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  1. Very crisp & restrained, I like it. How about an underside shot? Looks like there's some nice work going on there. Regards, Dan M
  2. Greetings again, Sensational Anzac Day weather here in Oz. The airbrush came out - Camo applied - Kind of got lost applying it at 1st, but changed the colour of the RLM 71 & 02 until I think I got near Kagero's profile. I also added the start of the unusual bare '65 below the filler cap & the RLM 02 repair patch to the front fuselage behind the cowl. All still looking stark at the mo'.... The other side - Because there doesn't appear to be many pics of this Emil I added a bit more mottling here & there...artistic licence? Also masked the '65 Hakenkruez areas on prio to painting the tail camo. Clear on tommorow - then the many stencil decals, etc this week... Till the next unexciting installment. Regards, Dan M
  3. Excellent, very crisp finish. I'm not into Russki Cold War jets, but that's enough to make me interested in doing one. Regards, Dan M
  4. Greetings all, Another quick posting of this weekend's progress. Main colours are now on - with the exception of the splinter camo on the spine & the RLM 02 repair patch on the l/h/s front, I plan on doing this when I commence the mottlng as it all sort of flows in together. Looking very stark & barenaked at this stage, I havent starting adding any postshading or weathering effects as yet. The RLM 04 Yellow looks pretty bright, but I plan on knocking off a lot of that when I start playing with the oils etc. Almost a shame to cover up the RLM '65 blue sides.....but.....grit teeth & get the Superfine out! And the underside - also nice n clean at this stage....it WILL be looking somewhat more worse for wear down the track hopefully. That's it for now. Till next time..... Regards, Dan M
  5. Hi Bevan, Yes I'll probably lay on some post shading as needed, the 65 went on today nicely- splinter on tomorrow hopefully. Yay, More masking! Dan
  6. Hi All, Another quick update pic of the Emil. Yellow tail & Rudder done & masked over. The fuselage is now pretty much ready to start laying layers of RLM 65 on - hoping to get some varied effects showing through the blue. The fuselage shading colour mix is Tamiya XF23 + XF24 to get a "bluey" shade to blend into the '65 rather than straight black etc. The Wing rivet lines were shaded using Gunze Redbrown + Tan to get a browny shade. I also added straight Tamiya white here and there to try to add more underlying effects. Not having tried this in 1:32 I'm hoping that this work will act as a guide for the weathering later on without looking extreme - Till the next time. Hopefully with main colours on! P.S Happy to "tip" Dave, I'll throw something together soon. Regards, Dan
  7. Good stuff, those Brass bits look the job. Regards, Dan M
  8. Great walk around detail photos, much appreciated. The Munich 109E (green spinner) featured is a real beauty, I have had the fortunate experience of seeing it in the flesh. Quite a thorough restoration. Regards, Dan M
  9. Ok, thanks for the thoughtful input lads. I think I'll stick to my game plan and risk being shot down in flames - RLM 65 Legs & Upper Leg bays, RLM 02 wheel wells & inner doors (for contrast against the 65 legs) & the canvas covers. Were some of the legs etc maybe originally RLM 02 & then oversprayed in service perhaps? or, as the early Emils underwent mods to become E4/7 etc they were given a quick overspray? You wonder why they would bother......Or, simply different factories had different practices. A colour pic for your perusal - Not JG 51 (I think) though.,Pretty sure I spot the Schlageter JG26 emblem there. There's a well-known crisp frontal pic in a few publications of a JG51 Emil undergoing an engine change in a hanger. It too appears to show legs & doors in RLM65...the mystery deepens..... Maybe we should write a book about it......exciting reading! Regards, Dan M
  10. Ok, Thanks gents - some interesting feedback so far. I haven't been able to track down a clear photo of Wigger's aircraft, but this is a pic of a 2./JG51 E4 around the same timeframe - The legs & doors appear too pale to be 02.... they match the bombrack. Or...... is it a trick of the light? I tell a lie, just found a pic of the actual aircraft - very blurry though... your thoughts gents? Dan
  11. Greetings, According to Kagero's artwork that I am working off to finish the Wigger 109E, they are depicting the U/C legs as painted in RLM 65 - Now, after sifting through a heap of Emil photos it appears to my eyes (in black & White anyway) 3 colours used to paint the legs - 1. RLM 65 - The legs, upper leg door bay & inner doors - all finished the same as the Emil's underside 65. 2. The legs in a darker shade - I am guessing to be RLM 02 - this is noticeably darker, especially if the inner door has been left painted in the 65. Sometimes it appers the inner doors are also left painted in RLM 02. 3. A very dark colour - RLM 70 or Black I would say by the looks. This seems more obvious in very early pics, with Emil's painted in the earlier 70/71 schemes. So...what I am proposing....the U/C legs, Upper leg bays and maybe inner doors all painted in RLM 65, the upper wheel wells painted in RLM 02, the side door bay curtains painted in a dark canvas colour. Thoughts anyone? Regards, Dan M
  12. Ahh quite a pleasing sight to behold... Be sure to think of me while you are fitting those nice Quickboost goodies, hollowing, cleaning & piecing together all Eduard's fiddly tiny exhaust stacks! Oh well, an hour or two I'll never get back..... Dan M
  13. Yayyyyyyyy get into her. That is weird with the sprue colours- I've built 4 Eduard planes now, they've all been the same annoying olive colour. Must be destiny- a "special LSM 1940 edition". Looking forward to some progress pics. Regards, Dan
  14. Very slick release, congratulations. Certainly must be an impressive beast in the flesh. Regards, Dan M
  15. Greetings all, Anoher quick update pic on the Wigger Emil - Main build complete, primer on. I ended up modifing a few little things - I ended up drilling out a couple of small in/outlets on the fuselage, and also added the radio wire in socket to the rear fuselage. The cowling section fitment turned out ok in the end (thanks for the tips regarding the cowl alignment gents, it worked!) but the rear wing to fuselage join was a bit of a pest - I was warned about that.....(Bevan, Ralph, Jamie etc etc!) anyhow, all fixed now. I also added a final touch to the cockpit before she's all done up.....A few 1940's aerial maps of the U.K in the map holder for the good Hauptmann. I printed out some actual luftwaffe maps off the net & soaked the paper in water to peel the paper layers off - it makes it a more "scale paper" size rather than manilla folder thickness! Thats it for now, if the weather holds out, RLM 65 on this week! Regards, Dan M
  16. Now....not beyond ALL possibility....a 1:32 B.P Defiant? Not as if there was only 10 produced.....I guess facing a limited market again? Anyhow. A night fighter version in 1:32 would be impressive...or even a day 1939/40 scheme.... Dan M
  17. Strange........ the power of suggestion.....do I hear industry whispers of a 1:32 A.W Whitley.... Dan M
  18. Clean build, very "crisp" finish. Very nice indeed. Regards, Dan M
  19. Great Airbrush control, Great scheme choice, Wow - talk about seeing "spots in your eyes" indeed. Love the open hatch on the side, very convincing. Keep them coming.... Regards, Dan M
  20. Wow, big cockpit. I'll never complain about a 109's pit ever again. Good progress! Dan M
  21. Greeting all 1940 GB'ers, Little bit more progress on the Ed Emil, cockpit 95% done, just have to try to fit it without breaking anything.....hmmmmmmm..... All Eduard OOTB, with the exception of chopping the oxygen cylinder holder down a little to make it a more accurate height. not worrying about adding much detail to this one. Should still look pretty busy when she's all together. RLM 02 mix applied with Tamiya XF57/22 (Buff,RLM Grey 60/40), Details picked out woth Vallejo's. Weathering with MIG oils, chipping with silver & lead pencils. The Eduard photoetch knob handles were flat, so I built up the knobs with canopy glue then painted. The painted dashboards & side switch panels supplied by Ed are much too blue, and are printed quite out of register - I repainted all the surrounds & dial outers a more "greyer" shade of RLM66 with Vallejo "Basalt Grey+Black". I then added canopy glue to all the dials for a bit of a shine. That concludes another not-so-exciting episode, see you next post! All comments good/bad welcome. P.S - Ralph, not a chance, and don't worry- I will keep pestering you to persevere with that Ed Emil! Regards, Dan
  22. Greetings all 1940 GBer's, Since it's been a rainy weekend here in Brisbane, painting the A7V was off the cards, so I started to tackle some of the annoying jobs for the GB Emil. Fuselage halves joined (there is still a line there as per specs), filled, rescribed & re-rivetted. Little bit hard to tell from the pic....quite time consuming! Ed's annoying front cowl join - also filled, rescribed & re-rivitted. Also reduced the "Step" on the back of cowl to wing section join, by adding a thin strip of evergreen. May not be 100% perfect, but I think it looks O.K. And of course, the reference & decals arrived!!!!!! That's it for now. Regards, Dan M
  23. You old devil.....the old "Half armour" trick, what a save.........well done. Dan
  24. Well there you go, Learn something new every day. Who would have thought of Night Intruders flying freely over the U.K in 1940. Looking forward to seeing her! Dan
  25. Greetings all, Officially kicked off my group build today at "Rieser's" (sure you know him...) staffell hanger today. Quite productive, the 2 fuselage sides are cleaned up ready to start with the cockpit & re-ad a few rivets lost through the sprue cutoff marks. Will be juggling the remainder of the Meng A7V build & working on the Emil over the next few weeks. At least, that's the plan at this stage.......
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