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  1. Saw this today. OooooohIm in Looooooove! I once had a 47 Chief just like that, but more of a beater than a real show bike it ran well, but was missing a few key components, one being the chrome shield over the rear cylinder spark plug. This bike has it. Mine didn’t. You haven’t experienced surprise/shock/pain/agony until you’re all loose, enjoying a relaxing ride, and you right inner thigh comes in contact with an unshielded spark plug lead. Trust me when I say that it’s sudden, unexpected white hot agony about a foot south of your junk, in one of the most tender areas of the human body.
  2. Got the old Meteor out for the first time this year. Was a nice ride, got her detailed up and she’s all ready for the 4th of July parade.
  3. Agreed Carl. When I’m ready for a modeling challenge like none before, I’m gonna try Iain’s trick. But I’ll also understand that I may lose the build over it if I fubar the thing.
  4. Carl, I’ve been following this here and there and I like it, a lot. I can’t get past that wing/fuselage joint, and like Hubert said, the Atlantic pattern camo sure accentuates it. But, if ya want an RCAF North Atlantic patrol bomber, this is the only scheme they came in, so onward and upward. I’ve been watching Iain’s fix on his, and I may attempt something similar, sort of following his lead. This is the #1 reason I haven’t built one yet, since I’ve been paying close attention to his struggles. But yours is looking oh so flawless so far, and what a recovery from that extra interior space problem you gave the bomb aimer… 🤣
  5. Please do. You’re here all the time, and pretty much anything goes, so BUILD ON!
  6. Mark, I JUST stumbled on to this thread and I’m in the process of picking my jaw up off the floor. This is easily one of the most superb builds I’ve ever seen. I’m decidedly NOT a model car builder, so I don’t appreciate what goes into these, but ai will admit to being glued to this thread now. Un-bloody-believable! Ill also say that I’ve looked at the Model Factory Hiro website and have been looking very closely at their Brough Superior motorcycle kit. But it’s I sanely expensive! Yikes! But, save for the Vincent Black Shadow/Lightning, it’s easily my favorite motorcycle of all time. Looks like they’ve got a nice 48 PANHEAD as well, but by the time it arrives here, it’d be knocking on a THOUSAND dollars! Still cheaper than a real one, I guess…🤣
  7. I must be blind, because I can’t find your build thread. 😵‍💫
  8. Kevin, MiniArt IS a Ukrainian Company so you’re welcome to have it in the GB if you wish. If so I can move it over for you.
  9. I’m sure I have by FAR the worst photos on all of LSM. Mine are always cluttered and just simple snapshots. Unlike Peter, I have less than absolute ZERO interest in photography. As in a big, black hole. I will wait for a cloudy day for outside photos. The LSM direct upload for pictures really, really helps me. I play a bit on my phone with the crop function and the various light balances, and often can make them a bit better. Then just load them on the post and poof! Done The good thing about living in Texas or Biloxi is that helicopter rotors will droop much more realistically here. 😃
  10. You’re down in the right part of the Country to have a bunch of Canadian French relatives. They’re all around down that way. Looking forward to this build, Kevin. Is this a Cierva design autogiro?
  11. Lots and lots of internal structure can be left off of this build. Gonna be interesting. I fought the wingfold join a bit, but not horribly.
  12. Awesomeness! John, can I put this on our LSM FB Page?
  13. Actually, no there isn’t. They do look cool down, as in modeler’s license, but they certainly shouldn’t be on a full scale machine unless you’re modeling it pulling on the active. But, the flap kit contains an absolutely gorgeous boarding ladder, a pair of wheel chocks. You won’t need the ladder, but anyone building a freight bird does. Also, notice the kit comes with the correct tailcone for a civilian bird. A wartime glider hook bulkhead is included, but HPH make you cut off the tailcone to install that.
  14. Hubert, I’m looking online for the book, now. HPH, like Kitty Hawk, has long been a favorite target of the naysayers and online bashers, and to be sure, I have found exactly TWO HPH kits that need some extra help in their construction. One being the Tigercat, as was demonstrated by Brian over on LSP where he found the upper and lower wing surface scribing didn’t match. HPH tacked it back to a slipped ditch plate during the mold making process. and TWO being the Walrus, also aptly demonstrated by Brian as having absolutely NO alignment jigs or tools to align the off center thrust engine and upper wing. Not insurmountable, but certainly it’ll mean building your own jig. Other than that, they build up beautifully, IF you take your time and plan ahead. edit: ordered
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