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  1. Put in an auction to gauge interest: Scale Model Graveyard (Trade/Sale/Auction Group) | Facebook
  2. There is a custom paint trick I have used for deep black. Mix the last coats with gloss clear 50/50 and watch that black get a mile deep.
  3. I agree with Hubert. Sold me on the book , I ordered right away. That ,and this dismal last attempt at a fig , convinced me the 40 books I already have on fig work are not enough:
  4. Not much iron on her , but you are right the iron is plated over the boiler area.
  5. lol jus' got shippy with the rest o' the boys Ernie! Its either the David or a 1/350 Tribal class destroyer for some CDN content. I have a resin Haida.
  6. lol After A Gotha; Already fully stoked. Another arguable failure that influenced warships and warfare at sea from that time on. Def on the cutaway: And the figs , allways the figs: And a fully detailed , fantastic story.
  7. Good on ya! However it may come to pass that the substance you put all that time into getting to work , may just be discontinued because you were the only one who got it to work! Then you will be re-applying your skills to the next substance all at your own cost! You will agree that the computer has enhanced out lives. You may not agree that the computer has degraded the way we treat each other.
  8. lol mighty fine photoshoppin! The model is nice too.
  9. Hub; Have you no knowledge of how teh computor industry works? lol They put the stuff out and wait for you to fix it. Pretty much since day one. The diff between odd Corels and even Corel numbers tells the story!
  10. krow113


    Grab me a Gotha if there is one!
  11. lol cant be that sick ! he's tryna grind the Mariner outta me! lol right back in - up to the elbow eh harv!?
  12. This is all I can find searching the kit, Worth a look on page 2 there is a pic of it with 2 1/48 B-17's. http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/85814-pom-148-martin-mariner/
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