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  1. Wonderful job John, as usual. The NMF finish with the flat black and OD nose sections are very distinct. That little added detail along with the excellent color in the decals really bring the model to life. I am some whet indifferent to the 80's as an air-frame. These models have drug me from indifference to " I need to build one". Only a well done model can make that happen. Kudos!
  2. Congratulations on yet another rotation! I hope you are stronger every day!! I look forward to you making some more models!
  3. I glad you are recovering John. If there is any "best practices" for a good recovery please let us know! Take care! I look forward to more models.
  4. Excellent job start to finish. I am glad you stuck it out!
  5. l am way busy this week but, send me your address and you shall have one right after. I thought I had your address, I think I failed to copy it to my phone... I have a new job and am in the middle of moving....more later.
  6. The Tamiya ladder (in black primer) is wonderful. Unfortunately the Tamiya ladder has some scale/size differences from the Revel ladder (in yellow) and the messed up intake scaling in the Revell kit accentuates any differences. The angle of the ladders supporting brace against the fuselage is off due to the a fore mentioned issues. The picture shows the brace resting against the splitter and not the fuselage. If I cut the support off and make the appropriate changes in angles to the ladder support, part of the ladder will still arc out over the splitter. If I do this he ladder will not be adhered to the plane so the owner can decide if its an issue or not. I am toying with the idea of cutting each rung and scaling the width of the Tamiya ladder to fit despite the progress on the ladder. I had a friend help me make the WSO(GIB) ladder for the Phantom using a 3D printer. The file for the ladder was originally made for a RC plane. Not sure if the 3D printer is going to allow us to make the rounded hand holds of the ladder as the printers resolution is lacking decent resolution. Work still to be done with that.
  7. I have a ton more pictures, just didn't want to go crazy and I haven't organized all my pictures just yet. I love the summers up here, the winters can be long in the tooth to be sure. Sorry that I haven't written in a while, I am behind on a few threads. I have net access on occasion, mostly for short periods of time and so I peak in at most. With the long days and multiple mission requirements post and pre operation, I am booked....but I am at home now for a good while. "Retirement" has been incredible, just being home more than gone is one of a million improvements. Take care Jeff. There is more here than a man can see in a lifetime Martin. There is great joy in going walkabout in the bush up here. Some of the animals and herds are something to behold. Cheers. Anytime you feel like coming up Harv.... Your very welcome. I see you have been very busy while I was out and about. I will be catching up in the coming week. see you at the bench. I hope all is well down under. Go Eels!!!
  8. Its been a long few months of work and play up here in AK. I wanted to share the absolutely beautiful place I am so lucky to live in. A short video of work in Central AK and some pictures of fun in Homer AK. The mountains and warm days have been a real joy. IMG_0703.MOV Homer AK for some family time and fishing.
  9. Thanks Gaz. Its going to be interesting to say the least.
  10. I really like the paint scheme on this model. There is some real nuance to the shading. I too often miss some really good builds as there are many on this site. Sorry to hear about Bill. Looks like he left behind some fine work.
  11. Thats some nice big adjustments and additions work on a big bird. I am looking forward to watching your build. .
  12. Good job as always Gaz. Thanks for the wood working testing. I will be needing that information pretty quick here. The completed Albatross is a fine looking model. I would gladly fly it around the room making airplane noises. Looking forward to more on this build.
  13. Excellent news...about the model making that is. The job news is good to. (Seriously, excellent news, good to hear. I look forward to more plastic on the bench and on these pages!)
  14. This is amazing. Or maybe its some kind of magic or something because this is amazing...have I said amazing? Because it is AMAZING! Seriously....amazing. Keep up the incredible work as its going to be a beaut!!
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