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  1. Just saw new cases reduced for the second straight day down under. If so , that is fantastic news!!
  2. What does the Apollo capsule have to do with a Polish fighter?
  3. Dr.1...like 5 of them HP 0/100 A-26 Mirage 2000… if it ever makes it's way to the U.S HPH Helldiver in plastic ...more Tamiya F-16's ...not many new jet's coming about. I would love to grab a A-7E full meal deal perhaps. All of which have that huge asterisk next to them.
  4. Who hasn't it affected?...these guys. https://www.wpxi.com/news/trending/coronavirus-arlington-cemetery-may-be-closed-visitors-sentinels-still-take-their-posts/R2AXBF3Z25HL7EO7I6E43TKHNY/
  5. Well no, but I send you and Ernie pics of finished stuff
  6. There's a Corsair only sheet in the works in 32nd I believe.
  7. Ya well I just received two bottles of Tamiya Extra thin, a crap ton of MRP, 5 min epoxy, new sanding sticks, more cyano thick, clear flat acryl so I a ready for the long haul!! As far as the bug goes I have such mixed emotions. I help run a central kitchen for a school district, and we have been designated an essential service so we go in and bag up lunches and breakfasts for the next day and hand out about 500 every day now. I am a man of faith, a little rough around the edges, but still. I have done a lot working with the youth in my town working with youth groups and mentoring, and I love them and love to cook for them(chef by trade) yada yada. The issue I am having is my 80 year old mother lives with me. We have no cases here yet, but we all know it's just a matter of time. I don't see that the schools are slowing even in areas where there are many sick so we will keep on feeding the kids. Just have a great deal of conflict going on in my heart right now. I want to help, but just feel before long I will just track that crap home to her. I have been so careful, sanitizing, cleaning, whatever it takes, but like you said tracking that bug around at first can be very easy without warning...ugg!
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