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  1. Got one of those figures too: Beautiful!! Very good customer service at Copper State Models! Looking foreward to their new set of German plane crew figures.
  2. Ah, good to know, as I would like to do a Viper-powered SE.5a SOMEDAY too... - don't know yet, whether to simply get Roden's offering, or start with WnW's SE.5a and convert it with Mastercaster's parts and Roden's Viper-powerplant-kit?! (Or even wait for a Viper-powered version by WnW?) And: Did I get you right in that Part's pe-set is of no good use?
  3. Great so far! I admire scratch-artists like you, kkarlsen! Having said this, I suppose, the Viper engine is scratchbuilt too? Or did you use Roden's engine-kit?
  4. Ah, that mask-set! Great! I like the Gotha with that large hexagonal camouflage pattern! Pity, WnW doesn't offer it - or Pheon Decals.
  5. How's your Salmson faring, Eelco? I like this bird (one's patiently waiting in my stash..) and find that we do not see enough of them built!
  6. Love your build, inspiring - and I have one Brisfit in my stash too...
  7. IN CRE DIBLE !! (Do I want a Gotha too? I am afraid that Yes, I want a Gotha! - Starting saving up money now...)
  8. One more, I found for your very promising build ahead: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/4498-132-highly-detail-bombs-from-kellerkind-miniarturen/#entry58220
  9. Oh, that looks very promising! I'll be following your build closely! Concerning a "gang" for your bomber: Copper State Models are just releasing a good looking bunch for that plane: http://www.copperstatemodels.com/main/productsCS/6/2
  10. Yes, Rick, I really like the Salmson's Cockpit - and the artistic way, you do it! Rock on! Richard
  11. This looks beautiful, RAGIII! The Salmson's cockpit seems to be even more a kit within the kit, than the other WnW cockpits I have seen so far. Looking foreward to your next update! Richard
  12. Beautiful! Will you tell us, in which Magazine we will have the pleasure to see your Hannover-build, John?
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