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  1. Cool project! I have the 1/32 MDC resin kit of this one that I purchased from his Royal Baldness (Jim). One of these days....
  2. I'm strictly 1/32 for aircraft and 1/35 for armor. I still have several 1/72 (Ju 88 SM 79) kits in the stash that I toy with building but they just seem so darn small.
  3. The Corsair King strikes again! Beautiful work as always, John.
  4. Drug this beast out to get some paint on it now that the garage isn't unbearably hot any more. Mr. Color 04, 65,70 and 71. Still have some post shading to do and paint the markings but feels good to to see it with some paint on it!
  5. It was given to one of the guys in our club to do a build up review, he might be bring to the meeting next week. I'll try to take some pics if he does.
  6. Very subtle rivet detail, construction simplified from the 1/32 version. Dry fit appears to be just about perfect. One of the guys in our group noted that they didn't get the shape of the superchargers quite right but that was about the only flaw we could find. The version we had will only do an early G model. I think a late F model will follow,
  7. I kind of credit Hasegawa's 1/32 Bf 109G-6 with really kindling the interest in 1/32 but HB/Trumpeter have done some interesting stuff that are reasonably good kits. P-61 Il-2 Ju 87A B-24 Mig 3 Who else is going to do those? They really have helped advance the 1/32 cause (and 1/24 for that matter).
  8. Some people have an axe to grind with Trumpeter/Hobby Boss. Yes, they do commit some blunders and some head scratchers but I still prefer to judge each kit on it's own merits, or lack thereof. They've brought us a lot of interesting subjects in 1/32 that no one else has ever touched. Buy it or don't but please leave out all the hysterics and rhetoric.
  9. Had my hands on this model yesterday, beautiful kit. They'll sell a butt-load.
  10. Kent sold this kit immediately after he received it, so I wouldn't expect much in the way of in progress pics.
  11. If you'd told me we'd have a mass produced B-17 and B-24 in 1/32 ten years ago I'd assume you'd been into grandpa's old cough medicine. What I'd love to see are some of the German floatplanes, the He 115 in particular.
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