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  1. Thanks All for Watching.... The cage build continues, and I cant believe how much stuff there is to build, to get the engines wrapped. I have finished with the Radiators build. When everything was finished, these were a good size to fit into this space... I had built the fire wall earlier, just to see how things would match together.... I also stiffened this part with a back wall that separates the Engine Compartment, from the Fuel Tanks, from the Cab. The space directly behind this firewall is the space for the f
  2. Hey Guys, I had a few thing to get out of the way before I do more work on the Radiator Cage. I had to place the cooling fans into the surrounding cage. With all the items that are crammed into the cage, things aren't looking so good. I just don't see how all this fits in there. So to get on with the cooling fans, it always starts with a load of parts....... This part of the build starts out with building the Generators and mounts with a couple of fuse ports and wiring. I keep an eye open for junk to use for scratching. I collected these off the g
  3. Thanks everyone for watching! Hey All, The Engine Build has expanded to the Engine Bay Build. I have just about finished with the engine build, but I have a few connections to the radiators and then all is finished with the engine build. I have finished with the cross connections between the engines and installed the drive shafts. The cross connections control the carburetor linkage, and you can see the linkage that shifts the gears on the transmissions. Once I had the linkage installed. all was secured final, and then the drive shaft
  4. Hey All, I hope everyone had a great Holiday Season with lots of modeling. I had a fun time just staying out of the way and building, but at a holiday pace. The engines have been finished as much for now, and installed. I finished with the silver painting........ I began the wiring with the spark wires. I chose Red to give things a bit of contrast. I had to build the exhaust headers and get these installed to check the install of the spark plugs. Once I had the spark installed, I started with the hoses......
  5. This is some really great stuff here. Scratch building with many tires!! I love it. Hurry up with more photos........
  6. Already building with the scratching!! See how things get started. I'm just saying. Nice work with the scratch struts!
  7. Hey Everyone, This will be the last posting for this year. I hope you like it. The engine build continues. I have one engine base painted, and the other only a few day behind in the build. I have most of the wiring finished on the one engine with all the piping and hoses yet to build. I have finished with the small sub assemblies for the top side of the engine blocks. In the photo above you can see the wiring that is fitted to the tiny parts shown with them. All of this is mounted to the top side with a bunch of other stuff. You can see
  8. Hey Guys, it's been a week or so. The engine build is continuing at a steady pace, I just have all kinds of items to place around the engine blocks. I have started with some of the wiring harnesses. I am using blue painters tape for my wire loops to mount to the block. I have several of these wire harnesses to build. If you look real close, you can see these spread about the engine blocks. Then it is more of the same, engine details.......Pumps things, all sorts of crazy items........ Here is wha
  9. Hey Guys, More parts........ Still very busy building all the subassemblies. Thanks All for watching and the great comments, I'll be back later........
  10. Hey Guys, A small report today. I have been busy with the engine build. This part of the build is a bit slow for all the details that go onto these engines. More parts.... I have most of the bolts for the Transmission installed. The engines still have much detail to add. Also I have a wiring harness to install onto the engines after the details are added. They look good placed on the frame, and will be secured into place after I add as much as I can while these are still lose. The front of the eng
  11. Hey Altogether, a double dose this morning... The engine build is really straight forward. The engine block is just a group of rectangles laid in order. The only parts that had any more than four cuts are the engine front and back parts. The rest of building the basic engine blocks is just keeping everything straight and square... Once I got all the straight parts mounted, they sort of looked like engine blocks. I placed these on the frame build so you could see about where these are to be located. Then came the transmission b
  12. Hey, I have finished with the Suspension System. The remaining two corners I built in an afternoon. Back corner.... Front corner... The situation with the wheels is that I built some parts before storage, so these need to be sorted because not all of these look usable. I'll go through these and see what I have and what needs rebuilding. Also to keep me busy, I'll be starting the next chapter. This will be the double engines and transmissions. Some o
  13. Hey Guys, So, the port side is complete. Just like things are, the first corner took a couple of day or so to build. Corner two, was a day to build. Left rear (port rear) looking forward..... Everything is painted and I'm ready to start "the other side". I put the tires at the center locations to show where the brakes will be located inside the wheels. Of course all this gets covered up, and we'll never see them again.
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