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  1. Hello, some more updates of the weathering of the Falcon. First I have painted the exhausts with thinned black color with the airbrush in several thin layers. Black color was also used for other areas on the hull as well as on the damaged areas. With brown colors I have varied the color of the exhaust streaks, Tamiya Smoke was used for some further variations of the colors on the hull. A washing with black oil colors was used next on the complete hull, specially on the joints between the several plates on the hull. Clear coat matt came next on everything, then some black, brown, rusty and silver pigments. The two cannones were built and painted. I have used 3D printed cannons instead of the kit parts as these were much better deteailed. The frames of the windows were hand painted and weathered. Cheers Micha
  2. I have only painted the gun bay in white from the inside and will add some further weahtering on it later so that it would get a - maybe - beige final look I think ... The rest of the wings remains unpainted from the inside. Cheers MIchael
  3. Hello, The finished Rolls-Royce Merlin engines were installed into the engine mounts which were completely painted and weathered before. Some further pipes and details were added next. The wings were finished and some instruments for the cockpit added and detailed with Eduard's etched parts. The wings were screwed and glued to the hull next. It is a perfect fittment! After the installation of the wings the engine mounts were glued to the wings and further pipes between wing and engine added. Next will be the gun mounts on the lower side of the fuselage ... Cheers Micha
  4. Hello, first the frames of the cockpit windows were painted, then the window parts were glued over the cockpit. A first layer of primer over the shapeways parts followed next so that the colors will adhere better on these parts... Next I have added a lot of black pre-shading on the complete falcon which will remain visible under the final painting .. The final painting is consisting of a mixture of white, buff and dark grey and a lot of thinner sprayed over the falcon in thin layers, remaining the preshading visible. The decals followed next... yellow, dark grey and red colored decals on the upper and lowered side of the hull. I do not know why, but the red decals were horor. They crumbled at every corner, no matter how much of softener was used .... Next followed some clear coart to protect the decals for the weathering... Cheers Micha
  5. Hello, the engines are finished and the etched parts added. The etched wirings received some white glue on it to get some thickness. The finished engines were airbrush painted in black, then received some washings in dark red and beige. Then some silver pigments were added on the complete engines ... some leaking oil follows later. The parts for the engine mounts were painted separately, then the engine mounts were put together and weathered with oil colors, then the engines installed (glued at the front, screwed at the back). Some further parts, wiring and small stuff will follow ... The wings were put together, etched parts for the engine cooler added and painted in green, white and dark grey/silver mix. After that all weathered also with some oil washings. Cheers Micha
  6. Once everything is finished in the inside of the hull the upper hull was put on top.... testing, some wires putting in place.... testing, some plastic removing from the lower side of the upper hull at the center of it .... testing ... fits. The upper side was mounted on the lower one with scews... then the lights tested again ... works. After that I have added all the side panels full of added details and the upper part of the cockpit. The docking ports left and right were replaced with 3D-printed parts, painted also black from the inside. Also the radar on the top and the engine nozzles were 3D-printed parts with correct size and better details. The engine will receive some etched grills later after the primering. With the Dremel I have added some damages as it is seen in several pictures of the movie ... some holes on the upper side nect to the radar, some scratches on the lower side.... Now everything is ready for some first primering Cheers Micha
  7. Once all the glue was set I have painted also the plastic pipes and the filled white glue in black.... Now there is no chance for any light shining somewhere where it is not planned A testing and everything works as it should Also the LEDs for the cockpit were added now, the lower cockpit area glued to the lower part of the hull.
  8. Hello, after having added all parts as far as necessary I have sprayed the inside of upper and lower hull in black before gluing the LEDs in the holws with white glue. Around every LED I have added a piece of plastic pipe which was glued in place and filled with white glue from the top side... Then the lightbox for the engine was installed... ... and all wires put together.... finally, there will be four wires going out from a hole in the center of the bottom, inside the display stand... Before having installed the lightbox, the rear side of the hull was painted already ...
  9. Hello, I want to show you the finished Lamborghini Huracán "Liberty Walk" in 1/24 by Aoshima, plus the transkit from Hobby Design, plus Forgiato 20" wheels also by Hobby Design... I hope you like it ... And a small comparison - Lamborghini Huracán and Lamborghini Huracán "Liberty Walk" ... Cheers Micha
  10. Hello, I started with the wings internal structure and wheel bays ... painting later ... Cheers Micha
  11. Hello, the interior is painted... brown and black with a dark brown washing. The brakes are made of resin- and etched parts from the Hobby Design transkit and painted in Zero Paints carbon/ceramic grey. The brake saddles are painted in True Metals gold color and polished. The 20" Forgiato wheels from Hobby Design are painted in black and will be installed later. The body is painted in white, then the black areas. After a layer of clear coat the golden decals were added and fixed with two more layers clear coat (Mr Super Clear from the spray can). The windows with the black painted frames were installed, also the head lights and the rear lights. Next I will add the rear bumper and install everything on the chassis Cheers Micha
  12. Hello. all the kits parts of the underside of the hull are mounted and the holes for all the LED lamps drilled inside the hull. I have installed the wiring and the LED for testing .... lot of wires (without the LEDs for the engine). Next I will make the base and the stand which will include the wires then. ... and lights on for testing ... Some nice small figures are included with the kit, it is even possible to recognize the persons.... I will install Han Solo the captain, Chewbacca and on the seats behind C3P0 and Luke Skywalker. Cheers Micha
  13. Hello, the finished cockpit is installed in the two halfes of the hull... the hull glued together and the seam sanded smooth. The tail wheel area is also painted in interior green, the wheel itself follws later after the painting of the hull. The elevator unit is installed in lowered position and glued in place too. Next follow the two engines ... Cheers Micha
  14. Hello, Pfalz D.IIIa is finished. It is the wonderful 1/32 kit from Wingnut Wings, straight out of the box. The only replacement parts are Masters Gun barrels and mantlets, some turnbuckles from Gaspatch models and the rope is from EZ Line (fine). The decals are from the "Flying Circus" set from Wingnut Wings (separately available). The rest is all out of the box. I hope that you like it! Cheers Micha
  15. Hello, I have added some more parts and details on the lower part of the hull... the area around the engine is nearly finished ... For the illimination of the engine I have used the kits part (a box light part which is mounted behind the grille). I have removed the back of the boxand painted the rest in black. Then I have glued the clear resin parts at the backside of the frame (rest of the "box"). The box I have extended on the backside with plastic sheed about 1cm, parallel to the backside of the box. Then I have glued the blue LED-stripe on a plastic stripe in the high of the box. painted this and the extension in silver. The stripe with the LEDs Ihave glued on the backside of the box as back panel. I have used Tape to fix the back wall better and to close all remaining gaps. Then I have glued Aluminium foil with super glue all around the new "lightbox", the wires leaving the box on the side and will go through the hull later. That's how it looks like ... I think that this is ok ... I like it Cheers Micha