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  1. HKM? Someone? Anyone? Just hard to believe this aircraft is so neglected. Beautiful aircraft with loads of cool paint schemes and markings and none of the mainstream manufacturers will touch it. This certainly isn't one of those esoteric aircraft that would never get purchased by most, I'd think it would have the potential to be a strong seller. Sometimes it's hard to believe some of the gaping holes we still have in 1/32.
  2. Amazing detail!
  3. Very nice work!
  4. Great detail on the landing gear bits, looks superb!
  5. Full upper camo, since the original plan was to do a Rumanian bird. Mr. Mark Softer proved to be a little too "hot" for the decals and I made matters worse trying to fix it so I restored the base 74/75/76 and put the white over that.
  6. Been many moons since anything rolled off the assembly line of the "Luftwaffe Modeling Center of Medoicrity" but may I humbly present my latest creation. After a long bout of lack of mojo I wanted something that went together with no fuss and muss and the Hasegawa kit fits the bill to a tee, superbly engineered and a joy to put together. This was originally supposed to be a Rumanian aircraft but decal difficulties and even more difficulties steered this one into the winter white-wash zone. My first winter camo scheme and pretty happy with the results. Add-ons:Montex Masks for markingsBR32070 Bf 109G Wheels BR32122 Bf 109G-6 Prop and Spinner BR32155 Bf 109G-6 Intake and Exhaust Set (intake only) Eduard Brassin Exhausts Finemolds Seatbelts Yahu PE IP Finemolds brass Barrels for pod mounted MG 151 and pitot tube Quickboost MG 131 barrels As always thanks for looking!
  7. That's a funny looking Sherman! Seriously, really nice work though!
  8. Just an amazing piece of modeling!
  9. Just gorgeous!
  10. Way to get that mojo back! Nice work!
  11. Really nice work!
  12. Nice start! That's a great kit, love me some Hasegawa!