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  1. A GOTHA

    I wish I could update this but the pics are not available to replace , some have gone missing, so its hard to find the right ones for each post. Management can delete the thread if they wish to.
  2. NASM's unrestored Ta-152H-0

    Interesting and well executed. Kudo's!
  3. A GOTHA

    And parked for a while , I need to finish a Harley: Thanks for watching , it will be awhile before this lights up again.
  4. A GOTHA

    Fuselage finally joined:
  5. A GOTHA

  6. A GOTHA

    Thanks cboxx... End of day yesterday:
  7. A GOTHA

    Fuse assy test fitting:
  8. A GOTHA

    Simple ground work in play:
  9. rigging wnw sopwith camel

    Does the Camel not have flying wires like other English planes? I cant really see from the pics.
  10. A GOTHA

    Thanks JP ! And what was prolly a 300 year old red cedar burl gets cut into sections for model base's : ...the 4" x 4" x 4" plinth for the fuel cart , I was seeing the display on an angle , dunno why , seeing this I know now! : Checking:
  11. A GOTHA

    ...more cart:
  12. A GOTHA

    Large fuel cart progression:
  13. A GOTHA

    ya didnt think so, but the tip for fitting prior to painting the seat still stands! I'll do some before/after pics on the embedding (sorry sounds a little pretentious ) to show the diff. Thanks JP
  14. A GOTHA

    The pre painted ones?