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  1. Thanks, Bruce! The Canadian machines do look nice too, in dark blue... Hmmm....
  2. Noooooooooo, put a Nieuport 11 or an SE.5a on such a magazine. Try to find a rectangular piece of aluminium which is "turn-polished" and put the Fokker on top of that... Just my €0,02.... Cheers, Erik. Edited because of stupidity: You mean you're thinking of putting the DH.9a on the Lewis-magazine... Good choice! But my idea of putting the Fokker on turned alu remains valid in my eyes....
  3. Hi Johan, Looking great! If I may be honest en constructive: I'm not really a fan of the weathering on the underside of the wings. Gives me a bit too much the feeling of a Mondriaan painting with those dark squares...? But the rest: I really like the fluid trails from the fuselage tank and the skid 'n' scrape marks on the wingroot. Can you tell me how you did those? Cheers, Erik. Edit: Oh, wait, you've posted the WIP-link. I'll read that first!
  4. Hi gents, Does anyone know if the Kinetic instrument panels of their Hawk Mk. 127/128, CT-155 are correct? I'm trying to find good pics of RAF T.2 (Mk. 128) pits, since that is the version I's like to build. Thanks in advance! Regards, Erik
  5. Wellllll, been to Flanders' Modelling Festival organised by IPMS Antwerp in Hoboken, Antwerp, Saturday and I came home with: - 1/32 Trumpeter Su-25UB Frogfoot-B - 1/32 Trumpeter MiG-21UM Mongol-B (hilarious for those that know the Dutch YouTube-series "New Kids" about some backward '80's type youngsters from the Brabantian village of Maaskantje who call each other "Hey! Mongol!" all the time..." - 1/48 Trumpeter JJ-5. The Chinese crossbreeding of a MiG-17 with a MiG-15UTI. - 1/72 Revell (Zvezda) MiG-31 Foxhound - 1/32 Aires Su-27UB cockpit set - 1/32 Aires Su-27 exhausts - 1/32 Aires Su-27 wheel bays - 1/32 Aires MiG-23MF cockpit set - 1/32 Aires MiG-23 open exhaust - 1/32 Aires MiG-23 wheel bays - 1/32 Aires MiG-23 canopy details - 1/32 Master Su-27 pitot probe - 1/32 Master MiG-29 pitot probe - 1/32 Master MiG-23MF pitot probe - 1/48 Master MiG-29 pitot probe - 1/48 Brassin Su-27 landing gear And some books: - One by a former RAF Phantom navigator about his time on the FGR.2 in the Eighties - A book on the French use of the Mirage F.1 - A book on the Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer So you see why I'm sitting at the entrance steps of the Central Station asking the passers-by for some change they can miss.....
  6. Anybody interested in a large scale Opel Vectra model? It's already been started, though... Well, seriously, I was trying to build in xenon-lights and this sh*t does have to come off. It officially even has to come off if replacing the standard light bulbs... happily enough if your fingers are "petite" enough one can work around that. So: "Honey! can you lend me a hand for a minute, please??!"
  7. Ok then.I was stupid enough not to take pics of either the MiG-23 or the Mirage IIIE or the Junkers J. I for that matter... But this is what I came home with: See the "Soooo, what did you just get?"-thread for more details!... Of course I discovered that thread after opening this one... http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/26-soo-what-did-you-just-get/page-5#entry4153
  8. Been to Hoboken, Antwerp yesterday where IPMS Antwerp held it's annual show. It was great fun, as always. Sadly not too many models in the competition, though. There were some nice 1/32 models, especially the Hungarian MiG-23MF was mouth-watering! Even better in my opinion was the 1/48 Mirage IIIE, the old Heller(?) model, totally detailed etc. It's camouflage scheme was also painstakenly executed, although it was by the nature of the colours more subdued than the MiG's... Sadly I did lose almost all my money... But I got a Trumpy 1/32 MiG-21UM and a Su-25UB in return! And a bag full of resin & PE...
  9. Ey Jeroen, could you fix me an F-104G banner? Thanks, bud! Erik.
  10. Hi Cees, Sorry for the drop in real estate prices around here...! Seriously, though, the links to the photos seem to be broken. Can you fix those? If no one else has this problem it might originate at the security-settings of internet here at work..? Cheers, Erik.
  11. From Wikipedia: The Pour le Mérite, known informally as the Blue Max (German: Blauer Max),[1] was the Kingdom of Prussia's highest order of merit. It was awarded strictly as a recognition of extraordinary personal achievement, rather than as a general marker of social status or a courtesy-honour, although certain restrictions of social class and military rank were applied. The award was given as both a military (1740-1918) and civil (1740-1810, after 1842 as a separate class) honour. The award was founded in 1740, by the francophone Frederick the Great; it was intended primarily as a military honour, but was also sometimes given for civil accomplishments. New awards of the military class ceased with the end of the Prussian monarchy in November 1918.
  12. Really very nice progress, mate! Looks real good. I feel a wee bit jealous, just now...
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