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  1. DRUMSO1.. STUNNING build so far. : And Gentlemen FANTASTIC and Gorgeous builds from you all too.
  2. Look forward to this Kriss.
  3. EXCEPTIONAL work on the model and the figure. 👏
  4. https://m.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10159577644351271&id=65102591270&set=a.80699376270&source=49&refid=13&__tn__=%2B%3D priced at £94.99 Swipe to left....
  5. https://uk.airfix.com/products/supermarine-spitfire-mkixc-a17001?utm_source=ActiveCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=New+Super+Kit&utm_campaign=Airfix-+New+Kit+-+week+41+21%2F22&modal=-zoom
  6. Merry Christmas and a Happy New year Jerry.. Harvey,..smitty...Martin.... Gus...Bomber _County and Cupcake too. Gentlemen have a super fantastic time and a very peaceful one with Goodwill towards others. Have a blast. From MARU 5137( gallivanting in hot deserts of Arabia). 🥰
  7. https://m.facebook.com/Border-Model-339312286698433/photos/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0 Scroll halfway down to see the detailed photographs. https://www.emodels.co.uk/border-models-1-32-avro-lancaster-b-mark-i-iii-ex-wingnut-wings-010.html Border Models -1/32 scale Lancaster, the eagerly anticipated kit of this icon https://www.albionhobbies.com/product-ranges/border-models/ Expensive but looks AMAZING.
  8. ENJOY.... ....Super duper...
  9. I love it there.... Been to Sicily before and had climbed Mount Etna with guides. Then as night fell and returned to the vehicle, Morher Etna erupted and roared as if to say Get Off Me. Hubert Thank you. 👍
  10. THINKING of food as ever cupcake !!
  11. Hello Cupcake, Harvey,Bill,Gus , Gazza,Paul, Carl I have had an exceptionally SUPERB Birthday. So I copied MY Birthday Shenanigans from answering over on LSP. Tom, Greg ,Vaughan,Rick Matt, Tim Neo, Daywalker,Brian, Thank you ALL very much for MY Birthday wishes. So for the past 3 months I have been to Scotland's Highlands and hiked, walked, climbed and taken in the Fresh air. For the past few weeks MY Friend and I have travelled to Lake Como, Italy ;and stayed in9 some snazzy places(villas) and toured, and gazed upon beautiful scenery: and taken in other lesser know places around there! Also stayed and enjoyed Firenze et al.... So now WE are enjoying the peaceful and quietude of the Tuscany region. For MY birthday, I was treated to 3 different Helicopter rides over Tuscany, Firenze and to another place (forgotten the name ). The helicopter rides were also complimented with Swanky , fancy-pants cars.... You can hire swish looking cars once you get to your destination *ready waiting for you*and that is what MY friends did for ME.... I got to drive a FERRARI PORTOFINO...(V8 ENGINE 600 Horsepower I think). At another destination Arrival I drove a Ferrari 488 Spyder. two other cars at other locations were just as swanky... An Aston Martin DB11 and Audi R8 Spider.( felt like Well ... ) The drives have been exhilarating and something I will always treasure. MY generous friend/s have given ME a Birthday and a holiday that I could never repay back(although I will try ). So another trip, towards Mount Etna via car after arriving in Sicily is on the menu... I look forward to see Mount Etna and climbing the safe side again... GENTLEMEN YOUR BIRTHDAY GREETINGS MEAN A LOT TOO ... to havd such fellows as friends as you all gladdens MY heart . I appreciate your kindness and lovely words*which I am sure I don't deserve*. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. The Last part is ALSO SAME FOR YOU GENTLEMEN ON HERE. I appreciate your kindness and thinking of ME on MY Birthday MARU 5137.
  12. Hugs And Sissies right back atcha Smitty and Martin. Will speak to you both at some point. Thank you for you wishes.
  13. Nothing exciting like you Gentlemen have other hobbies. I collect Gold and silver Coins..thats all and books if I can get rare ones. Got quite a collection Of Coins. 🧶
  14. Some members of the former Wingnut Wings team have now coalesced into a new venture called Kotare Models KTD. https://m.facebook.com/kotaremodels https://www.kotare-models.com/ One former WnW team member you will know is Richard Alexander..Most of us, MYSELF included, met up with up and We All dined and wined out with him at IPMS Phoenix Show. The members are all listed ... Anyway thought you'd like to know. 👍
  15. https://forum.largescaleplanes.com/index.php?/topic/88832-kopeckyscalemodels/ He has gotten some really super things in 1:32 scale including for F-15. the pages are intersperse with his work so 9 pages to wade through. Thought you'd like to see it just for information. 👍
  16. So Gentlemen I received this PM on LSP from Morgan Dale's Nephew. I already posted the thread on LSP Anyway have a look and if you want to Bid. Those in Australia and New Zealand might like to. Mate, I saw your post on the passing of Dale Cleary and was really touched by the responses, it seemed he was a much liked and admired member of the community. It was really lovely to see. I’m Dale’s nephew Morgan and was very close with him. It was such a shock earlier this year when he passed away, but hopefully he’s resting well after a pretty rough few years. I’m writing as when he passed away, he had an extensive unopened model collection and I’ve been trying to find them all a good home with those who will make and enjoy them. We’ve endeavoured to gift much of his opened and started models to his students and others, and we’ve also been able to find an auction house in Melbourne, Australia which specialises in models and collectables for the remaining collection, and the online auction has gone live today. I’m not sure if this would be of interest to you or the community, but thought it may be a good place to view his collection and see if there was anything of interest and certainly for me, it was important that the models go to a good home. This is the link to the auction site: https://online.doningtonauctions.com.au/m/view-auctions/catalog/id/78 I’m sure he’d be happy to see these go to members of the community. He was a really top bloke. Cheers, Morgan Thank you Gentlemen and Friends. MARU 5137.
  17. Heres a build from Aigore(with compliments) from ARC he just began: http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/318474-saab-ja37-viggen-jetmads-132/&tab=comments#comment-3056062
  18. Harvey as I said when WE talked on the phone, please look after yourself and take it easy abd listen to your physicians and BEV!! LOVE ya. 👍
  19. Glad you are all safe and well. still sad to hear of people who have lost their homes and their lives. Hopefully the inclement weather will subside enough to give folks a chance to gather their thoughts. Praying everyone is kept safe and from harm. Amen.
  20. Great Catch Smitty. Dish looks tasty too. MY other hobby(probably main one in MY case) is collecting gold and silver coins and everything in between.... 😉
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