavy chipping medium. Next will be a layer of orange color again which I will mostly remove as well ... So far for the moment ... Cheers Micha
  9. Hello @ all, the finished Weimar excavator will ge a small base to stand on... a white frame, some wood filler and sand .... then some painting and some grass ... The excavator itself received some further weathering with oil colors, liquid pigments of Lifecolor, pigments for dust and dirt. Leaking oil and grease is made with Tamiya Smoke and dark brown oil color ... Hope that you like it! Cheers Micha
  10. Hello @ all, the Mosquito recieved its undercarriage... silver painted with black and brown oil colors. The multipiece wheels were painted in dark rubber, then dusted with grey and beige pigments. The bombs were painted in olive green, then lightend with yellow, then decals and clear coat and oil colors ... then mounting. Some etched parts still missing on the pics. The propellers were glued togehter, then the tops painted in a light yellow and masked before the rest received its black paint. The spinners were painted in silver, the covers in light grey as the rest of the fuselage. Some silver scratches and damages were added with a sponge and some oil color was used for weathering. After that all the removable parts were mounted, engines closed for the moment and the exhaust gas sprayed with the airbrush and black, grey and brown colors. Cheers Micha
  11. Thanks a lot!
  12. Hello, I have started the painting during the past few days ... First a rusty red primer on everything ..... then water.... and salt ... ... then the orange color ... ... Salt removed ... ... details brush painted and a first washing with a red brown wash from AK Interactive ... ... Now further parts will be added... further details painted (interior, chassis, engine), then one more washing, then dust and dirt Cheers Micha
  13. ... after a layer of clear coat the decals followed. As I want to built a Canadian version with wonderful nose art I chose some decals from the aftermarket. These fit perfect. Then feeled 1000s of stencils followed. Some were used from the Tamiya kit, some others from the aftermarket set as well. Now some drying time, then clear coat matt, then oil colors ... Cheers Micha
  14. Hello, my Millennium Falcon in scale 1/72 by Fine Molds / Revell (Master Class) is finished. The wonderful kit (more then 900 parts, great details!) receivied some clear blue resin made engine units and replacements for the exhaust nozzles. Further 3D-printed parts for the laser cannons and docking ports left/right and the cockpit. The photo etched parts from Paragrafix were used inside and outside as well and bring in some further great details. For the illumination I have used a blue LED-stripe for the engine, installed in a all around closed light box. Bright white and warm white LEDs and red LEDs are used on the outside of the ship, blinking fibreoptics and a blue "under floor" illumination in the cockpit. The base is a picture frame with a wooden plate on top, an aluminium pipe glued inside. The Falcon is removable. All wiring is under the base/inside the base, the cables run through the aluminium pipe from the ship under the base. Two switches on the side of the base (engine and other LEDs) swich the illumination on/off. I hope that you like the finished Falcon! I have enjoyed this project very much and I am shure that it was not my last Star Wars kit with illumination. Cheers, Micha
  15. Hello, I want to close this building report with a first night picture of the finished Millennium Falcon. Pictures of the finished Falcon will follow these days! I hope that you like it! Cheers Micha