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  1. There has been much work now that the winter has returned. It has been feeling good to be back at the bench for a good bit. Lots of things to get done, so much detail. Slow going at this point. The break in time during the build has sent a few small pieces missing. The ejection handles cost me a good bit of time and I still have not really found a good solution. In the end I used painted wire and man that was a real chore. I learned a ton, mostly what not to do... So many little things now...and moving so very slowly... The seats are pretty much
  2. I second the middle finger salute and pile o' poop emoji. That's a serious boost in morale and will surely make me like more things....surely. .
  3. Worth every penny IMHO..... Your work is very precise. I am looking forward to the finished product.
  4. Gaz, Excellent build man! Your current efforts and on the diorama are well done as always. -S
  5. Absolutely fantastic work. I very much enjoy your build. The chi certainly seems to be flowing on the build. The cockpit was very clean and just looked right. Your work on the ordnance pointed out one of my building quirks. As you painted the ordnance as so I paint my landing gear and the like. However, I do the exact reverse on my ordnance. I will have to revisit that. Your many ingenious ideas, such as the magnets, will be stolen and abused accordingly. You really make it look easy. In fact I think you might be on steroids and moose tranquilizers. At least th
  6. That was a fine build in any scale.
  7. All this time I thought 1to1 was cool.....now I am questioning my very existence. (I will have to follow your lead on the P-38 )
  8. I hear your words Gazz. I think it unfortunate that many folks ride a motorcycle, more often than not, with little or no real training. Its easy to get over your head very quick. I was lucky to be raised in a good riding environment. We used the term "squirrel" to disparage drivers that just didn't understand what they had, nor how to use it. I stopped riding because of my impatience very literally. There was a time when I was going to be the next Eddy Lawson, Wayne Rainey an so on. I was able go to Supper Bike School (and others), get picked up and race at Laguna Seca, Monterey, S
  9. That belt looks like...a damn belt. Nicely done. I cant keep my stuff that clean.
  10. I had not thought of this...this is today's golden nugget of knowledge.
  11. I fear some of this might be on me. I had mentioned elongating the build and I would then offer a prize for said extension. While my build still awaits completion, I am unaware of any other incomplete, participating builds. Should this be the case ( I have no dog in this fight), may I suggest an alternate group build to which my promised award can be applied. For the exact type of award an admin can contact me in this regard.
  12. Hell of a build. The wiring is flawless. So much detail. Thanks for the PDF. -Frank
  13. SO cool. When my wife see's me buying a couple truck models I will blame it on you Ron. I built an old AMT kit hauler eons ago and seeing your build has sparked a resurgence. Clean build. Great idea. That thing is going to be huge ( I'am sure you hear that all the time).
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