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  1. Interesting subject!! Very precise, a very clean build. I am looking forward to more of this build. -Frank
  2. That is a beautiful build you have going there. Great plane and great work!
  3. Decals, decals, decals!!!! Man this plane has them.....I was a little rough getting back in to it. I found that some of my decal sets were either to hot or not hot enough. Causing some, so far minor, decal issues. I think I have it figured out. Working on the wheel wells and plumbing. Messing with weathering.....remembering where I left off. She's back underway.
  4. Thank you kindly Jeff. As always it is truly an honor to serve. The 17 is a Cadillac to be sure.
  5. Gaz!! Thank you for the kind words. The service has been a blessed trip to be sure. There are going to be many people that I will miss. Much work to be done in regards to the workspace. My computer helps as much as it hurts in some regards. Subject research usual drives me down a few holes for a bit as there are so many good sources on the net. So many model makers, all doing pretty cool stuff. Learning it and making it my own takes some time. Looks like I will have to find a proper apron, a tactical apron! -F
  6. Looking good Harv! Clean and ready for more gadgets to be glued on. These are really going pop in the the old office space!! I am at the desk tonight, more consistent in the next couple hours after the next few chores. I will work on my Phantom as well. Decals are the theme today.
  7. Harv!! Good to see some progress man. I hope you are doing better. I will be digging in on my RF-4C build again here real soon. I hope you can help me out with some of the cockpit side wall issues I am going to have to over come. I will PM you in the coming days to talk about my plan and then you can tell me how to do it right. I have some reference pictures for the seats I can send you. Some I got right from Martin Baker... Talk you you soon -Frank
  8. Most appreciated as I had not seen this before. As always good references are a must. Thank you so very much.
  9. I am sure to get the model done buy the D-Day build final day. But the diorama is still to be designed so we will see. I have always wanted to do one and I am excited about the thought. Thank you for the kind words!
  10. Well its been a bit since I have been at my bench. Its been an amazing salmon run up here. And I have have been helping friends hunt and so forth. We received our termination dust over the last few days and so its all too soon to be winter. With that I sat down and knocked out the 105 in the last day or so. I build it so that it can be re-positioned as its final resting place will be a diorama. With that in mind I have made some very minor changes in the build. The white plastic added in the picture below is capping the elevation hydraulics as the kit was designed with the pin resting on the support. the white plastic block allows elevation of the gun keeping the pin in the support. This will allow me to reposition at a later time and then affix as I see fit. I also made the recoil slide tube metal (Paper clip) to allow for the weapon to recoil without the fear of the prior weak plastic used breaking. The base has been made to be displayed in a towed position and unlimbered as needed. Allowing flexibility in the future diorama. Its good to back on my work bench. I hope all has been well with all of you. Off to start the 251.
  11. I just threw up... A lot...That is gross.....
  12. Ernie, This a real possibility for me. In fact its more than likely. Please put me down as officer in charge of whiskey....
  13. As many of you know the long days in the north mean work to repair and prepare for winter. I spent a few days coating the drive way as it had been a few years. It needed a bit of attention as winter has a way with asphalt. Planting flower with and for the wife took a good bit of time. Daughters birthday party, soccer games......There is much to fit in a short summer. And in all of that there is work. One of the guys on water rescue duty caught us at work. Here we are during a "Night" jump. Retirement is just around the corner and life is in the middle of many transitions. Only just today am I back at the work bench. Looking at my plastic....I have missed the calm of my work bench. I figured I would change my work space. I now have twice the work space but twice the mess as I got rid of old and broken storage. So right now its all on the desk tops, separated more or less by project. I will have computer access and so much more at my finger tips. New storage and organizational shelf's on the way. I am also building some with the massive Lego collection I have. New lights and LED's. Soon I will have a the largest, most organized work area I have ever had. I am very excited. As retirement looms, modeling time will increase. Well, enough of that. Updates to be posted in the coming days. I hope you all are doing well.
  14. Gaz...You are the man, no matter what you drink. I surely appreciate all your help and humor. Luckily, I never had to go back to "The PTA" after my first run.
  15. Danny, Excellent build. Really looking forward to the rest!! -Sapper
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