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  1. I would recommend Smooth-On . They have smaller kits for silicone moulding and resin casting. Proven to be worth the money. You'll need material for boxes , I used left over Sintra: Moulds for 4 bladed 1/32 Gotha props and 1/8 Hillclimber wheels and hubs: A tipor two ; -Build your moulds and then fill them with water to estimate the volume for resin and silicone mixing. -Mix the living pi$$ out of the silicone and the resin. These items were done in metal , but the process is essentially the same.
  2. Thanks M ! Burls are so cool. You never know what is inside. I have over a hundred of them in various stages. Here is some crazy spalted leopard spot maple for a base:
  3. CAD learning curve flattening, Its all coming back form the '80's when I worked on router tables in sign shops. I managed to layout the work on this burl slice nicely: The heart is a 2 piece box and the rectangular chung for a model base.
  4. ...and you thought I was kidding: Check the stance on Frenchie , he's giving it his all. On a baby seal.
  5. krow113


    Yes to the Jenny , that would be my first choice. The Biff is just so nice looking and is a 2 seater. Perusing the kit last night and I started eliminating the armament A decent Canadian subject will be nice , most likely fictitious , should be fun.
  6. krow113


    Yes , this will do nicely: There even a Canadian connection as some of these came to Canada and many were still in service into the '30's.
  7. Maybe time to show one of the weirdest kits I have. Its a cast metal model of a French Canadian clubbing a baby seal. True story!
  8. I work on a lot of things. My paycheck is generated by my production. No guarantees. Right now I'm unloading the last of 3 truckloads of wood raw materials. Burls , spalted and birdseye maple , for running through the machine. When I go to 3d or even 2.5d carving I would like to carve a burl seat for my next chopper so yes , bikes too.
  9. yup that there is yer CNC router. Ready to go again and I'll be inputting a file shortly . Everything seems ok now with the z axis limit switch working. So far its been ok , delays in communication and problem sorting are normal now , no need to grind teeth.
  10. Immersed in CAD learning curve , including machine antics , no time or mental space for anything else..... Feline overlord/owner/fuhrer/supervisor/ looks on: Everything else goes to poop when I'm in the curve.
  11. That's the plan Stan! …..er I mean Gaz. Like I said , in theory, I haven't done it yet and have only seen it done a couple of times . Yes you would paint the lightest of the 5 colors first , I'll be doing light blue. Everything after depends a lot on the prep and first color application. Acrylics I think and have a full set of colors ready to go. They dry fast and will take the mask re-application . Procedure would dictate removing the numbered pieces and putting them on the backing sheet for re-application. a few tricks are developing like a photo of the masks to help with replacement , and color coding the numbers is possible too. Close inspection of lozenge pics , decals and anything else I could find shows that some of the lozenge shapes overlap slightly creating a thin dark outline, in SOME case' , this helps anyone attempting this. I'll be doing The Gotha early next year in this pattern. Hex layout: On Britmodeller and Des' WW! aircraft forums look at The Gotha or A Gotha if ya wanna see more.
  12. It can be done with masks in theory at this point. Here is my Gotha 5 color night camo mask set: I also have it in hex pattern. Shapes are determined with paper patterns , then the camo pattern is applied to the shapes , refined and cut. The cutter prints the color number on each lozenge. The Gotha was easy with mostly boxy shapes.
  13. High water mark for Canada was around the time of the Avro Arrow. Then we saw a politician , too scared and selfish , to handle the situation properly end the aerospace capability in Canada. During my lifetime, from P.T. onwards I've witnessed the closing off of open government and the unmitigated theft begin. We cant ask "Where is the money going?" because the peeps stealing it have created a fearful scenario. Meaning the closing off and theft gets worse if you 'dare' to call them on it. Its an exceptionally bad situation , there is no mechanism for change yet.
  14. The bigger problem is with the 'adults' in this country. Especially workers. Somehow , some way , they have managed to get their personal feelings as part of the job.The most important part. If you upset them , and that is soooooo easy , they use their jobs to get payback. As if 'You offended me' is an excuse not to do their job. The bigger problem is the peeps too scared to call them on it , thereby enabling a zero accountability environment. The country is watching its 'leaders' ,from the time of the idiot in charge nows fathers time, steal everything they can from taxpayers. Absolutely sickening to see in action. another 50 years to go until someone somehow stops the theft.
  15. When the realization of what Canada has become sinks in perhaps change may occur. Young people are just beginning to ask; "Where is all the money going?" Another 50 years of organised theft , I think , is left before anything happens.
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