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  1. 38 minutes ago, Peterpools said:

    Wishing everyone a wonderful and very thankful Thanksgiving. A year ago I spent my birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas in the hospital with cancer. Today, with our prayers, my Doctor and my wife's care and devotion, I'm in full remission and here, something I wasn't sure about a year ago.    🦃🦃🦃🦃🦃

    Keep 'em comin


    Definately thankful for that, Peter! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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  2. 58 minutes ago, Martinnfb said:

    Such a smart breakdown, this is a gift from one modeller to another. Byeeeeee ZM nightmares , this will click together I can feel it. :)file.php?id=1719055

    Easy peasy. You'll never be comfortable with that, and find some reason to cut one up.

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  3. 1 hour ago, BlrwestSiR said:

    Smitty, can't wait to see the Tomcat build. So, hi-vis or low? For me it' would have to be hi-vis.



    Ya it will be the first one,  hi vis. I had a friend that I played soccer with when I was a kid who's dad worked for Revell USA. He gave me oen of those 32nd Tomcats they produced with VF-1 markings. Boy did I louse that kit up. Now, time for retribution! Won't be the first Tomcat on my shelf, Martin.


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  4. A while back I shot an email off to the folks over at Reskit. Wanting to build an early F-14, I knew that the Aires F-14 burner cans were too small for the Trumpy kit. A  big glaring aftermarket  need. They replied with a " we will absolutely do some" and now finally they have been released. What a great company! Mine are enroute now.



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  5. 32 minutes ago, Wumm said:
    52 minutes ago, Wumm said:

    No-one prospers in Mainland China without the support or at least the permission of the CCP. However things are changing, albeit slowly in some cases.

    I am also a member of some Horological Forums. Many counterfeit watches these days can be so well made that even the experts can sometimes be fooled. As in the recent case where the Rapper Lil' Baby was sold a fake version of a $100,000 watch by a Jeweller in the USA who put a 300% mark-up on it first...


    Many fake watches are made along side the originals in the same factories that are hired by various high-end watch brands to make the cases and dials that will later be assembled in Switzerland or Japan by Company employees. Often the only difference between genuine or fake is the type of movement within the watch that in most cases will never be seen by the end user. China is now cracking down on the fake watch industry, as it is with many other counterfeit ventures; but as this article shows, whether the fakes made with your brand on the dial get seized or not often depends on whether you pay off the Authorities in advance.


    So there may be some cause for concern if you breach Chinese Copyright Law, and your adversary has deep pockets.

    Probably a good idea to have at least a basic knowledge of the law, if you intend to call an Individual a prick, an asshole or a liar on an open Forum.

    Especially if that Individual is a Billionaire and also in a litigious mood...



    So I'm going to get sued for calling him a prick? That's hillarious!

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  6. 20 minutes ago, Bill_S said:

    Makes it sound to me like the Meng deal was legit.

    Ya, but I bet PJ would have cared less about those molds had they just sat around and rotted forever or been thrown in the trash. Undoubtedly the HP 0/100 will.

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  7. Reading about this elsewhere. PJ is going to put Border out if buisness with all of this. I wouldn't buy anything from the prick after this after having knowledge of how he treated his staff. WNW may still be legally a company, but in my eyes WNW was the talented staff  who are all gone now. So any thought he wants to release it himself seems like bs to me. He is just trying to stick it to them. Dr 1 will make way more money than this, seems odd he did nothing there.

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