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  1. It looks like you just have a couple quote issues (one missing close quotes at the end of your URL, one in the incorrect place -- the quote before the rel attribute should be after the equals sign). Give this a try: <a href="https://www.hobbynutmodels.com/products/su_25sm_3d_printed_coloured_interior_on_decal_paper_for_trumpeter_kit_" rel="noopener noreferrer nofollow" target="_blank">1/32 Su-25SM 3D-Printed & coloured Interior on decal paper (for Trumpeter kit) 36.5</a> Check out this link for more info: Explained: noopener, noreferrer, and nofollow Values - Point Jupiter Edit: Just realized how long ago you asked... well, hopefully you figured it out before my reply!
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