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  1. Hasegawa 1/48 - Bf 109 G-10 'White 2' IV./JG27 More pictures can you find here
  2. The finale foto session this moring after build end of the Bf 109 G-10 IV./JG 27.
  3. Sry for the delay, ich last pictures of the 109 with the rest of the decals from the kit on and the weathering wash from Flory Models.
  4. MiG-21 MF red '687' - JG 3 - Preschen Airbase, German Democratic Republic Threat was lost during the server crash.... Kit manufacture: Eduard Scale: 1/48 Type: MiG-21 MF Extras used: Pavla ejection seat, Eduard Brassin MiG-21 wheels, MASTER pitot tube, Eduard MiG-21 SM/MF stencils Russian Paints and colours: Akan 73006 Cockpit Green - Alclad II ALC-101 Aluminium, ALC-103 Dark Aluminium, ALC-102 Dural Aluminium, ALC-107 Chrome, ALC-111 Magnesium, ALC-112 Steel, ALC-116 Semi Matt Aluminium - Gunze H422 RLM 82, H70 RLM 02, H303 FS 34102 Green, H13 Red, H26 Bright Green, H337 Grayish Blue, H414 RLM 23, H52 Olive Drab, H417 RLM 76, H11 Flat White, H12 Black, H2 Gloss Black, H77 Tire Black, H20 Flat Clear, H30 Clear - Tamiya XF-16 Aluminium, X-24 Clear Yellow, XF-9 Hullred, XF-1 Black, XF-2 White, XF-4 Yellow Green, XF-8 Blue, XF-18 Medium Blue, XF-80 Royal Light Grey, XF-67 Nato Green, X-19 Smoke, X-11 Chrome Silber, X-18 Semi Gloss Black, XF-57 Buff, XF-56 Metallic Grey Other info: Scratch built breaks lines, static discharger, angle-of-attack transmitter and SRZO-21 IFF antenna My latest built of a MiG-21 MF from Eduard Weekend Edition with some extras like the Pavla ejection Seat, the MASTER pitot tube and the really good Brassin wheel set from Eduard. Maincolours for the camo work was from Tamiya XF-67 Nato Green, Gunze H52 Olive Drab and Gunze H417 RLM 76 Light Blue. Weathering with Flory Modles Dark Dirt and MiG Dark Wash/Neutral Wash. Walkaround
  5. My latest work befor the old Forum was killed. Focke-Wulf Fw 190 A-3 III./JG 26 - flown by Captain (Group Commander) Josef "Pips" Priller
  6. Masking with the Montex Masking set. Paintmix is Tamiya flat white + Tamiya closs clear Tamiya flat white + gloss clear and semi gloss black Squadron markings and number for the Bf 109 G-10
  7. Camo painting The colors for the camo are RLM 75 and RLM 83 from Gunze. Starting with RLM 75 Next is RLM 83 Both colors are highlight with main color + white. Motling was made from RLM 75 on the fuselage sides.
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