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  1. My score from yesterday's Belgian Scale Modelling convention.
  2. Indeed Jeff. Don't get me wrong, this show must be for many people the way to go. And yes indeed there is allot to see of all kind of nice stuff. Just, not in the way i look at modelling. But that's just personal.
  3. This so called Shizuoka hobby show, is in my eyes more a simple toy fair. Nothing more nothing less. Not a single serious 1/32 or big scale subject is displayed. So for me this show is a no go.
  4. Delivered by the postman today. This is a PK 75 YUAF Flight Helmet which is a copy of the well known french Flight Helmet Gueneau 316! The Type 1151 Oxygen Mask is a copy of the well known Ulmer 82! The paint of the helmet is a tribute to the Voltige Victor aerobatic team! Regards Danny
  5. Sadly no Phil. At the moment i'm very busy with my new job, so modeling is kept at the background. Also my wife is recovering from her surgery so time is divided into two part's , the third part is modeling and that's a little bit rusted at the moment. Still, i will find some time to get onto the modeling table this weekend, so from the moment i have news i will share it with you guy's.
  6. Love your way to tackle the color scheme on this Greek bird mate. Great work, i learn allot of your build.
  7. That guy at the controls of WNW are making more and more strange decisions. I wonder if he has still a full clear mind. But........gladly it is a W.W.1 subject and not a Star Wars X-wing fighter...........hopefully that so called sir.....peter isn't a Star Wars fan or we can write our W.W.1 subjects on our stomach.
  8. Yes.......didn't think about Syhart, your completely right on that..............nice times for us 1/32 guy's.....
  9. Yep me to.............hope everything is ok with you Martin????.......anybody heard from him lately???
  10. I just got her on the phone, and the pain coming from the previous hernia is now totally gone, also the radiance to her right leg is completely gone. A very good sign. About the AK thinner, i don't have the thinner because i used the Isopropyl alcohol to thin and i tried also to thin the paint with cellulose thinner. Both work's just fine, with a increase of smell when i used the cellulose thinner to thin the paint.
  11. Thank's Phil. She is recovering very well mate. Today all her infuses where removed, and she walked all ready around when i entered the room, so that's a good sign. Regarding the AK paint. They smell different compared to Tamiya paint. When you open the bottle it's a stronger smell but still much less then the MRP paint. It's a acrylic paint but to be honest, still not fully acrylic, so same as the Tamiya paint. When spraying i was surprised that the smell was not as strong as the Tamiya paint, strange thing because the smell in the bottle is stronger than Tamiya.
  12. There are enough beautiful color scheme's on Mirage 2000C's and D's/N's. The French always where busy guy's when it came to nice color scheme's. The choice will be hard to make which i will do......
  13. Sssshhhttttt Harv..........the great ugly carpet monster is hearing you. If you don't buy kit's anymore he will be very angry and eat your kit-part's for sure.
  14. She's very fine mate. The surgery went very well. Last year she suffered from a spinal hernia at the lower vertebra. After seeing two doctors who said there couldn't be a surgery to solve the problem, and that she had to live with it we decided to see a third doctor and he told us a whole different story. It wasn't only the hernia in which she suffered from but she had also a cracked vertebra. This one needed to be taken care of by surgery and in case of the hernia it was simple he said. No surgery would resulted within two year's of a paralysis. So the choice was simple. For now she is recovering very well, and i hope next week she can return home.
  15. It's gonna be hard times for me this year.................... Mirage 2000C Mirage 2000D Mirage 2000N Fouga Magister...........Ouch my wallet.................
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