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  1. Hello everybody, a friend of mine, he isn't a modeler, had tried to build the Revell Typhoon but finally gave up! He has now asked my help to build it in "in-flight" config, unfortunately for me not the best option considering the general fitting of the kit. Additionally I' ve also discovered some parts are missing and I already contacted Revell for an help but it seems they don' t have any spare parts for OOP kits, like this one currently... So my last chance is to ask here if anyone has a Revell Eurofighter Typhoon laying around scrapped, I believe these parts are available in both Single or Twin seat box (except for the canopy obviously) : #44-45 (Intake "lips") #64-65 (IR Sensor ) #69 (4 Air data sensors) #137 (clear canopy) Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Regards Marco
  2. Hi all, everything has been sold... Thanks for looking Marco
  3. Hello, there is one quite famous, ZAP-A-GAP, probably the first produced for filling purposes, the name is quite evocative too...
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