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  1. Hello, here are some pictures of the British WW1 tank Mark "A" Whippet in scale 1/35 by Meng Models. Built without any additional parts, only some rope at the exhaust added. I hope that you like it! ... the tank on its final base .... ... and some details ... I hope you like it! Cheers Micha
  2. I think it is done... after several years of working on the big "Dora" in scale 1/35 from Soar ART Workshop, several pauses, restarts and lot of modifications and work on that big thing... a great kit, but also some problems, mistakes or wrong sizes ... All together the final kit is a giant... and looking amazing. But for its high price I would have expected some less mistakes in the kit ... and some parts with more details ... But with some additional work it will become a great, impressive gun model ..... First I want to show you a short survey of what I have used and what I have done to the kit .... Which additional material have I used? And for what? - plastic stripes, profiles, ... in different shapes and sizes for the new walk ways, the frames under it, for detailing other parts, for hand rails and ladders. - brass pipes for walkways, aluminium profiles to strenghten the modified gun barrel from the inside, for other detail works - foto etched parts from other kits or with additional stuff such as hand rails, switches, mesh, used all around the kit from different brands and scales... - buffers from RB Modells (turned brass) for each wagon - balsa wood for the floor of each wagon - wire in different diamaters and material - ammo shells made of Aluminium from Schatton models - figures from Masterbox ("Women at War"),, Trumpeter ("German artillery crew", 2x "German railroad gun crew"), MiniArt ("German Artillery Crew", "German Tank Crew Normandy 1944"), ICM ("German Staff Personnel", "German armed vehicle crew") - wire rope for the elevators - chain in different sizes - food and bags from Reality in Scale - and some other stuff which I had as left from other kits Which colors have I used? - the main painting was done with German Grey from Tamiya, highlights and shadows were made with different lighter greys from Tamiya and Lifecolor - the bare steel on the wagons was painted in dark iron from Tamiya - the wooden floor was painted in oil colors, then German Grey and salt used for the used surface - details of the hole kit were painted mainly with different colors from Lifecolor - bare metal at the gun was made with rub'n buff and polishing powder from Uschi v.d. Rosten - Weathering was done with different oil colors, washes and filters from AK Interactive - clear coat matt and shiny from AK Interactive and Valleyo - figures were painted in colors from Lifecolor, Tamiya and Revell Aqua - bare metal at hand rails, used areas, ... was made with a graphit pensil and stell powder from Uschi rubbed with a finger ... The main areas which I have modified, the main changes which I did ... - the kit provides 4 wagons which was wrong. I have divided each in two and made all together 8 single wagons as base for the gun - the wooden floors of the wagons was made with balsa wood instead of the plastic parts - turned brass buffers from RB Models were used instead of the plastic parts - all walkways were made new with plastic profiles, brass stripes and pipes and aluminium mesh as new floor - all hand rails were lowered 1cm or - if two parallel handrails 0,5cm under and 0,5cm over the middle horizontal part - all ladders and steps were modified and corrected in their size - the gun barrel was cut in different sections, each shortend and corrected in length and form... installed aluminium parts to strengthen the new gun barrel - the engine room was modified, walkway, additional exhaust on top, modified exhausts on the under side and a full engine inside, visible through the open hatches - modification of the cable winches of the elevators and the crane hooks - new ammo made of turned aluminium in correct size and shape - modification and detailing of the loading mechanism on the upper plattform - several details added which were missing in the kit or not correct - made completely new decals on the computer, printed and added .... - and lot of more.... If you want to see more about the making of the kit please have a look at my website were I have explained everything in detail with lot of pictures. I hope that you like the result .... ... some details ... Oh.... I think these were lot of pictures.... I am sorry for that Thank you so much for your interest in this project! Cheers, Micha
  3. Hello, my finished G6 "Rhino" in 1/35 scale by Takom. It is a huge kit and a huge car... I hope that you like it! Cheers, Micha
  4. Hello, one last update before I go to summer vacation for the next two weeks (then only summer, sun, beach, ocean, bike, drinks, food, ... ) Most of the kit's parts are glued together, it is ready for beginning the painting now .... Cheers Micha
  5. Hello, the Soviet Road Roller DU-11 in scale 1/35 of Red Iron Models:
  6. Hello, Unimog U1300 as mooring vehicle of the Bremer/Bremerhavener mooring company "FESTMA" Based on the old Revell kit with wheels of Def.Models. Rest - scratch built.
  7. Hello, the Weimar-loader T-174 "Fortschritt" in scale 1/35 of Balaton Modell:
  8. The Hungarian manufacturer Balaton Modell offers a wonderful, brand new kit of the Eastern Germany "Weimar T174-2" wheel excavator in 1/35. This is a small resin kit with photo etched parts and clear foil for the windows. The quality is very well so that the building is nearly like a "standard palstic kit". I have glued the most parts together, added some wiring and pipework on the boom. Some further pipes will follow after the painting. Cheers, MIcha
  9. IFA W50 "dumper" - 1/35 by Balaton Modell

    Hello, one first picture of the finished IFA W50 "Kipper":
  10. Hello, the beauty is finished ... I love the Mosquito as one of the most beautifully shaped airplanes ever.... she has a kind of elegance in her shape ... Kit is from Tamiya in 1/32 with many, many parts, great fit, great quality, great details, great manuals, great ..... a fantastic kit of a huge model! I have added some photo etched parts from Eduard, some new decals for the stencils and markings (Canadian Airforce with beautiful nose art) and some resin parts. Painting was done with Lifecolor-colors mainly, plus AK Interactive. Weathering with oil colors, pigments, ... I hope that you like it! Cheers Micha
  11. Hello, the Caterpillar D6K dozer is completed .... 1/35 scale model by MMK Models from Czech Republic. Lot of resin parts, 3 frets photo etched parts, clear foil, decals and wire .... I hope that you like it! Cheers Michael
  12. Hello, and one more Soviet excavator ... some resin parts, some wire .... Cheers Michael
  13. Hello, one new project .... the heavy Soviet dozer DET-250 in 1/35. It is a multimedia kit of Red Iron Models. Chassis Tracks - very great! Click together, full workable! Interior with lot of wire .... Engine hood Actual situation: Cheers, Michael
  14. IFA W50 "dumper" - 1/35 by Balaton Modell

    Hello, some little progress at the IFA. First I have finished the dumper and installed it on the frame of the truck. Some weathering followed. Some cargo was added, namely the concrete mixer from Plus Model, painted and weathered, some painted wood and two plastic barrels ... The cab received the outside mirrors, lamps and a single frame at the center of the front window, which is missing in the kit. Now some further details followed on the cargo bay ... and some last touches ... Cheers Micha
  15. IFA W50 "dumper" - 1/35 by Balaton Modell

    Hello, some more work ... a bit of weathering, the windows added, the cab mounted .... Cheers Micha
  16. Hello, this is my new project: Tamiya's wonderful kit of the De Havilland Mosquito Fb. MK VI in big scale 1/32. The kit consists of more then 690 plastic parts, 2 frets of photo etched parts, two sheets with decals, screws, magnetos, optional clear engine covers, big mounting instruction and info booklets.... a huge kit with so many wonderful small details... and small and smaller parts Additionally I will use the photo etched parts from Eduard for the exterieur, and some colored ones for the interior. Also the fabric seat belts and masks for the canopy, some brass barrels for the guns and the Eduard resin kits of the Brassin series for the two gun mounts as I want to show these partly in open position. Some additional decals for the stencils and some new markings with wonderful nose art are plannes as well .... I hope that this is an interesting new project for you! Cheers Michael
  17. Thanks a lot mates
  18. Hello, I want to show you one more small kit of a construction vehicle. This time an old motor grader from Caterpillar, model number 12. It was built during world war two and still used long time after the war all around the world. The kit comes from Plus Model from Czech Rep. and is a multimedia kit consisting of resin, wire, etched parts and decals. Also included a CD-Rom with pictures of the kit and the original, a good mounting instruction and clear head lamps. Unfortunately the kit includes only decals and painting guide for two versions of the US Army - no civil one in the typical Caterpillar yellow which I will make ... First I have started with the frame, rear tandem-axle and the steering axle with the steering linkage, then the wheels. The engine is consisting of several small and smaller parts plus some photo etched parts. I think I will add some wire to it next to give it some more details ... Cheers Micha
  19. Hello, pictures of the finished Motor Grader 12 of Caterpillar in 1/35 by Plus Model: I hope you like it!
  20. IFA W50 "dumper" - 1/35 by Balaton Modell

    Hello, the cab is painted and sealed with a layer of clear coat, ready for weathering now. The chassis also assembled, tires painted and wheels mounted (front wheels in steered position). Now also ready for the weathering.
  21. Hello, the dozer is mainly completed. The parts are all glued in place and most of the painting is done. Some small details are missing and some weathering effects will follow. A small base also comes later ... But first - summer vacation Cheers Micha
  22. Hello, pictures of the finished Soviet Dozer DT-74 in 1/35 by Baluard Modell. I hope you like it!
  23. Hello, here is a preview of the finished Weimar ... More pictures follow later Cheers Michael
  24. Hello, the motor grader is mostly finished now. Some last details need to be done, also the base which I have begun needs some further work... But before I could go on I will leave to summer vacatiln now Cheers, Micha
  25. Hello, as a contrast to the old excavator Weimar I will make a 2nd construction vehicle. This time the brand new Hasegawa kit of the modern Hitachi Zaxis 135US tracked excavator. The kit comes with lot of wonderful made parts in several colors, decals, flexible plstic parts for the hydraulic pipes, pipe material, clear parts, flexible tracks. First I have assembled the undercarriage except the front wheel which is mounted only with a spring and tension the track later. The pusher blade was mounted and everything was painted in black, decals added, clear coat and some hydraulic pipes added. The blade was sprayed in iron color on the lower side for further weathering. The interior is assembled completely except the backrest of the seat. Then painted in light grey, floor black and seat in blue. Decals and clear coat followed ... weathering next. The parts for the super strucure are orange and grey plastic. I have assembled as fast as possible all grey parts and all orange parts before painting. The grey parts were painted in German Grey, the orange parts in Mr.Hobby's Orange color as mentioned in the painting guide, but I have added some drops of red color to darken the orange a little bit. After the drying of the colors I have assembled most of the superstructure, added the pipes and the decals before fixing everything with clear coat. The bucket was painted in rusty brown color first, then the mouting in orange. Some Heavy Chipping Medium sprayed on it and a silver color airbrushed next. With some warm water and a bristle brush I have removed most of the silver color and added one further layer of heavy chipping medium. Next will be a layer of orange color again which I will mostly remove as well ... So far for the moment ... Cheers Micha