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  1. Thanks Erik for the feedback and the useful pics. I agree there's definitely more room for weathering..let me get onto it. And thanks for the suggestion about fixing the roundels - I might just do that. Will be a simple easy fix. Cheers, TIm
  2. Hi Paulo, great to see that you've made a start on this complex project. Not many of the original parts left! Nice work on the riveting! cheers Tim
  3. Thanks Dave - no probs! Send 'em over! I've learnt a lot from this build so far.. I'll definitely build more in the future.... an RNZAF or RAAF P-40N .. would love to do a Desert Air Force scheme too.
  4. Some more pics: Thanks for looking! All feedback is more than welcome. Tim
  5. Hahah alright Dave - time for some more pics - and another progress update. I've managed some bench time in the past few days, and have given up waiting for a break in the overcast weather - not the best lighting for my rudimentary photography - but hopefully you'll get the general idea. Progress made: - a fairly thin filter of brown oil paint was applied. - oil dot fading technique applied on the olive drab. I used white, yellow, green, black and a smidgen of blue & brown. This was my first attempt of this technique - it's relatively simple to apply - the challenge is getting the balance right. Reminds me of the breakfast cereal ad - 'not too heavy, not too light - just right' - post-shading with redbrown/black mix - paint chips applied with a silver pencil - matt coat applied and canopy masks removed. Here she is: All feedback - comments, criticism is welcome Tim
  6. Belated progress update - photographic evidence supplied! Gloss coat and decals applied. I used the kit decals - these were quite thick and didn't respond too well to setting solution. But.. they are on. Decalling was simple job - relatively few markings and stencils. Lesson for next time: this would be a good scheme for masks. Related to above point - Some optimism/laziness that did not pay off - on the wing roundels - from some angles, the white band is slightly visible through the roundel. I should have ensured a uniform colour prior to applying the decal. I suppose it was the worst of both worlds - a thick decal but not thick enough to be opaque. Kit exhausts used, painted flat black and pastels applied. iPhone pic: All feedback - comments, criticism is welcome Tim
  7. Great start Mike. I agree with Brad - excellent work on the cockpit and integrating the PE very nicely indeed! Those are finemolds belts? (as you mentioned). Looks good. Tim
  8. Excellent, very sharp work so far! Especially on the engine and wiring. Tim
  9. Looking forward to it Mike - I wish you smooth progress after the sacrifice to the Shelf of Doom. Tim
  10. Simple works for me! Exhausts are on and weathering is in progress. Pics to follow Tim
  11. Thanks Mike, Steve and Paulo ! Should be ready for final pics soon Tim
  12. Thanks Ed! Much appreciated. Hopefully I can do it justice I've only just started building Luftwaffe subjects and - wow - I've realised what I'm missing. A world of interesting schemes. Highly addictive! And something a little more sinister building the 'bad guys'!? Tim
  13. Thank you Jamme ! I'm glad it's coming together ok. Tim
  14. Thanks for the tip! Ahah - that will make it easy to remember! Tim
  15. Most of the weathering is complete.. now ready for the flat coat, removing the masking on the canopy, adding the aerial wire etc. Home stretch! I've kept it fairly restrained (I think!?) and decided against the oil dot fading (mainly in the interest of time. I will definitely try it on the P-40M for the Pacific War GB). Weathering approach for this build is: - oil filter/wash of brown/paynes gray artist's paints - post-shading of redbrown/black mix - pastels applied on the underside - exhaust stains with redbrown/black mix followed by Tamiya smoke (probably wrong - should be darker methinks. Might fix this). - various oil stains, etc with dark wash - undercarriage was weathered with Mig Oil & Grease stain mixture - wheels weathered with Mig Russian Earth - red primer spots made with artist's oil paint Now for some pics! All feedback - comments, criticism is welcome. Thanks for looking. Tim
  16. Thanks All..! Gloss coat and decals are on.. I'll post some pics soon. Thanks Matt.. I'll try to improve it further in the weathering stages.. Tim
  17. The bulk of the painting is now complete.. Lightened shades of the base colours were also applied. Hmm.. jury still out for me - not sure if I like the lightened olive drab.. will have a think about this. Not helped by some dodgy photography. Will take some more photos and assess. All feedback - comments, criticism - is more than welcome! Cheers, Tim
  18. Finally the P-40 has received some bench time.. ! Time for painting - for this build I'll use Tamiya and Gunze acrylics. Firstly the white tail and bands are painted with Tamiya XF-2 Flat White. Next... masking with a fairly simple job using Tamiya 6mm tape for the bands, and regular 18mm tape for the tail. Pre-shading was applied with H-77 Tire Black. Underside is painted with Gunze H-53 Neutral Gray. Top was painted with Gunze H-52 Olive Drab. All feedback - comments, criticism is welcome. Tim
  19. I'm looking forward to them. Yeh.. as soon as this build is complete I gotta get cracking on the RAAF Spitfire for the Pacific War GB..
  20. Thanks Dave..Mike... hope to meet your Focke's soon.. subtle hint! Actually .. if anyone is interested (!) my airbrushing approach is fairly basic.. I paint fairly thin and gradually build it up - I find this gives the best control. Nice and simple for someone like me with the artistic talent of a housebrick. I have a Mr. Hobby 'Mr. Linear Compressor L7' and 'Mr. Procon Boy' dual-action trigger style airbrush. Once again... fairly simple and compact.
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