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  1. Yes it was a 2009. He bruised the backs of my eyeballs with that car from the multiple times my eyes smashed into my skull when he punched the loud pedal. I don’t recall a modern car that does such a brilliant job in transferring dead dinosaurs into fury and motion as that one did. I’m still shaking my head. Pure brilliance from Down Under.
  2. Now as cool as that is, my tastes fun more towards... Or What can I say, I’m just into COOL old Fords.
  3. A friend of mine has a G8 GXP that he bought new in the final year of Pontiac existence. That thing is just a rebadged Holden Commodore with left hand drive, huge tires and wheels, and a 6.2L monster V8. That thing is an absolute pavement shredder, and suitably impressed me on a test drive to the point where I almost loaded my britches.
  4. Jeff, you know the difference between a Corvette and a porcupine, don’t you?
  5. Hmmm, I remember returning from Germany in the early 80s, after driving an Opel Rekord for three years, wondering where in the hell you blokes park park these monstrous automobiles?!? That being said, the Aussies drove a version of my 56 Ford for years. The Ford Customline V8 was sold there for many, many years, although theirs was a graft of the 1952-1954 body on to the 55-56 front clip. And Holden has produced some automobiles that aren’t lacking in stature.. somewhat gargantuan might be a bit more direct, if I say so myself.
  6. Yes, they’re safe which is good. But it sounds like thousands of others aren’t. And the kids... it’s just devastating. It’s looking less and less like a deliberate act, but who in their right mind would leave 3000 tons of nitrogen fertilizer sitting on a dock for six years is beyond any measure of human comprehension.
  7. As many of you may know, my good friend and Brother in Christ Karim Bibi is from Beirut. His extended and immediate family still call Beirut home. His beautiful young daughter also was there today, and after talking to him for an hour or so today, he can say that physically at least, they are unhurt. Emotional scars are another matter and his daughter is of immediate concern. He was working today so he was away, so he’s more than a bit worried. I don’t know if all are aware of the force of today’s blast. It effectively has caused the Beirut waterfront to cease to exist. The warehouse district and much of the business district have been leveled flat, with a degree of thorough destruction not seen since Hiroshima. Parallels are being drawn between today, Hiroshima, and the Halifax Harbor blast of 1917. Many Beiruters are calling themselves and their city accursed. Just remember guys, it isn’t the city’s historic families that have brought the troubles, it’s foreign actors, meeting in the middle, where once stood a jewel of a city. Pray for them if so inclined. If you don’t pray, send out positive waves or whatever. My heart is truly broken over the mind of a little girl I feel I should know personally and whom, along with her family, I just want to give safe harbor to, and assure them that nobody or nothing can hurt them in the future. This may be a simple industrial accident. Right now, nobody knows, but several thousand pounds of stored bulk aluminum nitrate went up along with almost as much commercial grade fireworks. I just know that right now, there is no place for pointing fingers, no place for politics. Just love these poor people and keep them close in your thoughts. Yes, my heart is broken right now.
  8. I picked up two Felixstowe lates. WTF am I gonna do with two more monstrous biplanes? Right now I just grabbed a late AEG and a DFW late.
  9. Wingnut Wings kits all sold out in 1.5 minutes
  10. I see women putting on makeup, guys reading a novel, the newspaper, working a laptop or iPad, and even once, a big mass of blonde curls bobbing up and down, giving the driver the mother of all hummers, all when behind the wheel.
  11. Rob, that paint modulation looks about perfect. Now with a light application of weathering grime, shell really pop
  12. I’ve heard one or two. Yep. I used to think the place was old fashioned. It had an old downtown and the City Council refused to update the old rundown dark brick retail areas with new modern buildings. They wouldn’t let any freeways come close to the old areas of the city, either. So today, it’s all been restored and is thriving, and I don’t know any mid size cities that have even an eighth as much character as Moose Jaw. Even the old CPR Station is there, at the end of a main drag as you come down a hill. During prohibition it was a major shipping terminal of booze bound for Chicago, because it’s the northern tip of the old Soo Line Railroad that runs straight to Chicago then on to Sault St. Marie, Mi. A cool place to visit.
  13. A guy in Moose Jaw owned it when I was in the Army. We spent more than a few Saturday evenings in that thing and my old red two door cruisin’ looking cool and making the glass packs bark in the underpasses.
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