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    Reading, writing, history, occasional artist, sometimes poet, nerd by profession and "one of them creative sorts" by avocation.

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About Me

I've always had an interest in creating miniatures - whether as scale models, architectural drawings, or sculpture.


I've recently returned to the realm of scale models, and I'm having the time of my life.  My projects tend to take a while, since I can't spent near as much time in the studio as I'd prefer (I've not yet found a way to get either my boss or my Beloved Spouse to let me stay in the studio full-time... ;) )


In my life, I've done exact-scale architectural renderings, clay sculpture of architectural subjects, 25mm figures and plastic models; I am adding wooden models to the repertoire as well.  In the long-term, my goal is to be able to integrate all of this into large dioramas and the like.


To me, every model tells a story and it is my job as the builder to make that story compelling, interesting and as "true" as I can make it.