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  1. This party's getting a little slow, time for a beer run! Finally finished up the paint, fought a lot of battles getting to this point but I'm in the home stretch. The resin horizontal control surfaces and ailerons really didn't work out as well as I would have liked so I reverted back to the kit parts.
  2. Nice work with the shading and marbling!
  3. The "F" fuselage is a couple of mm longer IIRC, this was an issue on the their Gustavs which scaled out just a little short. Probably safer to stick with the G.
  4. Martin, I would love a Boss 302 but that's a little North of my budget. A California Special would be nice but they're not real common. Not set on any particular color, although I'm partial to white and dark metallic gray (same color as our Explorer). Of course a manual transmission is a must!
  5. So many awesome rides! I finally won an 18 month battle with Uncle Sam on my pay and am happy to say that I'll be able to work another ride into my budget in April. I bleed Ford blue (not RLM 76 as previously reported ) and am a HUGE Mustang fanatic so I'll be adding a 2011-2014 'Stang to my stable in a couple of months.
  6. Alright, now you're just showing off! Looking good!
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