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  1. I found myself incredibly aroused for some strange reason.....
  2. I'll third that. Tedious but worth it.
  3. Wow, some really outstanding work there!
  4. Looking for some advice. Used these for the first time and my usual method of hitting them with the hair dryer and then a little Mr. Mark Softer didn't work too well. Any input on getting good results with these?
  5. Well, I believe we already have a 1/48 entry so I'd say yeah, open to all scales this time around.
  6. Really looking good!
  7. Me too! Maybe it's something in the beer down there, what do you guys drink?
  8. That folks, is how you do it and why Bevan is one of the top Luftwaffe modelers out there!
  9. Excellent work (as always), Bevan! How posting up the pics of that gorgeous G-10 you did too!
  10. trumpeter

    My favorite piece that you've done by a country mile, superb work your Royal Baldness!
  11. That is really impressive, outstanding work!
  12. That really came out well, nicely done!
  13. Very nice!