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  1. So just put together a gun and mantlet that I don't intend to use. And fitted it to the turret with some blue tack to see what it looks like. There should be a muzzle brake on the barrel but there is only one in the set and I intend to use it on the gun I actually want to fit to the tank.
  2. Left side tracks in place. Just a comparison between two of the track links. And how they differ slightly
  3. So been painting and gluing some of the ideler wheels together. My mum has been helping. And we have started to get the tracks and everything together
  4. Hears a small update. I have sprayed the small wheels that the tracks rest on brown. May try splatter them with some weathering. Also painted the exhaust boxes as well as a couple other parts that are to do with the exhaust. And also sprayed the muzzle brake with the same colour as I mixed it myself. And it looked like a burned colour and it looks good
  5. Thanks. It should look great when I have finished it. 2nd tank that I have put weathering on so should be quite the challenge too.
  6. Not sure. If the tracks were link and pin I would prefer it. Rubber tracks that are one piece that fits around the wheels and then links back up. They are fine but often pull on the wheels and pull the in and off from my experience. My first time using this type of track so I will let you know. If I remember.
  7. So I have painted thoes parts. Proofed fitted the loos parts of the tank together not bad. I will be touching up the missed and bad spots on the vents and grills on the back Sounds in background are TV in kitchen. VID_20190113_191946.mp4
  8. Ok so I'm back working on the tank now. Most of the tracks are painted and have some weathering. And painting some of the main hull and track guard components. That is when the AirBrush decides it wants to work properly.
  9. Yeah it's quite the tank. There is currently no thurther progress with house work taking priority but I hope to do some more work on the tracks soon.
  10. I have. Painted the track parts and also checked the hull and turret to make sure they fit
  11. Update I have painted some parts touched up some parts and prepaid the track guard sides by removing bits left from casting. Also removed small marks from the edging of the drive wheel mounts
  12. Update I have painted some parts touched up some parts and prepaid the track guard sides by removing bits left from casting. Also removed small marks from the edging of the drive wheel mounts
  13. hi very interesting build but what fought my attention most is that tiger. The lower hull you showed in that picture is very similar to a tiger 1i got from a charity shop. My intention was to repair the tank but I don't know we're to get parts or how to repair it as IV had no luck with getting any parts I do have to stick back on. There is loos parts in afew places damage to the insides around the engine. I believe it's missing 2 ambition storage racks. Side parts that cover the tracks on the front and back. The gun is missing from the bow gunner spot. Steering wheel sheets turret components and much more. Any help or suggestions would be wonderful. Especially if there is a way to get spare or replacement parts.
  14. So painting wheels can be rather difficult I have found a good way to do it with the tank road wheels I paint them first the black on the outside and the green on the inside but it overlaps and makes a mess so paint the black again so it's clean and then wrap it with painting tape and paint the inner wheel. Also made a small tool from a cocktail stick and some tape to hold them easilybefore wrapping the green is visibly baddurighn pantingafter my proses
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