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  1. I do have an air brush yes but it's not the best and I don't have plans to buy another one soon. Untill I have had time to have a good look and see what the best I can get for my money is.
  2. Road Wheels Everyone love doing them right. Trying to paint them perfectly and no go out of the lines. Anyway yeah don't most of that now. They need touching up and a couple parts I have missed painting so will do that too but there together now. sights to fill nightmares that is there. and the idler wheels tooA touch of magic (and glue) And you get this.not too bad still some bits that need attention but they arnt bad at all. they fit in place very nicely aswell. I was worried about them not lining up properly as there was no guide or anything for the susp arms l
  3. Yeah thanks. Was a nice holiday although the weather did get abit crap middle of the week
  4. As you request. I have painted the black onto the road and idler wheels also glued the drive/sprocket wheels. And fixed the suspension arms to the hull. First up sprocket wheels then we got the suspension arms. And here's all 48 idler and road wheels. A little messy now but they will look better when I clean em up and paint the center's
  5. Yeah it looks really good. Iv been looking at there models and they do a nice Sherman. I haven't done one of those yet
  6. Well it's been a week. Had a nice holiday down at Torquay. Now to get back to the war effort.
  7. Looks good. Also looks bigger than my Panzer IV even though there the same scale. Looks like some nice detailing on the engine too. Can't wait to see more.
  8. Added the suspension arms buffers. Looking like some actual progress now And the left side too.
  9. Now I just glued the traffic cones to the sides. They fit quite well. And there was a pair of small hatches that I also glued on and the other side.
  10. Looks like a nice kit. May have to go look them up after I'm done with my Panzer IV and KV-1. Will keep track of your progress when I update mine.
  11. got these little parts painted up nicely. Now to add a little black to them and stick em on.
  12. Looks interesting. I see a full engine and looks like the tracks and suspension can move on that one were as this one has no engine and tracks are all solid. Turrets both have interior tho. So yeah be interesting to compare. Feel free to drop a link to your build when you do it in response to your message if you like.
  13. Put these little buggers together.
  14. Put the handles on the towing hooks. And mounted the upper front plate.
  15. Well it's been a while but I'm back at it. First off I cut some of the frame away to paint these little parts easier I painted the rest of the suspension arms and they came out quite nicely if I do say so myself. Also painted these small handles that go on the towing hooks on the front. Applied a 2nd coat of paint to the covers for the transmission and a 1st coat to the upper front plate as well as test fitting that pice.
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