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  1. Might anyone know where to find J2M3 scale planes - preferably in 32nd scale, and with rivet details? Tried the internet. No joy. Cheers, Ralph.
  2. Hello Doug. I've used their sets on cover camo's and NMF paint. In all cases the model was glossed with Tamiya's X-22 acrylic clear. The wet transfers were applied as per HGW's instructions - warm water for location; soft tissue to squeeze out/remove excess water; allow to dry. Moistened cotton bud to remove any adhesive residue after removing the carrier film. Not tried decal solution. On a very few occasions some of the stencilling lifted away. These occasions were limited to where the stencils crossed deepish panel lines/recessed detail - perhaps decal solution would have helped. I try to avoid deepish detail if I can now. Agree with Kirk's recommendation above - regloss after the transfers have been cleaned to protect them from handling/weathering layers. I did try applying the stencils to matt and satin surfaces as an experiment. The stencils did not adhere to those surfaces for me. All the best. Ralph.
  3. Appreciate the crisp photography.
  4. Great scheme choice Peter. All the best with the publication. Cheers, Ralph.
  5. Great result Darren Got to be happy with that! Cheers, Ralph.
  6. Hey Jeroen. Love that recommendation. Just brilliant!! Keep pushing man.
  7. Congratulations. Lovey build from a unique kit. Unlikely to see too many others built. Cheers, Ralph.
  8. Certainly a novel idea (and a space-saving one)!
  9. Hello Chuck. Classic Publications put out "Dornier Do 335 Arrow. The Luftwaffe's Fastest Piston-Engine Fighter", by J Richard Smith, Eddie J Creek and Gerhard Roletschek (2006) ISBN-1-903223-67-9. Some 175 pages in all. Includes lots of photos, line drawings, and some profile artwork by Simon Schatz. Not sure that it would be the best for those who delight in scratchbuilding lots of extra detail, but certainly an excellent all-rounder. Cheers, Ralph.
  10. Starting with a model that's been wiped down with methylated spirits - no primer - and detacked, I often found the matt Tamiya acrylic colours had a chalky/soft finish when thinned with X-20A. They would mark up very easily during subsequent handling - but could also be buffed to a sheen if careful. Thinning with Tamiya lacquer thinner helped to improve the finish, but I still got "fragile" finishes from time to time - seemed to vary a lot with the particular colour, and humid conditions. Have since dabbled with adding around 5% by volume of Tamiya X-22 Clear Gloss to the mix as a way of further reducing the the chalkiness and improving the (?) hardness. Seems to give reliable results. Perhaps Roy was using Future as a cheaper alternative to X-22. Have heard others say that thinning Tamiya acrylics with Gunze lacquer thinner or Gunze self-levelling thinner gives better results that thinning with Tamiya lacquer thinner. Sounds like priming might be a big step forward.
  11. Thanks for the overview Jeroen. Wonder whether Kagero will make the 32nd scale plans available separately.
  12. Apart from the many generic cables available to the AFV modellers (try BNA Models for a local source of these), three options come to mind. 1 - guitar strings; 2 - beading wire from jewelry shops; 3 - picture hanging wire.
  13. Thanks for the link Peter. Much appreciated. No - nothing touched for weeks now. So much for the "quickish build"!
  14. Hello Corsair Experten. Will be using a paint mask set provided by Mal Mayfield from Miracle Paint Masks for as much as I can. Hoping that HGW does a set of wet transfer stencil set too. Cheers, Ralph.
  15. Hope your sample is "shrink-free" Peter.
  16. Great progress! Hope the layering approach delivers the goods!! Cheers, Ralph.
  17. "... Notice that, no filler putty used and no sanding done throughout the whole process!..." On top of all your research and hands-on work, having such a manufacturing result from a home-grown project must be very satisfying indeed. Thanks for sharing the story so far. Looking forward to the next chapter. Cheers, Ralph.
  18. Hello Marek. Beautiful work. Could so easily be mistaken for 32nd scale. Great stuff. Cheers, Ralph.
  19. Trying for a quickish slammer as a test build... Tamiya's 2:1 XF-3/XF-5 over X-18 for the base green... AK045 Dark Brown Wash for Green Vehicles, followed by Vallejo 70822 German Cam. Black Brown and 70885 Pastel Green for restrained chipping/edge highlighting... XF-85 for the black, and Vallejo 991 Dark Sea Grey for edges; watery Vallejo 70988 Khaki for the floor dust; and HGW's harnesses... Thanks for looking. Cheers, Ralph.
  20. That looks the business Mike. Lovely work. Cheers, Ralph.
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