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  1. Bump for new stuff added.
  2. Bump for New kits added.
  3. Bump for the added Harrier kit.
  4. Indeed Ernest. I only purchase Stateside now when the item is available nowhere else. Usually Spruebrothers or Zactoman.
  5. Unfortunately shipping prices pretty much kill any deal outside of Europe. The MiG-19 box is relatively light but still comes in at the same price as the kit for a Transatlantic deal. There are probably cheaper options to explore but they are often with less reliable couriers. Someone on another forum enquired about the Hornet package and they were based in the States, Oregon if I remember correctly and it came in at £50 with FedEx. I also only ship insured for the full cost of the package so that I'm covered should it go AWOL as has happened once in the past and left me significantly out of p
  6. I’ve seen that lot somewhere before. I can’t think where though. The F-16 was just picked up 5 minutes ago, should be with you soon.
  7. Sold. Please delete.
  8. I’m on a jet kit buying spree of late with a majority of my props set for sale. So far it’s 3 Tamiya F-4’s a C/D, J and E on the way, Tamiya F-16, Trumpeter MiG-29A, Trumpeter F-18E, Trumpeter A-4F and a Tamiya F-15J (to be built as a C, the J has the MSIP instrument panel) and in various shopping carts across the interwebs awaiting next pay day are an Italeri F-104G/S, Trumpeter F-8E and maybe a Kittyhawk Mirage need to see a few builds on that before I reach my final decision. To balance the jets out I did buy a ZM Do335 A-12 because just an oddball.
  9. After my 1/48th Odyssey I felt it was time to get back to bigger kits as I was struggling with the smaller parts in smaller scale. So sold off what 1/48th kits I had left and used the proceeds for this little lot. Even managed to have them arrive on my day off, usually the plan doesn’t come off that way and I spend the next couple of days after the missed delivery traipsing from the post office or courier depot tracking my packages down. You’d be surprised how many times after a missed delivery you arrange to pick it up next day at the depot and they acknowledge that but still put it on the va
  10. Apologies for my absence of late, I was off on a 1/48 journey thats now come to an end. So I'm looking for the above set, its long out of production and naturally I want one when its unobtainable, so if anyone has one they would be willing to part with I'm looking to buy. I'm based in the UK but will buy from anywhere so long as the shipping isn't something that demands the sale of a Kidney. Thanks for looking.
  11. A few kits for sale. Will post to anywhere the buyer is willing to pay. I’ll get accurate prices on asking. Payment by PayPal friends and family please. Thanks for looking. Hasegawa Bf 109F-4 ST31 boxing. All bagged and complete. Comes with Master barrel/Pitot set, Maketar mask set for box markings, Aims exhausts, Quickboost spinner, Quickboost Trop filter, Aires wheel bays, HGW belts, HGW fabric covering decals for flying surfaces. £60. Hasegawa Bf 109G-6 ST17 boxing . All bagged and complete. Comes with MDC treaded tyres, MDC shell ejection chutes, Eduard Brassin Lo
  12. Not done it, have an aunt who’s in to the family tree stuff and she’s traced us back to the same area of Wales, about a 40 mile radius, I think back to the 1600’s or something crazy like that, about as far back as reliable records will allow. I’d not do one of these DNA things myself as the science seems a little shaky in the way they group things together and remember seeing something in the TV and various magazine articles about it. I’d also be worried to find out I’m not the bone fide 100% hairy arsed barbarian Celt that history would suggest. No Anglo-Saxon in my line of the family though
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