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  1. Carvair

    Space Shuttle Mock Up

    Hello Rick, It seems that Grant has found your answer, it appears to me that in your version the wings are folded in the fuselage lookkin at those slots on the side... If i where you i would reconsider this paint job and leave it original and send a picture to nasa or the museum.... Cheers, Jan
  2. Carvair

    NASM's unrestored Ta-152H-0

    Love it again haha
  3. Carvair

    Ta-152H-0 awaiting restoration at the NASM

    Simply love it now the canopy is done,it is the icing on the cake...
  4. Nice job on the folding and glueing Danny , i also do like the colors on the cockpit.
  5. Carvair

    Hasegawa P-40E bringing back that mojo!

    Next subject ....a Dutch Cat...
  6. Carvair

    Ta-152H-0 awaiting restoration at the NASM

    For the canopy if needed.... In this stage i should try to paint it Mikro klear matt or satin, even the matt is a polishable to give it a little sheen if needed. You even can use both..but do it with a brush and what you also can do is is ad a sip of white paint to it. All the best with this great project, Jan
  7. http://www.aircraftresourcecenter.com/Rev3/2701-2800/rev2796-XS-Models-Corsair-Spradlin/00.shtm Here you are Cees, Jan
  8. Carvair

    Trumpeter P40B

    I think those things are the inside canvas wheel well covers....nice work so far.. Jan
  9. Love it love it love it what a super build.. I am happy to see you haven't given up on this great subject.. This is being followed with a lot of enjoyment All the best , Jan
  10. I like it a lot, it looks very convincing.. Jan
  11. Carvair

    MH 60 s Knighthawk Academy 1/35

    This is yawbreaking.......i really love the details. Just perfect.. Jan
  12. Carvair

    Another Revell spitfire Mk2A

    That is a very nice build, i love the cockpit for as i can see those details. It looks right, also nice to see is that a lot of those Revell Spits pop up as a complete build.. Cheers, Jan
  13. Dear all, I am in search for the AMD set 32-003 for the Revell Hunter in 1/32 so i can make the desert coloured one. It is very hard to find ... as i say i need only the decals for the desert coloured one, so if you have a used sheet with these roundels on it as a left over and you are willing to sell these please contact me .... Best regards, Jan
  14. I like it a lot Stefan, you put some lovely detail in it.. Jan
  15. Hello Tom, I love your build really, it is a real craftsmanship that you display here. However I do have a small remark about your radar and that is that the shape of the rear end of it isn't correct . It should be rounded instead of a chisl shape. At the link below are a few super pictures about the radome specifics . http://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234923816-shackleton-aew-radome/ Only mention this to get you an even better Shack than you already have, carry on the good work . (It is not in my capability's) Best regards, Jan