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  1. Sum wierd chit mang. Some interesting items as well.
  2. Is funny /sad. Last year lots of $$ around as our 'leaders' could only figure out things a few days in advance , too busy stealing EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR they can... This year not so much... Was thinking it may All Be Over for your long suffering scribe... 10K in work just appeared however , so maybe a little soon to toss in the towel...
  3. Thats not actually the hillclimber , thats a 1/9 WLA kit with Top Studios 1/12 chainset. TS has the pins in plastic that you melt. The Hillclimber has 2 MFH Brough chainsets for obvious reasons. This after I could not get my own chainset to work , having links done by Eduard , I just could not get the jig setup to work. The MFH pins are soft metal and using a reversed drill in my sherline mill , I was able to run off the chainset quickly.
  4. lol The hardest part about the chains is going into them with a self defeating mindset. lol So easy to do , get a robotic assy mindset going and they fly by. The last one I did for my Hillclimber took an hour to do.
  5. Also finally got the TIG welding setup sorted out:
  6. lol yes cracked in 2 places a few months ago in a workplace incident cutting boards would be ok in maple but the juniper is an 'aromatic cedar' and sealing it would be a sin cutting boards are usually just sealed with a special ($) oil for that purpose besides i get more for the cribbys;
  7. Pelvic shenanigans set me back 6 weeks production. I heal well so I can get back to it quickly. Here is a pile of formatted wood, crazy maple and juniper , ready for a crib board run.
  8. Here is a model done in silver base, silver mini-flake, and clear orange over. All in tons of Future and Tamiya clear orange.
  9. Dont try to establish a false correlation between stashing and building ! The internet , nay , the world! slows, shudders and then totters on at even the slightest allusion to the aforementioned. Math!? Science!? WTF are you babbling about!!?? Holy Mother of ,,,its hot.
  10. Aftermarket? At least 3 per kit . Soooo......... 900
  11. quick bump it up to $600!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. I am contemplating modelling seppuku with a dull xacto. Because I cant have this and will prolly never see it again. Good price and good luck harv!
  13. Planned obsolescence is not a new manufacturing policy.
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