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  1. lol Here is the bike, there is a softy seat really big for your butt: Def not anything but a main street saturday night cruiser. On the other hand.... Springer you say? Here is my last hand built: This one was an amazing bike.
  2. ******WARNING OVERDRAMATIC PANDEMIC COMMENT WARNING****** In an inanimate moment of overdramatic thinking , a thought progressed to the point of reasoning whether this could be a warning shot across the bows, with The Real Pandemic yet to occur. With the future victims on display in hourly reports. . (with apologies to HST) On a happier note I run a tourism based business literally at the end of the line. In the past month I've had peeps from ALL OVER THE WORLD in my store. Less than 10% in masks. I run no shield , even though I've made a few for island business' , and dont wear a mask. My best sales line? " You guys dont hafta wear those masks unless your robbing the place" I feel ok , I'll know quickly when something has invaded , it just occured to me the depth of my 'exposure' and I felt a slight chill.
  3. Ive used paper strips for strapping. When seeking an answer to some of these modelling questions ,it can help to go back to the beginning. Many techniques and procedures were sorted by guys who never had the resources we have today. The rush to A/M can be problematic.
  4. The sun treatment proves its not a 'moisture blush' . Thats good. It is a stain from the decal solution then. So it is ingrained in the finish. Thats bad as it means a removal process. Try some future on it or wet sand the areas carefully and you should see it begin to disappear.
  5. lol 1 beer and I 'm feelin' it so none for me while I work.
  6. ...another Klear tip; Mix it 50/50 with IPA for a hard gloss coat , I never got the clouding or white staining using that mix. Its a minor issue anyway , patience being the best cure.
  7. I always wait 48 hrs. I have heard an application of Klear will , um , clear this up. Try some with a small brush in an accessible area.
  8. Interesting that these 'pockets' of kits are showing up. Not surprising they sell out in 1.5 minutes.
  9. Pandemic surge in tourism and sales in my store have been getting in the way. Looking forward to the seasons slow down, as A Gotha is poised at the cusp of critical mass , whereby I acquire tunnel vision and go straight through to the end. Thanks for your patience.
  10. The best thing would be to take off and nuke the planet from orbit. Before humans figure out how to take the inherent despicability of the human race off the planet.
  11. Count the stripes and divide the height of the rudder by the number of stripes is how I would do it.
  12. lol or just do that! good stuff.
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