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  1. Sad situation, let's say ridiculous situation. This Corona virus is blown out of proportians by the media and now everybody is chilling by the thought it will go out of proportians........................really..................it's just the flu but in another form. Here in Belgium, a small country, not worth to mention, they took measures which are just to ridiculous to mention.
  2. Postman ringed at the door this morning with some 1/48 scale resin ejection seats....
  3. My score from the anual MKB 2020 happening in my neighbourhood.
  4. Modelling in all it's aspects is great...........isn't?? Somethimes i just sit in my modelling chair looking at my modelling table and knowing just how much i am lucky that i all have this stuff. On the other hand, i'm married, and the most joy is just knowing that my wife has no problem's what's so ever that i'm using my spare time in the modelling bussiness.
  5. Very nice catch Dale. If you ever get the chance to visit Belgium you sure have to visit this big boy in La Gleize, Ardennes. It's in a bad shape, but the shere appearance of this beast just gives you an idea about the power which was behind this Panzer. Photo's where taken by me in 2014 Americans used this King Tiger to search for his weakness in it's armor when driving or marching by. The King Tiger was out of action and abandoned by it's crew. When American troops passing by they had a nice opportunity to look for it's weak spot in it's armor, evidence of the numorous hit's by different calibre hit's can be seen.
  6. Finally got my Cold War Studio MiG 23BN nose correction set.
  7. The question is difficult to answer because all depents which color of primer you used and how thick you spray the paint on your model. Also, different colors need all different sort's of layer to get a good coverage.
  8. I've got 3 of the whole glass ones, which are very nice. Still they work fine to display 1/32 W.W.1 and W.W.2 models but regarding the big scale jet's they are way to small. Greetz Danny
  9. Very nice progress Harv, that engine seem's to be eager to get started.
  10. Thank's mate. Looking forward to the paint process. Still some deals to make with this beast. Thank's mate, hopefully my friend will have enough space to put it, i think that's why he asked to fold the wings.
  11. Update 02/02/2020 Today i did some work on the Tamiya F-4J Phantom. The person who will be the owner of the model asked me if i could build the brake-chute container in open position. This way i needed to find a solution to build in some more or less realistic container just like the real deal. Regarding the wings, which will be folded in up-ward position, i needed to find a solution because Tamiya don't give the modeler the choice between up-ward or down position. Just pure out of curiosity.....the FOD intake covers dry-fitted Time to tackle the brake-chute container....... Time to get back to the modeling table.........
  12. Wow Harv.......1/16 heavy metal dude........talking about something totally different then airplane modelling. Love your progress my friend, i'm sitting at the front row to watch and learn. In the Brussels Army and aviation museum stands a original Renault FT with his ( i think) original color scheme. I don't have much photo's of it, only three, but i will post them here. Maybe you can use them as reference. Regards Danny
  13. Very nice progress Mike. I love the way you show us all the different way's from research to building the actual part's. Let's say i'm all eyes and ear's.... Regards Danny
  14. Very nice work Carl. I love the finished titanium plating on your model. At a first look the one piece horizontal stabilizer look's spot on, but it's a pain to install the titanium panels part without any sanding. The damn thing just sit's firmly in the way. Separate them is a good thing and you have enough room to glue the two separate horizontal stabilizers in a proper way onto the fuselage.
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