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  1. I would just like to inform that I have received my kit from Krow113 in great condition and complete. Thank you for a great gift
  2. Hear are some pictures of the two models. And after some inspection the truck is missing a small detail pice that has broken off. And the tank is missing 3 small gears from the drive and keeper wheel. It should have 8 in total and I have only got 5. Annoying going to see if I can get some replacement from airfix. Oh and I can't find the instructions for the tank. Found some online tho.
  3. A few years ago (7 i think) i saw a double kit in a local hobby and toy shop in town. It consisted of two models a Churchill MK VII and Scammell Tank Transporter both 1:76 (very small) i liked the look of it and came back with my pocket money the following weekend but the couple kits that were there had gone. so i bought a lone kit of the tank transporter on its own. and a couple weeks later the model of the Churchill showed up there so i bought that too. i had a good crack at the transporter and i think a few minuets on the tank. and then i stopped. Skip froward several years and i had done s
  4. I believe the meanest tank in history is the TOG II. And engineering marvel where head of its time.it would instill fear and terror in it's enemy's from just being on the battlefield. Don't forget it's state of the art gun loading system I'm all seriousness I think the meanest most. OMG were going to die. tank to fight would have been the KV-6 given the time it would have been around. If it got in range. And I state the IF. (I dread to think how slow it would have been) It has alot of nasty guns to fire at you. Including the 2 152mm KV2 cannons. (Or as I lake to call it Derp Box
  5. Damn that's all very detailed. Can't say how I'd do with that much detail. But your doing pretty damn well
  6. Well I have finally finished my T-34 US heavy tank from TAKOM Link to the work from start to finish
  7. Well thats it I'm finished. Apart from the missing and broken parts that I'm eating for from TAKOM it's done.
  8. Just going to say the tank is finished so it's done before 2020 23:35 to be exact I'll show some pictures tommorow
  9. Hears some photos showing all sides of the tank. Got the counter waight for the gun on the back and one half of the mantlet on as well
  10. Spent 3+ hours on the 50.cal and looks great cut all the bits of the framesthe barrel was already painted Soo covered that with some tape for painting.next I took an hour long walk into and back from town. As I was sure I had some gun metal paint but I didn't.Painted the body of the gun with the paint and also painted the other bit's there appropriate colours. And them mounted themthen i painted the ammo box and tray it sits on. And Stuck thoes bits on too I took some more photosAnd finally fixed it to the turret
  11. Cut off the turret hatchesfitted the commanders hatch together unfortunately I couldn't get it to be free to open and close so I just glued it into place. fitted the hatches to the turretand started adding all the little bits. Including matching gun mount and rest, lifting rings and other thingsoh also stuck the bottom half to the top half
  12. Finished of the hull by adding the head lightsThen I painted then I removed the anti paint covering stuff to show the clear plastic on the lights I added the other side partthen I finally started on the turretthats all from yesterday. Daniel
  13. This is all absolutely stunning. The detailing on the engines is amazing. Can't wait to see more
  14. Guns travel restraint moves fairly freeley. And everything is done at the back. Glued the fuel tank caps on and what I believe is a breather pipe to stop a vacuum being created inside the fuel tanks. Also putting the head lights together
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