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  1. Clunkmeister

    HK Models 1/32 Lancaster Hints, Tweaks and Tips,

    I was being diplomatic.
  2. Clunkmeister

    HK Models 1/32 Lancaster Hints, Tweaks and Tips,

    Well ain't that Odd...
  3. Clunkmeister

    HK Models 1/32 Lancaster Hints, Tweaks and Tips,

    I just had to put this here. A picture of probably the best looking Lanc ever to fly. Oh boy I love this scheme.
  4. Clunkmeister

    Help with 1/48 A-4 decals

    Tony, as far as I'm concerned, and until I'm told otherwise, it's fine. I don't think anyone here, least of all me, is going to start calculating the percentage of non large scale items. It's all how you read it, right? For example, knowing me as you do, would you say I'm a Large Scale modeller, or a Large scale modeller? An argument could be made for either or both....
  5. Clunkmeister

    New Years Modelling Resolutions

    One thing I'd like to do in 2019 is to actually try building an AFV. I say that every year, but it never, ever happens.
  6. Clunkmeister

    Good Mk 81's?

    Smitty, I’m positive that Mk.81s are in he other box, so positive in fact that I’m gonna look and if there, I’ll send them to you.
  7. Clunkmeister

    New Gladiator from ICM, box art

    Oooooh, amazingly awesome! I’m a between the wars guy, and I love the Gladiator. I DO hope ICM completes the triumvirate and gets us the I.15 as well, though. Times are indeed good as a Large Scale Modeller.
  8. Clunkmeister


  9. Clunkmeister

    2019 IPMS USA Nationals. Chattanooga, Tn

    We’re open. Thurs or Friday, anything’s good by me.
  10. Clunkmeister


    What a tragedy that was. Today still, the thought of the bureaucratic bungling makes me sick to my stomach. I expect there were sailors that could have lived if the Soviets had allowed the world to help.
  11. Clunkmeister

    Good Mk 81's?

    There’s two sets
  12. Clunkmeister

    My other hobby........

    just messing with you, my friend. No cork and wire fuel gauge for you. But it’s actually much, much easier to handle from the rear. Much easier to feel the swing starting before you even see it.
  13. Clunkmeister

    Good Mk 81's?

    Doesn’t one of the ZM weapons sets have Mk.81s?
  14. Clunkmeister

    HPH Helldiver dive flaps

    SO much like fun. And it’s a unique feature of this big ugly thing, so they gotta be at least partially open.
  15. Clunkmeister

    HPH Helldiver dive flaps

    There’s nothing simple about the flaps/dive brakes. If you backdate the kit to a -3 or a -1C, you get solid flaps/dive brakes. Late production -3s got the perforated flaps with serrated trailing edges. So if you wanna do a -4 like me, you better like PE.