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  1. Well thats looking pretty sharp. Dont forget to add the floor when u do your dryfitting parts since it does stretch the fuselage a bit.
  2. scriber won't work for this, plastic is too thick and the area to be cut is too fragile because of the tight area ,there is also a chance of slippage and scratching surrounding area.
  3. Harv. You can use small saws from hasegawa, they have a great set. You need to set up a guide for the saws to follow since saws have a tendency to take the path of least resistance. I use a bendable metal ruler taped to the fuselage for mine. Dont rush the sawing, this area is super delicate.
  4. A bit a color in an all grey cabin.
  5. I use that size for the legs
  6. They dont but i did conversion to use on the fly model. Reach out to Readoks figures...they carry it for me.
  7. Anything i can do to help.
  8. Harv. I see you got your helicopter . I great start. Will follow for sure.
  9. Leg for the landing is out of scale, made a new one. Started on painting.
  10. Sometimes i wish i had a brush to paint around corners. Most of the detailing in the nose is one color.
  11. 4 days till i go back to work full time so better get cracking on some cockpit painting. Worked on the Ext fuel tank.
  12. Wiring this engine is gonna be interesting.
  13. Its getting tight in the engine area.
  14. I have to create two inner walls in the nose. Heres the first one...sadly little will be seen through the mesh.
  15. This is where u send an email. They have a website as well. Giovanni is my contact .please mention my name. Their pricing is decent.
  16. Hot of the press. CAD work for the h.34 conversion from Adriatic models.
  17. well Pete I am happy to hear you are doing well, Cancer is always a ugly word to carry around. Do you have any time for modeling?
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