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  1. Sad to see model distribution/sales companies fail. https://www.rosensystems.com/upcoming-auctions/1675
  2. You guys are doing some very nice projects. Every time I come here someone is doing something stupendous. I can only do a burst of like 10 links and then its stretch time. I have added a degree of magnification to my visor...I really need to look in to setting up a more efficient system. This tank is a few running experiments with weathering.
  3. Thank you very much. I used the hairspray technique. I prefer this over other techniques as it adds depth. I very much appreciate your kind offer. I will be happy to pay for any expenses incurred.
  4. The modification of including/creating the canopy deck on this Revell kit, means the crew ladder is not going to be close to a proper fit. Added to the long list of lessons learned...So for now it will be just be a tad short. Luckily, I haven't had that problem too often... The chipping came out ok.
  5. Thanks Gaz. I didn't realize soooo much time had passed. Then again a lot of life took place during this build. As with many past builds they serve as a marker in time. And sometimes, with many memories attached to it that aren't related to the model at all. It is a giant flag in the dirt as far as my will to push beyond the box. Despite the 100,000,000 million things I see wrong with it, I am so very happy with it. Thank you for your kind words.
  6. Thank you. With your capability it would be a great build to see. I too am tempted by most things ZM. I am excited to get a better photographic set up. In some cases the pictures will be around longer than the model. I only have so much space and some of my older kits will have to be retired to storage. This as newer builds mount. I will keep a few key older kits around just as a place marker. Sometimes its nice to see your progress through the years.
  7. I have to say that shading of the green camouflage has been a contentious argument I endured many times in my head. Trying to envision the schemes after all the shading, washing and what not is sometimes hard for me. I am happy I didn't do anything that warranted a redo. Thanks for stopping by.
  8. Well a few tiny things to fix. But for the most part I am calling it. Just a few photo's before I get a decent photographic set up. This build, and future builds, will warrant upgrading my photography game. I have considered putting "remove before flight" flags on the kit but it will have to be shipped a few thousand miles. That is something else all together. I really want to to re-do the left horizontal stabilizer. I have what I need to do it, leaving the current one in place until the new one is complete. arrgggghhh...we will see.
  9. Agreed Gaz. I was thinking maybe additional oil stains or the like. Having said that, its time to get this one through the finish line. I cant tell you how many times I have knocked the pitot tube off trying to get in more detail. Thank you Hubert. A product of many headaches. More chances to get better to come. Your talents, especially on WW1 subjects, are to which I aspire. Thank you very much for your kind words. Its has been very much a model that has really pushed me to get better.
  10. Better late than never...in most cases. Other future participants for the D-Day Diorama. Painted and awaiting a final decision on the overall paint scheme. This will be my first diorama ever. As such, I may build other smaller "proof of concept" builds to ensure the success of this effort. More to come....
  11. Fantastic Build!! The photo etched flap work looks very clean.
  12. Its lining up to be a grand build either way. I love the 105. Best of luck on that beast.
  13. The tow cable, muffler, extra running gear and many other details in this build make it a real eye catcher. Good eye, good job Gaz.
  14. Beautiful build. She is a sleek looking fighter.
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