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  1. Hopefully these videos will help with colours for the interior and exterior as well. Always liked these detailed looks and great to be able to use one for a model https://youtu.be/94yvc_BB-2M
  2. Yeah I was quite surprised as I didn't see any mention of any interior ether but more than happy to give it a try. Also you can see small details like weld marks as well on the casting
  3. Hears a look at the instructions too.
  4. Well took a little longer than I thought it would but it looks better now and the shells and ammunition box look nice and clean. The Gun And the Ammunition Box casings and shells. I believe I got the shells quite good. Took about of effort getting the right colour for them
  5. And also going to touch up all the scratched pain on the gun and carriage
  6. Well before I go onto that Panzer IV model I should finish this one off so here's the shells casings and little ammunition box it has
  7. Yeah the kit looks good lots of detail including a turret basket. Should be alot of fun
  8. Up next is a German panzer 4 ausf H. I'm pretty sure this is the H variant although it's labeled as G on the box This model is from the maker ZVEZDA I haven't made any models from this company before but they looked pretty good and had decent reviews so I thought I'd give one a go. Pictures of the box. Whitch is more of a cover as all the model is in a plain cardboard box inside this Pictures of the parts and frames.
  9. Well almost done.Now just the crew, ammunition box, casing's and shells to do.
  10. Just added some more of the details and a pair of small handles that I believe were used to spread out the trails when the gun was put into a firing position im not sure what these parts are but they kinda look like cleaning rods. this side. The left trail only has one were as the right one has 2
  11. Just sticking some of the details on the trails. Also spent about 30 mins looking for part B24 after it fell on the floor
  12. Well I have started on the suspension now. The brake drums are free to turn on the axle and the wheels slot into the hole on them when I install the. And will turn with the drums.
  13. Just done with the legs. Now for all the small details.
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