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  1. Today i received the new published Mirage 5 book. I all ready took a quick look inside and i must say i'm very impressed by the sheer quality of the book. This book put's the operational history in perspective of the Mirage 5BA/BD and BR in Belgium Air Force service. It count's 450 pages full of interesting info and lot's of photo's. Greetz Danny
  2. Wingnut Wings

    Got this beauty also in my stash RichO, very interesting and beautiful German Scout. Greetz Danny
  3. Hi there fellow's, a couple of weeks ago i had the chance to buy a long time favorite i wanted to have in my collection. A HGU-26/P helmet with MBU-5/P oxygen mask. This helmet and oxygen mask was the standard gear equipment of the 60's and 70's Western jet pilot. There where lot's of different types of helmets worn, but the HGU-26/P was far more standardized then it's successors. Now, i wanted a Belgian decorated helmet, from 31 or 23 Squadron. But these are very rare to find, so i decided to search for an all white example. A few years ago i discovered that a good friend of mine had an original HGU-26/P with MBU-5/P mask in a almost new state. It belonged to a American pilot who served in Germany. I knew that this was the change i had to obtain the item i wanted for so long, but, there was a problem. My friend couldn't get a distance from it, in other word's, the helmet was not for sale. Ok, every item has it's price, and yes, i gave him a more then fair financial offer which in my mind he couldn't resist......but it was a no go, he still wasn't ready to sell his helmet, and i understood him very well, but again for me...... So two weeks ago i was very surprised when i got an text message from him which stated he was ready to take a distance from it, and so i contacted him to give him a more then fair price, i jumped in my car with the money and drove straight to his house. I couldn't get the risk for changing his mind, so i took the short cut. Today, i am the proud owner of this helmet and i have plans with it. Some of you guy's still remember my Starfighter project which stalled due to some problems. And everyone still remember this little guy. My goal is to paint my HGU-26/P helmet into a 23 'Devil' Squadron helmet, worn by the Pilot's who flew the Starfighter. I got some help of some guy's regarding the design of the visor cover, but especially i got some help from a person who's father was a Belgian F-104G pilot within the 23e Squadron that was based at Kleine Brogel airbase. His story intrigued me so much that i decided to pull my Starfighter project back into active, starting with the painting of the helmet. The pilot was Cdt. Guy Depypere, a instructor on the F-104G Starfighter. His son Kris, Provided me with lot's of photo's from his father service years, which helped me to get the job done. Image provided by Kris Depypere So fisrt thing to do was removal of the sticker, which was not so easy. Second, sanding the visor cover with 1200 , 1500 and 2000 grid wet sandpaper. Masking the red color. And paint them. And today i painted the devil's head. Stay tuned for more. Greetz Danny
  4. Thank's Rob, they are a great addition to my display case Greetz Danny
  5. Today i finished my HGU-26/P helmet in the color of the 23e 'Devil' Squadron, based at Kleine Brogel AB. And together with my HGU-55/P Greetz Danny
  6. Thank's mate, hopefully i can display them by the weekend. Greetz Danny
  7. Thank's Jeroen. Indeed, i hope i can Finnish the cover this week so i can assemble the helmet back to full status. This week my mannequin heads will also be delivered for displaying the two Helmet set's in an appropriate way. Greetz Danny
  8. Thank's for the tip Free The most of the visor cover is all ready painted, and no problems appeared during painting. I will post a WIP in the "Non LSM WIP and Completion" section of the forum. Greetz Danny
  9. The visor cover of the helmet will be painted like the helmets worn by their pilots of the 23e 'Devil' Smaldeel when they flew the Starfighter. Here you see Cdt. Depypere with the 'devil' helmet on. Kris Depypere privat collection Greetz Danny
  10. This morning i got some goodies prior for my 23e 'Devil' Squadron jet pilot helmet project. Greetz Danny
  11. Finally.......i got one...... For a long time now, i've searched for a HGU-26/P jet pilot helmet in white color complete with MBU-5/P oxygen mask. It's not easy to find a nice example of this 60's-70's era head gear, so i kept searching for one. Now, a good friend of mine had a very splendid bone dome almost in a new state. A few years ago i asked him if he wanted to sell this helmet to me, but he had difficulty's to get distance of it, which i understand completely. Today i got great news from him that he was ready to sell, so i jumped in my car and drove to him and bought the head gear set for a more then reasonable price. So, this is it : My TAMA HGU-55/P will have company now with his predecessor. Greetz Danny
  12. Today i made some progress on the Fee. Time to glue the bottom armor plate onto the fuselage This was already painted in a black primer coat and today i painted the iron coat on it. Next step, the landing gear. I dry-fitted each part onto the fuselage and glued only the part's together. After the glue dried, i removed the landing gear from the fuselage to ease the painting proces. The early balcony machine-gun mount was also glued together and afterwards removed. Finally i made an early start on the 120 hp Beardmore engine also. Greetz Danny
  13. W.W.1 subjects keep's getting me. After my visit to the Brussels Army museum, i saw some very nice W.W.1 subjects which triggered some feelings in me. This one was a real time favorite for sure : Ok, it's a Farman instead of a Fe.2b but the twin boomed design made some impressions to me. So i decided to start the WNW Fe.2b "Early" Aftermarket i'm gonna use are some HGW goodie's. And some ground work And this color scheme i will be using Of course, a few years ago i made some wood color test's, and i will be using these to for this build. Greetz Danny
  14. Just ordered these two beauty's from WETA. Expected delivery date 25/05/2017. Greetz Danny
  15. Nice color scheme. Greetz Danny
  16. Nice subject, only the gloss appearance isn't really my cup of tea. Greetz Danny
  17. I love it. Cheers Danny
  18. Very interesting and stunning build. Really nice color scheme also, great work. Greetz Danny
  19. Thank's for the nice comment. Greetz Danny
  20. Thank's Guy's for the nice comment's. Cockpit of the Fee is finally done and closed in by the two fuselage half's. Seat-belt's are also added and insides are wheatered. Greetz Danny
  21. Not yet. It's still in it's box, shelved. Greetz Danny
  22. Hi Guy's, after my two previous W.W.1 projects, it's time to do something totally different. In fact, my hands where itching to start this project, but i wanted to finish my ongoing Harry Tate project first, so for now, the road is clear to tackle this beast. From the harsh day's of 1917, i take a jump to the Cold War area, during the 70's. In these day's, the F-104G Starfighter ruled the Belgian sky's, for me still the ultimate fighter jet ever produced. Ok ok, maybe it's a little bit over reacted as i say it's the ultimate fighter jet, but back in those day's it was a kick ""s fighter jet, that you guy's have to admitt hahaha. After the beautiful Italeri kit came out, i was lost forever, so i bought it with lot's aftermarket goodies. Ok, i start with the Eduard goodies. On of the short comings of this kit is the fact that the engine exhaust nozzle for the J79 is in a rather closed position, so if we want a parked "Zipper" we need a fully open nozzle, for this i bought the Eduard Exhaust nozzle set. Also resin wheels are from the Eduard Brassin range. I also got the Eduard interior PE and the exterior PE. It's much discussed on LSP and other forums, the Aires cockpit set. Very nicely detailed, but it just won't fit into the fuselage nicely.Hmmmmm.......a real bummer so i chosed to go with the CMK cockpit. It's still a gamble because i don't know how it will fit into the fuselage, but there's not much to lose so, i will take my changes. The overall detail is quit good, but compared with the kit cockpit, the detail is rather the same, so therefore my decision to purchase the Eduard cockpit PE also. I also chosed to buy the Aires seat, and the Aires wheel bay's. The Aires seat detail is very nice and crisp, still i have a problem with the back seat cushion for the C2 seat, which i can not seem to find in my reference book's, strange Like always i want to put a pilot figure with my model, so a PJ productions pilot will company the manned Belgian rocket. Building a Belgian jet without DACO decals wouldn't be very properly, so the DACO decal sheet's are also in the game. For the reference i have two very nice book's, which i bought a couple of years ago. 1). The long out of production Lock on Verlinden Starfighter reference, and 2). a Starfighter bible on it's own, the DACO Uncovering the F-104 Starfighter book. I still don't know which color scheme i will chose, but it will be certain a "Slivers" or a "Tiger" machine. Ok, time to make some room now on my workbench, stay tuned guy's Greetz Danny
  23. Hi Guy's, lot's of people asked me regarding my wood grain technique how i achieve that result. So at first i had a plan to shoot a video of the WIP, but as i am no video guy, and my English isn't really what it should to be, i decided to shoot some extra photo's with the explanation of the several step's that need's to be taken. I added some explanation into the photo's themselves so it is easy to copy them with the explanation. I hope they are of some use to you guy's. Ok, here we go Part two, This whole piece takes about ten minutes to go from a plastic part to a wooden part with this technique. The final result look's like this : Due to the use of the oil paint, the drying time will be around a week. There are additives to get a quicker drying time, but i didn't use them yet with this technique. Greetz Danny
  24. When i do my wood grain work with oils, i leave them for over a week to cure. But there's a additive that fastens the drying time to only one day. I did not use this so i don't know if it's really working but i hear good reviews of it. Greetz Danny
  25. Thank's James. Well, first base need's a semi gloss or gloss coat. Start from this aspect : Now the trick is to use minimum 3 flat brushes. With the first brush you blend the dots into each other with long streaks. In between you clean your brush onto a paper towl. Important, do not use any thinner or solvent to clean your brush or thin your oil paint. Take the second clean brush and again do the same, you can change direction of streaks. You will see that the pattern get's finer according as you will use another brush. Repeat this step until you are satisfied with the result. This is the first blend Second blend And last I hope this gives a good image James. Greetz Danny