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  1. krow113

    1/35 Harley Davidson WLA

    Excellent! ...you could prolly cut that dome down a little...
  2. krow113

    HK 1/32 B-17G 96th BG "Ragged But Right"

    Excellent '17 ! And a good story to boot. My kinda thread all pics , all work , no whining about "the kit this or that " crap.
  3. krow113

    AK True Colors

    I used AK's WW 1 German set. But it chipped off: It may be good to remember that AK and others don't make paint. They specify to a manufacturer and then put their label on it.
  4. krow113

    Custom masks?

    I've always offered that service as well. For singular subjects that aren't readily available. Custom mask set at work and in development for The Gotha:
  5. krow113

    HK Models 1/32 Avro Lancaster Mk.1 (Part 1)

    Thanks for the ongoing review.
  6. krow113

    I must be crazy, B-24J on the bench.

    maybe its a loo turret with the frosted glass an' all...
  7. krow113

    GasPatch Turnbuckles

    Gpatch is all good to me. Great stuff and not stingy either. I used the p/e ones on my Biff to good effect. They were purchased to use with the unusable p/e flying wire. But I'm using a mix of 1/48 and 1/32 Gpatch on my Gotha. And , yes your bush league if the line isn't continued straight through the turnbuckle.
  8. krow113

    Got to love Canada

    Finally , scientific validation for The Glory Hole.
  9. krow113

    What a 11,391 model collection looks like

    I live in B.C. So I am interested , but wary , very wary. The last guy in B.C. who bought a huge collection still has most of it because he refused to pass along the benefits of his windfall. I went and bought one kit at the cash price of $60 , about $20 off retail , for a used kit , Then the goof tried to "estimate the tax" !! On a cash sale! He wanted to add it on ! Relating this story to my IPMS crew , as a heads up warning , resulted in his keeping of the kits and sales dropped off quickly. I would try to find an honest person , good luck there , to facilitate the sale.
  10. krow113

    What a 11,391 model collection looks like

    How much for the lot? Big problem for the family to get rid of this . A lot sale is the best or hordes of cheap -ass' show up , looking for deals , wheedling over 2-3 dollars for a kit or two. Lots of peeps are prepared to take advantage of other peeps lack of model knowledge. Anyone who has sold kits at shows will know exactly what I mean. Allow one or two 'friends' to cherry pick the lot and your left with a lot of $1-$2 models nobody wants Get cheap , arguing over $3 dollar kits, and you'll be stuck with them! I would break them down into separate lots of the same kits and get rid of them on ebay , should only take a few years...
  11. krow113

    Fundraiser to help Paul Fisher

    LOL See You Next Tuesday...
  12. krow113

    Handley Paige 0/400

    'BOUT TIME! Ive been wanting this since the Gotha came out...
  13. krow113

    OOB Gotha G.lV

    Nicely done! More pics would be good...
  14. I've done a lot of mask work for modellers , for singular subjects . Have my own sign shop. PM for details...
  15. krow113

    1/24 Airfix Scale Mosquito build

    Model is looking good! I have an oop Paragon set (2 off ) # 24007 exhaust sacks , shrouds , spark plug and cooling intakes resin set . If your interested PM me.