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  1. krow113

    What a 11,391 model collection looks like

    I live in B.C. So I am interested , but wary , very wary. The last guy in B.C. who bought a huge collection still has most of it because he refused to pass along the benefits of his windfall. I went and bought one kit at the cash price of $60 , about $20 off retail , for a used kit , Then the goof tried to "estimate the tax" !! On a cash sale! He wanted to add it on ! Relating this story to my IPMS crew , as a heads up warning , resulted in his keeping of the kits and sales dropped off quickly. I would try to find an honest person , good luck there , to facilitate the sale.
  2. krow113

    What a 11,391 model collection looks like

    How much for the lot? Big problem for the family to get rid of this . A lot sale is the best or hordes of cheap -ass' show up , looking for deals , wheedling over 2-3 dollars for a kit or two. Lots of peeps are prepared to take advantage of other peeps lack of model knowledge. Anyone who has sold kits at shows will know exactly what I mean. Allow one or two 'friends' to cherry pick the lot and your left with a lot of $1-$2 models nobody wants Get cheap , arguing over $3 dollar kits, and you'll be stuck with them! I would break them down into separate lots of the same kits and get rid of them on ebay , should only take a few years...
  3. krow113

    Fundraiser to help Paul Fisher

    LOL See You Next Tuesday...
  4. krow113

    Handley Paige 0/400

    'BOUT TIME! Ive been wanting this since the Gotha came out...
  5. krow113

    OOB Gotha G.lV

    Nicely done! More pics would be good...
  6. I've done a lot of mask work for modellers , for singular subjects . Have my own sign shop. PM for details...
  7. krow113

    1/24 Airfix Scale Mosquito build

    Model is looking good! I have an oop Paragon set (2 off ) # 24007 exhaust sacks , shrouds , spark plug and cooling intakes resin set . If your interested PM me.
  8. Good news for any modeller. Getting upset isn't worth it. Keep that crap over there... I have a HK Mossie I traded for a B 25 kit. The earlier pics showing the upper wing profile differences tells me why it was traded off. I'll never build it. If this signals a move into WW2 for WNW then it also signals the quality , packaging , detail , etc , that comes with their commitment. All good and thank you WNW!
  9. krow113

    Cutter/Mitre Tool

    My answer should be clear now.
  10. krow113

    Cutter/Mitre Tool

    I used my "The Chopper" 3 times , producing 3 different cuts , examining the tool shows some flaws in the mechanics of it. Mostly the blade deflecting within its own height. Having spent that money , and 15 mins of work , to immediately and permanently shelve the tool I think that a very definitive answer will be needed prior to my purchasing the RP Toolz offering. An update or repair set for The Chopper would go a long way...
  11. krow113

    Passing of Des Delatorre

    Yes , very sad day. A genuine master craftsman , earmarked by his willingness to share his work and knowledge.
  12. krow113


  13. krow113


    I wish I could update this but the pics are not available to replace , some have gone missing, so its hard to find the right ones for each post. Management can delete the thread if they wish to.
  14. krow113

    NASM's unrestored Ta-152H-0

    Interesting and well executed. Kudo's!