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  1. Got the replacement sheet today so all being well, the canopies will be done this weekend
  2. Ha ha, getting there. I've ordered some more 0.5mm plastic sheet so should get your canopies formed next weekend Any pics of your spit? I rather like them with big chins! I did the Airfix 1/24 one a few years ago. Hope the move goes smoothly, it's nice having man space, we moved about 4 years ago, partly for the same reason!
  3. Stunning work on the interior Cees, looking forwards to seeing it all painted :)
  4. Great work Cees and a Happy Christmas I've reworked the interior on mine several times but quite happy with the general layout now, just detailing it with bits of plasticard. It's amazing how many detail differences there are across different photographs of the interiors. Comparing a figure from the Tamiya Lanc, those seats are rather small that come with the kit so intend to scratch build a new pilots seat. I'm building a late war (built Sept 44 ish). Is it likely to have a black or green bombardier area? Cheers Neil
  5. Hi Cees, I'm enjoying watching this. Yours is a lesson in how to do it properly, mines more of a butchery at the moment. Thank God for P38 filler I'm not far off with the canopy shape now but it needs a bit more work to get the taper in to the upper canopy towards the windscreen. The width fits the kit well and the length can be adjusted to suit if you want one when I'm done? I was thinking about forming frames in to it, but it can distort the plastic around it, so I'll simply be masking and painting them in.
  6. Hi Cees, That's looking superb. I'm making notes as I've put the interior to one side until I get the canopy done. I'm planning to form it tomorrow so fingers crossed :) How are you intending to do the side windows below the canopy?
  7. Lovely progress Cees, that interior framework looks spot on. I'm working on forming a new canopy at the moment then I'll work the fuselage around it to make sure everything fits.
  8. I've tapered the FM stubs and the unmodified flaps fit OK. Looking at photo's the outer stubs need extending anyway. A few have posted drawings, it's them I have been using but photo's are just as useful I think. Got quite a bit on this week but I'll get some more progress pics over the weekend. Cheers
  9. Enjoying your progress Cees. Do your Beaufighter engines slide over the kit rear nacelle? Mine are too tight so would need lot's of sanding so I'm planning to use the FM opened cooling flaps instead
  10. Loving your progress Cees, 'bout time I log in and show my appreciation here Cheers Neil
  11. Hi Cees, Just catching up with your progress, it's looking stunning, will be quite a site to see in person at this scale. Are you going to Telford this year? Hope to see you there if so Cheers Neil
  12. Those wings are beginning to take shape Cees. I can't find this thread from the home page, the section has disappeared. Am I going blind or is the HK competition area hidden? I managed to find it by searching for Manchester. Cheers
  13. I'm glad you did that Cees, I've decided to leave mine, but it's painful to know it's wrong! You won't regret the extra work, I think it looks more aesthetic with the wider span too
  14. You're making speedy progress Cees, pitty about the tail planes, still thinking about how to remove mine now...doh!
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