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  1. I'm busier than ever. And now they want covid shields for the re-openings forthcoming. How fortunate to have 4 full sheets of plexi to offer my customers. The first job , i just quoted , I came in at half the other guy. Must be nice to have no conscience , lol , my customer and I agreed he was most likely trying to gouge. A business like mine , driven by me and surviving solely on my own personal production and sales , will always survive. As sales drop in one area or product , production and promotion of other areas goes forward. It has not and will never occur to me to take a handout form our government , it will ALL have to be paid back. We have zero to none as far as leadership goes in this country , Canadian citizens are revenue generation units to the country's politicians.
  2. Lightly sand the resistant pieces , allowing an opening for the solutions to do the work. If you can find Simple Green that works too.
  3. So; You make the cabinet. Lots of ways to do this.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ They make the cabinet. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ You buy a readily available cabinet.$$$ You procure a used cabinet and make it new again. I did this, searching social media sites and business supply warehose'. In the end 3 out my four came from mall offices , which may have a storehouse of left behind business furniture etc. The mall manager was quite happy to gain the space back for better things.$$
  4. Looking over this threadand the work displayed has reminded me of a lot of the custom work I have done. Specifically the 'centering out' of components and the maximizing of colouring AND detailing. When I built this model of a post war bobber I emplyed the same diligence that was applied to building custom choppers in real time. Same thing as this thread is alluding to , just going beyond the coloring...
  5. Late war FW's fall into this catagory. as Allied bombing concentrated on fighter factories.
  6. The OBC dictates control , control at any cost . And as many of us here are 'cast off ' from that site , how the f do you think we would respond to anything to do with it ? If there ever WAS a more useless non-productive thread or posting that NEEDS DELETING , this is it!
  7. No-one here said they were happy.
  8. Because the OBC will ALWAYS opt for a 'level playing field' ie: One that isnt reciprocal.
  9. Nail polish remover works for the chrome removal as well. And in trying all of the available chrome removers , I found that some times the plastic weakened with too much time in the soutuons. Good start!
  10. lol i pushed the limits here for a while there a month or so ago , intentionally , not to push buttons but see the level of tolerance admin has here admin and i sent a few mess backnforth all cordial i like that we can say stuff and push it a bit without the holier than thou , condecending , and misleading antics of admin coming down like the proverbial axe of death. lol i like it here lol my comment was pretty benign lol dont want this guy on my back; lol
  11. lol arbitrary and complete dismissal whodathunkit?!
  12. Into the Peterbuilt facility in Langley , B.C. at 2 am freehand layout and taping off of these flames on this wrecker . One of my best customers and a job I am proud of.
  13. One is just a decal set , only 4 kit types available. A quick look on ebay reveals all things Gotha climbing readily in price.
  14. I have an AEG , did you want to check with your bank re a second mortgage to buy it!?
  15. $850.00 CDN for this kit !? The Herd can sure be counted on to show the lack of progress in humanity. The OBC , firmly in the drivers seat, is poised to make trillions in the coming months. Am I starting to see the end game...? Not much to report on A Gotha I've actually seen a surge in sales lately.
  16. The rarest of the rare: The only one tougher to find is the cast metal Britten.
  17. No way , mang! Looking at that bird MAKES me wanna dive bomb something!
  18. Bertyl can I send you my Gotha props for this treatment!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Bertyl; I tagged him for you on the fbook page.
  20. Exactly as stated , you can search the suppliers. The flicking is good , and I set my airbrush to splatter as well. Lots of ways to do things. If I was you I would go back in with a wet brush and remove what you have applied. There will be a stain from it , that will bea good start. Then go on youtube and watch a few vids , pick one you think you can do and ffsake have some fun with it! WW! muddy!?
  21. Wet effects fluid helps too.
  22. Wait a minute , I'm confused , is it this rack: ...or this rack: ...couldnt possibly be this rack:
  23. He's fine , you can reach him on RAy Rimmels Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1147483955323793/
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