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  1. I’m in for two if and when they’re available. What a difference
  2. Agreed completely. This is outstanding research coupled with an artist’s eye and a craftsman’s talent
  3. This is awesome. I actually don’t see a big issue when an uncorrected model is sitting on a table, but next to the corrected version? Incredible!!!
  4. Agreed, but I took the easy way out and got the superb HPH MiG-15 instead. It’s everything the Trumpeter kit should have been.
  5. This one gets a vote, it is HIDEOUS! These too. Never built the Trumpeter MiG 15/17, but have heard the horror stories
  6. Well, big meeting in 15 minutes. This time, my wife will be involved as well, she has medical training. And my corporate attorney as well. We’ll see
  7. Yep, never tried their aqueous. It’s as rare here as Tamiya enamels.
  8. Looking great, Carl.this is gonna be awesome!
  9. Rog, Gunze’s RLM colors are what turned me on to the line. They are, in my opinion, magical and accurate in color. In short, they make me look good.
  10. The surreal part of this all is that I, as the senior living relative, have inherited legal Power of Attorney over their affairs and of Health decisions regarding them both. I've been praying, but right now things look pretty bleak.
  11. Thanks y’all. The funny thing is, it’s not the money. It’s the thought that someone would take what I expect is the crappiest time of everyone’s life and run with to stab all others in the back for nothing more than a bit of quick minor financial gain. These are days I’ve been fearing for years now, and that Lone is more than enough for me now. If he feels like he needs to jam the knife in, he can, because trust me on this: he’s losing a helluva lot more by these actions than he’s fixin to gain
  12. The C-87 is a distinct possibility for me. But everyone I know, myself included, is waiting for the PB4J-2 conversion. Everyone loves a Privateer. Didn’t the French fly Privateers?
  13. Rog, Good to see your back getting cool stuff. That means You and Carl can start speaking English again. ”Can you believe the Gavorkious Lessimilator Maxi version 21 on that Xr73a1 mod 4?” You sci fi guys crack me up. I love y’all like brothers, but y’all still are funny as a good stand up routine. Now I know what us airplane guys sound like to our wives.
  14. Picking away at it. Got the cage done, now making a Sutton harness.
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