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  1. Hi Everybody, I have gotten to a nice finish point with the front suspension. I could do a bit more but I don't really need to right now. I had a bugger of a time getting everything to stay strait. After what seemed like months I can now move on to other things for a while. The front and back are at a good stopping point. I left off with just starting to try putting things together. Once I got all the little parts manufactured, it was time to assemble ... I felt like a sort of contortionist trying to get this together, but it seemed to fit reasonably well... Russian engineering... Two times... You know the drill... Time for some primer... I next have to add some color to the inside of the frame where I can't get to later. I'll be back with some inside coloring... Thanks for looking.
  2. The work on the MAZ continues...I have been working on the front suspension, still. A lot of parts for this... Here is the start of the assembly process... The complex front is coming together...
  3. Gorgeous work Jerome! Very Nice.
  4. I love watching a good scratch project. I just joined your group here and I'm scratching a MAZ. Some good techniques to steal here, thanks.
  5. The front suspension is going together nicely, but at my regular pace these days. I did run into a bit of a problem with trying to find some material to construct the front wheel hub mounts. When you look at the photo above, you can see the front axle pass through. It has the big slots cut into it. This is sort of a pumpkin shape with multiple compound curves. After a day or two of searching for something to construct this out of, I got the smart idea of just turning a small piece of wood to the correct shape. This was small enough to turn on my Dremel tool... Once I got some details added to the piece of turned wood, I made a mold and cast the piece... What I got was a featureless plug of resin that I used to detail into a new master... While all the figuring with the hub was happening, I also had to construct the front top and bottom "A" arms. I decided to build these rather than cast them in resin. The thinking at the time was that these arms are all straight angles to cut and build and to save a bit in casting materials. The straight cut went fast enough... just a lot of small parts... Then I had to start putting things together for sizing for the final sculpt of the front hub... When I got thing sorted, I had to carve up my resin plug and then add some details that makes this version my new master... I still have to copy this new master four times and then clean and finish all the parts for the front install. Unfortunately I can't install the parts separately, as all the parts inter lock and need to be installed at the same time together. I'll be back when I make some more progress...Thanks All
  6. Thanks everyone for looking... Hey Guys, The Maz build continues...I left off the WIP needing to cast the little end caps for the suspension. This procedure went smoothly enough...alto I was at my max limit on trying to see the small parts. When you look at the photo in the last post, you can notice how small the access bolts are. Not to bad in real life,...but to small for me to work with. You'll notice that my end caps are somewhat over sized. The smallest bolt I have to screw this thing down with is a 0.8 nut, I could have used a 0.4 nut, but my inventory has the 0.8 as the smallest thing I work with. Casting this little piece was a bit of getting used to. I have done plenty of casting in the past...this was a different animal tho. When I finished the master, I had a small part measuring just 1mm thick by almost 4mm wide. Everything was fine until I mixed the resin...and then all heck broke lose. The first time I mixed the resin I had enough resin for 20 of these,...oops. The next time, trying to get the resin into a mold this small, I might as well have been using pancake batter. The resin just covered the whole mold. I finally figured that one drop of resin and one drop of hardener was still enough for about three of these. Once I got it all sorted, I cast the rest of caps and started with the install... After the end caps were secured, I next had to install the 12 wheel hub bolts... The state of the rear end build to date... I have various parts of the front suspension all over my work station that need to be finished and installed. Stay tuned. Be back later All, thanks
  7. Hi Everyone, More with the rear suspension. I have reached the point where I had to give the rear end a spray of primer. I have some areas that I wont be able to get to later... I first had to mount the rear axle pass through collars to the frame... before... after... Once all of these were mounted solid, then the individual components were primered and mounted... At this point only the top "A" arm is secured to the frame, all else is just dry fit, but ready to secure... I still have one component to cast to finish this off... In the photo above you can see the small end caps with the ring of bolts, these are maintenance covers. There are eight of these for each axle, and eight axles. I didn't want to build that many small things, so I built the master, and I'm now letting the mold set... I will now tighten up all the components of the rear and get read for the front suspension. I'll be back with a photo or two of the basic rear finished and the start of the front end. Thanks All for looking...
  8. The MAZ project continues. The mold making and casting of the suspension parts and the small bumpers and things. Each part of the suspension had to have its own mold, so I had to build the master pattern for each part, then , because of the nature of the parts, I had to make a two part mold for each piece I needed to cast. The rear suspension has four main parts. The two "A" arms, the pass through collar on the frame, and the pass through collar at the wheel hub. All two part molds... Seven new resin collars and the original... a lot of small parts... after all the work, the first pass through collar is dry fitted...looks good... This is the first test fitting with all resin components...a little more clean up and things will fit nice and snug...I even got the seam lines in the correct spots... Now I will build the rear suspension for the four axles to this point, and then off to the front suspension. The front system is quite a bit different than the back, so it will need a different approach to the parts. I'll be back with what ever I figure out with the front....later. Rich
  9. Hey All, I built all the small bumpers and anchors and things that are placed along the outside of the frame. These small pieces have an amazing amount of parts to able to manufacture these. And as per my style, I have a number of these, all in multiples. Frame bumpers...12 pieces each... Torsion bar supports...10 pieces each... Torsion bar anchors...14 pieces each... Shock absorbers...13 pieces each... I'm also to the point that I have begun the casting prosess. I have poured the first half of the mold for the axle pass through collar. I am making this as a two part mold to show the casting seam lines. I'll post photos next time. Thanks All for looking, Rich
  10. Hello All, The MAZ build goes at a slow pace but steady. I have worked out the front suspension angles, and the parts are ready for molding. The front suspension parts... The parts seem to fit nicely together altho at this point the dry fit is loose. I now have four set of these parts to cast. My casting supplies are on reorder, so while I wait, I will be making the little bumper things and anchor points along the outside of the frame. I have a ton of these little things to make, various different shapes... While I have been building the suspension, I have been thinking about the wheels and tires. I hadn't considered the size of the tires and wheels. Now I have to think about how much resin would be used to cast nine sets. The resin that I'm using is rather heavy when solid, so I'm thinking about casting rubber, or building them out of card...things to consider. So while I wait for supplies I will keep building more components... Thanks All for looking
  11. I'm sure you guys have figured out that I am not building this much as posted in just a day. I'm a bit farther along with this build than what I am showing. So some suggestions are beyond being able to redo. I'm posting to get all you guys caught up to where I am actually at with this build. Which is just to installing the tires. I'll get everyone up to date shortly, and then to the current build. Thanks, Rich
  12. Crazypoet, I had not thought of articulated, until I had already mounted everything as fixed. Someone else had suggested articulated steering also. Rich
  13. I have the components worked out for the rear suspension. I built the axle pass through collar. This is close to the production shape, and fits with the other components... The major parts for the rear suspension... first version of these components, I built the version that was supplied with the paper kit by Model-Kom. See below... You can see how the mounting rings for the wheel axles, are just rings with no detail. I rebuilt the mounting hub with the back ring detailed with the form curve that it has in the photos... Fit to the frame (somewhat)... Now that I have these worked out, I will clean and primmer, then I can cast the four copies for the whole rear end. I need to cast eight of the axle pass through collars tho. I'll be back with the casting next time. Thanks for looking.
  14. Hey Guys, Time to start with the suspension system. I want to copy the photo below to get the components for the rear suspension. So I thought I would use the "A" arms that are in the photo below... The heavy duty cast iron look of the forged "A" arms above, seams and all, I will do a resin cast. I cut out the parts and built the lower "A" arm... I next had to shape the styrene into what looked like the lower arms in the photos I had... Once I got the shape I was after, I built half of the mold to make four of these... The four copies... The goal here was to make a one piece cast part that looked like the forged original...seam lines and all... I now need to clean up the rest of the copies and get ready to install. I still have the star caps at the ends of the arms that need casting, about 36 of those altogether. I'll be back in a while with the casting of the upper a-arms...later all. Rich
  15. Great to pass any info along to you guys. I try to show briefly, anything that I think might be interesting, so ask any questions. Thanks