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    1/32 W.W.1 , W.W.2 , Cold War aviation.
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  1. Great looking model James. This build is really crisp and superb looking. Greetz Danny
  2. Very nice model Paul, i really like the colors you used on this beast. Greetz Danny
  3. Wow really like this Michael, really nice work mate, congrats. Greetz Danny
  4. Nice to see you got them safe at your home. They look great. Greetz Danny
  5. Do it the way you like it Mark. rivets or not like you said........after all it's personal favor. I'm really curious how you gonna tackle this kit mate.....succes. Greetz Danny
  6. Score of today shopping at the Antwerp modeling convention........ My very first HK kit, after i bought the Tamiya Mosquito last week i decided to buy the HK Mosquito also. I had a nice chat with Jeroen and Cees, thank's mates for the nice talk Greetz Danny
  7. Nice bird, and certain a rare one, great model you got there. Greetz Danny
  8. With pleasure guy's... Greetz Danny
  9. Very interesting subjects. Greetz Danny
  10. Hi Mark, very nice to see your Mosquito over here mate. It was very nice to meet you in real person today, and we had a nice chat. Congrats for you and your club mates for the very nice convention. Greetz Danny
  11. Diorama's Boats all scales Figures, all scale.......some NSFW And for James, Star Wars I hope you enjoy the photo's guy's.... Greetz Danny
  12. Armor, all scales
  13. Hi Guy's, this year, the very first modeling convention here in Belgium of the year is always for the honor of the Modeling club of Willebroek, or simply said MCW. This year, another location was needed for the annual hosting of the MCW modeling convention,due to con structural issues of the old location but never less, again it was a very interesting convention with lot's of beautiful models that where proudly shown by there owners. So guy's, i want to show you some highlights of these models that where standing in all of there glory on the competition tables, here they are. Airplanes 1/32 - 1/24 Airplanes, smaller then 1/32
  14. Finally, after a long time doubt about to purchase one or not, i did it............ Want to make a Belgian Target towing Mosquito, so the extra decals that came with the kit was a nice surprise. For reference, i got me some books, two for the Mosquito (i know, the one isn't for the same type, but the Belgian Target towing device is explained in it.) and one to get some advice regarding bare metal painting. For the rest some materials, the perfect plastic putty (i heard a lot of positive comments about it, so time to try out.), some micro brushes, perfect for chipping effects, extra thing Tamiya cement quick setting and the new liquid chrome pen, something i really wanna try out. Greetz Danny