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  1. mikester

    One other thing I love about LSM.

    If you're crazy enough to build a 1/48 B-36 you deserve all the encouragement you can get!
  2. mikester

    I'm a bad boy

    Per Plasticdoc's request, I have banned his account. This was done so his posts would remain intact. He's always welcome to re-activate his account if he so chooses.
  3. mikester

    I'm a bad boy

    We can certainly accommodate your request to delete your account, I'm not sure if that will leave your posts intact but I'll make every effort to make sure they stay up if possible. Now I'm going to break out my big Admin stick and say this; if you're an individual that's coming here for the sole purpose of perpetuating the falling out that occurred between some former members of LSP and the staff there you'll find your time here at LSM will be very short lived. I couldn't care less if you feel compelled to defend the honor of another site or not. I had a PM with a member of the LSP staff who I like and respect and I told him that I have no idea what the origins of this schism were, nor do I care and that remains a fact. As Jeroen stated this thread was a chance for some people to blow off some steam and was closely followed by our staff to ensure that things didn't get out of hand. It had turned into a "squirrel fest" until some people felt compelled to "set the record straight". Let me be very clear, the moderating team here is not going to go there. If you prefer posting at LSP and find the atmosphere there more to your liking, by all means post there. I've been a member there for many years and it's a great site with a lot of great modelers. LSM is not LSP however, we have our own philosophy and if what we find acceptable is not to your liking please feel free to delete your account and move on, we'll hold no ill will towards if you decide to do so.
  4. mikester

    Group Builds

    The last board upgrade had a few hiccups, we'll look into this.
  5. mikester

    Stug iii-0 series

    Good review and off to a good start!
  6. mikester

    Trumpeter 1/32 Ju 87G

    Great subject an great start!
  7. I can move this thread to the GB thread if you'd like. Grand prize is a HK 1/32 Lancaster so go for it!
  8. Excellent work! Carl, you should really consider entering this this in the HK Group Build competition.
  9. mikester

    Würger Party!

    Yes, by all means. In fact it's kind of mandatory now that you've posted a pic!
  10. mikester

    1/24 Airfix Scale Mosquito build

    Wow! Words escape me, so just wow!
  11. mikester

    Würger Party!

    Steve I din't recall any fit issues with this area when I built my A-3.
  12. Thanks, Martin! the guys at HS provided these as well. apparently faded blue Nationalist Chinese markings on the wings.