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  1. Grunhertz

    Takom 1/35 V2 Rocket

    Looks great jeroen
  2. Grunhertz

    Mig-9 LEM

    Very nice
  3. Grunhertz

    OS2U Kingfisher by Kitty Hawk

    Watching with interest
  4. Grunhertz

    Kitty Hawk F-5F done.

    Great work Ernie
  5. Grunhertz

    Jug-gernaut P47D in NMF

    Lovely build
  6. Grunhertz

    CSM nieuport 17

  7. Grunhertz

    Takom 1/35 V2 Rocket

    Loving that jeroen
  8. Grunhertz

    Wingnut Wings DH2

    Soooooo I'm building this for a ww1 gb over on another site and thought I'd share it here It Wingnut Wings so it goes together a treat so far anyway More progress soon I have to say thanks to James Hatch forthis and talking me into it
  9. Grunhertz

    RR Spey powered RAF Phantom conversion

    No more need be said. I am a kit assembler that is modelling
  10. Grunhertz

    Fokker pair

    Best sign me up for the LSMKC That is just
  11. Grunhertz

    Wingnut Wings DH2

    Great comments thanks all
  12. Grunhertz

    Hasegawa 1/32 Ju 87D-3, "T6+CT"

    Lovely job
  13. Grunhertz

    B-25J "Fatso"

    Lovely work
  14. Grunhertz

    Wingnut Wings DH2

    A bit more progress this weekend The nacelle is just about done. I will add the compass cover later in the build. It's painted in what WNW call DH2 grey (tamiya Xf66) and is ready to put to one side. I have also done the engine this weekend it was painted aluminium on the crank case. With Gunze metal colour steel on the cylinders. At the base of the cylinders I lightly sprayed metallic blue. I used fine electrical wire for the plug leads.
  15. Grunhertz

    Heinkel HE219 A 2/5/7

    So this is next on the bench, Revell HE219. I know it has issues and I will do something with the landing gear. I have a set of HGW belts ordered for it. I'm not sure which one I'm doing yet
  16. Grunhertz

    Dragon Bf 110 C-7

    This is awesome work nice one
  17. Grunhertz

    Wingnut Wings DH2

    OK so progress update time The huge seat belt has been painted and thd seat has been put in place. I shaded the inside of the nacelle where the framing was and the whole lot has been put together next step.
  18. Grunhertz

    Wingnut Wings DH2

    When they get here bill yep
  19. Grunhertz

    Kitty Hawk F-5F done.

    That's looking sweeeeeeeet
  20. Grunhertz

    The Force is strong with this one...

    Looks interesting Bill
  21. Grunhertz

    Wingnut Wings DH2

    OK decision made bullet bitten I've ordered some of Radu's pe turnbuckles with a fret of wire terminals also for the double wires
  22. Grunhertz

    1/18 P51C Mustang "Lopes Hope 3rd"

    That's it sign me up for knitting too
  23. Grunhertz

    Wingnut Wings DH2

    That is right Bill. I think a lot of people look at kits like this and it puts them off. It shouldn't
  24. Grunhertz

    Wingnut Wings DH2

    Yeah I know Bob I used them on an albi DVA But for a dh2 it's almost as much as the kit costs and one of my unwritten rules is no one piece of aftermarket should cost more than the kit