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  1. John I really like the ADC bird myself, but of course YMMV.
  2. I have to hand it to you, John. I have this model sitting on the SOD. I spent a TON of time on it, all kinds of AM, and I got to where I sprayed my NMF and just lost interest. The aircraft just never really interested me. Sad, actually, but more power to you, my friend. Flawless build as I said before, and maybe I'll get the urge to finish mine, although I really have my doubts.
  3. Well, I COULD tell you, but then I'd have to kill you...
  4. I've always wanted to watch the L-39 class at Reno battle it out. It's as crazy as the T-6 class. A bunch of equal aircraft jockeying for position. What could possibly go wrong? I'm amazed every year when there aren't T-6 and L-39 bits and pieces scattered all over the valley floor.
  5. Good question Rog. I remember that, too. Maybe one of the other Czech manufacturers are on it? There's plenty of good stuff on the horizon for those willing to work for it. Nothing shake the box, but if you can build Special Hobby, you can build these.
  6. Phil, doing what the KGB suggests was the hardest thing I had to master in modeling. But once I did, it made all the difference. Just a slightly lightened color in the middle of panels then a filter wash to blend it all in. Makes all the difference!
  7. Smitty, does the military still use the L-39 for Top Gun and similar dissimilar air to air training?
  8. Oh yeah! Easily the world’s sexiest small jet. Oh how I love an L-39. Whoever designed it had a curvy lady on his mind, because they are simply a rolling masterpiece of cool.
  9. FINALLY! 10 minutes ago I did a rapid test and am COVID negative. Still feel like a blob of gelatin, but I’m COVID free. Thanks for the prayers and positive waves.
  10. Ever since I saw a Z-37 in action as a kid, I’ve always had a strange attraction to this thing. Literally a farm tractor with wings. Purpose built and almost indestructible.
  11. For those of us who build short run, low pressure molding THIS IS amazing.
  12. I’ve been collecting navel lint, ear wax, and toe jam my entire life. I want to get enough to sculpt a 1/24 scale Vostok 1
  13. And those following Infinity Models list, THIS is a vert interesting, and very ambitious release schedule 2022 INF. 3203. Vampire F. Mk.3 INF. 3204. Vampire F.B. Mk.5 INF. 3205. Val INF. 3208. Kate 2023: INF. 3210. Me.410 INF. 3207. Z-37A Cmelak INF. 3206. Wyvern INF. 3209. Bristol Beaufighter TF. X Next: INF. 3211 L-39C INF. 3213 L-13A Blanik
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