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  1. I am opening one of the emergency hatch on the right side for some viewing inside.
  2. Slow progress since back at work. So little will be seen when I close up the fuselage but it’s there.
  3. Ok . I think I’m ready for painting.
  4. I was asked to build a CH 46 in 48 scale for an upcoming dio for someone else. I only have 2 weeks before i go back to work so this will be quick build for me. someone will build a Skyraider, someone will do deck tractors and some else will do figures and the deck. I must finish this is one in less than 2 weeks(if its even possible for me) Oliver
  5. Hi i had to check the main rotor height before closing up the fuselage since once that’s done there is no turning back. Question of the day. Folded blades or not. This kit is huge and I am worry once I had the truck it will be a rather piece.
  6. Harv, i don’t know if u have the Adriatic model piece for the main rotor but if u do some trimming is needed since it sits too tall. Here’s what needs to be done.
  7. Middle console. To be honest I am not really happy with my work on that but it’s done so moving on. Still have to finish the floor.
  8. Dipped canopy in Future first and let it cured for a week then airbrushed Tamiya clear green in thin coats.
  9. Harv, hows your build going?
  10. Thats looking mighty sharp. Top modeling on here. So, i assume you will scratchbuild Christian Balle once the car is done, right? lol
  11. Probably one of the coolest car ever built. Will follow this.
  12. Cockpit wall is done. I am not a big fan of the fabric seatbelts from HGW
  13. Spent a good amount of time taping the seats, will add seats belts next. Also finished the collectives and the added a bit more details on the transmission deck.
  14. A bit of progress. This is turning into a puzzle.
  15. Will preshade around windows first. A dip in future to make them sparkle more. I did not change the size but will be using the bulged ones.
  16. I used soft wires from Detailmaster. They do stuff for cars mostly but it works for us Helo modelers too.
  17. I just made one for mine. Hows the inside box coming along?
  18. here are a few photos of the orange study. I also purchased a truck in 1/32 for the engine diorama. Its gonna a huge dio for sure. I am thinking maybe 2 more years of work on this.
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