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  1. Big As MAZ

    Hey All, The last week or so has been fun with family and model building, and in this part of the build, I got to try a new thing for me. I had to make my own "piano hinge" for the hood of the winch. This always go slower than expected, and I had a few days off with family, but I got to a point where I should show what the heck I did. Building the cover for the winch was a combo of straight sheets, with the first of many curved surfaces and the hinges. I first built the basic frame that this cover hangs on. You can see that this is made of thin strips... Test fit onto the winch once I got the size correct, then I had to build up the sides to get everything level for the hoods... testing, testing... Next was making the hoods. These were simple to make, just some bending to do... Once I got all the pieces to fit relatively well, I started adding the details. Making the piano hinge was easy enough, just very tedious with all the small cutting to do. more testing and fitting... So, it's off to the paint shop, and back again... I'm going to live with it like this for a bit. I still have hardware to install. At the moment I'm excited to see the frame work for the Fuel Tank Cage and the sheet work for that part of the build. I'll be back with more exciting "stuff" later. Thanks All!
  2. J2M3 Raiden 'Jack'

    I have seen this kit with a complete build before. You're in for a good time, super details. Have fun!
  3. Ho-229

    Are you building the 1/32 scale, or 1/48 ? I have heard that the Zoukei Mura's are a bit like WNW kits, in that they seem to be engineered to the max. I have seen this kit in photos that look, outstanding. I know your build is going to be cool.
  4. This is coming together very nicely now. I like the details you're building on the inside were no one can see them. I do that a lot on my builds. Can't wait to see how you build the wings and engines.
  5. Big As MAZ

    Cees, I am using some good patterns produced by Model-Kom for this build. As long as I consider the thickness of the styrene as I build, I'm not having to much trouble at all. I just take my time and cut clean and file square.
  6. Big As MAZ

    I'm just calling this "sheet metal" because the body panels are different than "nuts & bolts" for the rest of the build. It's still just sheet styrene tho.
  7. Big As MAZ

    Hey All, So my first adventures into sheet metal land went well. However I have a confession to make. I wimped out with the first try. I built the running boards for the sides of the truck. Just straight sheet metal with no bends or curves. It looks cool tho. The running boards start to make the whole thing look enormous. The build...I started with the mounts that hold all this together... Then the Sheet Metal...just basic cut outs and shapes... rusting process started... back fresh from the paint shop... Betty's getting some girth at this point... with tires... She's getting to be a big girl, and still growing. Once I get all the side boards attached final. I'm going to try my first curved pieces with the Winch cover. We'll see how that goes when I return, Later..........
  8. Profimodeller Fi103 V1

    Looks very cool in the middle.
  9. Big As MAZ

    Hey All, Well, I have reached another milestone. I have finished the Engine Bay. Or at least until I find more stuff to add, which always seems to show up later. Not much to write about, just the manual labor of completing all the steps needed to wrap this portion of the build up to date. The first two photos here, show the port side engine bay under construction... The rest of the build for this section involved removing items that were already installed, to fit the new items, and then reinstalling everything. I have added some minor dirt and grease, but I will paint a bigger mess later. In no order at all... The Engine Bay has been a three or four month adventure, and like the rest of this build, I'm sure I'll find more junk to add to this section later on. But for now, it's time to move on, with the first tentative steps of the sheet metal body work. To be honest, I have been somewhat apprehensive about starting the body work. I'll have a certain learning curve to get a grip on bending sheets into complex compound curves. I'll be back later with something to show, having to do with the sheet metal work. Thanks All, I'll be back later.........
  10. Nice scratching! I know just what you mean about working for hours without any progress. Hang in there, it looks good so far.
  11. Big As MAZ

    Hey All... The build continues at a steady but slow pace. I have been adding hoses, belts, filters, clamps.... This is the Air Filter assemblies. Altho I didn't take as many photos during construction of the filters, but here ya go... The Air Filters have a sort of filter/cooling system that lets the air flow over and around these tubes and everything works well enough. I had to drill out a lot of little holes to fit the rods into. The construction of the filters was easy enough, but slow and tedious. This is the hole that the Air Filter will fill. You can also see the added hoses and piping that I have placed around the engine bay. The Air Filter sits in a cramped space attached to the cab's back wall. Here I have removed the back wall, and the Air Filter is hanging at it's location, and I still have pipes and hoses remaining to install. This where I'm at for the end of the day, with plenty still to cram into this ever shrinking space. I have this one side just about done enough to move over to the other side and start the install of the radiators and fans. I'll be back with a look at the other side, bwahaaaaa..........
  12. Profimodeller Fi103 V1

    Nicely done. Look great on the base.