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  1. All these builds are just amazing work!
  2. Just superb!
  3. PCM did do one, with them closing their doors the status of their kits is in limbo. They were molded in the Czech Republic I believe, don't know of whoever did the molds (Sword?) has any intention of releasing them under their own label. I have three 21st CT 202s in the stash fortunately, but they're gone for good too.
  4. Excellent!
  5. Gorgeous work!
  6. Gorgeous, really well executed all the way around!
  7. Top notch scratch-building!
  8. Damn! That is just amazing work!
  9. That is REALLY looking good!
  10. HKM? Someone? Anyone? Just hard to believe this aircraft is so neglected. Beautiful aircraft with loads of cool paint schemes and markings and none of the mainstream manufacturers will touch it. This certainly isn't one of those esoteric aircraft that would never get purchased by most, I'd think it would have the potential to be a strong seller. Sometimes it's hard to believe some of the gaping holes we still have in 1/32.
  11. Amazing detail!
  12. Very nice work!
  13. Great detail on the landing gear bits, looks superb!