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  1. Just added some more of the details and a pair of small handles that I believe were used to spread out the trails when the gun was put into a firing position im not sure what these parts are but they kinda look like cleaning rods. this side. The left trail only has one were as the right one has 2
  2. Just sticking some of the details on the trails. Also spent about 30 mins looking for part B24 after it fell on the floor
  3. Well I have started on the suspension now. The brake drums are free to turn on the axle and the wheels slot into the hole on them when I install the. And will turn with the drums.
  4. Just done with the legs. Now for all the small details.
  5. Well it took some fiddling but I got the fun shield on. Looks good too. The barrel can still slide along it's carrier too.
  6. Well done the gun shield now. Just need to touch up the paint and should be ready for the next step. Parts The middle part of the gun shield don't actually know what it's called but it moves up and down with the gun barrel. and the last few pieces
  7. And just a quick look to make sure it all fits together correctly
  8. A couple more pictures of the details on the gun.
  9. Ok have done some small details and mostly been painting parts. stuck afew parts together as well like the mount the gun slides in and 2 parts that hold one side of that. The gun can also slide pretty freely in it's cradle now as well. Sadly lost most of the time I had planned to spend today doing this model. Trying to fix the lights on my car. At least that's done now so back to making tanks and stuff.
  10. Another small update. Got the breach in and moving freely Breach closed´┐╝´┐╝ Breach Open I am incredibly happy with this small detail. As it was very fiddly to get in place and took a fair bit of fiddling and adjustment.
  11. Found another walk around of a PAK 40.I am doing alot of research for this model. I am quite enjoying doing it too. https//www.youtube.com/watch?v=hg4fcnfqw3E
  12. UPDATE. I have assembled the guns first step. The barrel and breach parts. this is the 4 parts just after cutting them off frame. After removing the remains of the frame. After glueing the 2 half's of the barrel together The finished pice with all 4 parts.
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