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  1. Fantastic Build!! The photo etched flap work looks very clean.
  2. Its lining up to be a grand build either way. I love the 105. Best of luck on that beast.
  3. The tow cable, muffler, extra running gear and many other details in this build make it a real eye catcher. Good eye, good job Gaz.
  4. Beautiful build. She is a sleek looking fighter.
  5. Undergoing aft final assembly. I have to sit down and think hard about the next step in weathering.
  6. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/37445/aussie-f-a-18-hornet-bristling-with-missiles-joins-others-for-jaw-dropping-photo-shoot?fbclid=IwAR1dgBrnbVeVSYBzcrSqRfcbTuTJw9z6_JBEQpzvSyXSpoe9tqoGDxQEx9U
  7. I am with you, I use many RP tools with each build with not complaint.
  8. This is impressive. So much detail. I am truly looking forward to seeing the end product.
  9. Keep going Harv. You're knocking it out of the park.
  10. Wonderful build. The paint looks like a job requiring a great amount of patience. Great detail on the cowlings.
  11. I am ok with a little peace and quiet. I must also say, its the quality not the quantity.
  12. Way to stick with it. Digging the camo job. Another fine model Gaz. I have yet to even begin my crew members journey. My kids just adopted two cats, thanks for the heads up.
  13. Fantastic Build. Keep going man, great looking machine! Ron you have the knack.
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