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  1. And after a bit of a slog: The aircraft is spurious so the number is of little consequence. I did up a whole font for this , just the way I do it. For an L.V.G. built Gotha decals will be required. These will be a mask decal combo. A mask for the white outline and decals for the serial.
  2. Boy Howdy! Ah herd dat!
  3. Looking at the serials and fuse codes today. I have to try and conjure up a beleivable set of codes & serials. These should be on the fuse and sealed before it gets seated in the jig. There is a lot of work to do on the fuse prior to jigging for final assy. Very little to go on for pics , big surprise , records show that LVG license built a number of G IV's . Serials: 980 - 1029 = 49 built. 100 - 149 = 49 built. So 98 potential numbers available. By records given in Gotha! LVG had white outlines around the fuse serials , by a number of pics and one set of subject decals in the kit. Tricky little thin outline on the serial , no-one said it was gonna be easy. No work done so here is a completely non related shot from the 1500 pic A Gotha library:
  4. Thank you , Cmeister! I worked out a way to alleviate the possibilty of a small line appearing arond the cross when I spray the black. You can see some 'petals' have been used after the thin white outline piece is replaced: Upper wing and tail cross' done: Thanks for lookin' in.
  5. Some light sanding to alleviate the polygon lines. And some marking masks go on:
  6. Yer gonna hafta figure out the diff between control rigging and structural rigging.
  7. They only made them for 2 years '06 - '07 Would love Tamiya to do a 1/6 of it in their series!
  8. Thanks . 2006 Harley- Davidson VRSCR Street Rod Pretty much stock. They dont need a lot to be fast. Working on masks for a customer in N.Z. Concentration difficulties with the viral situation.
  9. I have one somewhere in the house.
  10. Thank you. Some times the barrage of info , and trying to sort it out , can be overwhelming. I moved here to get away from social 'clutter' and vindictive types , etc. Its any thing but less where I am , and unforseen and alarming reality. As the newpapers owner and proponent of the info , those are 2 strikes out for me. If history has shown us anything its that the media has a singular purpose. , generally facts have little to do with it. I'll wait it out , I ve got lots to do.
  11. lol I hit that link and started getting a barrage of news pop ups , I dont watch or listen to the news , local being enough for me. Why you quoted me has escaped me , I was responding to the title of the thread.
  12. Stabilize your forearms first. Get them as flat on the bench as possible FIRST and adjust the model ,without jeopardizing it , to suit where your hands are. I think you will find that getting your arms from the elbow up sorted will help.
  13. Dont worry , that generation has more watchdogs than a 1970's junkyard. The proliferation of personal rat fuck devices makes sure everyone gets reported multiple times. I remember a running battle I had , riding my chopper , a guy in his van attempting to kill me , by the time I left him on his front lawn there were no less than 9 people on the phone, some had followed for miles. My island has been closed off , i woke up to that, several islands around me doing the same. I asked the fire chief about the virus , hes on point , then my friend asked his Mom , the chief paramedic. , they both had DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED INFORMATION on the same subject. Like , what the actual fuck is going on! If Health care and first respondents are so vastly differently informed on an island of less than 1000 people what chance is there of any proper info ? Those people on the beach and out and about? In the not too distant the same pics may be captioned ; 'THE DEAD'
  14. Thanks GMac. It is an obvious way to help and when those 'helps' add up then you get a viable procedure or technique. I never claim authenticity , as there is very little that is new in modelling. Indeed I have seen hex camo done this way with all of the hex's exactly the same. I think one of the daunting things here was the fact that alla the shapes are different ( although a repetition is there for all to see , hee , hee ) , however this proves to be quite the opposite , the different shapes made it easier! The biggest drawback when taken in an overview is the individual pieces have to come off and go back on. As the first color is given , and the last with no need to replace the pieces , really its only 3 times that the pieces have to be re-fitted. And there is interest as 1000 visits here and 1000 visits on BM in a few days indicate . Some interest in a set as well privately. But certain skills will need to be in place for success. Any way , mask customers waiting , signwork ongoing , my temperature ok: And Bubba is never shy about hinting...:
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