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  1. T30/34 (U.S. Heavy Tank) 1:35 TAKOM

    Work will re commence eventually
  2. T30/34 (U.S. Heavy Tank) 1:35 TAKOM

    Taking a short break over bank holiday weekend.
  3. T30/34 (U.S. Heavy Tank) 1:35 TAKOM

    Suspension arms have been painted, filed and cemented into position now just have to leave it to set over night and then touch up all the scratched pain
  4. Challenger 1

    my word what a good looking wreck
  5. Ju 388 L-1

    ah what an interesting build a few questions I have to ask. one: I guess you can call it a stand or jig but did you make it yourself or is it a kit? two: The foam in the engines I am assuming that is for stopping paint going were you don't want it.
  6. Airfix hawker typhoon Mk.1B 1/24

    wow what a wonderful job you have done
  7. 1/48 Wellington Mk.X (He727 NA-K)

    looking good looks like a real test of patients
  8. T30/34 (U.S. Heavy Tank) 1:35 TAKOM

    started putting some small parts on now
  9. T30/34 (U.S. Heavy Tank) 1:35 TAKOM

    so far i have started painting the lower hull and suspension parts
  10. very nice cant wait to see it finished
  11. T30/34 (U.S. Heavy Tank) 1:35 TAKOM

    Starting now first two parts, left is before filing and right is after. enjoy
  12. T30/34 (U.S. Heavy Tank) 1:35 TAKOM

    Hear is the instruction book and box.
  13. Latest project is a American Heavy tank T30/34 I will be building the T34 version and i will be using the plan camouflage scheme. I will also be trying weathering powder to put on the lower hull, tracks and on some other areas. i will also be putting weathering on parts like exhausts and gun muzzle.
  14. Tamiya Churchill VII 1:35

    Lol I can't spell
  15. Tamiya Churchill VII 1:35

    Hi fire fughter