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  1. Still working out the underside bomb rack area. I pencilled in some panel lines , completely spurious , but I felt the plywood undersection would be in a few pieces. I also added some p/e gauge bezels for the inevitable rack mounts:
  2. The futility continues as I work towards finishing the underside: Proposed bomb load proves to be unworkeable as soon as placement was done: Solved by a center rack:
  3. Thanks. I guess that not being too concerned about what can be seen in the end is the sign of someone who enjoys modelling. Talk amongst yourselves....
  4. Even moving slowly , taking notes , checking continuously , trying to think of all possibilities I can still bugger it up. Specifically all of the nice work on the wing center section underside. A marathon exam , procedure and finish got me to the point of tying the 3 piece wing section together with some engine grime and oil splatters. I'll see about wheel splatter next , hopefully I can seal it all up today and get the assy turned right side up!
  5. A light tan wash denudes the blue a little and begins to tie the colors together: A big difference from just a brush on and quick wipe off! Taking my time picking the colors...
  6. hiroBoy RB Motion is where I get it
  7. Dec 14 the trouble began; Planer jointer seized a bearing. 2 x Belt sanders crapped out. My Big Unit ( 30" Digital printer) stopped printing from one head. These 4 items simultaneously ceasing to work sent the production lineup into a catastrophic ( well maybe not ) death spiral. Diagnosis on the printer took longest. Parts are ordered. I feel nothing but the elation that the correct diagnosis and availability of parts can give.
  8. And the wee masks for the balls get used with gunmetal paint: The undersides are now all based and sealed. Looking at the weathering and detail treatments now.
  9. I did use a complimentary color for A Gotha underside shading; Royal blue to be exact as I thought a black or dark brown may be too stark. This is setting the stage for the final treatments to come too, no where near done.
  10. LOL Tell me about it , I 'm the guy who preshaded his Scammel in purple:
  11. I think of pre shading and post shading as the beginning of a series of treatments , to be followed by ie: pigments , inks , wash' or all of the above.
  12. Yeah , I'll take these: Masked and painted with masks developed 4 or 5 years ago..... Sealing with the 50/50 Future/IPA mix shows its worth as not a single rib tape was pulled off. Masks were kept damp and only the very edge pressed home with a burnishing tool.
  13. Marathon proprietary pink rib tape decal application results in a nice coloring underside:
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