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  1. Thanks Jamme! getting closer to weathering now.. plan is for filter, oil dot fading (something new for me); and pastels. Gloss coat (future) and decals applied. I used the Hasegawa kit decals which went on reasonably ok with Mr. Mark Softer. Some very minor silvering which I fixed after these pics (also added the werk nbrs) I'm unclear if the 'Eismeer' badge marking was actually applied on both sides !?! Same for the victory markings on the fin. All comments, feedback welcome!
  2. Mottling, ID bands etc complete. There was a tiny smidgen of yellow overspray (underside) that I cleaned up after the pics were taken. I foolishly cleaned up the panel lines on the bottom of the cowl/fuselage join.. hence the dodgy demarcation curve. Ready for gloss coat.. ! All comments and criticism are welcome. Cheers, Tim
  3. Looks great Ralph. Just superb! Thanks for the master class.
  4. Now Grant.. surely a kit that size would be easy to find
  5. Thanks all for the feedback! It really helps keep things moving. Grant - thanks for the feedback - it's slowly progressing. Looking forward to your progress on the 1/24 airfix kit.. what a beast! Ralph - thanks for dropping by.. agree this gives us room to play .. I suppose if everything was 100% known, all our builds would look the same.. now that would be dull! The underlying philosophy of the Warsteiner approach: get the balance right between 'science' (ie. accurate replica) and 'art' (ie. something pleasing to the eye).. I've got a 1/48 F-15E on the bench, in overall gunship grey.. not much art required there.. and not half as enjoyable as a Luftwaffe scheme.. Steve - thanks for the link! Much appreciated... this is new information to me.. I'm slowly filling in the gaps.. cheers, Tim
  6. Thanks Jamme and Erik - much appreciated! I think that subtlety is always the key. Thanks for the pic Erik - that makes it nice and clear. Also I can see.. Hmm.. My harness staps are waaay too long.. will need to address that for the next build.
  7. Looks great John. I've read many of your articles in MAI - always excellent work.
  8. Very nice Gustav! Love the weathering on the leading edges of the wings. Great cockpit too.
  9. Thanks All! More painting... including a first coat of the mottling.. will do another coat later. And.. a final coat for the wings.. (to even things out a bit more) .. looking at the pics, the demarcation lines look overdone. I've been looking at reference pics - as always the challenge is 'interpreting' grainy black and white pics and looking at conflicting painting guides (particularly for mottling) etc. But there doesn't seem any disagreement that this aircraft is the standard RLM 74/75/76? One thing I've noticed looking at some of the different Luftwaffe builds out there, and the profile pic I posted at the start of the thread, seems to be a difference in the interpretation of RLM 74 Gray Green - in some cases, it seems more 'green' and others far more 'gray', obviously different paint manufacturers will have different hue, but to me it significantly changes the overall look. eg. the profile of Artner's aircraft for this build - is very much grey tones.. but my build will definitely have more green based tone for RLM74 - I'm using Mr.Color paints. Anyways.. on to the progress pics.. All comments welcome! Cheers, Tim
  10. Hi Frank, sensational build. Looks fantastic. Great idea for the harness straps.. I'll have to try that one.
  11. Excellent work Ralph. I'm watching with interest.
  12. Gorgeous build Mike! Looks fantastic and a great scheme too. Thanks for sharing your views on this kit.. the jury is still out for me.. like you, we can pick up the Hasegawa kits cheaply in Hong Kong but your final result looks great.
  13. Very nicely done so far, Jamme. Very sharp work.
  14. Nice work Mike. I can agree with you on the IP decals over raised detail - I wasn't happy with my results doing the same on the A-8. Very nice pit!
  15. Managed to get some paint on last night, using my 'Warsteiner' airbrushing technique This is a first coat, using Gunze Mr. Color lacquers for RLM 74/75/76. Pre-shaded also but I will tone this down later. Still plenty of work to do.... And of course to fix the harness mounting points. All comments, criticism, feedback etc is more than welcome. Cheers.
  16. Hi Matt, Also, if you look closely at my workbench, you might see that you are missing a key ingredient I'm stating the obvious here... but for German subjects, you'll need a German beer eg. Warsteiner. Several applications may be necessary.
  17. Thanks Matt.. ! That'd be great if you could dig out a photo.. I wasn't sure what the correct anchor points were..
  18. Thanks Jamme.. ! Thanks Mike..! I've been watching 109 review build. I'm looking forward to your D-13. Still can't decide if I like the long nose versions more.. Main construction is done Luckily I didn't have major issues with the cowling fit to fuselage.. just a little bit of tidy-up. (Note - the cowling ring is not glued yet... ) Starting to look like a Würger now..
  19. Dave.. I'm very jealous - lucky man! Always been my dream to take a flight in a warbird.. (probably a P-51 - one day!!!) In the meantime, I'm working slowly on the P-40... mainly the drudgery of seam cleanup, etc. Primed with Mr. Surfacer 1200.. ALMOST ready for paint Still a few seams I'm not happy with.. but.. nearly there...
  20. Thanks Grant - my favourite bit too..! Yep Dave get cracking!
  21. Ok... harness applied and cockpit is close enough to being done. Other bits and pieces ready to go. She's ready for assembly! Thanks for looking. All feedback is welcome.
  22. HGW Harness is done. This was my first time using them and it was definitely a learning experience. I'm reasonably happy with the result which was definitely labour intensive! I used the set 'Focke-Wulf Fw190A (early)' (132049) which shares many bits with their other Luftwaffe seatbelts sets, and the PE sheet for buckles etc is a generic 'Luftwaffe Fighters' sheet. The issue I had was some buckles were just a little too thin to thread through the harness, meaning further trimming of the harness straps was necessary. One minor issue was the PE part nbrs on the instructions were mostly wrong - I guess this comes with the generic nature of the PE sheet. Regardless, I eventually got it all done and weathered with a brown oilwash and drybrushing. There are still a few mistakes - the more observant (and Experten) will definitely notice!
  23. Welcome - fantastic work High quality pictures too. Well done.
  24. Thanks All! Time for a progress update. Cockpit - this is just OOB, painted with Gunze. The instrument panel is using the kit decals. Status check so far: All feedback - comments, criticism is welcome!
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