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  1. Carl? It wont matter where the saran is; it collects paint which then flakes off . lol
  2. Careful with saran wrap as masking. The paint drys on it then will flake off when manipulated or during the next spray session.
  3. lol we got a trouble maker here! have you seen the tax payer funded bbq blockade?
  4. Nicely done! And to my eye you can see the glider influence on some of these earlier airframes.
  5. lol sorry i dont think in terms of those things i would be happy to supply a set to a competent modeller who was keen to try as it helps prove the method
  6. I have at least 2 of those. Lozenge would be easy layout , just watched a guy do a multiple full mask lozenge on fpratbook , there were overlaps on the colors , my method has the color edges mating. A BIG diff to me. For an experienced modeller , banks of properly scaled and numbered lozenges would be easy to cut to shape and apply. I'll do my best to set aside some time for A Gotha in the near future.
  7. Which kit were you thinking of? If I have it I can layout masks to suit. Lozenge would be dead easy after polygons! It really is a viable method in my view , having someone else try it out will help to prove that.
  8. Thanks Jeff In my rural setting it is showing up too ; goofs yelling at store clerks. So tough spitting on people, but Canadain laws are for the benefit of the instigator, do anything to them and your the problem and you will be charged while they watch. Thanks Gaz. A previous thread on this forum showed the majority here would build the kits. But thats to be expected logically. Waiting until a skillset improves? Spurious thinking to say the least . My skillset was achieved from making unholy mess' out of a lot of things and learned as I went. The Gotha
  9. Thanks Jeff. My survival formula has been pared down to its simplest form. Watching peeps on social media arguing about masks, mask rules , where masks are to be used , where the rules apply and dont apply , seemingly no possibility of agreement on the most basic of premise'. While our child king contemplates 're-starting the country' and 're-imagining the economy' . The easiest answer to; "Why" being the making sure that the 'herd' is busy looking in each others back yards Obviously the creative process requires none of this melange of 'information' ,social media being the 'jun
  10. ...and reaching for the box... Meh. Just an upper management ego driven power play. ..seriously ... I usually get a break after summer , no chance , summer sales careened into holiday sales , orders multiplying , hoping for a traditional Xmas-NYE week sales slowing . But. Is anything traditional anymore?
  11. Nice. Stood behind her with all four turning at ( I think ) the last model show in Nanton.
  12. '75 - '76 for this classic gem: And I've done a TON of work on one: And its in transitional stagnation like A Gotha. lol
  13. i dont know what that is, but I have found good luck searching specific model forums.
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