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  1. Some diorama material, two bottles of black paint and some brushes.
  2. To my humble opinion, it's just the point of interest many people have. German subjects will always have an advantage comparing to other subjects from other country's. So to make this short, yes it's all about money and the profit a company will have by selling them to lot's of modeling enthusiasts. Is this a good thing?.....yes, for those who are interested to these German planes, no for those who like to see the many other interesting subjects which had also a great impact on the history of flight, and to be honest, there are a lot of these over-seen subjects by the modeling manufacturers. For the question, do we still need them, in my opinion, no not at all. On the other hand, iff a certain German plane will be released by a certain manufacturer and it's improved in quality over the already released models then it is a yes. Sadly, this is often not the case, so another BF-109 or FW-190 on the market starts to get boring. For me, i don't like W.W.2 German planes, but the W.W.1 German subjects are of a great interest to me. strange isn't, but hey, that's why there is such a great variety into us modellers, and that's good. Regards Danny
  3. Finally, got a long time wanted into my hands. A Vespa GTS 125 I-GET Supertech. I always had a interest into these Italian classy scooters. I think i got this from my father, he also had a Vespa in the 50's & 60's. So, let's get into the nostalgic part of this. Left, my father with his Vespa, around 1955 and right, me with my Vespa. Greetz Danny
  4. Very nice work Ernie. Maybe i said it before, but i like that color scheme.
  5. Thank's Ernie. It's a great kit, you will have fun with it. No con's what so ever so enjoy mate. That said, i started this kit as a in between project, normally i wanted to start on the HK Mosquito kit, but i had to wait for some extra goodies, so in between this Viper looked very tempting on my shelf so......well, you know how thing's go's. Also, the last couple of month's where not so modeling friendly, in other word's, other more important matters where......well......more important So my modeling skills are a little bit rusted...... and i don't like that to be honest. So the mojo was a little bit gone, but hey, i think we all suffer from time to time from this ugly little beast isn't So today, a couple of minutes ago, i decided it is time to start on the HK Mosquito, so all preparations are in progress to do so. Stay tuned mate and thank's for your kind comment. Regards Danny
  6. So sorry to hear that Jeff, my heart is bleeding my friend. Really, losing a pet, no matter what kind is always a big loss. Pet's are the most friendly, care taking and forgiving creatures to human's no matter what's happens to them. They have my respect and so are you and your family Jeff. These animals deserves so much care, so much love, just because we humans can never give them the love they feel for us. And still we give them a careful home which is safe and cosy, therefore they are family, and losing a family member is always devastating. Greetz mate Danny
  7. Great work John, love the P-61, so i'm very interested to the next progress update.
  8. Thank's Rob for the nice comment mate. Now, regarding the F-16 subject, to be honest, this jet is the ultimate and last design of fighter jet's that give me some interest. My love go's out to Cold War jet's, the F-16 was part of that area so it deserves a place on the shelf, but again, everything that was developed behind the F-16 isn't really worth to mention in my personal opinion.
  9. Thank's for the nice comment Maru. Regarding the pilot's helmet, i have the same type in my collection, so regarding color etc. i could use it as a reference. Still allot of different HGU-55/p helmets differs in color details so you can go all way's.
  10. Main landing gear detailing. Or why i keep doin it to myself After the main wheel bay's where done i thought i finished a not so popular part of modeling to me. But, that said, the result compared with the bare naked landing gear leg's is just way better when finished. Landing gear leg's without details And after some painstaking hours which give me almost a heart attack. Greetz Danny
  11. Yesterday i did some detailing regarding the F-16 wheelbay's. Not my favourite thing to do, but hey, once starting with the tiny wire and brass tubes there's no stopping. So after some painstaking hours of cutting, bending, cursing and glue the damn things into the wheelbay's i'm satisfied.I have to say this is maybe not 100% realistic and complete, but it will give the wheelbay a more natural look when looking inside. I started with the front wheelbay, let's say a warming up for things to come. I used different sort's of lead wire, brass tubes and copper wire. Next are the main wheelbay's. Like i said before, wheelbay's are not my favourite part, still i like to give them a more realistic look. When you leave these alone and paint them the way they are it will have an empty look, so, this is how it look's oob. Thank's for watching.
  12. Look's like a very decent kit, i love to see more of your work.
  13. ..............This is just splendid work Jeroen, i love it.........your work (not the Horten)
  14. Thank's Harv, my friend
  15. Ok my friend, there's always a possibility i did something wrong, no matter if i have the perfect reference or not. But indeed, i used my own HGU-55/P as a paint guide for the Viper pilot, with some minor changes to the paint scheme.
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