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  1. It’s pretty bad when he’s the laughingstock of the USA as well
  2. No moss growing on your bench, Tony! looks good!
  3. Maru, over here we take a similar approach, but it usually results in the perp expiring from acute lead poisoning. 124gr at a time.
  4. Eyes of the beerholder you mean. martin, you mention something that's been on my mind of late. We're losing our WW2 Veterans at very high rate now, and sooner than later, they'll all be gone. Every single one of them. Men I grew up knowing as hardworking members of society, we watched them age before our eyes, and now they're almost all gone.
  5. You can't go wrong with this, especially if stenciling is still visible. So far you've gotten about 10 answers, which is pretty standard for mid 40's LW paint questions. Good luck, Tony. rest assured that no two people will agree, but there comes a time where you just need to pick up the ball and run with it.
  6. I’m already doing September Fury and a PBY... Not sure I’ll have the time. Of course I’d love to do a Canadair CT-133 Silver Star as well. THAT would be a good foil candidate.
  7. Smitty, you got me there. Yes, my sentimental favorite, BY FAR, is Miss America. She has to be the most famous P-51 racer of all time. Are we sure that engine is a Rolls? it's painted Caterpillar yellow
  8. The only reason I can think of is "Because they can". I had someone key the side of my 55 Crown Victoria one day. No reason for it, it was just parked at a grocery store and someone decided that it made sense at the time. I guess some people just get a thrill out of destroying other people's hard work.
  9. I remember Steve Hinton's crash like it was yesterday. John Crocker in "Sumthin Else" was in the lead and Hinton in "Red Baron" was trying to catch him. It was a helluva race, the best I had ever seen, actually. Just the fact that a Griffon engined Mustang couldn't catch a Merlin, in retrospect, should have been a clue that something was amiss.
  10. Thanks to Smitty and an early morning tip, I snagged this on eBay for less than MSRP. Red Baron is easily my favorite Mustang racer, followed by Precious Metal and Sumthin Else. I built one a few years back, then gave it to a friend and it’s in his case now. I’ve always wanted to do the ultimate air racer again, this time for me. The incomparable Griffon engined RB-51. I was heartbroken when she got dumped, but maybe she’ll one day rise from the ashes to grace the skies again.
  11. I'm a sucker for dark brown eyes. I fall deeeeeep into those eyes.. OK said too much.
  12. Wumm, I remember reading all about the lost Mustangs that were recovered and brought out of the test sites in Australia. Blew my mind! The US Military had Service Members out in the open during the Nevada and Bikini tests. I’ll never, ever, EVER forgive the US Military for what it did to the Prinz Eugen. The last surviving German capital ship. Can you imagine her as a museum today?
  13. There are rumors of Canadian nuclear accidents in the early days of the 40s and 50s when Canada was at the forefront of nuclear research. The labs were up north on the solid rock of the Canadian Shield, so they were inaccessible to the public. Rumors leak out, but mouths were slammed shut then and records are buried deep today. Canada was once at the very pointy end of nuclear weapons and power research.
  14. I know. That kept running through my mind the entire time. There are good kids in the military today, but other than them, it’s all about ME these days. Those guys who went under the reactor core to drain the reserve pools. Unbelievable. My mind then races to another name. The Kursk. My blood runs cold over these men dying due to simple bureaucratic bungling and finger pointing.
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