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  1. New WNW kits for 2018 and beyond

    Sad to see they did again a unknow subject that was un-interesting to history. Two times in a row look's like a bad joke to me. He won't get my money on this one
  2. Soo.... What did you just get???

    Very nice Cees, this must be a nice add-on to your model collection.
  3. Soo.... What did you just get???

    Indeed, a little bit at the time. Wow Spitfire IP, very nice, pic's please..... Thank's Rob, indeed that could be a real bummer if you sit in such a cockpit hihihi. Greetz Danny
  4. Back after a very long absence

    Welkom back Paul, looking forward to see your work.
  5. Soo.... What did you just get???

    Thank's, same for me, don't understand anything of the Russian text, but some are translated by a Russian guy, so i know the meaning.
  6. Soo.... What did you just get???

    Lately, my new purchases are mostly flight gear related. Again......today i received my newest acquisition..... A brand new ZsH-5A helmet with KM-34 oxygen mask. Not only the helmet and mask was included in the deal, also the wooden store box, and the accessoires that where included in the box, inclusief the certificates with the production date and the moisture indicator. Greetz Danny
  7. Thank's Rob, for the very nice photo. Well, to be honest Rob, this is enough complicated as it is in 1/32 scale. It's my first time I've tryed this so, i'm in a learning curve all the way Sadly nothing will be seen once the fuselage half's are closed. Greetz Danny
  8. Back on the bench to get my F-104 ready for flight. Today i made some further progress on the wiring for the led lights. Tip tank's navigation lights where installed and tank's glued onto the wings. Also fuselage lights where prepared for the led lights. For this i use some plastic tube's which i glue inside the fuselage onto the clear glass with uv-glue. Afterwards this tube is painted black to prevent that light can be seen in places where it not should be seen. The led light's are glued into the plastic tube and secured with uv-glue, afterwards all is painted black. All connectors have a different color, according to connect to the right wire on the IP board. To make it easy i paint a little dot onto the connector in the color of use. Next thing to do is a test run of the led lights. To make sure all is working fine i made a test run of the led lightning system. Everything works just fine. Next, the afterburner led light system. No need to say more i think, just glue the led light into the exhaust tube. I use the engine for a sturdy and strong connection for the clear rod which i will use to put the Starfighter into flight modus. The whole weight of the model will be carried by this clear rod and the engine. From here on i use epoxy glue for a strong bound. All wire's are glued in their place with again, uv-glue Greetz Danny
  9. Soo.... What did you just get???

    Just delivered from Hannants Greetz Danny
  10. Soo.... What did you just get???

    Yesterday i bought some late Christmas presents for myself. First, The mighty Lightning, i just love those English cold war jet's. And same go's for this nice piece of hardware metal, the T-55, i'm just curious about this kit, how it builds up and the quality. By the look, everything look's all ready very promising. Greetz Danny
  11. Not so much, about 70 grams. The acrylic rod is 2 cm diameter en wil be more then enough for support. Greetz Danny
  12. It's bin a long time since i worked on this beauty from the sixties and seventy's, but i'm back to finish this until the end. Reason it took some time is the led lightning set. Richard from Magic Scale Modeling designed a whole plug & play set specially for the Starfighter guy's. To configure all the different light systems takes some time to do so. Last weekend the set was finished and the set was handed to me from Richard in person. Yesterday i did a test run to look iff everything worked fine, and yes it do's the job perfect. Here's a link to a video i made with the light's working. The engine will be used as a extra support for the clear acrylic rod that will be used to put the model in flight. The inside of the exhaust got some paint. Not much will be seen afterwards but hey, it is the personal mind that has to be pleasured. All of this will be firmly bound to the landing gear wheelbay with epoxy glue so it has enough strength. Next ting to do was the test fit of the IP panel inside the fuselage. This will be no problem, there will be enough space. Fuselage navigation lights are painted in red and green colors, as well also for the wing tip fuel tanks navigation light. The area around the light's are painted black to prevent that light will come true the outside of the surface later on. Every light system is written inside the fuselage half's and wing tip tank half's so i can make no mistake's once i glue them in place. I have just one question for you Starfighter specialists : Are those beacons that are constantly on, do they burn steady or to they flickering or fading?? I got two steady led light's in reserve, so i can use them for this. Greetz Danny
  13. Soo.... What did you just get???

    Thank's mate. Today i did a test run and all seem's to work fine. Here's a little video of how the configuration works. Greetz Danny