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  1. Thanks JP ! And what was prolly a 300 year old red cedar burl gets cut into sections for model base's : ...the 4" x 4" x 4" plinth for the fuel cart , I was seeing the display on an angle , dunno why , seeing this I know now! :
  2. ...more cart:
  3. Large fuel cart progression:
  4. ya didnt think so, but the tip for fitting prior to painting the seat still stands! I'll do some before/after pics on the embedding (sorry sounds a little pretentious ) to show the diff. Thanks JP
  5. The pre painted ones?
  6. Thanks J.P. You are right I have yet to blend and embed the interior details. I can offer a tip on the seat belts , prolly obvious , bend them to fit BEFORE painting the seats.
  7. ...and the lip did end up flush , I didnt glue the top edge allowing it to move into position without smearing the glue. The small upper edge can have glue wicked in easily now: Interior bomb racks detailed with manual release mechanisms (handle):
  8. So well done. Others here look at your work and think the same thing.
  9. Some detailing yet to go as the fuse nears assy. Clamped to keep the lower gun tunnel lips flush: Hate the new look of the forum , funny thing is , I cant remember how it used to be!
  10. Thank you Jonathan:
  11. A person wont learn if they cant see why the model is second or third. I have way more 2-3 ribbons than 1sts , they are all displayed with the same satisfaction.
  12. The funniest is the 'corpse lineup' at the end of model shows. The thoroughly and completely bored spouses all waiting for him to 'get it over with for Gods sake'. Or the 'lip-quiver' from upset entrants , marching out leaving second or third ribbons on the table because 'mine is a first place model'. Absolute riot.
  13. Just once I'd like to see a hot chick at a model show...
  14. No worries, anytime.