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  1. I am not sure what I’ve gone and done, or more to that matter, why I’ve done it. I have built one Tank in all my years of Model Making, a 1/35 Tamiya Challenger 2. A long time ago at that. I know a little about Tanks in general, enough to be dangerous, though little to nothing about Armour Modeling techniques. This one will be a long job, probably a between Plane kits build, a bit here and a bit there. I stumbled on a build of the H version on YouTube and I decided I quite liked it and the size was impressive. I think that’s what sold it to be honest. Already gone and placed a Pre-Order for the Das Werk Stug III too. Oops.
  2. Thanks for the offer Martin, but the kit became a paint mule and was far more useful in that guise, what with 4 fuselage halves and all. I may one day tackle another of the large 109 kits but that’s a big maybe. I’d probably go for the G-2 or the G-6 Early should I ever find one of those. I’m also trying to stick to the one scale for display space reasons, though the 109 in 1/24 isn’t that large.
  3. Imagine my confusion when I logged in to see a notification on a 1/24 Bf 109-6 Late. ‘I don’t remember commenting on anything to do with one of those’ thinks I. The horrors of that kit have long been sent to the deepest darkest corners of my memory. Martin, I gave up on it. I got to doing the Galland Panzer Armour which for some reason Trumpeter moulded as a solid piece. So I had to remove the solid chunk that should be the armoured glass, and replace with some clear plastic, but I just gave up. Could never quite get the shape correct. Maybe now with 3D printing I could look in to having someone make the parts. This one however just stalled out and ended its days as a paint mule. I have thought about trying to do another, I cant find the Early version anywhere which doesn’t come with head armour at all if I remember correctly so would need that making. I did like the big scale though.
  4. Bump for lower prices and sold kits removed.
  5. Bump for new stuff added.
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  7. Bump for the added Harrier kit.
  8. Indeed Ernest. I only purchase Stateside now when the item is available nowhere else. Usually Spruebrothers or Zactoman.
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