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  1. It's fairly simple to do mate. I use a home made device to apply ca glue to certain part's. It exists of a copper wire placed in a pin-vise. Just dip this into the ca glue and apply it onto the part that needs to be glued. From time to time you need to clean the copper wire from dried glue with a sharp blade, et voila, ready to use again.
  2. DannyVM

    Soo.... What did you just get???

    Just delivered at my doorstep, with a big thank's to AK Interactive for their very fast and splendid service, and the nice attention they included in the package. Also Rob, thank you mate to point it out to me. Time to dig out this lecture.
  3. It all ready happend today when some tiny pe part's ejected from my tweezers into thin air. It's a micro kit on it's own, my wife needed to reanimate me from time to time during the battle with the pe.....
  4. My eyes.......not good to be honest i keep seeing AA guns all the time since i made this tiny guy No serious, you just have to stay focused on the subject to put everything in good order together. I worked more then 4 hours alone on the bending and preparing of the tiny pe part's. Glueing the part's together was done in about a hour. That's why i decided to work the different part's of the ship, piece by piece, just to keep some variation into the build. Like now, ik tackled the 380 m/m guns, and one AA gun, tomorrow i will paint those. That way, it stay's fun. Greetz Danny
  5. Just finished work on the four 380 m/m guns of the Tirpitz. I also made one 20 m/m AA gun to place it on one of the 380 m/m gun turrets. You wouldn't believe it, but this 20 m/m AA gun exists of 25 PE part's which are folded and glued together. The basic ingredients for the four 380 m/m guns. Some turrets showed some scratches on their surface. Nothing serious, just a little bit filling and the job is done. Next, replace the plastic gun barrels with new brass ones. On top of one of the turrets comes a 20 m/m AA Gun. Two choices, plastic or .......pe..........which exist out of 25 pieces..... I decided to take the plunge, this is the result. For comparison, a toothpick and my finger, just to show how small these suckers are... And the whole bunch together. Regards Danny
  6. Thank's Phil. I've this big pot of micro balloons for a long time. In fact i used it to mix it with epoxy glue for giving more filling power. the idea came from a guy who own's a internet modelling shop. He said the snow that is sold to use for diorama's is just micro balloons, so i gave it a try.
  7. Thank's Phil. The wooden deck is really a nice add-on to the model, and it's fairly simple to apply.
  8. Thank's for hopping into the boat mate. And for sure thank's for the link, i think i will get that book. Yesterday and today i did some work on the Tirpitz. The hull was painted completely, and the deck received the wooden deck it deserved. So now onto the painting of the hull. Revell instructions gave two choices to paint the model, but something tells me that it is not very accurate, don't ask me why, but when i look at this link, i don't find any color variation like the ones depicted into the Revell instructions. So, to be honest, this is my first ship build, the camo pattern like shown above is just to complicated to paint it for a novice, so i decided to go a little easier. I did some research and i came up with this color scheme : It's a fairly simple color scheme, but still, i like it, so, this is the one i will use. I started with the primer coat, i use black. Some taping to do and next color is the bottom of the hul, the red-brown color. So i build up the colors, side of the hull, the dark and light grey colors. After that, i airbrushed a gloss clear coat onto the model and afterwards it was time to tackle the wooden deck, something is wasn't really thrilled about to do. To be honest, this is just easy work, the wooden deck was added withing about an half an hour and it was done. Regards Danny
  9. Thank's mate The hull is painted, just a clear coat and the propellers (or how do you call those on a boat??) Nice to see your hopping into the boat mate.
  10. Yep Phil, indeed mate. @ the moment the hull is painted. I only need to give it a clear coat, i will put photo's over here tonight.
  11. A few months ago i started my 1/350 scale Revell Tirpitz. The kit is the Platinum Edition from the earlier Revell Tirpitz kit. Time to put some photo's over here. I made a careful start on this beast. i'm used to build bigger scale, so this will be my first ship building in plastic medium, i hope everything will turn the way i like it. There's enough instructions to get lost on this one. The hull is separated into two half's, which both are nicely moulded, some seam lines need to be removed, but it's no difficult job to do.. The fit of the two half's is fairly good. I just wanted to know for sure how this kit would fit, so i did a dry-fit of both half's and the upper deck. Also the two inner bulkheads gave a very good fit into the hull. Dry-fit of the upper deck gave a good alignment, so for this i was happy. Time to glue the two half's together. When the glue is dry, i will glue two nuts into the hull, for later connection on a base plate. Also i will use epoxy glue into the separation seam for a secure connection. Indeed, yes, i put in all my models my signature and starting date of the project, let's say it's for good luck........... Hull of the Tirpitz was glued together, resulting in some unequal seams, so they need to get some putty. While drying, i tackled the 150 m/m gun towers. Without PE they look like this.... But this kit got a load of PE and brass barrels onboard, so let the fun begins. And just to show how small these gem's are....... Ok guy's, it's a massive update, and that's how thing's are at the moment, i keep you guy's posted on this. Regards Danny
  12. Thank's. my figure skills are a little bit rusted. I need to paint more figures i supose.
  13. Great choice of subject. Armor is really a nice change to get the mojo back. I've got armor kit's in my stash for the moment i need them but that said, at the moment i have also a little bit of a burn-out regarding airplane models, so i pulled my battleship back from the shelf of doom.
  14. Thank's Martin. Thank's Mike.