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  1. Hey Guys, I am currently building the 1/24th Airfix Typhoon and have found a good tip. If you wish to display the gun bays open I have found some ammo belts that may be better than the kit. Live Resin 1/16th scale .50 cal ammo belts are the same size (give or take 0.1mm or so....) as 20mm rounds in 1/24th scale, check the pics below: I am going to give these a go, laying the belts out on the wings in a re-arm state. I got them for just over £5 on ebay. Oh, and I haven't started a WIP thread as I don't really have anything to show as yet. Once I have something done I'll post some pics. Cheers, Chris.
  2. I'll be there both days on the IPMS Swindon table. New credit card at the ready!
  3. Cheers Guys, Jeroen, tracks are from Friul
  4. Got this done at last Trumpeter SU-152, metal barrel, Eduard PE set.
  5. Back from my US trip, and I did find a very cool museum to visit, the Cavanaugh Flight Museum, north of Dallas. A great place to visit with some superb WW1 aircraft, all flyers! Enjoyed wandering around for a few hours! I took loads of pics, a few below. If anyone wants to see the rest, here's the link to my Photobucket album http://s1181.photobucket.com/user/alpine00/media/Cavanaugh%20Flight%20Museum/DSC_0112_zps37058e5c.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 Chris.
  6. The kit rocket heads are not as pointed as the Mosquito kit parts, Airfix seem to have fixed that issue. However they are still a little basic OOB so these AM ones will be a great improvement. The doubled up rockets will indeed look cool Doogs Chris
  7. Guys, Just found these. Metal and PE rockets from Profimodeller. They look sweet! http://www.profimodeller.com/detail/p24001-us-uk-hvar-rockets/ Chris.
  8. Nice start mate. I'm planning on starting mine maybe next week so i'm watching with interest Chris.
  9. Hey Guys, I'm in the US at the moment on a business trip, working in Fort Worth, Texas. Any of you Stateside guys know any good museums or attractions (of the military type) to visit in my downtime? Cheers people, Chris.
  10. Love that 410 Rick. There is one in a museum not too far from me in the UK at Cosford. If you need any particular detail shots let me know, any excuse to walk round there and I'll take it! Chris.
  11. Paid full price, a penny short of £100. I couldn't help it, it was just there......
  12. It was on the shelf in my local model shop.....It pulled me in with it's tractor beam. Resistance was futile... Chris.
  13. Ralph, I oversprayed the PanPastels with Vallejo matt varnish. As they are high pigment paint based they do hold their colour very well when varnished. If you scrub them in well enough though, you don't have to varnish at all if you don't want to. They will stick well enough on their own. Chris.
  14. I used a new product on my recent Wildcat build, PanPastels. This stuff is similar to the Tamiya weathering sets and comes in a large variety of good weathering colours. I found them to be excellent. I did a full review on my FB page, Facebook.com/Alpine Scale Modelling, if you want to check them out. Chris.
  15. Started on the second of the Russian builds. This time, Trumpeters SU-152. I found a couple of good shots of machine number 200 showing a good bit of damage, so i'm trying to replicate that. I'm using the Eduard PE set, also got a metal barrel. Same hull as the KV so it went together pretty quick. Almost time for primer.... Cheers, Chris.
  16. Thanks guys. Paul, they are the kit exhaust stacks, done with Alclad 'Exhaust Manifold' and rust pigments.
  17. Hey Guys, The KV-1S is now finished! Check it out, hope you like.... Cheers for looking, Chris.
  18. Hey All, Got the hull finished off tonight. The weathering has toned down the modulation quite a lot (I'm glad to say...!) and I'm pretty happy with the effect. Friul tracks sprayed with Mr Color Dark Iron metalizer: All weathered up, tracks fixed: Just the turret to weather up and finish off. Not long till completion...... Cheers guys Chris
  19. I seem to be making a right mess at the moment.....
  20. This looks like a bargain! http://www.boystownmilitaryminiatures.com/KINETIC_124_P47D_THUNDERBOLT_BUBBLETOP_PREORDER_MAY/p1144420_12020367.aspx
  21. Hey Fellas, Been messing around with paint, trying the fashionable 'Modulation' technique. I used the Vallejo 4BO set and I'm not too sure about the results to be honest, it does look quite bright . What do you think? I'm hoping the weathering will knock it back a bit. This is it after chipping and dark wash: I'll reserve judgement on this till more weathering is done..... Cheers, Chris.
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