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  1. Working up the mine plow a little more today. It's so close and I'm so....unmotivated. That and there's been an issue lately where if I'm in the garage and my family uses the microwave it trips the breaker causing all my lights to go out :|
  2. Not trying to start anything but I'm confused now. Why the rancor against the trivia quiz and stuff like that when the description on the forum sub-section is listed as "non-modelling chat"?
  3. I asked one of the admin this question in a PM and he suggested I post openly to get the thoughts of other staff and the member base. I wrote (rather am writing) a fan fiction story based on the Fallout universe and I wanted to share in off topic. Issue is there are some parts that are swearing heavy (F word and S word, no Lords name in vain though). Some parts there is violence, I suppose you could call it a rated R film novelized. Is it allowed to be posted as long as there's a disclaimer before the link that says there's foul language and should be avoided if you get offended by that sort o
  4. Nope. If it was the Dragon I might but the Academy....you can only polish a turd so much on my income.
  5. Standard household baking soda sprinkled over wet acrylic paint.
  6. Progress has been inching along EXTREMELY slowly. I've managed to strugle my way through a good portion of the mine plow I ripped off from the Trumpeter 5 in 1 Abrams. Detail is good but parts quality was a real mess here. A whole lotta flash and even more mold lines and ejector pins are really giving me some major headaches. I still have the plow blades themselves to go and I've been totally unmotivated to do any sort of work at all on them for the last week and a half. Got the headlamps done as well. More ill placed pin marks, mold lines, and alignment issues but I made it through.
  7. No Abrams but the F-15 will work equally well Thanks for the link
  8. Armor, preferably a M1 Abrams if you have it, and thanks
  9. Maybe I'm missing something here but where do you pick up one ofthose nifty LSM signature banners?
  10. In the last month all I've orderd is the Verlinden 1:5 Ulysses S. Grant Bust. At this moment with multiple hundreds in the garage slated for Ebay, I'm trying to get kits OUT the door not IN the door.
  11. This is where it all comes together. Sadly it's been about a month since this photo was taken so all that wonderful clear space is obscured beneath a destructive wave of paint bottles, styrene, sprues, tools, papers, kit boxes, and only Lord knows what else. Since this photo was taken the oly addition has been a desk lamp with an organizer tray attached to the bottom of it I found in a box of stuff in a storage locker. It works awesome for hodling glue and thinner bottles and with three light sources now my bench is lit like the sun!
  12. Pretty much. I like FO:3 and NV to be honest, especially New Vegas which lends itself to my habit of writing fanfiction.
  13. Don't say that around No Mutants Allowed forums, might get an angry mob on your doorstep with pitchforks and torches. :p
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