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  1. Hey Guys, Slightly slower build this week so far. I have managed to get the heads onto the engine block. The heads are basic rectangles, to size and mounted on top of the bottom end of the engine (if that makes sense). This is the final basic engine. Now I have to build all the details that are mounted to this . I have to pay the devil his dues, because that's were the details are. I'll be back with more details soon. Thanks, Rich
  2. Wingnut Wings

    I just got this little beauty a couple of weeks ago.
  3. Thanks Everyone for following along. Hey, This is starting to get a bit fidgety. I have only managed to build the support frame for the water radiators. I wanted to get an idea of the size and location of things as I build. The Radiator rack is a flimsy frame that supports the water radiators and cages the engine. I got so involved with building this and doing the measerments as I went along, that I managed to get just one photo under construction. I did build a very basic engine place holder. I think this will be the engines bottom end. All placed on the frame so I can see what is actually going on. The Engine build continues. Thanks All...
  4. Hey Everyone, So this build has been getting scarrier as I proceede with all the items to construct And this morning I awoke to find that my nightmare is just starting with this build. It's time to move to the engine bay...If the Transmission was a world unto itself, Then I have just discovered a new universe... and all the support systems...here are a few...I need to finish plumbing the oil cooler.. Fuel lines... Air filters... Water cooling... This is just scratching the surface, sure don't ya know..it seem to go on for ever... I have to start at the very bottom of things, so the first thing is the mounting braces from the engine block the the main frame. I first need to build a basic engine block to use as a place holder while I get thing spaced properly. I'll be back sometime shortly with the start. Rich
  5. Hey Guys, A quick post for this morning. I took a day or two and built the mounting frame for the winch and tow cable. I decided to stop here because I was going the wrong way with the build at this time. The winch and cable along with the fuel tank frame, I built as a place holder to get the spacing correct around the Transmission. The direction of the build was heading vertical, and I still have a ton of stuff at the bottom of the frame. So I stopped here and will get back to these components when the time is right. I sort of got involved with building this, so only a few photos. The Winch support frame... The construction of this support frame was really straight forward...just angles involved here. You can see how thing at the bottom of the build are starting to get buried. I'll be back later today with the next chapter, stay tuned...Rich
  6. Gus, The styrene rod I use for the piping is just 1mm. I have broken several attempts. You can see piles of them in photo #6.
  7. Hey Fellow Hosers, I think I'm at a quitting point with the Hose install. I still have plenty to do with the plumbing and hoses, I just need to secure some frame elements in order to finish connecting the hoses, and those things are a ways down the road yet. Here's how things wrapped up... Final shots of the Transmission out of the frame...I painted this at night, so that would be Nocturnal Transmissions Producing the hard piping got a little tricky at times. I set the rods into a basic guide and heated to secure the bends... Time to lays some pipe baby!... I'm going to leave things like so for a while. I have more stuff under here and beside this location for install. I'll be back with the next exciting chapter...what ever that is. Rich
  8. Hey Crazy, I'm using a sort of small bungee cord. I think it is a small rubber band wrapped with a very fine cloth material. I stole it from my wife's jewelry supplies. Measures about 1mm thick.
  9. Hey All, Starting the hose runs... Later...
  10. Thanks All, Another quick update. The oil filter build went with out any problems... I'm starting the first hose today, and I have a fear that I might be painting myself into a corner. I have to very precise about where I locate things on the frame. I have running board supports, wench winch frame, and fuel tank frame to be placed exactly before I can secure the transmission. Alto the photos show that the oil line are made from rubber hoses, I might not make mine out of rubber. At this moment I'm trying to decide what I need to build to get the hoses started. Later All, Rich
  11. Hey All, I just thought I would show this because it's going to get buried under everything. I built a support rack, just simple angels... Then the radiators...again, simple angels and wire screen... Installed onto the fuel tank frame... I'll build the oil filter tomorrow, and start the hose runs... Later, Rich
  12. Thanks Crazy, I hope nothing falls on me while I'm under there working.
  13. Hey Guys, The Big Betty Build continues... I had a heck of a time this week trying to find a reference for the location of the cooling radiator for the Transmission oil. The diagram below shows how things should be. It dose not show the location on the truck frame of the items. I searched for 7 hours over 3 days to find a hint of the location. Tucked up under the frame that supports the fuel tanks. People who take reference photos don't usually crawl under or inside the frame. Anyway, location found,.. the build continues. I added more detail to the out side of the Transmission to the point that I am now ready to start the Oil Hoses. So now that I look at these photos this size I see a couple of more things to add... The Fuel Tank frame...I had to jump ahead a bit on the items that needed building for this part. The fuel tank frame has an oil filter ( item 8 in the diagram above) hanging on the back outside... And the oil radiator hangs on the front side of the frame, across from the oil filter... I made a card moch-up and placed the card at the location of the radiators to check size and clearance before I build. I will build the radiators and oil filter next. I have to secure these to the fuel tank frame before I can get the hose runs for these. However I will not attach the frame to the main truck frame at this time. I will still have a bunch of junk to add under there. Be back later boys with the next exciting chapter, Rich
  14. Hey Guys! Today I just wanted to show the basic Transmission. I have a ton of details to add to this, it's, it's own little world. As you can see, I have a ways to go on this mini build. Here's what I have so far. The basic Transmission, with a lot of room for the details... It's going to live somewhere around here... I'll be back with adding the details and trying to get a grip on the plumbing. Later, Rich
  15. I'm really glad I can give something back to the modeling community. I also like "borrowing" techniques from other modelers. All good fun!