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  1. Testors makes a brass color you can get most anyhere.
  2. Thanks to LHS consignment sales credit, these two puppies cost me just $25. BRING ON THE COLD WAR BUILD!
  3. Excellent work my friend. Doogs is a great teacher isn't he. The building work is most impressive. The Sherman looks great and so do the figures. Only improvement I can see would be to show some bare metal on those three bar cleat tracks. If you look at period photos, those track cleat faces that contact the ground are warn to a shiny bare metal, even in mud. There are several techniques you can use to do this.
  4. Now If they would only get some ammo in stock....
  5. Oooh, I have this kit. Will be watching closely.
  6. I pulled up the schedule and it's on it. See you there.
  7. This one is scheduled to come to Austin in march. I'll be there!
  8. I'm curious how the back deck fits to the rear buldhead. My Panther D had a fit problem there. It could have been me too. Also, are the rear deck engine fans attached that early in the process? Does the rest of the rear deck fit around them? Nice so far. So many color options for late war Panthers.
  9. What airbrush do you use? I like the way you get the soft lines without any stray splatter spray.
  10. And Done!!! Thar she blows. Fun kit. Will build another. I have to do the rocket motor version one. Heinz flew that and got a kill. Thanks for looking.
  11. Pit in and seat belts/harneses installed. Only bad fit of the entire kit. UGGG!!!! Good thing the kit has FOD covers. Paint time!!
  12. Great reference... IP wires courtesey of car modelers. You can't see it but I drilled out the gun tubes. Drilled out flare holes. First try at brake lines.
  13. I guess I have to rebuild the thread for Heinz's Me 262. Well here it is. It sat next to Doogs' at Model Fiesta.
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