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  1. The fit is nice but really tight in places just sayin
  2. I know what you mean, I'm sure jeroen will make it look brilliant though.
  3. 1/48 a4e, Revell flower class corvette in 1/144 scale various armour projects with individual track links agghhhhh
  4. My only comment on this would be that those subjects make money and it will be a brave manufacturer that will produce a 1/32 or larger kit that isn't one of the "hero planes". Amongst a lot of people I know there was genuine anguish that airfix produced the hellcat when there was a "need" for a retooled spitfire or 109, I pointed out that as bad as those kits are airfix still make money from those 70's toolings. I personally am still wanting a ZM TA152 because I'm a 190 etc fan. But I do still like my esoteric stuff as well.
  5. Very nice choice Ernie, Mad but nice choice
  6. There generally are two second hand dealers I won't touch one does Telford the other thankfully doesn't. The one at Telford you can't miss, his stand is a pile of boxes that will fall over at any time and everything is marked up 30% off today only! Funnily if you look at the prices they are list with the 30% off. He also tells everyone in his loudest market trader voice about his "deals" the other walks round shows buying stuff from under the tables walks back to his stand and sells the stuff he's just bought.
  7. I generally save up for Telford, Ryan but still set myself a budget unless there is a big ticket item I want
  8. Ernie I've been using a grex for three years now and love it, so much that I bought the wife on for her figures, simple to use and clean, the needle design is such that a. 3 will do everything a. 2 an. 5 can do
  9. I have to say I haven't had the pleasure of a ZM kit but this could be the one
  10. Yep I had a feeling after their 1/48 109 was released at over £40.00 I hung on to my eduard kits. The problem is that their isn't really a comparable kit
  11. It's only a minor gripe with me but this kit is going to retail in the UK at the same price at the eduard limited editions, I know its a new tool etc but £60.00 for a 1/48 lightning? It's a bit on the steep side
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