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  1. I just threw up... A lot...That is gross.....
  2. Ernie, This a real possibility for me. In fact its more than likely. Please put me down as officer in charge of whiskey....
  3. As many of you know the long days in the north mean work to repair and prepare for winter. I spent a few days coating the drive way as it had been a few years. It needed a bit of attention as winter has a way with asphalt. Planting flower with and for the wife took a good bit of time. Daughters birthday party, soccer games......There is much to fit in a short summer. And in all of that there is work. One of the guys on water rescue duty caught us at work. Here we are during a "Night" jump. Retirement is just around the corner and life is in the middle of many transitions. Only just today am I back at the work bench. Looking at my plastic....I have missed the calm of my work bench. I figured I would change my work space. I now have twice the work space but twice the mess as I got rid of old and broken storage. So right now its all on the desk tops, separated more or less by project. I will have computer access and so much more at my finger tips. New storage and organizational shelf's on the way. I am also building some with the massive Lego collection I have. New lights and LED's. Soon I will have a the largest, most organized work area I have ever had. I am very excited. As retirement looms, modeling time will increase. Well, enough of that. Updates to be posted in the coming days. I hope you all are doing well.
  4. Gaz...You are the man, no matter what you drink. I surely appreciate all your help and humor. Luckily, I never had to go back to "The PTA" after my first run.
  5. Danny, Excellent build. Really looking forward to the rest!! -Sapper
  6. Ron, Thank you VERY much for this. I am looking forward to your build log. You can bet I will be using this information to build my many future kits. -Sapper
  7. Happy birthday dude! Here is to another rotation around the sun and some fine plastic...and booze.....and fast cars....... .
  8. I really enjoyed the Eduard AM for the seats. The only thing I didn't like was that the belts were colored only on one side. So flipping them around required a little extra work. Maybe the Brassen is different?
  9. Thank you for the review there Ernie. IT definitely looks like a kit that HAS to be in the stash. I am going to do a bit of looking around and see what AM is out there. I haven't really looked in to this kit until I saw it in the front seat of the car you were driving .
  10. HAHAHAH!! Perfect...What an amazing confluence of signage.
  11. Gaz, I still have my operation maps from that Hawaiian hell mountain. I never thought I could be in Hawaii, freezing to death with Volcanic ash making everything less comfortable. Seeing the beaches from altitude was a real moral killer.....We helo'd in from the airport and right back after the operation. No fun for us...
  12. Gaz, I am not sue I could be friends with anyone after that. That is the most sacrilegious thing I have ever heard. In fact that makes me question all of human existence....Such a sad thing...Coke and Glen. It boggles the mind.
  13. Such torture.....I am going to have to buy one now. I blame my impending divorce on you guys....ALL of you!
  14. I remember buying those little kits at the community store for a couple bucks, hand painting and done in a day or two. Now look at us...
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