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  1. This is a very old kit from Revell. A friend bought it years ago and never got to build it. A year ago he gave it to me and I returned it mounted.
  2. A good job and seeing the interior driving this armored car with the steering wheel in this position has to be a challenge. CHEERS
  3. Thank you very much for your comments.
  4. After a bit of a difficult time between work and viruses. I go back to my hobby again. I leave you the photos of my last tank a Takom Merkava. CHEERS
  5. This is a Albatros III 1/32 Roden Kit. The kit is not all bad, has some parts not detailed and the landing gear is very weak. Another point against is the quality of the decals, "maybe it is a problem of my kit" but they were very brittle. Otherwise quality / price acceptable. REGARDS
  6. Well, I finally think I have it ready. The process began by cleaning the model with caustic soda. I continue with a try paint tests to imitate an abandoned tank in the desert. He continued with me hooked and hours of tests and layers of paint to finally get here. REGARDS
  7. A Tamiya challenger 1 one of my first models years ago was very bad and I was about to send it in the trash. But after stripping it with caustic soda I decided to use it to practice with rust and wear and tear over time The first steps Muchos desconchones y pocas texturas After a few hours and see many examples in different web pages I start to combine transparent layers with dirty and to tint everything a little more. Finally what only had to be a test of painting, ends up hooking me and becoming a diorama of a tank abandoned in Iraq
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