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  1. Mikester

    Leopard 2A4M

  2. Mikester

    Jug-gernaut P47D in NMF

    Wow, that NMF really looks good!
  3. Mikester

    Short Sunderland MkII

  4. Mikester

    Operation "Torch" questions

    Sometimes, the MG 151 wing gun pods were removable and would be put on or taken off depending on mission requirements.
  5. Profimodeller does a set, I was just hoping to get a freebie, oh well!
  6. Harv, the "E" Trop doesn't have them either (I have two in the stash). I think it's just the one boxing of the D that has them.
  7. Mikester

    Soo.... What did you just get???

    Yeah it was nice car, fun to drive. IIRC the clutch was horrible though, so stiff that getting stuck in traffic meant a charley-horse in your left leg! Mine was silver with gray and black stripes, think I still have a pic (that one I posted was just pulled from a Google search).
  8. Mikester

    2018 In Review

    Well I tripled my 2017 output but that's not saying much! More bench time this past year though and a couple nearing completion, so all in all a good year for modeling. Happy New Year!
  9. Mikester

    MY 2018 builds

    Great work, John. I wish I was as productive!
  10. Mikester

    Ju 88 fever, I think it's goin' around...

    I was not aware of that, very cool! If I start saving now maybe I can afford it when it's released!
  11. Mikester

    Thoughts on MRP vs Mission Model Paints

    Jeff, I'd give Mission Models a go if you're interested in switching. I've done a lot of research over the past few days and have seen nothing but good feedback on them.
  12. Mikester

    How to Post Photos

    David, how big is the pic? I tried adding another photo to mine for a test and it doesn't show up either so it may be too large. Try something about the size of mine.
  13. Mikester

    Soo.... What did you just get???

    I had an '83 RX-7 from "85-'88, great car loved it!
  14. Mikester

    If you haven’t yet, then BUY THIS TOOL!

    Frank, I've ordered stuff directly from the RB website and never had any issues.