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  1. Did you know pilot's were fined £5 if they taxied in with flaps down? Spitfire flaps were retracted after landing to avoid damaging them.

    There are almost no pics of parked aircraft with flaps down. All you have to do is select flaps up, the little lever in the left hand corner

    Just over the oxygen indicator.

    Very nice build.


    OOps, well I don't have 5 pounds right now so I will just have to promise I will remember this when I get around to building another Spit. Always about learning new things though, thanks!

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  2.  Oddly enought his is the first Spit I have ever built, and I do realize that I set the canopy on bckwards when I took these pictures..oops. I hope you like her!!  P1010207.jpg







    I should have dusted her a little better, but my pics will improve with time...


  3.  So I have just purchased the HK B-25 kit and I would really like to finish it in the Apache Princess markings however there is a hurdle iI must clear first. I know there is a post war refurbishe "Princess" that is around but I know she has an inappropriate set-up in the greenhouse with the weapons as opposed to the real "Princess". I know she had a five fixed gun set-up in the nose and that the glass wasn't all painted over, so for one to sucessfully represent the original aircraft correctly, knowledge of how the guns, belts and ammo boxes were arranged is a must. I can't seem to source diagrams, pictures, or anything of the sort. I know Sag Harbour Express had the same layout but had the glass painted over. Warpath Across the Pacific seems to be the one place I may find what I need, but it is pricey and just wanted to make sure before I spend any $$$. Anyone have any info that may help me out in this info gathering stalemate. Thanks!!  John

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