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  1. Set the last few tools (really happy with the Eduard tool set). Did you know this? When you work to long on a project, you start to didn't like it. The more you look at it, the more mistakes you can see. So I finished it and hope you like it. Have a lot to work an my figure painting skills. For me it makes such a great difference when you have a resin figure. Compare the mechanic with the pilot and the girls. Ok, with better painting you can make a lot, but for me, it's so much easier. Look at the ears! Lol Maybe time to go a little back to my Game Over diorama Thanks for your help and nice words Arno
  2. Again thanks! Beside a project from my wife, I was building a little, but not so much posting. Anyway lets have a look: Build the BMW R-75 and I will not show pictures from the unpainted plastic, but what I can say is: I was really surprised about the details on this little kit, I'm an absolutely rookie with military vehicels building and so the fit was in my eyes just great. It drives me nearly cracy how many parts can be in such a little sucker. Lol Then on to something that I'm more familiar with, playing with dirt on my base plate. Starting with Molto Wood repair stuff, where I just put real earth on it Then I learned from you guy, just paint all black, to give it a little deep: I allways love the moment when it starts to come alive, after putting different colors on it and begin with the gras Most important: put from time to time your stuff on the base, to see how it looks Also look under different lights! Also I put some flowers on it, hope they are not to much Think my FW 190 looses some oil! Lol Interesting to build was also the Eduard Tool Box kit, I have to learn so much about glue small thing's!! But I love the effect from tools lying around So now more tools, a few colors more, but the end is in sight. Thanks Arno
  3. Just a short update: mount the cowlings and made a coffee brake, while there was this nice evening light. Just missing the right background. Lol Now slowly came the time to start the diorama. Thanks Arno
  4. with a little artistic freedom I made a wiring party :-) After a little weathering of the wires, I will install the MG 131. One of them I will try to show with the bolt in an open position, so we will see. Thanks Arno
  5. Phantastic build and superb Pictures!!!!!!! Arno
  6. Oh love this camo, great work!!!! The Germans had so cool camos, so I love if someone rebuild it Arno
  7. Really WOW!!!! Just love your painting scills!! Arno
  8. Thanks my friends, I feel honored comps from you pro's :-) It's all Vallejo. Yea Jeroen think I stop with the camo now, because I'm always afraid to overdo it Working now on the gear, so that I can start build the BMW in thanks Arno
  9. Started painting the 190 and so this is my version of the "Italien" camo, still have so much to learn with my airbrush.It allways looks so easy on Youtube tutorials. Lol First the bottom Then I made the factory camo, but it was sensless you didn't see it a t the end So the RLM 79 with a few highlights Dry fit to have a look how it work's Thanks Arno
  10. Great start, I also love this Eduard stuff. Arno
  11. Nearly finished the Tamiya Simca 5 and painted the figures. I still try to learn painting figures and what I must say is: a resin figure is always the money worth, that they cost more. For a pro it's sure no problem to pant all kind of figures equal, but for me its so much easier with the details of a resin mold. So the pilot and the Helferinnen are injection molds and the mechanic is resin. Of corse the Simca 5 was a pleasure to build, just say: Tamiya :-) Just add a few bits in the trunk and made it a little dirty and dusty, like it could look in Italy And on the dio: Thank's for your nice words, it gives me feeling that I'm on the right way Arno
  12. Your the master!! it's just a joy to look at your pictures and try to learn. thanks!!!!!!
  13. Thanks for the compliments, they really help. Just build the Eduard cockpit and again the fit is great, really love that stuff. It helps people like me, to make something look cool. Or you have to scratch build that stuff and this is a number to big for me. First time for me, to build real PE stuff, so I tried the Eduard flaps, was alittle terrible at the first look, so lot of mistakes and erors, but I think it will work for my Fw 190.I try to learn and practice! Lol Found also a base plate and try to made a first layout. What do you think? It should be a scene in Italy. Thanks Arno
  14. Ok, so I stop, after installing the exhausts and a few more wires for the Moment and start with the cockpit. Please don't look to exactly, I know its full of errors Thanks Arno
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