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  1. I agree! The P-47 got a bad early rap strictly because of size. But she was indeed elegant and surprisingly light on her feet. With a simple change in propeller, she could suddenly out*climb* as well as out dive pretty much anything in the ETO - until the Merlin-engined P-51 came along in 1944
  2. Good gawd! I *know* how big that Lanc is.... is there any special dispensation for a “small scale” aircraft that is larger than my first apartment?
  3. I’ve always had a soft spot for the Jug, particularly the early versions when it seemed something of a clumsy party crasher compared to its somewhat more svelte competitors in the ETO. so when I found the kit a few years back, I promptly gobbled up ever bit of aftermarket stuff I could find. i’ve heard less-than-glowing reviews of the kit engineering, but I like a good excuse for a double Scotch on occasion...
  4. So... now that I’m back from an IT conference in San Diego, i’m ready for a new project. I’ve had this sitting on my shelf for a bit, and it feels like it’s time to dust it off and get it done. I’m building her as “Wicked Wacker Weegie”, flown by “Shorty” Rankin. I was looking for a good story to tell, and I found one that is just...fun. Seems that, on May 12, 1944, then Lt Rankin downed five ME-109, air to air, in a single mission. And since May 12 is my birthday... bingo!
  5. I feel that *EXACT* same sort of "WTF was I thinking?!?!?!?" as I look at my USS Arizona - and it's at 1/200! I can't imagine trying to do it at 1/350 But I expect it to be a good long-term project sometime, and I wanted to get it while there was still good availability of AM parts and such. I agree on small scales - not worth the loss of eyesight and my fingers are too fat regardless!
  6. Can I get an amen on this? Some of the topics I most want to address are simply not available (currently) in 1/32. I have hope that an A-20 will come available (HpH has been working on it for a while). Ditto a B-25C, for which there are a ton of interesting possibilities that simply don't exist for the later models. Likewise a Betty - I would love to do one dressed up as "Battan-2", as flown by the Japanese surrender delegation at the end of WWII... Or let me add to the DC-3/C-47 bandwagon - I'd **LOVE** to do an AC-47 conversion on one of those,,, Or a C-119 that could be converted to a SPECTRE Gunship... There are so many possibilities, which have so many potential branches... I suspect that some of these would become *very* popular, once they're out of the gates.
  7. On Trumpeter P-40s... Any ding lists on their older P-40B kit?
  8. These arrived yesterday and they’re gorgeous i think i’m going to do some rigging updates on the boat...
  9. So here’s the haul from Chattanooga... Trumpeter USS Arizona in 1/200 (which, after doing some research, is going to take a ton of work to make right, so it’s going to the long-term-project stack) White Ensign PE set for same Trumpeter 1/32 P-40B, for which i’m now searching for update and decal sets Prototype Tamiya 1/48 P-38 these should all be a ton of fun to build
  10. Regardless - your “WIP” is head and shoulders above most of the “Completed Work” I saw that is a truly awesome build
  11. She took third in her category - I am *very* happy. there was some amazing work there - I was delighted to place!
  12. Texas BBQ tends more to beef than pork - some *serious* ribs! but yes on the gunpowder oh, and beer and locally-brewed Spirits
  13. I am so there! I have some lunatic cousins out that way so fun is guaranteed (just have to reign them in a bit so we don’t make the news!)
  14. Sorry to hear about the helo! i hope it’s easily fixable - it’s gorgeous!
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