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  1. Thanks, Martin! I wonder if the crews continued to wear the U-Boat leathers into the summer, I'm guessing not.
  2. OK, this one I'll be starting from the beginning on! This is the new tool Academy Pz. IVH, looks like a nice kit and most of the reviews of I've read have been favorable. I'll probably pick up a metal barrel for it and a couple of minor things but I don't think it will need a whole lot of add-ons. I'll be doing this vehicle, "Panzers in the Bocage" identifies it as a "J" model but other sources says an "H" so "H" it is for my purposes:
  3. I'm inclined to go with 02, 74, 75 but that darkest color almost looks like it could be 70. The joys of trying to interpret from B&W photos!
  4. Here's one that might be interesting: Can't find a kit of the 25 mm Hotchkiss but the Japanese Type 96 AA gun was a license built copy of the Hotchkiss gun. Shapeways does one in 3D print that could be adapted to a single mount. Would definitely be unique!
  5. Here's the current state of the beast. Ready for weathering, I'll try to refrain from any more work until the official start date, no promises though!
  6. Guys, please note that I've changed the start date to 1 June. Already getting quite a bit of interest so no need to delay it too much!
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