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  1. Soo.... What did you just get???

    that's a good one, i have to remember this Thank's mate Greetz Danny
  2. Soo.... What did you just get???

    Yesterday i received my new addition to my humble growing collection of flight helmets. A ZsH-3 flight helmet with KM-32 oxygen mask. Compleet with leather winter liner and throat mic. Only the com cord is missing on the Ho mask, but that will be taken care of within a few weeks. The leather helmet is the winter type, which is added with wol inside. Even the original glasses and the throat mic was there. This helmet will be put on display together with a Trumpeter MIG 21UM Mongol. But at the moment it stands proud together with my other 3 U.S. made or better said two and one licence build Israel helmets Greetz Danny
  3. Hi Guy's, time to reveal my projects regarding next years upcoming events. Like i said in my Tamiya F-4J topic, this project would be put next aside for some time. This regarding a dead line i have to make to finish some in-flight projects. Next year here in Belgium there will be a very big militarily exposition held on the reserve NATO airstrip in Ursel, Belgium. Most of this event exists of armor related millitaria, and a minor part of one collector who's collect Flight gear clothing and helmets. Next year, this will be expands to a whole different level of experience regarding the age of military flight gear. We are in full progress of organizing the biggest exposition of millitary flight gear in Europe together with our beloved modeling hobby. The biggest collection of unique flight gear will be show to the public together with lot's of models that will show the hardware where these pilots had flown in. Lot's of collectors have all ready signed in, same with lot's of modelers and club's and we are still contacting people to sign in. Iff you guy's are interested, please go take a look at our facebook page and sign in. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1825721271073391/ Ok, now for my own project. I will attend this show with some of my flight helmets and models. One of them will be a HGU-2A/P with MBU-5/P oxygen mask and a in flight German Starfighter from JaboG 34 'Allgau'. I got this helmet a couple of months ago, and i still don't know which pilot or unit this belonged to. So my idea was to paint it in the colors of JaboG 34. This unit was one of the only unit's to paint frequently their helmets in Red or Blue colors. They used the city shield of Memmingen, the city where their base was situated. Only the visor covers where painted with red (1th Staffel) or Blue (2th Staffel) like this example, 3th from left I will used the well know Italeri kit whiteout any aftermarket, except for DACO decals. And some reference Basic cockpit lay-out and basic Martin baker ejection seat Pilot is a Tamiya example, and this is the end result Greetz Danny
  4. Thank's mate for the nice comment. Greetz Danny
  5. Hi Guy's, time to start my next project. The Tamiya F-4J Phantom, in the colors of VMFA-451. I will use the Marines boxing, but still i need to make some extra Mk.82 bomb's, which will be done in the next week's. I have all ready a load of aftermarket stuff which consist of the BigEd set, the Flightpath resin nose cone, Q-M-T resin weighted wheels, Eduard Brassin ejection seat's and Master pito tubes. I ordered the Zotz decals 'Colorful F-4J Phantoms part two' which will be delivered within a few day's. And also some GT-resin stuff is on it's way, thank's to Mark31 Besides the GT-resin stuff i will not use any other resin part's. PE will be mostly used together with scratch-build items. Stay tuned. Greetz Danny
  6. Did some extra detail work today regarding the F-4J Phantom. Front office has got some extra scratch details, maybe not rivet counted accurate but it will give for sure a nice impression of a busy cockpit. Greetz Danny
  7. Thank's mate for the nice comment. It was an easy choice, i like those colorful Navy or Marine birds. Greetz Danny
  8. Time for some more progress on this bird. Starting with the rudder pedals. These could use some extra work,that said, not much will be seen after closure of the fuselage, but hey, i don't care Kit pedals And the Eduard one. These are not yet like they supposed to be. I need to bend them a little, so soon i will re-do them. Some more Eduard pe was used to give the cockpit some more extra detail. For this model i will also use the Eduard Brassin ejection seat's. These are real jewels on their own with great detail. Ik like the way how they are builded up and for some reason i like them more then the Aires ones. Instruction give a clear image how to add wiring and details. That's all for now. Greetz Danny
  9. From these guy's Cees https://www.timetunnelmodels.com/live/catalog/unlisted.php?osCsid=023tr4qmev253c1dd0cijsekr3 These guy's give a very great service, and they are fast. Greetz Danny
  10. 1:48 F-4S Phantom II

    Again, i'm not impressed by these, just like their 1/32 kit's, to expensive for little detail and just plastic. Still the Academy ones are the game in town, surely now with the Eduard re-box. Greetz Danny
  11. Soo.... What did you just get???

    Thank's mate No problem mate, no harm done. Thank's Rob, indeed, but i have to think about it. This helmet is German issued, so that means it has German modifications. It's very hard to modify it back to a U.S. issued helmet so, time for a little brainstorming. Also, this helmet is authentic, if i should try to paint it or do something else it becomes custom made, and the value would dive instantly, so i think i gonna leave it like it is and search for a German subject to build. Greetz Danny
  12. Soo.... What did you just get???

    Today, the postman brought me a long time wanna have. Not model related, but sure as h""ll aviation related. HGU-2A/P 'Ramshorn' with MBU-5/P oxygen mask. This type of helmet is starting to become very rare to find, so i couldn't resist when i got the chance to buy it. It's getting even more interesting, because not only is this helmet a unique piece of aviation history, it is also equipped with a nuclear flash gold plated visor to prevent blindness of the pilot. This helmet belonged to a German F-104 pilot in the sixty's. A nice add-on for my growing collection of aviation head gear. Greetz Danny
  13. The problem are the intakes, you don't see it on the photo's, but the intakes are in order to each other different in high. A spare fuselage is on it's way at the moment Gus, so stay tuned, soon i will restart this. Greetz Danny
  14. Thank's Cees, the Phantom is a legend on it's own in different form's, to me these are the most beautiful examples. Greetz Danny
  15. Thank's Jeroen. Indeed this is a whole other thing then the W.W.2 bird's. Thank's for hopping in mate. Greetz Danny
  16. Time for a little update on this bird. Not much has been done due to the problems i have with the GT-resin seamless intakes. It's not my habit to break down the manufacturer in public due to some errors that where made, and yes, in this case i made some. It's obvious that there are some issues regarding a proper fit onto the fuselage, in this case the alignment of both intakes so they are in a equal position to each other. I glued them nice into their place to get a smooth surface transition from the kit fuselage to the resin intakes. That's the way it should been done, and i did both side according the same working order. My mistake, yes, i glued them to fast, without a proper dry-fit to see if the alignment was equal. The mistake became very obvious from the moment i dry-fitted the splitter plates. Transition of the resin intakes, the only thing i sanded was the ca glue residue. I knew that the panel lines didn't line up with each-other, but that's no real problem. At this moment, no harm done, everything looked real good. Until i dry-fitted the splitter plates. Left one Right one Big error, and to be honest, even if i did a dry-fit and seen the problem, it would be not so easy to fix this. Result is that the kit's fuselage is FUBAR and that a new one is on it's way. Ok, back to real time now. Like i said, the new fuselage is on it's way, so time to start the cockpit. This time, better said again, i will use Eduard colored pe and Eduard Brassin ejection seat's like i did with the Starfighter. A nice add-on are these stencil pe sheet's for stenciling the seat cushion Like i said, not much but it's a start. Stay tuned for more. Greetz Danny
  17. Soo.... What did you just get???

    My score from a local convention today. This will be converted to a Belgian Mirage VBA. And this tool was so cheap i couldn't resist it. Greetz Danny
  18. GT resin intakes will be used. Greetz Danny
  19. First step's are made, starting with the Mk.82 bomb's. Cleaning and glueing. Question here, is it necessary to place all bomb's on the TER's and MER's or can it be done with the number provided in the kit?? Also TER's and MER's are assembled. TER's are modified with some scratch extra's. Greetz Danny
  20. For me, it's a very sharp time-frame in which these two builds need's to be finished, but that's something i lay upon myself. Nobody pushed me into this, it's my own decision. That's why i also chosed to bring the resin part's to minimum because i work faster with pe and at the end it can give a very nice result if used correctly. The Fe.2b will be finished once these two boy's are done, after all, i'm bitten by the W.W.1 microbe, but sometimes choices need's to be made. Yes it is, not often i had plans in this direction, but i like to have a challenge once now and then. Pictures will be uploaded once i have them. Same here, Shiva is the one that is always on the look out when she see a box, or something that makes noise. Gizmo follows her, it's like he is giving all the hard work to her, and afterwards profits from the case. Greetz Danny
  21. Indeed Rob, and thank's for following my projects, much appreciated mate The Fe.2b is a real gem of a kit, and yes, i'm also tempted to finish this kit, but due to other obligations it was necessary to put the kit aside. Next year i am invited to a militaria show over here in Belgium. It's the target to put one of the greatest collection of flight helmet's and clothing together on this show, back-boned with lot's of models. I will also participate with my helmets and models, but my goal is to build at least the Phantom and a Mirage VBA to back-up some collectors flight equipment. So that's why my other projects at the moment are on a hold. Next to my modeling task, i'm also busy to negotiate with some people to obtain some more flight helmets. One goal is to obtain a APH serie's helmet for my display with the Phantom. Greetz Danny
  22. Hi guy's, finally, here's my Italeri F-104G Starfighter, depicting a machine from the Kleine Brogel based 23" "Devils" Squadron. This particular machine participated at the Tactical Air Meet in 1978 held at RAF Wildenrath, Germany. Like you all know this was not an easy build. Lot's of bad thing's happend during this build, especially regarding the DACO paint which was a real bad experience. Never less, all went finally well, and here's the result. This helmet is the HGU-26/P with MBU-5/P oxygen mask. This type of helmet was used during the whole Starfighter operational periode in the Belgian Air Force and others. Still i need two J-bayonets to get this helmet accurate. The two receivers are configured for J-bayonets instead of T- bayonets like on this helmet. Greetz Danny
  23. Thank's Jeroen. Greetz Danny
  24. Thank's Greetz Danny
  25. At the end, indeed, it's not so bad at all. Thank's mate for the nice comment. Thank's mate. Thank's rob. there are imperfections but gladly they are down-sized to a minimum. Greetz Danny