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  1. Personally, I’ve long since given up caring what others there think of me. I have my friends, I have my good friends, and I have those I consider as family. They're all scattered worldwide.
  2. I was thinking my godlike figure resembles Buddha more than any others. If that's godlike, quick, tell my doctor who never shuts up.
  3. FYI, the Halberstadt twins are VERY VERY nice kits. There are a gazillion color schemes for them, and Aviattic makes a full set of fitted splatter pattern camo decals plus other options. The only reason they're still available is because they are a very recent release and there was plenty of stock ordered. To me, the Halberstadts are easily the nicest looking German two seaters of the war and are as attractive as the Albatros fighters. I've bought my fill and I expect the value on these to rise sharply as they become unavailable. I can here the "Coulda, Shoulda, Wouldas" all the way from here.
  4. Those Curtiss factory shots are amazing. Yes, we've seen tghem a thousand times or more, but it never ceases to amaze me at these people running the engines of aircraft being assembled, right in the middle of a crowded ramp, with people and equipment bustling all over the place. An accident waiting to happen. Anyone who's either witnessed, or seen the aftermath of a prop strike won't soon forget the visuals.
  5. YESSSS!!!! Gazz, you hit the nail squarely on the head. This is something so often missed on models, especially when we tend to get lazy. Case in point: my B-36. There's a gazillion electronic boxes in that bugger, and each and every one has it's own subtle differences, not to mention variations due to component replacement due to unserviceability, ETC.
  6. Like Phil said, thinned canopy glue works well, although my ham hands always seem to make a real cock up of it all. Funny how it is with HGW belts. We ALL fight these things tooth and nail, and every single time we're forced to whip them into shape, but with the exception of the few common applications offered by RB Productions, they're by far the best appearing belts out there.
  7. I'm sort of that way myself. I make it seem like I'm jumping into a pit of lava with no hope of salvation. But on the other hand, I'm in the middle of a wooden ship build, which is TOTALLY out of my comfort zone.
  8. Harv, I was hoping you had a new batch on the go. As in a new mash ready to go and get cooked.
  9. A stunning build using a nice kit to make a famous Ace’s P-51. Beautiful job!
  10. I’ve actually used interior latex. I’ve used white as a way to smooth the interior of jet intakes.
  11. I ball them up and rub them between by fingers. Don’t overdo it, but do it plenty enough and they’ll get soft and pliable. You can also wet them a touch then installing them and let them dry that way. They'll maintain their shape.
  12. Maru, even I don’t remember much of the 50s. I’m glad your memory’s better than mine.
  13. Exactly. Heck, an admin built a 1/48 bomber here and so am I. Nobody loses their minds over it. Personally, and this is just me, not the roolz, but in my book, generally, if you’re building the biggest model ever available of a certain subject, I’d not only call it large scale, but LARGE scale. It all depends on where you put the emPHASis when you say it. And the more AFVs, the better. Just don’t expect me to build them.
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