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  1. Oh ok Ron i see. thank's for the explanation mate. Steve, thank's allot for these photo's, they are of great value to me because they are excellent reference material.
  2. I suppose only the standard duty suspension leave springs where used during the day's that the White Freightliner would pull the flatbed trailer???
  3. Well Harv, sorry to say but i sended him multiple messages and he keeps silent at the moment. I just sended another mail true his website with the question to give me back the money. I will see if he reacts???????????
  4. Still nothing from that guy. He keep's quit, shouldn't known better. But hey, a lesson learned, so never again.
  5. Well, nothing will stop me now for doing a good job on this one mate. I hope i will do a good job..................
  6. Thank's Jeff............... Today the postman ringed at the door with this package.................. Look's like i have no excuse anymore to go all the way with this project................
  7. Indeed they are Jeff. I'm glad to have guy's like you, Steve and lot's of others (sorry i can't name all of you great guy's) over here who's backing me up regarding my noob skills into trucks.
  8. Thank's Jeff for the explanation. At the moment i started with adding the wiring, and etc.......Hope i can take photo's very soon. Explanation and photo's, the best reference a modeller could wish. Thank's for your nice and very interesting feedback guy's.
  9. Wow Steve, thank's allot my friend for these very nice photo's. they will be very handy
  10. That bridge is really bullet-proof. Did a search on Youtube and this bridge becomes famous. So much warning sign's and still some drivers didn't keep attention to it.
  11. Question guy's.............. Do anybody have good reference photo's of a White Freightliner frame-work regarding the different sortes of tubes, wiring and hoses which run along the frame to connect all different systems??
  12. This happened yesterday in France.................
  13. At the moment i'm a little bit disappointed because my Freightliner pe isn't delivered yet. I send an email to the online store to sort this out. So the model is on low progress for the moment. I will try to add some scratch plumbing and wiring today to keep the progress on go.
  14. Well, look's like a nice idea to me Jeff. I'm planning to do a dio with one of these trucks, not really in mind yet what to do or how i will tackle it, but it's in the develop mode. No sweat jeff, please feel free. All these photo's are nice reference material my friend. But oh boy, those lumber logs are big punching needles when they hit a car. Glad your daughter wasn't there at moment of the accident.
  15. Ok guy's i took some photo's. Regarding the most part's of the chassis, all is glued. Front axle, rear double spring's on both side's, rear axle's, front and rear, air tanks and reserve air tank. here you see the radius rods which i glued from my opinion into the correct place. From above it look's like this. Next thing to do is to add some more part's and some extra details.
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