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  1. DannyVM

    Soo.... What did you just get???

    Thank's Phil, first, Belgium is not so big so distances are more closer to people. In that matter, we are blessed Second, yes there are enough conventions in Belgium to go to. I always go to the same conventions every year, 5 to be exactly and they splattered over the year with the one that was held today as the last one of the year.
  2. DannyVM

    Soo.... What did you just get???

    My score from this day's Belgian Scale Modellers Convention 2018 held in Putte Belgium. I also had a short, but nice chat with Cees & Jeroen, thank's guy's for the nce talk. Regards Danny
  3. DannyVM

    Hellenic A-7E

    I got this kit also in my stash, and i'm gonna make also a Greek bird, so this topic i will follow with great interest. The Zacto intake is the only thing i still need to get. Succes
  4. DannyVM

    HPH L-39

    Looking forward to your build. I also have this nice bird in my stash, so i'm all ears in how you will tackle this nice little gem. Regards Danny
  5. DannyVM

    HO 229 Mysytery Ship build

    ............Harv is lost..............
  6. DannyVM

    Jug-gernaut P47D in NMF

    Rob, very nice fix mate, looking forward to your progress.
  7. DannyVM

    Trumpy BAC Lightning F.Mk.6

    Indeed Mike. It's a very busy situation on the seat. I don't know if it's realistic but that aside. In my opinion it's necessary because of the dark hidden place it's sit into the cockpit. That way thing's are a more little bit obvious without a overdone feeling when looking at it.
  8. DannyVM

    Trumpy BAC Lightning F.Mk.6

    Thank's Martin, i try to give some extra detail to the most obvious spot's of the Lightning.
  9. DannyVM

    Trumpy BAC Lightning F.Mk.6

    Had tought's for making a screen cover for the radar screen, but i leave it this way.
  10. DannyVM

    Thoughts on MRP paints?

    You can shoot acrylic paints, fillers and primers onto cellulose paints, fillers and primers. But if otherwise, you have to take caution when you do this. When you want to shoot an cellulose paint onto a acrylic paint, primer, you have to be sure that you lay very thin layers of paint. In that way the cellulose solvent can vapouriz quickly instead of attacking the underneath acrylic layer. Still, you have to take caution because the cellulose paint is more aggressive then the acrylic one. To be short said, acrylics are not compatible with cellulose (MRP) paints.
  11. DannyVM

    Trumpy BAC Lightning F.Mk.6

    Thank's guy's for the nice comments.
  12. DannyVM

    Trumpy BAC Lightning F.Mk.6

    Last day's i made some painting progress on the cockpit.
  13. DannyVM

    Trumpy BAC Lightning F.Mk.6

    Indeed, there are other issues to look for another home, but space in all aspects is the main problem we have at the moment. I still have some space left to store some helmets, but that said, i rather will use it to store finished models for now. To be honest Peter, i have my ultimate man cave, i don't need more, but at the moment we have an apartment, which is great and comfortable, but some more space would be great, and that's not only for my hobby purposes.
  14. It's an older kit peter, so we will give them the benefit of doubt.
  15. DannyVM

    Trumpy BAC Lightning F.Mk.6

    Later this day i'm gonna make a trip to another house to see. One with lot's of room, to fulfill my needs.