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  1. Today i made some progress on the Fee. Time to glue the bottom armor plate onto the fuselage This was already painted in a black primer coat and today i painted the iron coat on it. Next step, the landing gear. I dry-fitted each part onto the fuselage and glued only the part's together. After the glue dried, i removed the landing gear from the fuselage to ease the painting proces. The early balcony machine-gun mount was also glued together and afterwards removed. Finally i made an early start on the 120 hp Beardmore engine also. Greetz Danny
  2. Just ordered these two beauty's from WETA. Expected delivery date 25/05/2017. Greetz Danny
  3. Nice color scheme. Greetz Danny
  4. Nice subject, only the gloss appearance isn't really my cup of tea. Greetz Danny
  5. I love it. Cheers Danny
  6. Very interesting and stunning build. Really nice color scheme also, great work. Greetz Danny
  7. Thank's for the nice comment. Greetz Danny
  8. Thank's Guy's for the nice comment's. Cockpit of the Fee is finally done and closed in by the two fuselage half's. Seat-belt's are also added and insides are wheatered. Greetz Danny
  9. Not yet. It's still in it's box, shelved. Greetz Danny
  10. Hi Guy's, lot's of people asked me regarding my wood grain technique how i achieve that result. So at first i had a plan to shoot a video of the WIP, but as i am no video guy, and my English isn't really what it should to be, i decided to shoot some extra photo's with the explanation of the several step's that need's to be taken. I added some explanation into the photo's themselves so it is easy to copy them with the explanation. I hope they are of some use to you guy's. Ok, here we go Part two, This whole piece takes about ten minutes to go from a plastic part to a wooden part with this technique. The final result look's like this : Due to the use of the oil paint, the drying time will be around a week. There are additives to get a quicker drying time, but i didn't use them yet with this technique. Greetz Danny
  11. When i do my wood grain work with oils, i leave them for over a week to cure. But there's a additive that fastens the drying time to only one day. I did not use this so i don't know if it's really working but i hear good reviews of it. Greetz Danny
  12. Thank's James. Well, first base need's a semi gloss or gloss coat. Start from this aspect : Now the trick is to use minimum 3 flat brushes. With the first brush you blend the dots into each other with long streaks. In between you clean your brush onto a paper towl. Important, do not use any thinner or solvent to clean your brush or thin your oil paint. Take the second clean brush and again do the same, you can change direction of streaks. You will see that the pattern get's finer according as you will use another brush. Repeat this step until you are satisfied with the result. This is the first blend Second blend And last I hope this gives a good image James. Greetz Danny
  13. I did some more work on the Fee's cockpit section today. I enclosed the observers and pilot's cockpit into the two wooden frame halves. Also the frontal iron framework was added to the observers section. Fuel tank and control column also. Next step, adding the instrument panel. Radiator support bars glued. Engine mount added to the wooden frame work. Rudder pedal control cables and support rigging finished. And a quick dry-fit into the two fuselage half's. Greetz Danny
  14. Thank's Rob for the highly appreciated comment mate. About the fuel lines, that crossed my mind for a minute also to remove them and make new ones from copper wire but at the end i decided to use the ones molded on the plastic. Indeed your right about the metallic colors. Most of them are to heavy in scale. For this i used Tamiya Copper, which is also to heavy. Next time i rather will use Vallejo metallic s which are much better to brush and gives a better effect. Thank's RichO. Greetz Danny
  15. Thank's Jeroen for the nice comment. Greetz Danny