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  1. I can practically get a Hasegawa 109 or 190 together with my eyes closed! (some of my completions look like I did) Good to see some progress!
  2. Those tracks look great, might give them a try,
  3. It certainly show it's 1930's heritage. Really a throwback compared to the Panther's sloped armor and sleek lines.
  4. Can't wait to see this one come together!
  5. Got the hull finished up, getting all the tools and such positioned without the locating holes/pins was a little bit of a challenge but got through it without too much drama.
  6. Carl, thanks that's good info. So is the Asuka kit the same as the Tasca as well? Lots of Dragon kits on Ebay, not sure how it stacks up though.
  7. I'm trying to find a Tamiya Firefly for a decent price, if I track one down I'll do it. Black Dog doe some great resin stuff for the kit.
  8. Was looking into 21st PD in Normandy and stumbled across this, what a collection of vehicles! Really tempted to pick up the Trumpeter 105 SPG on the Hotchkiss chassis.
  9. I was never able to get this stuff to airbrush, gave a bunch of it away.
  10. Mr. Color and Tamiya are both great.
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