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  1. Got this a couple of days ago. Not sure if I will ever build my 1/200 or 1/350 Bismarck but at least I have good references!! Fantastic books.
  2. Continuing with my vf111 sundowners F14 buno 160920 (1:48 tamiya) I’m seeking your opinion: my decals sheets call out for colors FS 36375 at the bottom, 35237 for the top and 36320 for some other parts. Should I follow that scheme or should I use FS16440 on top and the rest in white as suggested by Home of MATS?
  3. Working on my Tamiya F-14A in Sundowners colors. For now, almost done with the cockpit...
  4. Last arrival! Looking forward to start it. Got a couple of AM from Eduard. I will probably purchase the crew later.
  5. Season Greetings to all. This is so exciting !!! Thank you for organizing this !. I'm in south of Spain where I'm spending some days with family.
  6. xmas à little bit in advance for me! I gifted my self with a 3D printer Anycubic Photon S. Pretty cool stuff! I will use my mechanical design skills with Fusion to make some stuffs for my kits. If you guys have already some STL files you need to be printed, I could give it a try and send the resin part back to you... The chicken has nothing to do, but it is also on my work bench...
  7. Just got a few ANYZ goodies in a very nicely packaged box. A few plugs and braided lines for my Hellcat 1/24 and a few after market stencils decals in various scales. Plus a nice touch with a gift...well done.
  8. I have stared the my tamiya 1/32 but it on hold since while until I have my mojo back.... I was thinking To make it as in the french army with the shark mouse as in the pic below....
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. It is a A-6A. But maybe it is the way to go. I have some Eduard PE for it.
  10. Actually I do not have much on my bench right now, however my sweet wife allowed me to move it all in a room that we never used in our house! I’m over with the cold winter in my garage!!!! I thought I would share a couple of pictures here. Now I have to think with what I’m going to mess it up with !! I have included a pic of part of my kits, maybe you can suggest what I should start with! (Missing on the pics my 1/24 hellcat, typhoon car door, revell’s bismark, tamiya tomcat and 1/32 corsair,....) Jose
  11. Ordered yesterday and received today. This is going to be my summer build! Looks fantastic ...! Nice instructions, and great info for the leads to the engine. I think I will build it in parallel with the Eduard 1/48. Just a shame there is no figure included in the kit
  12. My interpretation of the Airfix 1/24 Typhoon MK.BI. Wonderful kit!!!. The result is far to be perfect, a few errors, but overall I have really enjoyed doing it. My second build . I had issues with the wheel legs. The legs are far too weak to support the weight of the model and they had broken a few time. I used a little bit of Eduard AM. And the paints were AK and Mr. Color. I still need to do a few touch up but i call it completed. Now, I may be starting the Tamiya 1/32 Corsair Birdcage or the Trumpy 1/32 Intruder. Not sure. Maybe a German Sd.Kfz...
  13. My first post and my first completed model after 30 years coming back to modeling. Like many other, I have been watching LMS and wanted to post my first pics here... This is my interpretation of the BF109 G6 (or G14?) of the Fliegerkompanie 7 of the Swiss army in november 1945. The kit is Revell and a few aftermarket pieces from Eduard for the engine and the wheels. The white crosses are coming from an old decal sheet (I snaped the antenna during photo shots...).
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