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  1. Thanks Gaz. Its going to be interesting to say the least.
  2. I really like the paint scheme on this model. There is some real nuance to the shading. I too often miss some really good builds as there are many on this site. Sorry to hear about Bill. Looks like he left behind some fine work.
  3. Thats some nice big adjustments and additions work on a big bird. I am looking forward to watching your build. .
  4. Good job as always Gaz. Thanks for the wood working testing. I will be needing that information pretty quick here. The completed Albatross is a fine looking model. I would gladly fly it around the room making airplane noises. Looking forward to more on this build.
  5. Excellent news...about the model making that is. The job news is good to. (Seriously, excellent news, good to hear. I look forward to more plastic on the bench and on these pages!)
  6. One can only imagine....
  7. This is amazing. Or maybe its some kind of magic or something because this is amazing...have I said amazing? Because it is AMAZING! Seriously....amazing. Keep up the incredible work as its going to be a beaut!!
  8. Kai, I completely caught up on your build this morning. It seems that this kit is really a test of modeling patience. You have passed with flying colors to say the least. Your cockpit, ducting changes and a million other adjustments are going to really make a great model. I have never done an Israeli aircraft before. Despite all of your trails, your fine works makes me want to build one.....with another kit maybe. I am looking forward to its completion as I truly think its going to be a real eye pleaser.
  9. John you are a machine. I have attempted to emulate your work in my own builds as you are a professional to be sure. The sun comes up, and John knocks another smooth build out of the park. Watching and learning as always.
  10. Always a kind and helpful word from Sir Desmond. Its apparent from his drumming video that he truly enjoyed his craft. Dale will be remembered. Rest in Peace.
  11. I will take my time as this is the finishing touch. I started gluing last night. IF all goes well, it will get a nice black base coat tonight. One of many reasons I like modeling is the fine community members that it seems to attract. Kudos to you Kai!! Thank you sir. As I look back on this build all I see is things that I would do different with all that I have learned from the many members of LSM. Another Phantom build is in the works to implement all that I have learned. Should be interesting. Thank you Peter. Its no Peterpools build but its getting there.
  12. Good to have you on board...It will be an interesting ride to be sure.
  13. Many thanks to Kai for sending me a Tamiya ladder for the Phantom. Once built and installed pictures will follow. Hopefully some professional type pictures.
  14. My proof of concept build for the D-Day diorama is going to be my test build of a Sherman M4A1W 76mm. The M4 has been my test bed for oils and other weathering techniques. The M4 is still very much getting the details worked out. I intend to create a vignette of the M4 moving through the French Bocage with the turret canted (more than it is now, closer to 90 degrees) to the right in search of a far away target. It will be on a muddy road with a break in the bocage providing a hull down position. I have never been to the bocage. The internet shows a deep brown almost grey/black dirt/mud i
  15. The craftsmanship, detail and color is fantastic. The paint schemes for these fighters is pretty detailed compared to some fighters of the period. The engine and interior bring me in to the plane. I am in the middle of getting the confidence and the capability to make the grass look as good as you did. Now I know who to ask when I have made a mess of my landscape. Job well done, as always, Kai!
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