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  1. ...and yes if the Invader can be a Cuban BoP participant I'll buy it.
  2. Too funny reading this. Model forums of the lisp type are 'modelled' on the OBC theme , the OBC theme is a pyramid. The pyramid has peeps on top who are in charge. The rest try to be like them, acting like they are the epitome of the genre. Stronger f'ed up sentiment from the top down. So there is a natural competition , in earlier times this would separate the wheat from the chaff. Now we live in a 'participants award ' society where the proven modellers are lumped in with the beginners and unproven. They think that's a level playing field , So as the peeps at the top of the pyramid will go after anyone who disagrees with them , they have the tools to destroy reputations , and disinform their minions as they see fit. The OBC only promotes those at the top , and creates an unhealthy attitude and the type of dispute heavy threads described here. Being banned for life from a prat laden forum such as that isn't a big deal , It proved to me that popularity over there is more important than any kind of rational discussion. Most of the guys I can get along with go there , get disgusted , and leave for more rational forums. Any way The Gotha beckons and the mill is running.....
  3. Some Gotha work: But mostly I have been immersed in Vectrics V Carve program , the learning curve there , combined with the problem solving required in the CNC routing matrix has kept me hopping. Here is a crib board drilled and milled out of a maple burl slice , one of 20 I will have done for the Christmas season:
  4. So if you personally don't like me , I wont get a gift?
  5. Fascinating watching FM Halifax threads. There is one on BM as well right now. All of it ripping stuff.
  6. 1/32 Wimpys and Clunks would be 3 & 4 for me , I don't care who makes 'em , just do it!
  7. And the inevitable: GOTHA GV from WNW. I called the 0/400 ( for at last 7 years in a row) so this is inevitable to finish the Gotha G series bombers. C'MON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. krow113


    Re-ignited: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235016614-a-gotha/page/14/ I would put more here but cant get around the Pukebucket damage to the thread.
  9. ...and you can actually say 'shit' without the judgement , condemnation , ostracization and megalomanic mods coming down like HE himself....
  10. .12 $ ! Its pure profit! It's taken me years to develop the temperament for custom signwork. I can just see myself after the first critique; "Is the canopy clear enough now ?, oh , just let me wipe that blood away"
  11. Igottayatfacerighthere; (simulated stereotypical Italian crotch grabbing gesture)
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